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  1. I play a lot of games. Mini games, board games, RPGs. I want to hear your suggestions for games that I MUST play. Games that are so good, I should buy them immediately and play them yesterday.
  2. So, I was at Origins this year but the tragic tale I am about to tell has left me broken hearted. Many of you have heard, or seen in person, my massive hammer made of Bubinga and Jatoba. I made it over 3 years ago and it has gone to every convention with us since. I have had MANY people offer me money for it. I believe the highest was around $1200. I could never bring myself to take any of them. At every con we would have con goers raise the mighty hammer above their heads and yell "Dog Might" as loud as they could. It brought a ton of energy and just the right amount of Dog Might-ness to our booth. Even the people at GAMA loved its presence. Little did I know that Origins 2018 would result in the mighty hammer's demise. A man with his wife and child walked into the booth. Upon seeing the mighty weapon, the man asked Cameron if he could hold it. Cameron said, "Go ahead, check it out." The dude picked up the hammer...pulled it back over his head and smashed it to the ground with a mighty swing. It was described to me as a full on weapon strike. The hammer burst into pieces and boomed loudly. Every other booth around ours went silent as everyone looked on in silence. Pieces of the hammer went everywhere. @Zoe found some as they packed up the booth. It was a sad day for DMG. The hammering person did offer to pay for it, but we declined. The hammer meant more to us than any amount of money. She will be missed. I shall make another, and it will be grand but won't hold the same place in my heart as the original. Please, take a moment of silence, at your leisure for my deceased Huge Ass Hammer. Feel free to relay your best con story in this thread. They all need not be of the tragic nature.
  3. I have the original handle and it will be part of the next one!
  4. Check out the interview of one of the owners of DMG, Michael Konas. I get into a little bit of our origin story. It is a gripping tale filled with action and adventure. 😁 https://simplecast.com/s/b3009f73
  5. To celebrate Pride Month, DMG is having a very special raffle with the proceeds going to the Trevor Project. Check out the deets at the link below. http://dogmight.com/pride
  6. We never stop developing new things here and we are pretty excited about our newest little endeavor: Gamer themed coffee tables. We are just in the beginning process but are very happy with what we have done so far. As of right now, we have 3 tables close to finished. Each one features a live edge slab with either rolling trays or relief sculptures that focus on themes common to gamers. I would love to hear your thoughts on these. What would you like to see?
  7. I knew what you meant. I was kidding. Haha. Gotcha
  8. Whenever you are ready. I will be here. In the meantime I will just keep putting out some amazing pieces for you to drool over.
  9. You're putting your table in the garden?!?!?!?
  10. New table just went up. We are very pleased with how it turned out. http://dogmight.com/furniture
  11. Good thread. As far as the steins go, we have tested them with hot and cold beverages and they hold up well. Acidic bevs are fine as well. I would hand wash, no dishwasher. We test them all for leaks and have only one issue so far. Over time, they will become richer and warmer. As with all of our woods, except cherry, I would keep them out of direct sunlight.
  12. We are paying for the woodworker friend.
  13. We chose the top due to the heavy checking on the bottom and to give it a couple more inches of space.
  14. Unbelievable. This is one of the reasons why I have always said we will never do tables. Damn UPS. Unbelievable. Barb, I will send you an email regarding this...after I make an angry phone call to UPS. Yes, that is Cameron's John Hancock.
  15. We haven't shipped @WxCougar's yet. We are waiting to make sure @Barb Bliss's arrives safe and sound. Sorry for the wait but we want to make sure all goes well.
  16. Got some pics of the latest table in process. Still needs about 8 more coats of varnish. Gorgeous figure in the knotty areas of this piece of Black Walnut. We stabilized the cracks with black dyed resin before sanding and finishing.
  17. Not really. It is really expensive compared to leopardwood so we chose to go with Leopard only. If we sold more of the Leopardwood, we would probably add on some Lacewood.
  18. I like that you've imagined @Barb Bliss as a good angel, but that she is shouting at you.
  19. So, right off the bat, I have a confession to make. I am a liar. A terrible, terrible liar. Bolivian Rosewood is not a ‘True’ Rosewood at all. In my defense, I didn’t name it. But more on that later…. GENERAL INFO Native to tropical South America, Bolivian Rosewood is common to Brazil and, surprise, Bolivia where it prefers the drier areas of the forest. It is a medium size tree typically around 60 - 65 feet tall, though exceptional specimens can reach 100 feet with diameters approaching 5 feet. The bark of the tree is quite striking, showing high contrasting areas of white and a darker grey. Bolivian Rosewood is most often used in the music industry because of its breathtaking appearance and superb tonal qualities. Test this on any Dog Might product made of it by singing directly to the item then holding it to your ear, like a seashell. A ROSE (WOOD) BY ANY OTHER NAME… Like the Orange Roughy fish, which used to be called Slimehead, industries often change the name of a species to increase sales. Bolivian Rosewood is actually from a tree named Pau Ferro. True Rosewoods come from the Genus Dalbergia and Pau Ferro is in the genus Libidibia, which means it is not a true Rosewood. Libidibia is an amazing word to say over and over. Try it. Now. You will thank me. So why the name change, you ask. Was Bolivian Rosewood once called Slimewood? No, the name change is due to it almost identical properties to true Rosewoods. It’s working properties, graining, and luster mirror those other Rosewoods. Even professional musicians can’t tell the difference in tonal qulaities of Pau Ferro and Rosewoods. Another reason for the change is that many Rosewoods have worked their way onto the CITES endangered list and are no longer available. But fear not, Pau Ferro is not in danger. I would also like to point out that I used the word 'Rosewood' in this paragraph 5 times. Well, now its 6. THE ROSEWOOD DEFENSE Spiritualists believe that Bolivian Rosewood symbolizes love, healing, change, creativity and, most importantly, blocking unwanted forces. When the zombie apocalypse inevitably arrives, be sure to have some of this fine wood around. THOUGHTS FROM A WOODWORKER We when first started this little venture, using Bolivian Rosewood was a far-off dream. It is roughly 6 times costlier than the domestic woods we had been using. Now, we use a butt ton of it and it is truly glorious. Looking back, I am glad that we could afford it only after we became more experienced because, much like or Foreman Puzz Longbeard, it is a challenge to work with. It is oily. Very oily. It doesn’t like glue or finishes. The first time we used it, in our Adventure Case Kickstarter, I finished it with our old Poly based Dog Might Varnish. It was a little tacky but we went ahead and took pics for the campaign anyway. Fast forward to a week later, that damn box was still tacky. I am guessing that it is still tacky today, years later. The natural oils in the wood reacted with our old finish and stopped it from drying, ever. So, we would use a ‘dry coat’ on all Bolivian Rosewood from that point on. That meant soaking it in our varnish, then wiping it off, effectively using it as a sealant but resulting in a low gloss finish that didn’t match the rest of our products. I tried Shellac. It worked but, like our Head of Ops, Zoe, it is a pain in the butt to work with. Yeah, this is the one. Still wet 3 years later. Once we moved to our new location, we installed the new spray booth and switched to an industrial strength Catalyzed Lacquer finish. Our first Dragon Sheath made in Rosewood went into finishing, we all held our collective breath. An hour later…voila…gorgeous finish and completely dry to the touch. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!!!!! Bolivian Rosewood is also very hard, coming in at 1960 on the Janka scale. The wood has a high amount of silica which makes it very tough on tools, requiring new blades often after cutting. It is heavy, making it hard on the body. Want to have a good, hard day’s work, try resawing 8/4 Bolivian Rosewood on the bandsaw for a few hours. Your body will not be pleased. Lumberjack juice helps. So, why the hell do we use this godforsaken wood, you ask. Because it is simply one of the most luxurious woods in the world. The color is warm and rich, ranging from reddish orange to dark violet brown. The grain is organic, curving softly through each piece in strong black lines. It feels amazing in the hand when finished. It is solid and strong but the surface is buttery soft, like the bum of a newborn. The luster, even before finishing, is incredible. It is consistent, beautiful, and, like a fine Scotch, only gets better with age.
  20. If you have an intervention, let me know and we will do our part by banning you from our Kickstarter pages, our site, and these forums! 😏
  21. I used to back a lot of games via our business account. Most were new start up wood guys. We want to keep tabs on the new businesses. (BTW, there is some rough stuff being made out there). I used to back a lot of games as well through the business. But now its a little different. First, we have sooooooo many. You get to a point where you know you will never ever play them all. It's hard to get a group together and when we do, we want to play something we know we will all like. Getting into LCGs has helped a bit. It's only about 15 bucks a month to stay current and there's plenty to do (make decks, improve existing ones, read forums) that still feel engaging when you can't play and without further expenditures. And they are fun as hell. I really like to delve deep into a game and get better at it and those give me that satisfaction. Also, DMG has about 1500 followers on KS so I need to make sure I back a project keeping the view of the company in mind.
  22. We have a tray on there. Not my personal favorite design but that is what he wanted! We are trying to be EVERYWHERE!
  23. As most of you know, we like to make Themed Boxes for Holidays. Well, for Father's Day, we will be going a different direction.