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  1. An old line we used to offer called Dragon Scale. Leopardwood with custom tints. It might make a comeback someday.
  2. Some very cool custom symbols we have made for our clients
  3. A classic Barb Bliss and Thomas Browne showdown for the Bocote. And the winner...in a photo finish....Barb Bliss.
  4. That looks amazing. Nice paint job, too. Thanks so much for posting it here.
  5. I love all of these things. I am especially proud to be a sponsor for AGOT Nationals. I know its just giving away free stuff, but I really do love that game.
  6. I love this comment... Martin Moran 1 minute ago Hell hath no fury like a nerd scorned.
  7. We kept it quiet for the 4th this year. Saving it for vacation in 2 weeks. We went for a trail run and then played 2 scenarios of Arkham Horror LCG. Have I mentioned before that this game is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hah, yes we are. It sounds like he would fit right in. It's a hell of a commute from Cleveland, though.
  9. The worst instructions for anything that I have ever seen are the ones written for our Laser Engraver. The "title" of the instruction book was, "Using Laser for Lasering Instruction". It got worse from there. It took us about 3 days to assemble it.
  10. @Lindsey and I had a full on Pathfinder weekend, which is funny because I almost packed away all the books a few weeks ago. I broke out all the old Adventure Paths and decided to run Skull and Shackles as a solo campaign for Lindsey. We had our first session yesterday afternoon. It was very cool. It is a pirate themed campaign that begins with the PCs getting bobbed on the head and whisked away by an evil pirate captain. They wake up miles away from the home they had and are at sea under the command of the Captain and his diabolical first mate. Had a great first session. Also played one game of Rhino Hero: Super Battle. I love this little game.