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  1. Are you able to tell me when my Royal Game of Ur is shipping? For some reason I thought it was a stock item but I guess not. It’s for a mid-July birthday, so have some time yet. :)
  2. Just snagged the Royal Game of Ur for my boyfriend's birthday! Hopefully he'll love it. It looks really cool!
  3. The maze rolling tray in R&D is mad cool. If we played more RPGs at our place I would snag it.
  4. Welp, nevermind, you already answered my question. That's what I get for skimming this thread at work...
  5. How long are the Humane Society dice boxes going to be available for? I neeeeed, but I want see what else drops in the next little bit since shipping to Canada is going to cost me an arm and I want to get the most bang for my buck.
  6. I’m in purchasing for a manufacturing company, actually! Today feels like my first day of actual relaxation... so many family events... so much turkey. What grade do you teach? In other news, my new credit card arrives tomorrow, so I can finally buy that Ambrosia Maple Sentinel. I feel like it’s just been waiting for me to buy it.
  7. 5 more days, then I'm off for two weeks. That's only if I survive this week at work though... things be crazy.
  8. My moment of hesitation cost me, aha. Though whoever got it probably had it in their cart before I even hit the page.
  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I especially dig the galaxy/Cthulhu combo. What wood is on the second Sentinel from the left? I really like it. Which reminds me, I still need to post pictures of my AC... feels like time escapes me lately.
  10. I am so, SO tempted by those bank trays, since I missed out on the CoCos. So much beautiful stuff in the shop right now!
  11. This is super cool! I can't wait to see more pictures.
  12. True. Just annoyed. In my building, you can only go to the floor you live on, so only my neighbours would have been able to steal it. I just got home and they didn’t leave a pick-up address on the delivery slip, so I think I’m going to have to call them...
  13. I love that rolling tray with the tealights! We always light candles for our D&D sessions, so it would be perfect. Quick (dumb) question though - is there any chance of burning the wood or having wax transfer onto the wood as the tea lights melt down? I’d hate for such a beautiful piece to get damaged.
  14. I was so excited to come home to my AC today after a miserable week, only for UPS to refuse to leave it at my door after I gave them the buzzer code to my (secured) building and floor and pre-signed for it. ? Ah, well. I’ll have pictures tomorrow!
  15. Woohoo, got my shipping notice today! I'll be waiting patiently by the door. ? Thanks @Zoe for fixing my address goof!
  16. I just asked him and he's running the Blackwater Creek module? I know nothing about Call of Cthulhu (yet)... I'll recommend that one to him though!
  17. Words cannot describe how excited I am for this. It's looking incredible!!! You all are amazing, thank you so much!!!
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