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  1. Dog Might Games is excited to announce an new playtest opportunity! Sign of Evil is a new micro hidden role game that can play 2-20 players in 15 minutes! That's right 2-20!!!! The game also has a minimal footprint and can be played anywhere! Campfires, Cars, Long Lines, Cons, and even Viking Longships! Be warned though Sign of Evil will turn your friends into monsters and you may even fall to the Darkness yourself! Anyone who is already one of our playtesters will automatically have access and can jump right in! If you aren't a playtester and you would like to join the team just email lindsey@dogmight.com for more info. If you are one of our playtesters already please reply below that you are jumping in just so I can get a feel of how many testers we will have. Playtesters who submit game reports will get special discounts on awesome Dog Might Gear and submitting enough reports can even get you a free copy of the finished game! Plus all testers that submit at least one report will get credit in the rulebook If you are thinking about joining the playtest team please look here first for our rules
  2. We've got some really hot news this week to keep everyone warm during this ridiculously cold spring! First up is our Overstock Sale! Right now you can get 15% off all of our Overstocked items. Wondering what an Overstock item is? Well it's an item that has been sitting around @Zoe's office for so long that she threatens to murder us with it if she has to see it for a single day more. So please, for the safety of everyone at Dog Might, and to prevent the items having to receive Zoe's death glare each morning, take a look and see if there's any awesome gaming gear that you'd like to give a loving home too. You can see what's on sale here http://dogmight.com/stock A New Playtest is Starting in the Next Few weeks! We're excited to announce a new Playtest is starting soon! Sign of Evil is a new micro party game that can play 2-20 players! The game features a Monstrous theme will have players trying to frantically ward of evil. We've been having a blast playtesting it in the office and are ready to unleash our Playtest team and see what they think. On top of helping make our games way cooler then we could ever make them alone, our Playtest team gets perks like special coupons and even free games! So if you're thinking of joining email lindsey@dogmight.com to learn more or visit our Playtesting section on the forums. Experimentations Galore with New Adventure Case Colors! Our amazing finishing team has been working hard at developing new colors and combinations for all the Dog Might gear! We've got some new Adventure Cases that will be going up for sale soon that show off all their hard work. I apologize for the yellowish sawdust haze in the image below but they team is milling a ton of wood for CoCos today and it's like a dustbowl in there. These new colors will need new names so comment below with your ideas!
  3. Aww that's so awesome! Today @Zoe and I had a meeting to try and think of ideas to make this years cons the best ever! Hope we will see you at one of them!
  4. Wooo! Welcome to the party! You should already have access to the playtest forums so just stay tuned for an update
  5. This week in Dog Might News we've got the Awesome, the weird, and the furry! First up is the Awesome For this week's Friday Dice drop we've gone bouldering. And I'm talking giant, bulbous, boulders that fill your hands with a warm weighty sensation. Dice Drops happen every Friday at 1:00 P.M. EST and it's always first come first served so make sure to stop by the Dog Might website to check out this week's awesomeness! Here's the link for those who want to have a quicker trigger on Dice Day http://dogmight.com/woodendice Next up is the Weird We've been performing some crazy science experiments in the Dog Might Lab and the results are blowing us away! Here's a sneak peak of what we've been up to. Stay tuned to learn more about what exactly is going on here and why the shop smells so bad right now. Finally we have the Furry IMG_0331.MOV IMG_0332.MOV If you don't know what a BarkBox is, it's a box filled with dog cocaine and squeaky things. We get them sent to the shop for Sawdust and whenever a new box comes it's always hilarious to see him freak out. Since one came today I've canceled all further news to bring you videos of Sawdust. That's all for this week! Lindsey
  6. Cameron has massive hands so the boulders are even bigger then they seem. In retrospect we should have had @Zoe hold them so they'd look twice as big.
  7. Really glad you posted this since I was thinking about picking up the game at our next con.
  8. I love painting artsy miniatures but sometimes it's hard to find places that sell nice busts and single figures. If anyone knows some cool places to get awesome miniatures please let me know!
  9. I don't think I'd want to be in my yard anymore...
  10. All of these creatures will be appearing in future Dog Might games. Especially Croc-Bear and Gorilla Centaur.
  11. I haven't played it but I jumped on this one. I've heard too many good things about the game to miss out this time around.
  12. It's a beautiful rainy Thursday and even though Sawdust is spending it snoozing away the rest of Dog Might is hard at work. The Raid the Castle event was a huge success and over 13 hours of D&D marathon sessions were held over the weekend. Here you can see the table start to buckle under the weight of beers, candy, and Dog Might gear. Hopefully this event will continue to grow as Dog Might continues to invade the gaming world. Thanks to everyone who helped make this weekend one of the most fun events we've ever had! More dice are in the works for Friday's Dice Drop and these are proving to be the most jaw dropping ones yet. In particular the Cocobolo and the Red Heart sets will be extremely hard to part with. We've also been shipping CoCos and Hero Sleeves like crazy this week so hopefully many excited Barkers saw a surprise shipping notification in their inbox. The Dog Might office library continues to grow with these new additions. We are super excited to get some of these on the table tomorrow after our Friday Meeting. This was a surprise donation to the shop so thank you mysterious benefactor and we will spill many beers on them in your honor. That's all for this week! Lindsey
  13. As we Vikings continue to learn, evolve, and grow stronger we will be bringing you all sorts of cool new stuff. This is why, starting this week, there will be weekly news reports of all the craziness happening here at Dog Might HQ! Lets jump right in with something that everyone's looking forward to...Friday's Dice Drop. We've got some amazing new sets coming your way and a few other surprises so make sure to check in this Friday at 1:00 p.m. EST to grab legendary dice before their gone! You can see currently available wooden dice here http://dogmight.com/woodendice The first Raid the Castle event is this weekend at the amazing Ravenwood Castle. Ravenwood is a board game resort that resides in a real life castle with plenty of thematic villages that dot the mountain. With specially themed game rooms, a dungeon bar, and massive game library it's a Valhalla for board game fanatics everywhere. Some lucky Dog Might fans (and some very lucky Lumberjack Vikings) will be spending this weekend here gaming, drinking, and eating for 3 straight days. Special Edition Dog Might Products will be handed out to guests and a very special custom designed D&D adventure will be DM'd by the legendary Mike Konas himself. We hope to make this a Dog Might yearly tradition so make sure to comment if you'd like to participate in future raids. Just like a tank topped action hero driving a rocket scooter Countdown Action Edition continues to move towards production at a fantastic speed. This is primarily due to all the amazing editors and volunteers who helped us get the editing done crazy fast. A big thanks to everyone who is helping to move this project ahead of schedule. As a thank you I will leave here a yet unseen piece of artwork. These jar brains are the Hitler Decoys that will try to throw off the scent of the Action Hero. Check back next week for more news!
  14. Haha yes this is exactly what I'm looking for the keep hipstering up the town!
  15. Share pics of your favorite set of gaming dice!
  16. Read both the articles and got some really good ideas. Thanks!
  17. Saw this and just needed to post it somewhere