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  1. Did you freehand the graphics on the Ghost Hunter?
  2. Very nice work. The shading on Red Ansol's skin is excellent. Don't be afraid to do more of that. Also, isn't 'stupid teens' redundant?
  3. Wow, such a graphic response! Love that our in stock offerings provoke such amazing emotions. 😄
  4. Ah, yes the search for Patagonian Rosewood. I remember it well. Couldn't find anything close.
  5. I have a set of these from one of their previous Kickstarters. Very nice quality. The color is very vibrant.
  6. There is something so lovely about a fine piece of burled walnut. We knew we had to do something with that piece that came in. A fine addition to your collection!
  7. These look great. You've been busy!
  8. Now you are just being mean....
  9. I really wanted to back Ahnk for the minis but I am in a no buying minis period. Not until I finish a few.
  10. These are great. Love the head scarf! 'MERICA!
  11. No doubles!?!!?!?!! Impressive.
  12. I had no idea you had this many. Nicely done. I am very proud of this as you were one of the more reluctant ones at the launch of these.
  13. This looks like a beautiful forest of minis!
  14. Wow. Amazing. The best work you have ever done. Love the Sorcerer with the magic circle thingy.
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