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  1. Here are some pics of new things that are coming out this week. Included are some very cool mimic boxes in Legendary Woods, a resin accentuated Dragon Tray, a new prototype, and a Chechen GM System that was preordered before the KS went live. That is a gorgeous piece of Chechen!
  2. I would like to state emphatically that I am 100% against costuming pets in any way. I am all about freedom, and you are all free to outfit your little animals in whatever way you choose. But, as a devoted father to rescue pup that is scared of everything, I cannot in good conscious say that Sawdust looks good in a Hot Dog outfit. I weep for the animals in this contest. PS. This is clearly sarcastic....
  3. I saw that coming through last week and was very excited! So pleased you are happy with it. Great pics!
  4. I knew it would go eventually. It actually took a little longer than I thought. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was uneventful. Lindsey was in Vancouver for a con. I picked her up this morning bright and early. I did some mini painting. Cleaned. Ran.
  5. I love the title of 'Jagged Road to Sainthood'. Very cool!
  6. I love mountain biking. Where I live we have some of the best trails in the state. Now, Lindsey and I run on them a lot. We will start biking them once she gets a bike.
  7. A place to post any questions about the hobby and to post pics of your work.
  8. All right everyone. I should be going. Got to take Sawdust for a run. On a side note, I really appreciate all of you that take the time to post here. It means the world to me to have so many fans taking time out of their daily lives to chat. It makes me smile every day. Clearly, I have had enough beers to make me over emotional.... I shall leave you with this...
  9. Yeah, it was crazy. It ended with over 400k after the Pledge Manager. It will, still, make or break us. We under priced them by about $10 a unit. They are brutal to make, logisitics wise. We will persevere but it is a blessing and a curse. I will NEVER regret that project but I certainly feel the constant strain of it. We are dealing with it well now. Earlier this year, it was very tough. Now, we have settled in.
  10. Well, clearly, I have had too many beers during our Friday meeting. I am becoming nostalgic...
  11. It's really pretty crazy looking back. XMas 2016, I was in the shop 7 days a week, 12 hour days, finishing everything. We were so busy and only 3 guys most of the time. It was Puzz, Cameron and I and some part time guys working 3 days a week maybe. We couldn't keep up at all. It was amazing and crazy and took a few years off my life no doubt. Its much different now. Now I am at the computer about 50% of my time. I still love working in the shop but have so much less time to do it. Every once in a while, I slap myself to remember how we started and to ensure that I keep the passion. Honestly, gaming often helps a ton.
  12. Thanks. I did that one. I was a little rusty but pulled through. If any of you know the history of DMG, I was the main finisher for years. Almost every single piece that came out through early 2017 was finished by me. Then CoCos happened and I haven't been in the finishing booth in about 9 months. This was my first time back in a while. Me thinks I still got it!
  13. As long as it takes.... It will probably come quicker than you think. It is Black Walnut.
  14. It would be the same price as Black Walnut. 157 for all of them.
  15. @GhostChopper your Valhalla Screen is in process right now. In sanding. Shouldn't be long!
  16. Nope. That's it. We could easily do more if you had something in mind. We engraved the Malted Meeple ones.
  17. We made a bunch of coasters for a Game Bar in Ohio and had some extras. It's for the Malted Meeple. Same guys that run Ravenwood Castle.
  18. We are sending out a screen to a reviewer at Geek and Sundry. It turned out amazing! One of our best.