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  1. This is for brown nosing
  2. Got some good painting done this weekend. Finished my Mauler Troll for Hordes. I am pleased with him. Finished the Spartan and some other stuff. Some of this is earlier but I didn't post pics yet.
  3. Hah, I know how you feel. I think I glued the Samurai helmet to my hand about 5 times. Plastic. On a brighter note, I recently got this for myself on my birthday. I have wanted it for a while. It is prepped and primed, just waiting for me to dive in. Maybe this weekend. This is not my paint job obviously. He's about 4" tall.
  4. I hate it! I really want to try the game but absolutely abhor putting together the minis. They come in 7 parts plus the weapons and extras. Chest is in 2 halves. Legs and arms all individual. Then the head. It's called Test of Honor and the game play looks cool but after putting together one last night, I am dreading putting together 2 armies of 15 minis each. I may just use other minis as stand ins.
  5. Contact @Zoe about getting a Deck Jacket with an inlay at zoe@dogmight.com. She will take good care of you.
  6. Unfortunately, the bowls are meant for tokens and are 0.75" deep, not big enough for dice. Any of the other top interiors excluding the 'bowls', i.e. ones with wells, are large enough to fit dice. Hope that helps.
  7. The worst one we thought of was "Where do you want it? In the Ash or the Bubinga?"
  8. c Maybe a little too much...
  9. Not bad but maybe something with a little more bite. More risqué.
  10. I know we have had some discussions about designing some DMG T-Shirts so I wanted to start a thread for it. We were thinking the DMG symbol on the front and a funny saying on the back. Something that conveys our personality. We kinda want to avoid the GOT WOOD? statement. @Lindsey sent me some ideas. I will post them here. Now. Dog Might World Tour- List of cons we were at this year Never Stay Calm Just be a Viking Dog Might- We will Ragnarok you Sawdust is Just Lumberjack Tears For My First Action I'd Like to Rage We want you for Valhalla Raiding since 2013
  11. Was this after a trip to La Brea Tar Pits?
  12. Bones. We get them every year. Yours looks much better than mine. I just can't seem to get the face looking good. It's one of the reasons I pushed it off while I work on new stuff. Started my Monsterpacolypse team yesterday.
  13. I love it. I am actually working on the same mini although I have put it on stand by for others. Great work!
  14. Nice work. I like the axe head quite a bit. And the horns are fantastic