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  1. Thanks Barb. I didn't see them comment on that. I can see that though...sadly.
  2. Thanks for the GG! The badge has been added!
  3. Just traded for Star Wars Rebellion. Anyone played It? Thoughts?
  4. Have you played with Salsa? I'd never play Concordia again without it.
  5. Awesome dude! Can someone tip me 8 gg so I can get this? BGG username is yatescory
  6. Sorry Barb...I thought about not saying anything but your Dragon is in my nightmares now and I need some help. ?
  7. The first time I saw this I was in love. So gorgeous...then I started thinking it looks like a Freddy Krueger Dragon and I just can't get it out of my head.
  8. I thought you only played it once? You guys sat in silence...hmmm...all I can ask is did you draft throughout the game? Pretty much the consensus on BGG is that drafting is a must. However, I would enjoy the game even without drafting so I'm a bit bias. Silence is the complete opposite of my experience after around 30 plays. More conversations st the table than any resource management game I've ever played. I would really recommend playing it with young kids in TGs case though unless they are really really good with management and card combos.
  9. Have you played terraforming Mars yet? And if you haven't stopped playing other games before that one!
  10. Yeah I know right. The thing is unless I'm reading it wrong they are basically saying that THEY won't sell it cheaper but that doesn't specify what their online Retail Partners can sell it at though. I mean they mentioned Amazon and eBay but then they put controlled by Eagle Gryphon Games. You would think they would be sure to mention other major online game stores, but they specifically don't. I would hope that they will request that they sell it MSRP for at least the first 90 days. Basically, I've heard them say the same thing before but then I'm able to get it cheaper right around the same time. This time there is definitely some more specifics that they have written out though that are good for backers. And I can say they do a good job making sure backers get their copies first which I think is very commendable.
  11. It's okay. He just posted that everyone has paid and no one backed out so he's locking in the order. ☹️
  12. I got in on it yesterday for two copies. Are you still interested? I can geek mail the guy but he's strict about you having to pay right now. He might let you in if someone backs out.
  13. Yeah I know we should all get together sometime. On BGG there was a group buy option for Snowdonia where you could pick up your game at a spot basically in some big cities in Illinois, Wisconsin, and so on and you only have to pay $50 for Snowdonia Deluxe. It's all here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2023728/group-buy-local-pickup-chicago-bloomington-normal
  14. Thanks Adam! Yeah I totally missed that there was a group Buy option for my area. How many of you guys are in the group by right now? @Barb Bliss and @tgpumpkin too?