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  1. That is a cool mimic. I really need to get some painting done.
  2. For their 20 the anniversary green ronin grabbed is giving the basic rulebook PDF for Fantasy AGE for free. https://greenroninstore.com/collections/fantasy-age/products/fantasy-age-basic-rulebook-pdf?mc_cid=268ef899d7&mc_eid=1100db775f
  3. Finally got to at mansions of madness. Played alone... Kids and wife didn't want to play and I borrowed it from a friend so had to atleast try it once before they want it back. Managed to survive the first scenario.
  4. Still haven't finished last season or started this one. Haven't watched much tv lately.
  5. Our tv receiver messed up so still need to watch the last couple episodes of last season before we start the new one.
  6. Tried Random Encounters: Seas of the Sea Chicken solo mode.
  7. Played Piratoons with my two oldest boys tonight. It was fun they want to play again tomorrow.
  8. I so want black plague. It's one of those games I've wanted since I saw it announced.
  9. Not customizable at all. All parts are keyed so only fit one way unless you want to start modding. Only reason for so many bits is I can't think of another way to cast them that would not leave larger seams.
  10. I have to retracted this statement after getting the wrath of kings minis. Dealing with those horns is horrible. I even ended up losing on off one of the minis. I still have 3 more of the human ls to build but I like the style of these minis.
  11. Ya got that one to play with my kids it should be fun.
  12. Nothing on my table yet but got my Xmas gift from the wife tonight.
  13. I have been wanting this since it came out. I think it would be great fun with my boys.
  14. If I was working I would be grabbing a brush with larger needles then my krome. It's nice they are doing the same price for Canadian orders too.
  15. Another Kickstarter down. Can't wait to start reading. Hoping to play it with my boys This was my last outstanding Kickstarter
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