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  1. All right, time for our Friday meeting. Let's see how many votes for Teammate of the Week Meat Chickens gets!
  2. Yeah, the shop is really humming. And we have 2 new people starting Monday. More good stuff coming throughout the month...
  3. Yeah, that's why they are in R and D. We are keeping them a little quiet. They actually are the first prototypes of that idea before we developed CoCos.
  4. The Hell Hound VS or the Engraved Black Walnut are my faves today.
  5. This batch and then 3 more Valhalla Screens for today.
  6. Yeah, we are walking that ground very carefully. NEVER ever want to upset that crowd.
  7. New stock going up now. There's a lot of it. And more Valhalla Screens coming a little later.
  8. We just took pics of a bunch of new stock stuff. Once the camera is open, I will get some and post here. We have been letting each coat dry and then checking for depth on the topper. Even though it isn't much, each coat adds a bit of height. We just put on the last coat. They look perfect. And very shiny. I do believe, you will be pleased. And they are flat as can be.
  9. I will see what I can do tomorrow. I want to do a dry fit first.
  10. @Thomas Browne Your Red Heart rails are in finishing! Oh boy, they do look sweet. What mat are you getting with your topper? I need to visualize the whole package together. They should ship to Burky tomorrow in plenty of time for the PAX rendezvous.
  11. Yeah, they move consistently and quick. We aren't going to have many for PAX