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  1. 1 Nephew's Xmas present printed now to find time to paint it.
  2. I had to go look up anklebiters I had missed that one and it was a canadian project too shoot. Might have to pick it up at some point.
  3. you have to love the osprey games they are all pretty awesome. Haven't tried gaslands yet but watched a couple videos on it and will probably be picking it up at some point. With 3 boys i have more then enough cars i can ... salvage... to make a tea,.
  4. That game looks good. Wish I could back it
  5. fixed it i had posted the link but it had converted the link to the vid.
  6. Ok its not a game but i was scrolling kickstarter and saw this and thought it was cool. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2102891131/switchblades-rail-cover-and-kickstand-for-nintendo
  7. Woke upto more snow and schools all closed so took the day off and went back to bed.
  8. My wife went back to school this year so we are living of my income and what funding she gets so our budget is build pretty thin right now. Hopefully once she's done in the spring and finds a job things will be a bit better.
  9. you guys make me jealous of your disposable income lol.
  10. I work in a place with over 100 nerds when i mentioned the 3d printer they started asking for things so I willing obliged. I am excited to get the stuff i have to do for people done so i can make some of the items i want. Or maybe i will just need to get a second printer....
  11. The mask was for someone else. I have not made anything for my self yet. But i have made all my money back on the cost of the printer and material so now investing in some upgrades and then it will be just profit for future commission work.