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  1. Game related articles that is...
  2. Saw this article and thought I'd share. I love to read up on gaming. If you have any good links to articles, share them! https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/how-dungeons-and-dragons-somehow-became-more-popular-than-ever/2019/04/18/fc226f56-5f8f-11e9-9412-daf3d2e67c6d_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.0357fefb58ce
  3. Sounds excellent. Love how things interact. One of the best comments I've ever read about the game. I need to try this but the teach is so intimidating and in my group I tend to teach everything so I know I'd have to Really know my stuff.
  4. @tgpumpkin if we ever get together we should try Kanban. It's really good and you can choose to play with nice or mean Sandra (the boss). It has a cool corporate/car building theme. We really love it but you need to play with mean Sandra. I love his original Vinhos too! I tried to read the rules to learn Lisboa but couldn't wrap my mind around it. I'd need someone to teach me, but I think I'd love it.
  5. Anyone purchased the Shield with 8 wells? How do you like it? I am considering having a custom piece done and don't know if I should go with the 6 or 8. I know the graphics say how many tokens each hold but wanted some insight. I play mostly euro style games with wooden pieces. If I can make the 8 work, I'd rather do that but if they are REALLY small then I'd prefer just the 6 well. If you see this today please let me know your thoughts asap since the free ship is this weekend.
  6. Wow..what a nice piece. How do you guys stain without getting messy? Do you guys use small brushes on the edges first? I love that shade of blue...very nice.
  7. Barb....so sorry. I've been swamped at work. Been meaning to get with you on this. So what you do is go to the game page on BGG...I assume you have an account, if not you will need one to sell. Do the following in order once you go to the game page: 1. Scroll down about half ways. Look at where it says Buy A Copy...you will see ebay links and Amazon but right under that is the marketplace for BGG sellers 2. Under 3 listings that appear there you will see a price history button. Check that out to gauge the market. 3. One you do that...sell a copy...click to sell...make sure to include the shipping costs in the listing as well as the condition. Hope that helps! Any more questions just ask!
  8. Thats a super cool piece Barb. I'd trade you for my two sheeths and thr two spalted tamarind dice but not sure if they'd be enough to tempt you to let it go. Either way, I hope someone scoops this up from ya! It's beautiful.
  9. Kallax is fantastic. There's a reason pretty much everyone with a ton of games goes Kallax. There are some flaws (like storing huge box games is tough) but overall they are exceptional shelves for the price.
  10. Hi guys! I am up for a swap (I like dice trays, sentinels, conponent collectors, but I'm open to whatever you want to offer) or possible sale of a couple sheeths that I have. Any money acquired will be used to buy more DMG gear. They are both gorgeous custom order pieces. One is a gorgeous deep red orange (paging @tgpumpkin) Bubinga piece that retails for $124 and one is a stunning golden streaked Benge piece that retails for $104. I actually use the Benge for a mini component collector. The both were finished really well by Annie at DMG!
  11. Thanks Barb! I just....kinda feel bad having it when I know how much you love it. You're the only person I'd consider letting it go for. I Love it myself so much but often when I roll the dice I swear it calls your name.
  12. You bought It! Barb!!! No can do on the trade but I do admit it is tempting. Someday we will get something worked out! Honestly, if you reallllllllllly do want it I can sell it to you for what I paid for it, with the promise I'll spend the money on another piece of DMG loot. But it was pretty pricey from what I remember though I did get a discount on it too. Let me know Barb if you're interested.
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