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  1. I got my 3d printer last night and got it all put together and running. This is the first test print (which was instantly claimed by my 3 year old when he got up this morning)
  2. I did a few more mecha for the guy at work. I am having alot of fun with the printer but I still haven't printed anything for myself. That said by wednesday I should of made back at least a quarter of the machines cost.
  3. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies in the oven the before: After
  4. First print of the night is for my 8 year old.
  5. He is sitting on my desk at work I will glue gun and keep him. Didn't meet my requirements to give away.
  6. My current bike is a 1981 Suzuki pe175z. It's bike and heavy and vibrates like hell but it runs lol. We did have 3 bikes stolen last month
  7. that is cool it is basically a quadcopter with a cool enclosure.
  8. I am just a big nerd. I have a lot of things i want to try for hobbies but time/space/money have made me unable to really get started in them. Aside from gaming I the only real hobby i have right now is electronics. I am an Electrical Engineering Technologist according to my college certificate, so I'm always playing with something when i have a few minutes. I am "currently" (haven't had time to touch it in almost two months ) making a steering wheel for racing games. Since i had a few parts laying around I started to make one from scratch rather then using one of the existing projects which is NOT easy due to the poorly documented USB HID protocol especially for a force feedback device. I used to play paintball and airsoft but haven't done either in a couple years. I used to snowboard but have only gotten out a few times since i had kids (oldest is 8 ) I was even setting up to start making snowboards. I have enough fiberglass to make 40 boards and a press frame made from $600 in steel tubing just sitting around in the grandfather in laws garage. I dirtbike when ever i can which is about twice a year as i have no where to store my bike so they are over 3 hours away at my parents. I would say 3d printing is a hobby but really that is mainly used for making game pieces so it is basically part of my gaming hobby.
  9. those clippers are identical to the ones that came with my 3d printer. I have been needing a pair of flush cut clippers for years but never wanted to spend the money on some as i had other tools that "worked" but the clippers are so much easier.
  10. This was tonight's print. It is a Archer from mechwarrior online.
  11. I love purple heart i have been wanting to make a bow using purple heart in the riser.
  12. I can't comment much on the 70s i was born for another decade lol.
  13. It was a nice 2c when i took the kids out for the bus this morning. still no snow yet hoping to get through Halloween without the kids needing to be in a snowsuit.
  14. There was either no connection for the lower half of the leg or it is a fraction of a millimeter connection. It's hard to tell as the leg fell right off.
  15. Attempted to print a zealot from StarCraft ii for a friend at work last night. The model wasn't well designed for 3d printing unfortunately.
  16. Me and my father went half on it as a b-day present to each other. It was on sale on gearbest (https://www.gearbest.com/3d-printers-3d-printer-kits/pp_1845899.html?wid=1433363) so we just bit the bullet and ordered one. We are going to use it to help build a CNC as well.
  17. Unbroken unboxing live https://m.facebook.com/groups/2002904780024024?view=permalink&id=2076246799356488
  18. me and my father have wanted one for a few years now but the cost was very limiting. We went half on a 3d printer that was on sale and are going to build this with it https://www.v1engineering.com/specifications/ at least as a starting point. I want to eventually have a full machine shop at my disposal.
  19. I wont get one until we buy a house. while the duplex we rent is a reasonable size the backyard is just big enough for the kids toys and i want dobermans so i need some space for them to play.
  20. if we had a garage or even just a house with a unfinished basement instead of renting a duplex i would of bought/made on by now. but i get my 3d printer tonight and we are building a cnc soon so those two should keep me busy for awhile.
  21. You must have a corner you could setup a small one to start with.