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  1. I just asked him and he's running the Blackwater Creek module? I know nothing about Call of Cthulhu (yet)... I'll recommend that one to him though!
  2. Words cannot describe how excited I am for this. It's looking incredible!!! You all are amazing, thank you so much!!!
  3. The boyfriend is GMing Call of Cthulhu at our place tomorrow. Hopefully next campaign I can join them, but I'm too busy with night school right now. And then the usual Sunday Dungeons & Dragons. Doing epilogue stuff for our first campaign (Tomb of Annihilation) so that's fun when everyone's characters have been mentally broken, haha. Hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend! Congratulations! That's amazing! Here's to many more. 🍻
  4. The Unicorn Vomit Dice Chest is gone - someone's a fan of regurgitating magical animals.
  5. It is unseasonably warm here (in the Pacific Northwest)! Usually by this point the rain and general gloom have set in for the foreseeable future, but apart from one bad week it's been warm and sunny.
  6. My birthday's coming up in a few weeks - November 7th. I think I'm probably a bit too early for my AC to come in time, though...
  7. Ooooh, nice! I love the dark aesthetic with the pop of red on the interior. I must admit though, I am more partial to the bright and colourful... I want to see more items in Cake!
  8. Gorgeous! 😍 What wood is it? (How long do I have before I’m expected to know all the woods by sight like everyone else?)
  9. First of all, thank you so so much for the pictures and advice - I super appreciate it! I am definitely feeling the magic with the Imperial Ruby / Red Wine combo! Seeing it together in the same picture sealed the deal for me. Can you please change my order? No worries about the delay, I know it's in good hands! And it gives me more time to stalk the stock page... Thanks again!
  10. Thanks so much! ☺️ I've already gotten some great advice on the lining for my Adventure Case from @Zoe!
  11. Thanks so much for all your help and all the gorgeous photos! ☺️ Have a good night!