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  1. This forum is for our collectors that want to trade Dog Might gear. Play nice everyone.
  2. Here are some pics of new things that are coming out this week. Included are some very cool mimic boxes in Legendary Woods, a resin accentuated Dragon Tray, a new prototype, and a Chechen GM System that was preordered before the KS went live. That is a gorgeous piece of Chechen!
  3. I like that this puts the pressure on me to come up with cool stuff. Challenge accepted!!!!!!!
  4. This is a nice post and, I hope, unnecessary. We all joke around here from time to time and I know it is easy to read more into a post than is meant. I am sure that none of us are ever really mad when in here. I can say this much, I rarely get mad at anything. I barely have a temper at all. I used to not have one. Honestly, I never, ever got mad. Then I got married....then divorced. Had a little temper through those years. Now, hardly anything gets me too upset. Especially at work or on here. Just sayin'. @Zoe will probably back me up on this....if she knows what's good for her!!!!!!!!
  5. What was that called when radio DJs would accept money to play a record more often?
  6. Hah, NOTHING! Too many children in these offices already! No, not literally.
  7. No pressure but you do know that we accept orders for stuff. Just sayin'.
  8. Yes. That is correct. I don't know if the first pic was labeled correctly. The ink lines look really dark there. But, it is the first time using it so don't quote me on this.
  9. Thanks for picking the most amazing samples of the species ever seen. Prepare to be disappointed....
  10. Redheart and the Phoenix is a good combo. Whenever we have Red heart going through, Phoenix gets cut on it often
  11. The Bastogne Walnut didn't move overnight, which is shocking. We are going to try and run it through tomorrow and see what happens. Oh, the joy of working with new woods. I was going to take pics but I want to see how/ if it turns out first.
  12. Hmmmmmm, I will work on pics. A deck jacket....let me take some measurements but I doubt it. I don't think we have enough. Maybe we could do a veneer-ish top layer. I am a little hesitant to say yes because we haven't worked with it before. Let me get back to you later today with a decision.
  13. I would hate to face her in a duel. She's got an amazing trigger finger.
  14. Oh, and I just backed it on KS so if you follow DMG on KS, you probably got a note. We can't hide anything nowadays, can we.
  15. Oh, we probably mentioned it on Facebook. We haven't put it in the newsletter yet, we were planning on doing that today.
  16. On another note, we cut into the Bastogne Walnut yesterday. Gorgeous. A bit lighter than Black Walnut but heavily figured. It is also very wet. Need to let it sit for a bit before we do anything with it. We got some Redheart in the other day that was so wet it was spraying water when we cut it. I have never seen anything like it. Now, we have to let it sit for a month or two.