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  1. I totally forgot about this. Here you go. Install will be soon...and it looks like we will be able to do a drop off. I will send you a note tomorrow about the details. I am pumped to see this as a full table. There are some really excellent pieces of Red Heart going in it!
  2. That's Bolivian Rosewood, or BoRo as we call it here on the forums. It is @Barb Bliss's favorite!
  3. Yeah, I am quite pleased. Hopefully, it will show well on camera.
  4. Here it is. A one of a kind. We will be auctioning it off for charity after the stream ends.
  5. I agree. They just dropped off the face of the forums. They are missed.
  6. All right, time for our Friday meeting. Let's see how many votes for Teammate of the Week Meat Chickens gets!
  7. Yeah, the shop is really humming. And we have 2 new people starting Monday. More good stuff coming throughout the month...
  8. Yeah, that's why they are in R and D. We are keeping them a little quiet. They actually are the first prototypes of that idea before we developed CoCos.
  9. The Hell Hound VS or the Engraved Black Walnut are my faves today.
  10. This batch and then 3 more Valhalla Screens for today.
  11. Yeah, we are walking that ground very carefully. NEVER ever want to upset that crowd.
  12. New stock going up now. There's a lot of it. And more Valhalla Screens coming a little later.