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  1. Ya I plan to pick one up once I have a space for it. With resin you need to keep fumes in mind and need to clean the model with IPA once it's done so you need a bit more space for a full setup. Monoprice has one you can get on eBay for $200US and reviews are good and it has some features more expensive printers don't.
  2. Resin printers are better for small detailed items and don't show layer lines as much but a well tuned printer can get good results and a bit thicker primer can hide what lines are there.
  3. It is quite fun. My wife use to play paintball with us. But we haven't played since we moved (10 years ago). We had a group of friends and played on a private field so it's hard to get the same kind of atmosphere at a commercial place. That's when I switched to airsoft cause there was a better community around it but that got a bit ruined by a few members and I haven't played that in a couple years either. Some day I will get back into it it's good exercise running through the woods for 8 hours. As for 3d printing I ran out of PLA (the standard filament I use) so I haven't been printing anything for gaming but I have some petg so I have been printing parts to make a CNC machine and a t placement butting for an arcade game (stop the clock) and a mount for the kill switch on the dirtbike. As much as I like doing gaming prints it's satisfying to do some practical stuff as well
  4. Don't have any actual firearms myself but do have paintball and airsoft and pellet guns.
  5. You see the new releases from ukge
  6. Some heat will get rid of the fine strings I just steal the wife's hairdryer. And then some sandpaper and small files to help with anything else. When I have the printer dialed in better there is little that needs cleaning. Ya I have been a wargamer since I was like 12 also I have always been a good shot.
  7. Dang I try to be so careful. Here are just some other recent prints Designed and printed bases for 20mm modern soldiers. Designed and printed simple buildings for the 20mm soldiers (detailed ones to come later these were to check scaling). Found an awesome minotaur so had to print him. Printed a drop ship from battletech for a guy at work. Made more progress on the nearing year long project for someone. Printed some vase mode terrain for 40k (completely hollow so barely any material). I really like this idea and will try to design some of my own. Printed a merkava tank. This is just after getting the printer back together so a little rough.
  8. Ah I didn't watch edge of tomorrow so explains why I couldn't think of it. I forgot about the suicides it's been quite awhile since I've seen it.
  9. The building was designed in fusion 360 then 3d printed. This is my first time doing 20 mm so we will see if I can see good enough lol
  10. Answering this could put my sanity in question ... I can't think of which movie this would be. He doesn't die though just keeps waking up in the past.
  11. See yet another reason to put a lathe over in the corner then @Jeremiah the Monk can also use it for Dust Doom's™ handle.
  12. It seems to be one of the most popular and it works great.
  13. I actually have done very little terrain with foam mainly due to having almost no space to store the terrain I already have. What I have done is with the scraps of foam left over from my parents reinsulating their house. This is what I am currently working on https://www.beastsofwar.com/project/1393686/ It's 20mm modern military minis.
  14. I think I'm going to have to back this just to have lol Bears Head Miniatures Weird Science, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/98300108/bears-head-miniatures-weird-science
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