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  1. Dog Fright Continues with our top 5 tabletop RPG picks for Halloween Night! Mothership- This newly released RPG throws you into the darkest corners of space where your worst nightmares comes to life. Dread- This easy to learn Horror RPG uses a Jenga tower instead of dice. Just watch out, if you knock over the tower you're dead in the game. Outbreak- If you've ever wanted to know what it would feel like to be in the Walking Dead comics this RPG can help. Ten Candles- You actually light 10 tea candles and play in the dark. Every time a candle goes out the game (and room) get scarier. Kids On Bikes- A flexible system that can easily be kid friendly (with just a touch of spooky) or a full blown Stranger Things experience. What are your favorite RPGs for a Halloween Game Night?
  2. Enjoy these adorable Halloween themed coloring pages to Celebrate Dog Fright 2018! Check back often to see if new pages have been added and share pics of your colored pages below!
  3. Thanks I'm so excited to check it out! I'll let this Corgi puppy represent my excitement for this Halloween's Dread Game.
  4. I've run all the adventures in the core book and I've heard of Jurassic Dread. Really would like to check out Under the Ice!
  5. We dressed Sawdust as "one hot dog" for Halloween and he was NOT PLEASED! Because he must suffer he has decided that all pets must suffer with him and is throwing his own Dog Might giveaway. THE DAY OF DOG DOOM Giveaway (also known as OMG WHO'S AT THE DOOR AGAIN IT'S SMALL MONSTERS WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! contest) What did Sawdust steal from the shop for you? Three lucky winners will get a Halloween Theme Box! How to enter: Post a picture of your pet dressed up in their Halloween costume on this thread. Don't have a pet? No problem! Sign up on our website here Win extra entries by tagging your friends in this Facebook post! There will be three winners chosen and each will receive one of the Halloween Theme Boxes (it's random because Sawdust can't use a computer... we don't even know how he's typing this). The giveaway will end the week before Halloween so start humiliating your animals with adorable clothing!
  6. Also an honorable mention to Army of Darkness for one of the funniest and best Halloween game nights I've ever had.
  7. These pups would make an amazing Justice league team!
  8. I love the contrast in the night sky!
  9. Oh man Sawdust would be so badass if he was that color.
  10. Have you been a good ghoul or ghost this year? Then reward yourself with our Dog Fright Collection! These items have been chosen by the Dog Might Team as our favorite picks for Halloween. Each of these In-Stock items are 15% off and are personally hexed by Sawdust. Look for the pumpkin badge on our website or click here to see what's available!
  11. Dog Might is excited to celebrate this Halloween by announcing a collaboration with the Outbreak Undead RPG. Working with their expert survivalist we've created the ultimate tool for helping you make it through the Zombie Apocalypse. The Supply Crate is designed to hold everything you need for your Outbreak Undead game. Beautifully sculpted from Flame Birch and African Mahogany, the Supply Crate features spots for all your Outbreak dice, cards, and pencils. A Plexi screen attaches to the lid to keep everything secure and jotting down quick notes and the entire crate snaps together for easy travel. With the Outbreak Supply Crate, you'll always be prepared to fight the undead and protect what is yours!
  12. They just did a 2nd edition with Renegade games and it's super fun! You can also watch them play the game live on Geek & Sundry! We got to make the GameMaster screen for the show's set! It's the first time anyone has ever asked us for rotating magnetic panels haha
  13. Some snot may be involved...
  14. If you guys haven't played this RPG yet it's super fun!
  15. Welcome to Dog Fright! A terribly spooky Dog Might celebration featuring a few tricks and many treats. Join us as we countdown the days until Halloween with exciting announcements, new sculpts, awesome contests, and sweet discounts on our favorite gear for Halloween!
  16. Haha it looks like the alligator is so excited to have eaten this dog! So freaking cute!
  17. It's like a taco hotdog combo order with an extra side of cute!
  18. Yesss get a puppy so we can fawn over it on the forums!
  19. I'll get it started with some more pics of this Hot Dog!
  20. We've got a new item coming from the Dog Might Labs and it's all about showcasing your miniatures! Exotic Plinth packages are now available to give your minis that lumberjack feel! 5 random exotic woods come with every bundle so you never know what crazy cool lumber you're going to get. Check it out here
  21. Here's my favorite place to burn way too much money https://ferminiatures.com/
  22. We'll make sure we dig around from some extra cool wood options for you @Zoxe !
  23. I love how no one moved away from the clearly not planned fire haha