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  1. Be still my beating heart; it came! Sit down, be prepared to change your drawers, and recognize that the following unboxing photos may be unsuitable if you are pregnant, have a heart condition, or are under the age of majority in the place in which you live. And without further ado or preamble, I give you, my dear friend, compatriots, and comrades, Dog Might’s Dime Day Dime Bag!
  2. I think I’m the only person to buy one. It’ll be ONE OF A KIND! Wish it was in Purpleheart though
  3. The amount of wordplay in this thread demands some sort of pun-ishment
  4. @Barb Bliss it’s always ok to lie to a redhead. It fuels their particular brand of fury :-)
  5. We just finished the last of our Ectoplasm Cider from Far From the Tree Cidery in Salem, MA. Its green bell peppers, jalapeños, and Kiwis. They put it out every Halloween. If you cats are ever on the North Shore in Mass, that’s the place to check out.
  6. @Zoe and @Rosie please thank her for allowing me to live deliciously as Black Phillip would say ?
  7. @Barb Bliss Inside joke with my gamer friends. I was in the Army, so everyone gets me stuff made out of Purple Heart wood so I wouldn’t need to win a Purple Heart medal
  8. Just got my Annie Original Black Phillip Sentinel in Purple Heart and it’s so rad. Well done DMG on an amazing product
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