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  1. I'm really excited for this one...right up my wheelhouse.
  2. Yeah I can agree but some woods definitely look much better in person (chechen being one...my leopardwood and canarywood on the other hand look about the same) than in photos. I agree the Wenge Chechen combo is awesome. I think wenge goes great as a compliment to a lot of the woods.
  3. I had contemplated getting that sheath for quite some time. In the end, I am glad I went with the custom order so I could get the sculpts I wanted, but that is gorgeous and I KNOW it looks better in person. I feel like chechen really looks great in person but does't always photo the best (not that your doesn't look great because it does). I need to get some pics up of my recent stuff too.
  4. Ok cool thank you Serge. On my screen all you have to do is click the K in the top left of the video and it takes you directly to the page. Thanks!!
  5. But if it didn't work how did you know what I posted? I'm confused...and what is link mode? Sorry....
  6. Anyone seen this one...thought this forum would maybe like to get some of these cards...
  7. I am very interested in how well the steins hold up to different beverages and multiple uses. They are super cool and I expect some character to show over time but I think this is a great thread to get some guidance.
  8. Should have taken pictures but Coco worked great with Santa Maria today.
  9. Loving that canarywood piece! Wowzaz. I have noticed that with my canarywood pieces either it looks incredibly stunning and colorful or incredibly drab and dull. When you get a good piece like that though it makes up for some of the other pieces. My Chechen coco that I received this week really solidified that chechen is my favorite wood so far (Bolivian Rosewood is second). I'll have to get some pictures up. However, they are almost all great in their own ways.
  10. Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, and Agricola were my gateway drugs.
  11. Tons of gaming over memorial day weekend for me. We played keyflower, Gaia project, Voyages of Marco Polo, Lords of waterdeep, code names, and more. 😁
  12. Haven't been able to take any pictures but we used ours for Lords of waterdeep, terraforming Mars, and Voyages of Marco Polo. They worked great for every game. I especially like them for terraforming Mars though.
  13. Wow those do look fantastic! Especially the Phoenix! They said they are finishing up my two along with my Chechen XL, a wenge, and canarywood card stand. I am anxiously waiting, let's just say that.
  14. Did you get the two sheaths from the order we made yet? Those look awesome!