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  1. Shane actually named it. For those of you that don't know, Shane is one of our team leads. He is an amazing woodworker and he has full reign to create odd combos like this. He made this one, in fact. He is also a Sentinel Master.
  2. It makes me feel like I am on acid looking at an MC Escher drawing
  3. So pleased you liked everything. We were really proud of the table. That's the first ever sculpted one we have ever made in its entirety. It may seem like a simple build but it isn't. Lot of exacting details matching it to extruded aluminum. Great to meet Thomas as well. Super nice guy. And the area he lives in is just beautiful. Rolling hills and trees everywhere. I was, once again, very glad that I didn't make the stop on the way to PAX. I don't think the truck and trailer would have made it around some of those curves.
  4. PS. The Reading Terminal Market is amazing. @Lindsey grew up in Philly. I believe I won't hear the end of her disappointing moans about not going to PAXU for some time....
  5. Sounds like a good time. Hearing about the specs of what you saw made me miss it more. Wish we could have gone but, in hindsight, we clearly made the right decision. Missed seeing you and Mrs. Zoxe. Tell her I said hello. I really wanted to walk around the Con with you and check out some new stuff.
  6. We had a nice little interview with Lester Graham of NPR. Take a listen. I would like to preface this by saying that we weren't drinking before the interview so we may come off a little flat... http://www.michiganradio.org/post/artisans-michigan-woodworking-gaming-world
  7. Thanks so much. I will pass that along to Scott. He made it.
  8. I feel great. I think I may have broken my toe a bit (like a hairline fracture at worst) a couple weeks ago during a very active dream which ended with me kicking the wall next to my bed as hard as I could. But, I ran on it yesterday and it felt good enough. I am definitely losing the nail soon.
  9. I don't think it would be worth it. They are a little small, you're looking at maybe 3 or 4 boards per tree. A mill would cost about $2500 for the day.
  10. So, we are super excited to be filming a live stream of a DnD here at the shop. In preparation for the filing, I will be building a monster table on which to play. 5 PCs and a DM with room for maps and minis and screens and wood stuffs. I will be showing you my progress here. I started this thread a bit late in the process and have the first half built. It is in finishing now. He are my plans for it. The DM will sit on the right end, which is slightly angled for the camera. The players will site around the table. I gave each player 30" of table space, which should work well for space and the camera angles.
  11. Some new stock just went up. @Rosie drew an amazing Dragon Rider screen and we engraved it onto a piece of Canary Wood. We also made this other thing....
  12. Heres a pic of one of the Ash logs before milling
  13. We started the company using White Ash that died due to the borer. We brought in a portable mill and cut them into planks then dried them for a year. Good cheap way to get a ton of lumber but it takes a while and you have to have the room to store it. It's a god amount of work as well.
  14. I thought it was a phrase Snoop Dogg came up with! Snizzle my Drizzle.
  15. We are going to make Bloody Marys and play the Legend of the 5 Rings RPG, which is fantastic. Then eat way too much. I am really looking forward to a day off during this crazy time of year.
  16. You've mentioned this breaching shark a few times now...why the attraction to this particular image? I can't think of many games it would go with. Not saying it is a bad idea, just wonder if anyone would want it for their RPGs.
  17. I totally forgot about this. Here you go. Install will be soon...and it looks like we will be able to do a drop off. I will send you a note tomorrow about the details. I am pumped to see this as a full table. There are some really excellent pieces of Red Heart going in it!