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  1. That's cool. Happy gaming hopefully. And no, I never got hooked up with him.
  2. It was actually Cameron. But, I did proof it and missed it as well. Alas....
  3. Thanks. Always trying to move forward, so its nice to hear that it is noticed.
  4. We are looking into it. We have 17 CNCs right now. Adding another shift next week which will help a ton. Running some production numbers all week long to find out if we need more. We are hiring about 5 to 7 more apprentices too, which will help a ton. Should be a great year of growth as far as production is concerned.
  5. This is true. All of our long cut machine time is going for Valhalla Screens right now. We sold a ton of them. Literally. A ton. Our overall sales for Q4 were insane.
  6. I have been actually considering this. I probably wouldn't write about Ambrosia Maple though. We don't use it often enough. Any other suggestions?
  7. A few new things going up today. This is my fave. Ambrosia Maple.
  8. At any rate, we are way too busy at the moment to even work on a prototype for this. We had our best Q4 ever in 2018 and are busting our butts to fulfill it all. Plus KS's. Lots to do. We are hiring by the way. 4 or 5 more apprentices. So, if you know anyone in the area....
  9. We could order these from a manufacturer. Wouldn't be too difficult although we are always leery to have any of our fulfillment outsourced.
  10. How about I make the first prototype in a colored resin frame and BoRo panels just for you. Only $2600!