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  1. Hi guys! I am up for a swap (I like dice trays, sentinels, conponent collectors, but I'm open to whatever you want to offer) or possible sale of a couple sheeths that I have. Any money acquired will be used to buy more DMG gear. They are both gorgeous custom order pieces. One is a gorgeous deep red orange (paging @tgpumpkin) Bubinga piece that retails for $124 and one is a stunning golden streaked Benge piece that retails for $104. I actually use the Benge for a mini component collector. The both were finished really well by Annie at DMG!
  2. Thanks Barb! I just....kinda feel bad having it when I know how much you love it. You're the only person I'd consider letting it go for. I Love it myself so much but often when I roll the dice I swear it calls your name.
  3. You bought It! Barb!!! No can do on the trade but I do admit it is tempting. Someday we will get something worked out! Honestly, if you reallllllllllly do want it I can sell it to you for what I paid for it, with the promise I'll spend the money on another piece of DMG loot. But it was pretty pricey from what I remember though I did get a discount on it too. Let me know Barb if you're interested.
  4. Thanks man! I'm ok with turned based but most online turned based have timers where people can take hours or even days to make one move. I like making moves back and forth between each other with only a few minutes per move at a time . I appreciate the insight on a few Acres of snow and will probably hold off on playing right away.
  5. Ugh!!! Really!!!??? They should let you have those.
  6. That is interesting that you feel that way even without it! Do you remember what exactly you felt was flawed or unbalanced? I'm genuinely curious. Thank you for giving me the feedback! I love playing online but I'm definitely a real time online player and I think I heard Yucata is more turned based.
  7. Thanks @Zoe! Actually there are several expansions for the game with new nations to try! Amazons, atlanteans, and at least a few more other expansions! Great insight though!
  8. Thanks Thomas! Yeah I'm aware of the Halifax hammer broken strategy but haven't read anything about it so I think I'm good as long as I don't look into that. I've heard a lot of people say they played it many many times and never even discovered that strategy until it was posted on BoardGameGeek so for me I'm not too worried about it. What excited me about the game was I heard it was a bit of a deck building war game which isn't my forte either but I thought it would be worth a shot since it's a Martin Wallace design. Definitely appreciate the feedback though.
  9. Thinking about taking the plunge on the Suburbia collector's edition but with my game restriction on myself this year I'm not sure if I should. I have castles of Mad King Ludwig already and I really really like that one more then regular Suburbia but the deluxe edition is so nice. I am also looking at Vindication which my buddy @tgpumpkin seems to have backed too. It has everything I could look for in a game for me. Seems to be dripping with theme and be more on the mechanical Euro game side of things but I've read some comments that there is a lot of Randomness and swing a cards which bother me for this sort of game. I really really like a lot of what it's doing though so I may stay with backing that pledge too. Tough choices!
  10. Been playing Gugong and we REALLY like it but long-term I think it's going to really need an expansion to add more depth to the game.
  11. Has anyone hear played Imperial Settlers? Or A few Acres of Snow? I have these games but haven't played them and was wondering if they are any good.
  12. I'm sorry you haven't received your game yet @Barb Bliss For what it's worth, if you do get your copy I'm sure you'll love it. It's easily the nicest deluxe edition I own hands down. I feel so bad for you. Quartermaster logistics really screwed up. Hopefully you can at least keep the extra games. I'm sure the message they posted did come across wrong but I can say some gamers are SUPER picky. A small corner ding and they'll ask for a whole new box. Unfortunately this happens way more than it should so I personally don't fault them for saying that. I'll tell you a funny story to put a spin on it. We have a handyman that comes and does jobs for us and he also does jobs for my mother-in-law too. Hes great..the nicest guy but my mother in law can super picky with jobs. He told us one time he did some painting walls for her and he said she was literally walking around with a magnifying glass to check the paint to make sure everything was completely covered even after two coats of paint lol. I do hope you get your game. It's unfair you've had to wait so long.
  13. And no rush from me at all! I will admit that I thought you forgot but it didn't bother me at all. I know you are busy and you just do what you gotta do. I'm really in no big hurry.