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  1. There's something to be said when a .net developer has restricted access...
  2. Tracking shows my cutting board has arrived. Stay tuned for pics.
  3. Wow! Definitely the best fun fact I've learned today, and my morning today has been spent chasing down some interesting information on IP addresses.
  4. I had not heard of this before, thank you Google. That's a bit too rare for my tastes. My friend's dad always says, "Just walk it through a warm kitchen."
  5. Is there another way to eat steak?
  6. Any routine that includes bacon is a winner.
  7. @Zoe Have you done bacon in the oven before on like a sheet pan? It always feels kind of like cheating, but it's less labor intensive and sometimes that's what I want.
  8. ^Every single bit of this. Apparently I've used up my allotted reactions for the day already
  9. @Zoe Oh glorious cast iron! It took me so long in life to get smart and start using it but I love mine. I have a 9" and recently got a 12" for Christmas. Steak in cast iron cooked in the oven...even though it's not even 8 in the morning here yet, my mouth is watering. And now that we're talking about this, perhaps I'll get the trust 9" out this weekend and do some biscuits and gravy...
  10. #6: Flame Birch

    True sign of a great community...we all suffer the effects of 70's disco together.
  11. #6: Flame Birch

    Hooray for the log blog!!! Fortunately my dad's first major in college was horticulture and I was taught from birth to not pull bark off a birch tree. I am currently singing, "Ring My Bell" in my head as a direct result of this blog, thanks @Konas, but seeing as how I was one of the people screaming and yelling for this blog to pickup again, I suppose I reap what I sow.
  12. Some sort of score tracker could be pretty neat too. Or some sort of action counter to keep track when it's your turn.
  13. Kick ass meeples would be pretty cool. The choice of what color I would be when starting a game would forever would require no thought at all...Chechen, Adam is always Chechen.
  14. Not sure where to jump in on this one, but The Gallerist was the same way for me at first, super overwhelming. My brain was absolutely worked by the time I was done. The first game was definitely feeling it out a bit, and each subsequent play has gotten way better for strategy.