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  1. I put 15 names 😛 you missed Linkin park
  2. Snoop dog Korn Linkin park Kings of Leon Arcade fire 50¢ Eminem Pink Five Green Day Backstreet boys Artic monkeys Avril Lavigne Could be the police could be snow patrol Franz Ferdinand
  3. I read them recently otherwise I wouldn't have either.
  4. Ok I thought you had posted this the other day or am I crazy lol. I noticed it was Neil Gaiman's Sandman but thought you already have is that one lol
  5. If it includes covers I would say the dude with the injured leg could be for: Hurt
  6. Trying to think of another gold related song. Gold digger?
  7. I see seven flags with the soldiers is it seven Nation Army by the white strips? If so I can't niece I didn't think of it earlier.
  8. The gold +hand is annoying me. It makes me think gold finger but I don't know a song named that from the period and then there is the band Goldfinger but they have like 5 albums in the decade. Then there are songs like golden touch I'm sure it something simple and I'm going to feel dumb for not getting it lol.
  9. Hot n cold Helicopter In da club Poison Sexyback Milkshake American Boy
  10. Man I was trying to figure out what the grave/Hurst was for.
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