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  1. Ya got that one to play with my kids it should be fun.
  2. Nothing on my table yet but got my Xmas gift from the wife tonight.
  3. I have been wanting this since it came out. I think it would be great fun with my boys.
  4. If I was working I would be grabbing a brush with larger needles then my krome. It's nice they are doing the same price for Canadian orders too.
  5. Another Kickstarter down. Can't wait to start reading. Hoping to play it with my boys This was my last outstanding Kickstarter
  6. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas
  7. Those minis sound like something I would never end up building lol.
  8. I haven't played roll player so I'm not sure how much variation that provides so can't really help to much for the player stats but it looks like you have a decent setup. Your characters look reasonable only thing I might be worried about is the weaker things like your rat minions or mimic boxes. Depending on the players attack modifier and average damage you might end up with the players killing off most if not all the smaller things before they get to retaliate. (I'll be honest I haven't gotten to read everything in the thread so you might of had ways to avoid this already like the +2 AC on surprise for the mimics)
  9. Looking great as always. This is going to be kind awesome experience for the players.
  10. We have not been able to keep up this season we are 3 episodes behind. So not sure who has been revealed but currently we think Rottweiler is chris daughtry. Wife thinks fox is Wayne Brady she's been saying that from the beginning, sometimes it really sounds like him sometimes it doesn't.
  11. Well you listed 3 required ingredients so maybe that is the tie in?
  12. While I don't have any ideas for a puzzle for ya I just got an email about this and thought it might give some ideas. The constructs could be an interesting fight if you want to slow them down a little. https://thedeckofmany.com/products/digital-big-bad-booklet-005-gollythank-pdf
  13. I will also third the picture super glue love the stuff. And those tankless compressors are good but like zoxe said having a tank helps ensure a constant pressure and flow so doesn't fluctuate like a tankless does as the piston moves back and forth. Personally I use a small shop compressor that has I think a 3 gallon tank but I also added a old 20lb propane tank (heavily cleaned) as a secondary storage tank so I can airbrush for awhile without the compressor running. This does mean it takes me a but to fill the tanks before starting to avoid overheating the small compressor.
  14. We have a high of 14c today. Kind of crazy for mid December.
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