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  1. Someone posted this in our curse of strahd chat lol
  2. You saying pink is only for girls?
  3. Those would be perfect for a cyber pink game
  4. Those all look awesome good job. Those great Wall minis are amazing. I too am on a no buying minis period right now. Though if I see the new 40k starter set in stock after release I'm going to cave. It has both mine and my son's armies in it this time. I did some painting on my wrath of kings the other day and mixed up some custom colours. I put them in some little paint pots the kids had that were empty but they didn't seal well and it all dried out now I have to try to mix a matching or close enough colour or start over.
  5. Went through death house. I went unconscious multiple times. I also triggered all the traps. I no longer lead lol.
  6. Oh we are only a few sessions in. Still going through the town of barovia. I'm thinking depending how things go this week or next we will be headed to Vallaki.
  7. I'm playing in curse of strahd right now
  8. I backed: Tiny epic pirates Relicblade: storms of kural Wife backed: Forest guardians Tiny ninjas: Heroes Adventures in neverland
  9. I put 15 names 😛 you missed Linkin park
  10. Snoop dog Korn Linkin park Kings of Leon Arcade fire 50¢ Eminem Pink Five Green Day Backstreet boys Artic monkeys Avril Lavigne Could be the police could be snow patrol Franz Ferdinand
  11. I read them recently otherwise I wouldn't have either.
  12. Ok I thought you had posted this the other day or am I crazy lol. I noticed it was Neil Gaiman's Sandman but thought you already have is that one lol
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