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  1. I knew the Tyrion quote wouldn't last!
  2. You made a wise choice. That Birch, Maple, Wenge combo turned out beautifully.
  3. This is my favorite one. Any Rick and Morty fans out there?
  4. New Cut'N boards being added right now. http://dogmight.com/cuttingboard
  5. I LOVE this game. The economy is amazing. Also, Emerson is a fantastic person. One of the nicest people I have ever met.
  6. Exotic Woods

    That is a very dark red sample of Cocobolo. When we used it, it was always much more orange. By the way, I wonder why my eyes are becoming itchy...
  7. Awesome shot! Thanks for posting. Bocote looks good on any table.
  8. It was for Greenbrier Games for their Kickstarter for Folklore: the Affliction. We made a large box for the game and smaller player boxes as well. The player boxes where very cool. They had a metal plate inside the lid, hidden, that the players prop up on the box and use magnetic markers to track their character's stats.
  9. It's going to be hard to break that cutting board. But after the @Serge Darveau video, I wouldn't put any money down on it.
  10. I got you all. Flame Birch, Bubinga, and a big ass band of Redheart
  11. Damn you guys! Is it your mission to not let anyone else see anything ever! Hah. Thanks so much for the purchase. The Redheart in that piece is stunning. Not that anyone else will ever see now...
  12. The new cutting board page is under creation. It's not officially live yet. We have about 10-15 more getting built. Once we take pics of those, we will put it up for reals. Just thought I would give you all the sneaky peaky. http://dogmight.com/cuttingboard
  13. That's me...in all of those pics oddly enough
  14. Thankfully, I have never once witnessed our USPS guy treating our packages like that. It must happen off site.