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  1. Yeah, looks like another round end of this week here too. Ice dams are no fun. Fortunately after the last big storm we got, it warmed up quick enough to clear all my roof snow off.
  2. I think we've got some of your snow coming tomorrow @Barb Bliss. Looks like 4-7" is what they're saying for us at this moment. Fortunately we got rid of most of the last couple storms, so we have room for it.
  3. We're currently about 100 degrees warmer right now than we were last Wednesday.
  4. We're at -1, feels like -21 right now. Surprisingly I haven't seen a lot of preemptive closings for tomorrow yet. Even the public schools here have only said they're watching the situation tomorrow closely, and schools are in session today. I plan on staying sealed up in the house tomorrow.
  5. Thank you for the support. Always good to crowd source input to confirm it's a good use. Plus, if I stayed home, it would mean my daughter wouldn't have to be taken outside at all. Granted her going outside would consist of exiting the car and going 20 feet to the door of her day care provider's house and then back, but still. Although...if I still take her to day care, I could have an all day gaming marathon.
  6. We got about another 10 inches here in Southeast Wisconsin. Wednesday wind chills are supposed to get near -50, actual forecasted high temperature without the wind factor is going to be -13. I'm currently deciding if I want to leave the house on Wednesday. I really wish my work was more flexible about working from home.
  7. My car showed -5 on the way in to work this morning. With the wind though it's currently -25. Good times!
  8. I know that feeling well!
  9. My group of guys got back into bowling this year after a 5 year hiatus. I am learning that muscle memory and form for bowling does not come back to you like riding a bike. It's been a tough season so far. Well done on the 585 though! Once you start getting close, it's only a matter of time before you get to that milestone of your first 600.
  10. We got 10" here in southeastern Wisconsin. And currently it's 9 degrees but feels like -11.
  11. Hey! Still here and still well. The holiday lead-up and subsequent holiday season just bogged me down. I don't even know where to begin posting, haha, so I'll just fire one off here. I'm going to try to get back into the conversation a bit more, but January-March is busy for me because I'm prepping for my company's new catalog that comes out in March. In related DMG news, I just got the notification form the dice KS on Wednesday that my Redheart D6s are on the way!
  12. Ah! If you're right and it is an installer, that would make it even more scummy.
  13. My real reaction is Do you have old copper gutters or something? What kind of mythic material are your gutters made from that would entice someone to steal them? Bottom line is some people really suck these days.Hopefully karma pays a visit to the little sh!t that did this to you. Unrelated to your post, but related to the topic, my yard is in disaster state now from all the falling leaves
  14. Hey all! I'm still here, life has just been super busy lately. However, not too busy for me to stop receiving Kickstarter pledges.
  15. @tgpumpkin I've gotten a few plays of Too Many Bones Undertow in now, and I'm kicking myself that I didn't stick with my all-in pledge during the KS.