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  1. The only thing left to flower for me is my sedum, and then wait for my burning bush to turn.
  2. It had been a VERY long stretch with no rain here. Daily watering was necessary to keep the flowers going, fortunately everything else is now well established and can do better during dry times. We did finally get a good amount overnight and still supposed to get some more this morning, so that is a good thing. However, whatever falls now is going to get sucked up pretty quick, so I'm sure I'll be back to watering tomorrow.
  3. When I got with the fancier woods, I just can bring myself to put anything on them.
  4. Here's a little look at my front yard.
  5. My dice tower KS arrived today! I do like Chechen a lot, but Redheart is winning me over.
  6. Humidity is back, although I think there is some rain pushing in and winds from the north later today so hopefully the humidity will ease up a bit. We finally got some rain yesterday too that we desperately needed, and more today would be welcomed too. It is so dry here right now and watering all my plants and flowers every night is getting old.
  7. Exciting! Took me a few games to get into the rhythm of the game and a feel for how it all works, but once I did I enjoyed it immensely.
  8. I recently got Gaia Project. I got through a game this weekend, but I've got a lot more to learn.
  9. If you wind up in Wisconsin, I would be a candidate for a group.
  10. For fellow Undertow backers in here, the latest update showed they received the container with the games today! They are starting to ship today. I am finally going to get a chance to join in on this whole Too Many Bones craze.
  11. I'm keeping my KS activity low key now too. I'm still waiting on a whole lot of stuff, and looking at my shelving in the basement last night I have no idea where it's going to go. I haven't heard of any other super hyped games coming though, so hopefully it will be easy to lay low.
  12. I went to my game group meet up last night and I got to play The Godfather: Corleone's Empire. It was a pretty cool game. We had 4 players and 3 of us had never played before, but it was easy to learn and went really smooth. Full disclosure, the guy who had played it before and taught us whooped us something awful, haha.
  13. I'm maintaining my $1 still. I'll decide in the pledge manager what I'm going to do. If I do stick with it though, I'll likely only do the base and no other add ons.
  14. Agree, there were definitely some caveats in there. Oh well...as long as I get my copy, I'm happy. 😄