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  1. Well, if I'm confident I can do it, I'm pretty sure anyone can do it. As for that glass bead shit, uh, I'll pass. I don't have any predilection for fire. Plus cutting glass is a lot more fun, and you just have to solder them together. Most stained glass stuff comes as like, cut out paper patterns? At least in my familiarity. Then you pick the glasses and use the pattern pieces to cut them out, it's a lot like color by numbers lol.
  2. @Konas I play tested a bit of ToS (Not to be confused with Terms of Service, what an awful acronym for a game), I loved those fish-y boiz. What faction were you planning to receive? Haven't really followed the game since it came time for it to launch and all. They look good though. I often like organics over artificial surfaces, they feel more forgiving with painting. Plus those look sick glossy.
  3. I dunno much about that, but Stained Glass art is cool to make. Honestly I'm not sure if I ever made something myself, or just messed around, but I am fairly confident I could produce a stained glass item. At the very least I've learned or watched my mother do it, she has a few pieces in the house that we have. @Zoe sick doggos. The aussie certainly reminds me of my brothers, although his doesn't have the tail. Same shaped face though, no doubt.
  4. No doubt, Adepticon is one of my favorite cons I attend. My friends and I typically only go into the GW side of things, but it offers a hell of a lot there. I have played a few demo games there which are very interesting. In particular one small game company hosts a booth there and does a fully provided demo slots which are scenarios displaying their worlds story, and actively progressing the ongoing story of their game. Which is really cool to be involved in, but they are such a small company lol. The game is like, Aether something, I think? Aetherium, took some searching. It's a bit rough on the pocket though. Way too much cool stuff to buy out there 😱
  5. It's nearly impossible to get a room with the Convention center. Luckily I have a friend who is dedicated to handling that each year, but those rooms sell out literally within an hour of them announcing booking opening. I'm not there this year (Sad day, new job ruining my fun), but I sure as heck will be next. I was thinking about painting up my Age of Sigmar stuff by then and jumping into a slightly different game.
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