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  1. Here are some pics of new things that are coming out this week. Included are some very cool mimic boxes in Legendary Woods, a resin accentuated Dragon Tray, a new prototype, and a Chechen GM System that was preordered before the KS went live. That is a gorgeous piece of Chechen!
  2. Is that the 3d effect you've been asking us to do?
  3. A place to post any questions about the hobby and to post pics of your work.
  4. Those look great. Nice work. The Wendigo is very cool.
  5. We have a ton of Dragon Sheaths available in stock so we are doing a flash sale for 25% off. ONE HOUR ONLY!
  6. Spent a good portion creating a team for Gaslands. If you haven't heard of this, it is a very cool game. It is a game of Post Apocalyptic Vehicular Carnage that uses matchbox or hot wheels cars and a rulebook that costs 12 bucks. We spent more time then we should have perusing the local super market's selection of toy cars then primed and painted them to fit the theme. Made some minor mods but didn't have any guns to add. Hopefully getting some of those soon. It is very fun and a nice, low stress way to paint, especially because the cars are supposed to look crappy and well worn. Here's my first go.
  7. I think that would be a great time! Anything in it that is NSFW, @Barb Bliss?
  8. It is in our office. We decided we couldn't part with it!
  9. I play a lot of games. Mini games, board games, RPGs. I want to hear your suggestions for games that I MUST play. Games that are so good, I should buy them immediately and play them yesterday.
  10. Nope, always Bubinga here. It sells a lot and is hard to work with which could be the reason that we don't see much in stock coming through made with it. It is a standard wood available through our product line. It is also highly variable from board to board.
  11. Is a Breyer Horse a Horse that is made out of delicious Ice Cream?
  12. Excellent! If Zoe doesn't respond to you within 7.5 minutes on any occasion, even Sunday night at 2am EDT, be sure to let me know. If she doesn't....
  13. And beer. I probably need to add that as well....😄
  14. I can honestly say that I do not have a dice addiction. Almost everything else though. RPG Books, definitely. Minis as well. Dice just have never gotten me too badly. Now, let me be clear, I always get new dice for a new character. ALWAYS. But I don't buy them for the purposes of growing a collection.
  15. I hadn't put your forum name together with the name you order under...Welcome! That was a good buy!
  16. Hah! Will do! Might have to come after the New Year though! We are pretty swamped with Holiday Orders at the moment. What would you all like to see? Any suggestion of 'tables' will immediately get you 3 demerits...
  17. Both of the Striped ones went in the same minute to 2 of our long time clients, neither which is an Underdog. I think there are more collectors out there then we know of.
  18. Ugh, that was yours? I heard stories of it. So sorry about that....
  19. I will put Shane on it. He has some glued up already....
  20. It's BoRo. Was it labeled as Chechen...if so....