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  1. ... newsletter..... so not here but directly to each of us...
  2. The large difference between the standing temperature and the wind chill makes it shocking if your in cover from the wind or it dies for a second its cold but bearable then you get hit by the wind and its like WTF just happened. I kept the kids inside to wait for the bus we just watched for it from the window as we are on a hill and can see it coming up the road.
  3. today is -14c and feels like -27c with the wind chill. Winds were crazy all weekend sounded like the house was going to topple over both friday and saturday night. Its down to only 29km/h now. And they are saying between .5-1 foot of snow on wednesday. yay...
  4. I'm with ya Konas somedays i just want to build/model/modify things somedays i just want to paint my normal armies and somedays i just need to paint something different and grab a mini form a game that never gets played.
  5. we are suppose to be getting freezing rain and then rain tonight and tomorrow. should be a nice mess outside. Barb I'm starting to not enjoy it where I'm currently living i get 4 weeks of what i would call nice weather a year. I can't handle the heat in the summer +30C with high humidity is disgusting. and then the winters tend to be to gross to enjoy either its to cold out to do anything or everything is a sheet of ice or a puddle. Fall is the only nice time we get.
  6. I just caught up and what I got from the discussion is DMG needs to start making very large beds
  7. Do they all have the same engraving st the bottom looks like it says "Once upon a time there was a place of carved stone faces"
  8. I currently don't have the means to do any real wood working, but i might in June . Right now i just watch a lot of woodworking and machining videos on youtube and dream about how i would setup a shop if i ever get to do one from scratch.
  9. its -19c feels like -28c with the wind here today.
  10. schools were only open 2 days last week here. highways in the province were all closed one day.
  11. Round eh... That sounds like a good reason to get a lathe But if it needed to be 36" round couldn't you cut it in half and use pegs to shrink the needed shipping size down to ~18x36 that way you could fit a 12" round base (with the bearings) in the box as well. I started playing around in fusion after seeing this lol.
  12. My end goal is to just run hoses from the garage into the house(under ground and through the foundation as work space is downstairs) and just use the larger compressor for airbrushing. Maybe have a small storage tank inside to help with pressure regulation but that's it. So unless your in the garage you will only hear a fan and the air coming out of the brush.
  13. having a tank would mean the compressor doesn't have to be running all the time which would help with noise and longevity of the compressor. Also the tank helps to normalize airflow allowing for a more consistent and steady air output. I am currently using a small garage compressor with a tank with an additional air tank (made from an old propane tank) as well. This allows me to have a large quantity of air to go through before the compressor needs to kick on to refill.
  14. I got my 3d printer last night and got it all put together and running. This is the first test print (which was instantly claimed by my 3 year old when he got up this morning)
  15. Here is the finished statues I did for my nephews and a o rewatch character I printed ted for a guy at work
  16. I think that is the one that came with Out of the woods.
  17. Damn I wish I had money I want a brush with a larger needle for priming and base coating. I do really like my Krome it is far more capable then I am.
  18. I use to do a lot of business with Hong Kong and Taiwan but luckily I was able to do late nights rather then early mornings. Getting out of bed is the worst.
  19. Barb i like he minis. I find the concept for that game very interesting. I watched the kickstarter but wasn't able to join in. That looks awesome Zoxe. I struggle to get those kind of results with my airbrush. My hand starts to cramp up before to long and i end up over spraying a lot of the time.
  20. I didn't do any masking on that on just free handed it all. I have a second one for my other nephew i will prob mask off see how much better that turns out.
  21. Did a little airbrushing still need to do some painting ting on the mask and the base