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  1. $48 for Vinhos Deluxe is a STEAL! Wow! I looked back in KS for Lisboa before I purchased it retail and had a hard time convincing myself to pay $125 for the deluxe edition when I could see the KS price of $79 if only I had been into his games when the campaign ran 😄 so I went for the non deluxe edition. Although now the Escape Plan KS is offering all the upgrade packs for the previous games as add ons. I'll have to wait to see the prices, but I might bling out some of those copies now.
  2. Do you have to look at the right time to find the KS editions at retail? I was late to the game for Gallerist and Vinhos but I wasn't able to find KS editions of these at retail. I found that I could buy a lot of the KS packs as extra. For Lisboa, found the deluxe edition but it was like $125 vs $79 for the non deluxe retail version.
  3. I was thinking I was going to have to pick two between Escape Plan, Cthulhu and Snowdonia...but because of the buy group for Snowdonia on BGG I think I can justify doing all three. One more person and Snowdonia goes to $49.67/person.
  4. YES! I am obviously quite happy about that one. Did you go for the Mastermind or Safecracker level? Nice to see the add ons that I'll be able to get to upgrade my other copies of his games since I missed them all on KS.
  5. I'm #85. I like his big 3, The Gallerist, Vinhos and Lisboa so this is a no brainer for me.
  6. You play a part of a group of thieves who completed a big heist. Stolen money was hidden as investments in businesses in the city and stashed in lockers. The police are on to you now and are tightening the screws, the goal of the game is to collect as much of the money as you can from various locations, avoid the police and escape the city. I watched a rules explanation on it and it has a very Lacerda feel in mechanics to it, and a somewhat different theme for him. https://youtu.be/LFQzx6EOZLk
  7. Launching at 10:00 EDT today! It's like waiting for Christmas.
  8. I have heard there is a learning curve to it, so I am keeping that in mind when I get it. I have seen other people say too to stick with the same character until you get a good feel for them. There was just an update this morning that if there are no delays they hope to maybe start shipping US pledges out late next week or the week after.
  9. I'm currently waiting on my Undertow pledge. If I really like the game as much as I am hoping to, I plan to get the original game also.
  10. I haven't been up to the Dells in a few years. There has been some talk of taking the family up there though.
  11. I can look into doing that for you, I'm just worried that the massive size of the box is going to eat up a majority of what you will save by going with the group.
  12. @tgpumpkin and anyone else in the Chicagoland/Indianapolis/Milwaukee area, there is a group buy being organized for Snowdonia on BGG. Right now the cost is $50.80 instead of the $88 plus shipping on KS. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2023728/chicago-bloomington-normal-central-il-milwaukee-an
  13. @Zenithsplendor If I had to pick right now: The Gallerist Scythe Terraforming Mars
  14. For sure. I wish they would limit the number of investigators and go heavy on the bad guys. I'd rather have more variety there.
  15. I also hope they keep adding more gameplay related stuff. I don't need 50 different investigators to choose from each time I play.
  16. Of the solo groups I belong to on Facebook and BGG, Mage Knight is like some sort of deity. I don't understand it...I've watched multiple videos on it and I just am not interested, and I don't understand the gushing praise for it. But that's just my opinion and how it strikes me. In regards to Cthulhu, I did see the new expansion. The campaign is definitely keeping my attention, which could be bad for my wallet. The dashboard trays are a nice addition too. I like that they're a stretch goal and not an add on. I had hoped that I would have lost interest, but sadly no. And I know there will be a couple more add ons to come.
  17. Dew point is now up to 74. Big huge bucket of yuck.
  18. I hope that's heading my way now. We're supposed to get rain today which I hope will bring with it lower dew point, right now it's still 71...yuck. My daughter LOVES being outside and apparently 1 1/2 year olds don't care about humidity, so I still spent a majority of my weekend outside. I've never been so happy to go back to work on a Monday before 😄
  19. @tgpumpkin Don't think less of me, but I've dropped my Cthulhu pledge to $1 and I'm going to decide later. The more I watched the game play video, the more I questioned how much I might get to it or if I would just play Zombicide instead. I've taken my money from that campaign and gone and backed Snowdonia. So for now, I will commit to Snowdonia and the new Vital game Escape Plan next week.
  20. My gaming is primarily solo, so I can weigh in with a nice little list here. Terraforming Mars Scythe The Gallerist Explorers of the North Sea Raiders of the North Sea Legendary Encounters: Alien Vinhos Zombicide Black Plague and Green Horde Viticulture Caverna Le Havre Anachrony
  21. Tomorrow is supposed to be the worst, Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be more tolerable.