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  1. I dropped my airbrush on the concrete floor tonight luckily it seems to be working fine still and the only currently noticeable issue is the quick connect is a little looser now. No noticable airleak though. I think I got lucky.
  2. Ah I think I watched the first episode of the series but didn't know what system they where using. Not enough time in the week for another rpg show lol.
  3. That looks great. I will have to check out the game i haven't looked into that one yet.
  4. We had our first bit of snow today. Just some flurries that didn't stick by its starting
  5. I haven't posted the last few items i printed but will do that later. I am working on a commission project for someone. I am trying to create Lance's new sniper rifle form the new voltron series. This link updates when ever i save changes: https://a360.co/2Oqqn4e These are the three screen caps i have to go off of.
  6. lol I use to have a picture of our old dog "holding" a airsoft gun but lost it when that phone died
  7. now your just being a jerk.................. so without saying to much what all are you making for the set?
  8. I was about to quote your message in the products at home thread and be like "hey its tuesday." Thats awesome and the screen looks great.
  9. I did a few more mecha for the guy at work. I am having alot of fun with the printer but I still haven't printed anything for myself. That said by wednesday I should of made back at least a quarter of the machines cost.
  10. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies in the oven the before: After
  11. Another print from overnight