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  1. To celebrate Pride Month, DMG is having a very special raffle with the proceeds going to the Trevor Project. Check out the deets at the link below. http://dogmight.com/pride
  2. I knew what you meant. I was kidding. Haha. Gotcha
  3. Whenever you are ready. I will be here. In the meantime I will just keep putting out some amazing pieces for you to drool over.
  4. You're putting your table in the garden?!?!?!?
  5. New table just went up. We are very pleased with how it turned out. http://dogmight.com/furniture
  6. Good thread. As far as the steins go, we have tested them with hot and cold beverages and they hold up well. Acidic bevs are fine as well. I would hand wash, no dishwasher. We test them all for leaks and have only one issue so far. Over time, they will become richer and warmer. As with all of our woods, except cherry, I would keep them out of direct sunlight.
  7. We are paying for the woodworker friend.
  8. We chose the top due to the heavy checking on the bottom and to give it a couple more inches of space.
  9. Unbelievable. This is one of the reasons why I have always said we will never do tables. Damn UPS. Unbelievable. Barb, I will send you an email regarding this...after I make an angry phone call to UPS. Yes, that is Cameron's John Hancock.
  10. We haven't shipped @WxCougar's yet. We are waiting to make sure @Barb Bliss's arrives safe and sound. Sorry for the wait but we want to make sure all goes well.
  11. Got some pics of the latest table in process. Still needs about 8 more coats of varnish. Gorgeous figure in the knotty areas of this piece of Black Walnut. We stabilized the cracks with black dyed resin before sanding and finishing.
  12. Not really. It is really expensive compared to leopardwood so we chose to go with Leopard only. If we sold more of the Leopardwood, we would probably add on some Lacewood.
  13. I like that you've imagined @Barb Bliss as a good angel, but that she is shouting at you.
  14. If you have an intervention, let me know and we will do our part by banning you from our Kickstarter pages, our site, and these forums! 😏