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  1. I will also third the picture super glue love the stuff. And those tankless compressors are good but like zoxe said having a tank helps ensure a constant pressure and flow so doesn't fluctuate like a tankless does as the piston moves back and forth. Personally I use a small shop compressor that has I think a 3 gallon tank but I also added a old 20lb propane tank (heavily cleaned) as a secondary storage tank so I can airbrush for awhile without the compressor running. This does mean it takes me a but to fill the tanks before starting to avoid overheating the small compressor.
  2. We have a high of 14c today. Kind of crazy for mid December.
  3. Ya $4 makes it a bit hard. Means you just need to find a couple more cool things to get lol
  4. $6 flat rate shipping wife ordered me $60 of stuff so shipping was acceptable
  5. I hope I get to play kdm one day. Done of the art style isn't quite my thing but the mechanics and game play looks really good.
  6. Miniature market https://www.miniaturemarket.com/cmnwok001.html C'mon hasn't killed the range but there also hasn't been anything new for it in like a year but the game looked interesting so for that price (full rulebook is on sale as well for $10) had to grab it. I wish I knew for sure if me and my friend were going to like it the army sets are on clearance for $35 which is 24-30 models depending on the army. Or this one is even on for $12 for 39 minis https://www.miniaturemarket.com/cmnwok04001.html since it's army it has duplicates but still that value is pretty crazy and it's 12 or 13 unique sculpts still.
  7. When you can get a 2 player starter set for only $7 how do you pass up the opportunity (wrath of kings by c'mon).
  8. Wife also bought me some more minis for xmas so I'm set for a few years with my backlog lol
  9. Thanks. Now I just need to figure out how to do the other army. The box art has it blackish but I have a couple armies for other games with a black/dark theme and not sure if I want to do another right now.
  10. Calling these vehicles done. (Not the bases I am out of flock)
  11. I have been wanting to pick up 5 minute dungeon will have to follow this Kickstarter.
  12. It's firestorm planetfall. It was one of spartan games games.
  13. I'm calling this one done. Lots of details not really painted but I have another whole army after this one to do for this game...we don't need to talk about the other games ...
  14. I usually just pick something I think will be cool but these are roughly based of the paint scheme of the minis used on the box and in the rulebook.
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