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  1. Hammertime!

    It is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.
  2. Natural finish Vs high sheen?

    Hey Stace. All of our PREMIUM tier woods only come with a "Natural" finish. What that means is they only ever get 3 coats of our Dog Might Varnish. "Natural" finish means that no stains or color modifying oils are used, only a clear varnish to protect the wood while enhancing the natural color and grain. Most of our premium woods exhibit a high luster. Cherry is included in this group. Hope that helps, Mike
  3. Dog Might Action Photos

    That's funny because we have always had a weird pride in our packing. We've oddly talked about it a lot. So, thanks for noticing.
  4. Dog Might Action Photos

    Wow, you almost got them all right! The last one is African Mahogany.
  5. Dog Might Action Photos

    So glad you are pleased. And, use it however you want! There are no rules.
  6. Hammertime!

    Yes, it is Demon's Blood. Good eye.
  7. Favorite Board Game Artists

    Kids, don't do Quack.
  8. #4: Leopardwood

    Thanks for that, Barb. Thanks a lot. One of my young cousins mistakenly thought AC/DCs "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" was "Dirty Deeds and the Dunder Chief". I will sing it like that forevermore
  9. Hammertime!

  10. #4: Leopardwood

    My favorite Beatles song is actually Norwegian Wood...
  11. For mine, I just cut out some random, organic wood shapes and glued them on with some fake grass and a couple of pebbles to act as boulders. I'll take a pic tomorrow.
  12. Hammertime!

    Smaller ones coming soon!
  13. Our local "Michael's" craft store sells mini trees that work quite well for our games. Cheap, too. http://www.michaels.com/10392400.html
  14. #4: Leopardwood

    That's a fine idea!
  15. Favorite Board Game Artists

    You'll just have to wait and see. It's not finalized yet...