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  1. May want to check out the newest stretch goals and really reconsider!
  2. Barb...was that chechen lining a request? Seems it looks different from the dragonhide in the campaign.
  3. Chechen is the winner Barb...imo...what are your thoughts?
  4. I knew you were going to love that thing. When I got my Boro Dragon tray it blew me away. I ALMOST bought that skirmish box based on looks alone but reality set in that I would use it as much as someone else would.I
  5. Tg... I think the castle tray would look outstanding. However, I think you should go with the GM system if you are already getting dice tower from dog might. I pledged $1 for the Dice Tower but after getting my dragon rolling tray I really don't see any reason I would ever use it so i decided not to utilize my early pledge. Now you may be in a different boat than me but I personally don't need a lot of different dice rolling options. In the end I would like to have two different rolling trays at some point. The GM system is just so badass but the question is will it get used much? If yes, then that's the clear no brainer for me. I know your heart is set on the castle tray though and I know you will be happy with it if you decide to go that route. But...you can also use the gmail system as your rolling tray so...another point for GM system.
  6. Barb, you are right, the skirmish boxes it probably wouldn't work. I don't think some of their products would work without a lining. I don't know if I agree or disagree about the noise thing...certainly there would be more noise without the lining but I'm not sure if that would bother me...actually I'm pretty sure it wouldn't. After all I'm used to the sound of good old fashioned rolling on a table. I definitely don't agree on it damaging the rolling tray or the coco though unless you are using metal dice and metal dice could do damage to lining too over time. I have an old oak table that has no damage after rolling tons of dice on it and a lot of the DMG woods are stronger. I still think the look of it might make it worth it.
  7. So I've been thinking for a little while about what some of the dog might products might look like without a lining. Actually I think that some of the products might look better. For instance, the dragon trays and the component collectors. I'm not sure if anyone else has ever wondered this but I wonder if the lining is just necessary to help protect from wear and tear especially on the dragon trays. I just think the natural look of the wood might look better in some instances.
  8. I love the buckeye wood. I'd buy a castle tray for the right price. I think that it has a really unique color. I hope you guys will use it more often.
  9. Very very cool...so where's more pics? I would love the engraving if it were something like that. I should have asked for them to engrave my dragon with something from the Hobbit. Damn it that was a big miss on my part...
  10. I know what you mean man...my exact reason for holding out, but you can't beat 30% off...thats a killer deal. I actually had that piece in my cart and was ready to check out but passed. I am saving some big money for something REALLY nice that the come up with....Like a Black Limba castle or something else killer. You should totally get it though...cant beat $70. @Konas could you tell us which dragon tray sculpts are the most popular? I love my dragon sculpt but the castle seems like it would be a really popular one! Wish you had more castle choices..hint hint..wink wink. And on sale is always nice too for the cheap folk.
  11. Thats a whole lot of beautiful wood Auryn. Nice choices...those look great.