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  1. Humble bundle has a bundle of print and play copies of Ninja division games. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/tabletop-ninja-division?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_2_layout_index_1_layout_type_threes_tile_index_1_c_ninjadivisiongamesystems_bookbundle Not sure if people know about the trouble Ninja division is in but they are doing this to try and help pay off some of their debt to try to fulfill outstanding Kickstarter rewards.
  2. There is some on it it just doesn't show up well in the pic. I made a custom bluegreen wash I used over the whole guy and then used army painter strong down in the deeper recesses as well. I did notice I didn't do a dry brush over the base to give it some contrast though.
  3. I went to paint again today after 5 days and the paint in my home made wet pallet was still wet it is awesome. I really like using them. I spent to much time going back and forth on this dang kroot warrior (I have 14 more to do) but I'm saying he's done I can't waste any more time on this one. He was my test one so I did to much testing on him lol.
  4. Might have to look into that hadn't heard of it before. It is literally on the opposite extreme of the country though.
  5. Someday I will make a con wish there was a good one in Canada. I haven't crossed the border in like 15 years.
  6. Well the box set was $50 and the dice box is $65 so just adding that is more then double my current cost.
  7. Some nice undead minis The Curse of Hollow Hills, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crippledgodfoundry/the-curse-of-hollow-hills
  8. Just got my backer kit survey for Humblewood now the hard part of deciding if I want add ons. That dice box would be awesome but I got in trouble getting the box set already.
  9. I thought those were from myth. I'm hoping that ulisses makes some more stuff for it.
  10. This is true. Luckily I noticed and didn't cover the mini in juice.
  11. I cleaned my brush in my lemonade
  12. I need someone willing to play with me. Once I find someone I will print one out. Though it won't be as nice as your guys version.
  13. I have wanted to try it since I saw that video a few months ago. Man I wish I could afford your guys stuff. Someday I will own some. But these boards look amazing.
  14. See I got kids so I just make my 8 year old play miniature games with me. He has a primaris army we are working on for 40k and we have been playing TANKS as well. I have lots of others to get in into later on as well.
  15. Not a game in itself but this arrived today.
  16. Nice tips. I didn't have any matte anything at the house but did have a satin varnish I sprayed a thin coat of which helped some. I did another with the inks but it was a toad like creature so the gloss looked good on that one.
  17. I painted a mini the other day using only washes and the airbrush inks (with a brush). Aside from the inks making it more glossy then I wanted it came out really good.
  18. It's an old glass paint bottle can't remember what brand it was.but it's a decent size for sticking minis to. It's also full of a black wash I had made awhile ago. Ya I'm looking forward to painting the other later. I think the bundle was worth it I read the comics when they came in and these models are pretty awesome.
  19. I did a quick paint job on John Carter of mars
  20. ME and the wife have been watching it. I know nothing of celebrities so i have no guesses but she has a few. The Rabbit - she was thinking Donny as well or Joey Fatone from n-sync. The Bee - we aren't to sure about they aren't really in either of ours genre and are a bit older then us so we can only make random guesses. The peacock - she thinks is Donny Osmond as well. The Lion - not sure. The monster - we were thinking T-pain as well Monster is prob getting unmasked next and i could see rabbit and peacock making it to the end just due to their stage presence. They seem to do more moving around which might help them stay.
  21. ... newsletter..... so not here but directly to each of us...
  22. The large difference between the standing temperature and the wind chill makes it shocking if your in cover from the wind or it dies for a second its cold but bearable then you get hit by the wind and its like WTF just happened. I kept the kids inside to wait for the bus we just watched for it from the window as we are on a hill and can see it coming up the road.
  23. today is -14c and feels like -27c with the wind chill. Winds were crazy all weekend sounded like the house was going to topple over both friday and saturday night. Its down to only 29km/h now. And they are saying between .5-1 foot of snow on wednesday. yay...
  24. I'm with ya Konas somedays i just want to build/model/modify things somedays i just want to paint my normal armies and somedays i just need to paint something different and grab a mini form a game that never gets played.
  25. we are suppose to be getting freezing rain and then rain tonight and tomorrow. should be a nice mess outside. Barb I'm starting to not enjoy it where I'm currently living i get 4 weeks of what i would call nice weather a year. I can't handle the heat in the summer +30C with high humidity is disgusting. and then the winters tend to be to gross to enjoy either its to cold out to do anything or everything is a sheet of ice or a puddle. Fall is the only nice time we get.
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