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  1. I saw this screen today..not sure who did it but I dig it.
  2. A stain i did Friday. Ended up looking similar to (but not as cool as) Jeremy's orc screen.
  3. @Barb Bliss Is monday really your birthday? If so HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  4. @WxCougar How did the concert go? What instrument do you play?
  5. Another disc golf putting competition during lunch breal today with Trent, Paris, Shane and myself. I hope everybody has some enjoyable weekend plans.
  6. I was fortunate enough to do some gaming after work with Carmel, Donnie, Travis and Paris. I had a blast. I was apprehensive about playing a rpg but Carmel was a great DM so I had an experience I won't soon forget. I hope everybody here in the forum is having a good week so far. What kinds of games do you enjoy?
  7. @Thomas Browne that is a beautiful dice chest. You have good taste
  8. Turns out the neon punk dc was made by Donnie. Dani and Derek said they would love to claim the honor of being the person that executed that stain but upon further investigation it was Donnie. He hasn't had much time in staining but he has an artistic eye so in sure we can expect good things from him
  9. @Thomas Browne I've definitely seen some beautiful pieces of Bubinga. Which Bubinga product was your intro to Dog Might?
  10. Yup Zoe, that one was done by me. Thank you for appreciating it. I hope i get to try my hand at more staining. I have so many ideas and techniques to try out.
  11. I'll have to ask Dani about the neon punk one..wouldn't suprise me if she was responsible for it (she is pretty cool). The stain on the orc screen definitely reminds me of a guitar stain plus look at all the pretty flame in that birch
  12. Today I worked on some beautiful walnut Adventure cases. During lunch Trenton Donnie Shane and I had a disc golf putting contest. It was a good day
  13. Dani put a clearcoat on my amp housing today getting closer to completion. Its Mahogony and Bubinga with a red oak stained ash exterior
  14. @Aurah Christian I really like Bubinga. I used a beautiful piece of it on the front of my guitar amp housing. My favorite stain I've done is the dragon fire dice chest. I really haven't had much time staining at Dog Might so I still don't have the processes down for the signature stains. I really do like Ebony on ash though. I was a big fan of the neon punk dice chest , but I don't know who did that one. Jeremy did an orc screen not long ago that I really enjoyed. @WxCougar I love the busier more chaotic pieces of wood as well.
  15. @Thomas Browne I don't think i could pick just one wood for aesthetics. Everytime i think i have a favorite an exceptional piece of something else catches my eye. There is so much variety within the different types its just too hard to choose. As far as favorite wood to work with....i would have to choose walnut since it is a bit easier for me to sand. My favorite products are usually things with sculpts or engraving (dragon sheaths, screens and sentinels). For least favorites it would be hard to choose since i love everything we make so much but cocos are definitely tedious. What is your favorite wood?
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