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  1. Yay! I saw those in finishing earlier this week! They look great!
  2. Hope he has a big floor jack in his apartment! 😉
  3. So pumped for this! The cover looks great!
  4. No bother. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. You can add as many magnets as you would like on the back. There really isn't any limitations. The pull force is roughly 3.3lbs per magnet per the manufacturer. The outer edge is doable but some of them can be organically cut. We could leave them flat if you wanted to add magnets to them. No, the rods are not magnetized enough to hold objects. Hope that helps!
  5. Just wait. My memory sucks. I would probably just forget everything we talked about. 😛
  6. Hey Wilki, thanks for the questions. I am always happy to discuss anything you may want to know. The magnets are a quarter inch in diameter. The negative face always goes into the screen. Positive faces out. The magnets are 4" apart horizontally and 5" apart vertically. We could easily leave the rods longer if you'd like. We make them shorter so they work on every sculpt but it is easy to leave a bit longer. They are 5/8ths in size. Yes, we will do a custom 4 panel sculpt. The dice tower idea is interesting. I would have to discuss more of what you wanted in detail before agreeing to it but I am sure we could work something out. Yes, we have done that level of customization on a lot of things before. Hope that helps.
  7. Thanks. I painted a bright off white base and followed up with only washes. Wanted a sickly feel. I used some technical rusting paint on the metal. I thought it offered a nice contrast to the fleshy skin. Pleased with all of it, especially since it was a lot of experimentation. One thing my MFA taught me, do not be afraid to experiment.
  8. That is so cool. Congrats. You are inspiring me to paint more and, maybe, enter a contest or two....maybe....someday. Congrats to Mrs. Zoxe as well. You are a power painting couple! I did a little painting last night as well. Finished up my mole man for Monsterpacolypse. Had a lot of fun with him.
  9. https://www.magnet4sale.com/neodymium-magnets/neodymium-disc-magnets/
  10. Check these out. I usually use the quarter inch for a standard and go up to a half inch for large sized minis. Or I will just add two.
  11. That's very cool. Nice work. To make it a little safer, you could drop a magnet into the center of the plinth and glue one to the base of your mini and it would hold that puppy on there tight. That mini looks amazing, btw!
  12. That's hilarious. Tough little bastard.
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