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  1. There was none of that in the game. I considered a giant flaw and inaccuracy.
  2. I have returned from a quick weekend getaway to Milwaukee with the family which included some time spent at the Nexus Game Fair. It was a good experience, albeit a bit of a learning one, but I'm glad I went, and I will definitely go back again. The next time though I will have a bit more of a game plan. I definitely will want to make sure I get registered for some games the next time, and I plan on staying in the loop via Facebook throughout the year as a way to perhaps build some relationships to help in breaking the ice. However, one of the games I did play was Vikings Gone Wild. It was a fun and light deck builder and I had a good time with it. Anyway, hopefully my experience will grow a bit next year.
  3. I was trying to imply that she was the evil angel shouting louder than the good one on the other shoulder. Now that I read it again, my wording could've been better. Ah, the late week struggles.
  4. Good that you're keeping your KS followers in mind too. I will always look at projects backed by the people I follow and a lot of times that sways my decisions. And of course there's always those times @Barb Bliss gets on your shoulder and shouts out the good angel telling you to stay away 😄
  5. I've been trying to stay away from looking on KS. Fortunately, things between life and work have been so busy it's been easy to stay away. I just looked at my backed list and I have 10 games that I am awaiting delivery of. I'm not going to fool myself and pretend that I won't back anything, but I am being more discerning on what I back now. It really has to be something special to get my backing.
  6. The Nexus Game Fair in Milwaukee starts tomorrow. I'm going to give my first convention/fair a shot. I'm interested to see how this goes, but already am going to cut it a bit short because new windows start going into the house this Saturday morning. Everything always happens at the same time.
  7. Going to be a warm weekend here in Wisconsin too. Fortunately it drops into the 60s overnight to kind of reset things before the next day.
  8. My Chechen XL sheath came in yesterday and it's incredible. Pics to come, but wow.
  9. Do you have a price point for these?
  10. Don't refresh your browser if you want to continue looking at it. 😏
  11. Yikes! I didn't have anything close to 4 acres to work with...best of luck to you!
  12. I know how this goes too. I did the yard two years ago. This year it's 20 new windows for the first floor of the house. Or as I like to refer to it, assault on my bank account.
  13. Would you be able to offer other options for the legs? Also the height looks like it could benefit from being just a bit higher. I understand these are meant to be coffee tables, so I'm sure there's a fine line in trying to find the right height. My only wish now would be to find a way for my wife to let me get one 😄 the style just isn't quite inline with her decorating style. Maybe I can start to convert one of the rooms in my basement...
  14. I will add my name plus my 286 reputation. 287/10,000.
  15. Love Reading Terminal! Now I want a roast pork sandwich.