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  1. Dani and Aaron creating artistic renderings of The great dragon with wood and stain
  2. When The Fire Dragon is present Paris just keeps his head down and works faster
  3. Jake may have been under The Fire Dragon's spell at the time of this picture.
  4. A few weeks ago The Fire Dragon spoke to me in a dream. He asked if I would follow him and serve him. I excitedly asked him what my servitude would entail and he responded, "never question The Fire Dragon." Out of fear and curiosity I pledged my allegiance instantly. When I awoke, I dismissed it as just an odd dream. Upon my arrival at work that morning I heard rumor that we would be crafting a new Valhalla Screen....The Fire Dragon. It all made sense immediately. Obviously The Fire Dragon visited many people that night. I vowed to do everything in my power to facilitate the creation of the new Valhalla screen as tribute to the mighty dragon. I will be chronicling our adventure as I recruit my fellow Dog Might employees to follow the ways of the all-knowing Fire Dragon.
  5. I may have seen something moving through the shop today ;) Seriously I've been slacking on the pictures lately (sorry everybody). What would be of interest around the shop that everybody would enjoy pictures of?
  6. Better pictures may help the guessing Didn't realize the one I posted was so blurry
  7. Can you name all the different types of wood i used on this screen?
  8. Jeremy and Paris did not seem fond of me taking this picture it would've been candid but I forgot my flash was on..there is a flash before the picture is taken so it interrupted them and caught them off guard I think
  9. I actually remember a few of us talking about what a beautiful piece of wood that was. I'm glad it went to a good home
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