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  1. Hey! Still here and still well. The holiday lead-up and subsequent holiday season just bogged me down. I don't even know where to begin posting, haha, so I'll just fire one off here. I'm going to try to get back into the conversation a bit more, but January-March is busy for me because I'm prepping for my company's new catalog that comes out in March. In related DMG news, I just got the notification form the dice KS on Wednesday that my Redheart D6s are on the way!
  2. Ah! If you're right and it is an installer, that would make it even more scummy.
  3. My real reaction is Do you have old copper gutters or something? What kind of mythic material are your gutters made from that would entice someone to steal them? Bottom line is some people really suck these days.Hopefully karma pays a visit to the little sh!t that did this to you. Unrelated to your post, but related to the topic, my yard is in disaster state now from all the falling leaves
  4. Hey all! I'm still here, life has just been super busy lately. However, not too busy for me to stop receiving Kickstarter pledges.
  5. @tgpumpkin I've gotten a few plays of Too Many Bones Undertow in now, and I'm kicking myself that I didn't stick with my all-in pledge during the KS.
  6. Same here. Some nice weather FINALLY rolled in, and it's supposed to stick around until at least next Tuesday (that's as far out as my weather app goes) Nice to finally open the house up again!
  7. Same here. We got our team back together and start league play tomorrow.
  8. Muggy here until Thursday. Dew points are supposed to drop so we might have the first nice weekend in a long time.
  9. I like the look and the artwork of this a lot.
  10. I'm still waiting on a shipping notification for my Undertow pledge.
  11. First attempt at The Networks showed me I was not good enough to run my own TV station yet...but I'll try again. I scored 238 and you need 265 to win.
  12. I will be unboxing mine right after sending this message.
  13. The player boards being different but same is such a cool part of the game. It's such a simple and subtle component, but adds so much to the game.
  14. I really hope so. A day off from watering all my landscaping would be a nice treat.
  15. It's supposed to start raining around 3-4 today and continue into tomorrow morning. I'll believe it when I see it though...we've been so starved for rain, I don't have high hopes.
  16. @Zoe Glad you finally got to experience Scythe! I did the same as you in the beginning and didn't worry too much about popularity...I soon learned that is one area you should pay more attention to. Hearing your tale makes me want to get this back to the table ASAP.
  17. Where did you order from? My order from Miniature Market just shipped.
  18. I have a Miniature Market package coming tomorrow with Epoch: Early Inventors, The Networks and Castles of Mad King Ludwig coming tomorrow. Going to be a good weekend!
  19. The only thing left to flower for me is my sedum, and then wait for my burning bush to turn.
  20. It had been a VERY long stretch with no rain here. Daily watering was necessary to keep the flowers going, fortunately everything else is now well established and can do better during dry times. We did finally get a good amount overnight and still supposed to get some more this morning, so that is a good thing. However, whatever falls now is going to get sucked up pretty quick, so I'm sure I'll be back to watering tomorrow.
  21. When I go with the fancier woods, I just can bring myself to put anything on them.
  22. Here's a little look at my front yard.