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  1. I just saw Jamey back this today. Fortunately it's not really my thing. I thought of you though Barb when I saw the notification since you were just talking about how much money he's cost you.
  2. We're getting a mix of sleet and rain. No snow thankfully as we were in a winter weather advisory predicting 2-5". So the weather is not great, but it could be a lot worse, so I'll take this and not complain too much.
  3. @Zoe do you have the Tuscany expansion? If so, I would assume you're excited about the upcoming Visit from the Rhine Valley expansion?
  4. I really enjoy Viticulture. And it's light enough that it's easy to teach people.
  5. Already doing so. He hasn't hurt my wallet too much. I'm more interested in the projects he puts out. I like his games a lot.
  6. I have the same thing happen from creators I follow. I just want to know when they launch new projects, and I end up getting sucked into all kinds of stuff. That's how I ended up backing Auztralia, Ryan Laukat backed it and that got me interested, I watched some videos and BANG...
  7. Damn you @Barb Bliss I hadn't heard of this and had stayed clear of new KS projects given all the stuff I've backed so far this year, and you go and put an end to that.
  8. Anachrony arrived at my door this morning. Since I will be at the Brewers game tonight, unboxing and setup will have to wait a day or two.
  9. I know @Barb Bliss. Knowing the popularity of it, I take extra special care of it.
  10. Finally got around to taking some pictures of my recent deliveries. My hero sleeve in Ziricote. D20s in Pau Rosa, Chechen, Bocote and Spalted Tamarind. And the D6s are Bubinga.
  12. I know you have a hard time seeing images and GIFS posted here, so use your imagination to see one of a person with a a devil on their shoulder whispering "advice" into their ear.
  13. I've been seeing all kinds of buzz on this one. Mostly holding off because too many other projects backed right now.