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  1. ...A fox! That's beautiful, Rosie! I really love the wood grain on that piece. And the color scheme, to the surprise of no one. Also, I'm really late on this, but your collections are amazing @RomyCat and @Jabubuck. I really like the benge theme you have going, Jabubuck, and Romy, your valhalla screen photo is fantastic (bonus points for the cute cat)!
  2. Those are gorgeous, Thomas Browne! That bocote is really unique. @Barb Bliss Oh dear, all fear the Konasphere! (But do so while cackling over your wooden pretties! We don't need to eat anyway... right?) @Konas Take all the ideas you want! Especially if there's a minute chance they end in more cool DMG offerings.
  3. Thanks everyone! I've really enjoyed poking through this thread to get ideas, and figured that now I have a piece it was my turn to share. I'll post pics whenever my GM system gets in, too! (Though that might be a while, there's no rush on it!) Just curious, are there any plans to make add-ons like shelves and pencil holders for the GM systems, or are those going to stay Valhalla screen-only?
  4. Got my first Dog Might purchase in this week, a gorgeous bubinga and wenge sentinel! It's absolutely everything I hoped it would be, plus it fits 100% perfectly in the Kingdom Death: Monster box. Thank you so much Dog Might team, and special thanks to Zoe and Rosie for taking extra care to make sure it turned out exactly how I wanted! :D (It's a little redder in person than it is in the photos!)