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  1. I met the sculptor at GenCon. I know what he is working on next. It's not cats but that doesn't mean there won't be some in the future.
  2. Konas

    GENCON 2018!!

    Hah, not distracting at all, at least for me. I can't speak for the rest of the crew. We find out where we are when they release the showroom map to the public. We do not get to request neighbors. Last year we were directly across from Wyrmwood. I, do not have any signs of the crud, as of yet....but, I am guessing, that I have just jinxed myself.
  3. Konas

    GENCON 2018!!

    That is an exceedingly accurate depiction of what occurred. Including the 'deflated' Konas. Yes, Con Crud is a very real thing. Bets on who from the DMG crew gets it first?
  4. Konas

    GENCON 2018!!

    And.....we are back. Worked a half day yesterday to catch up a bit but didn't have time to jump on here. I have a fuller then normal inbox and know that a couple of you reached out to me there. I will be responding this afternoon. Had an AMAZING GenCon. Potentially the best ever. Big things happening that I cannot discuss yet but hopefully soon. Great to see so many of you there. Apologies to @Zoxe again for not recognizing you upon meeting. My memory is crap. Too much lumberjack juice. Went a little crazy with the purchases this year. One of our biggest hauls ever. The shortlist: Monsterpocalypse, Aristeia, Crystal Clans, lots of minis for Arena Rex, Guild Ball, Hordes, Pathfinder playtest, Vampire V5, L5R beginner box, lots of dice, and a bunch of other stuff. Root the game was a big hit with the crew. So much that I am sure I am forgetting something. Our crew did an amazing job. @Zoe took the lead on the booth this year so I could hobnob with some other businesses and it worked very well. Hats off to her. She has staved off her daily firing for at least one day.
  5. Looks great. Love that sculpt. Send @Zoe a note about the magnets and we will get it fixed up for you. Great pics.Thanks for the posting.
  6. Some new stock going up today. Mostly Adventure Cases which I know aren't huge with this group. But, definitely worth a look. Some very cool combos. It should be up shortly. Email goes out at 3pm EDT.
  7. Go ahead and pour some more fuel on that fire!
  8. How goes it at the Sapphire Stag? I want to catch up but haven't had a chance yet.
  9. Images of pumpkin slaughter are protected free speech under the 1st amendment. I believe it is specifically stated there. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or posting images of pumpkin destruction; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.[1]
  10. Yeah, it just doesn't feel the same. It doesn't help that she is super nice and already good at her job.
  11. Let's see how this feels.... @Rosie
  12. An old line we used to offer called Dragon Scale. Leopardwood with custom tints. It might make a comeback someday.