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  1. Oooh, that’s cool. You should make it into a gaming table! I’ve tried to get some pallets to make some cheap but functional outdoor furniture...the list of potential projects is never ending.
  2. That looks like a dream shop. I’m currently trying to work out of my garage while trying to explain to my wife why garages weren’t really meant for cars anyway. Here’s some pics of my shop, it’s messy and cluttered but functional. One of my last projects was to put everything on mobile bases so I built three flip-top tool stands. Ones got my router table and room for a future orbital sander, one has my planer and belt sander and the other has my tool sharpening / buffing station for the lathe. I recently picked up a delta 14” bandsaw and grizzly 8” jointer form a neighbor who moved but I haven’t been able to use the jointer yet since I don’t have 220v outlet on the garage... My current project is building storage beneath my work bench. Built the frame about 6 months ago but had a router accident (use push sticks kids) and I’m just now getting back to building the drawers. Ive been building storage solutions for so long, I need to get back to real woodworking!
  3. Long time lurker, first time poster. I’m curious how many people here dabble in the woodworking hobby...I’d love to see some pictures of other people’s setups and learn more about what the Dog Might shop looks like. I’ll post some pictures of my garage setup and current projects to kick off the discussion when I get home.
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