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  1. I love Supergiant games/Jen Zee's artwork. I have some signed Bastion art prints too but I've not managed to find a frame the right size and don't really want to mount them... Custom Dog Might Frames in the works?
  2. Just 1 Spartan tile, The sets of tiles are all the same but each one has their own different logo tile. My thought was that each of 4 players would then have their own but the tilesets they could have the same layout. I love the hammers but I think the dragon is my favourite because of how the wood grain is on that one.
  3. IT IS TIME!!! I have been waiting a while to share all of my gorgeous Dog Might wood bits, and today my Valhalla Screen and Component Collectors arrived so here they are in all my poorly framed glory. We have 4 Benge Component Collectors, a Benge Valhalla Screen, 2 Canarywood and 2 Padauk Hero Sleeves and a Dark Walnut adventure case. I can't wait to actually use them but I had to bust out some components from my favourite game to show them off. I am starting running a DnD adventure properly for the first time in a few weeks time so Ill add a picture of the screen in action then! Much love and respect to all here and the DMG team!
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