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  1. I can't wait for you to see it!
  2. It's such an awesome game! And there's tons of expansions and stuff!
  3. Lol no I did like 3 mice and 1 centipede out of over 50 minis
  4. We should all buy Monsterpocalypse and then never play it! The real gamer's dream!
  5. Nice! I don't think I ever finished painting a whole board game with minis.
  6. Oh and I believe I've also finished more Aristeia minis too
  7. None of this is relevant. The only thing that matters is I still finished all mine before you did
  8. @Konas and I are obsessed with this new game by Corvus Belli so I'm making a thread where we an show off our teams! First teammate I've finished is MAX the defender!
  9. I'm starting a new thread to show off my Monsterpocalypse minis but mostly to pressure @Konas to finish his team so we can play.
  10. Today someone got a special gift from @WxCougar and we recorded the reaction! IMG_1077.MOV
  11. I really like these color choices on the ships!
  12. Set Up Clarification! On page 5, step 5, the rules say "The last player to choose a Character card looks at all the discarded face-down Character cards and may choose to switch the Character they chose with one of the discarded ones"Although this works it's a bit confusing and requires an unnecessary step. The rule should state "The last player to choose a Character card (this is the player sitting to the right of the Action Hero) may pick up all the discarded face-down Character cards and chooses a Character from them or from the cards they were handed. They then discard all remaining Character cards face-down on the table."
  13. Get answers to all your rule questions here!
  14. Got questions on how to play Countdown! Post them here and our gaming experts will help!
  15. Haha I can't believe it's on the list at all super exciting no matter where it ends up
  16. Here is the Vodka Carousel, which is a name that @Konasmade up for it. If you'd like to get it it's really called Godinger Silver Art Dublin 8-piece Drink Vodka 1.5 Oz. Shot Glasses Shooters Liquor Set
  17. We wish everyone in our incredible community a happy new years from all the lumberjack Vikings at Dog Might Games!
  18. This is true I was pretty devastated to miss it this week.
  19. Next Arena Rex figure done! My matt spray seems like it comes out a bit shinier near the end of the bottle though.
  20. I love lizard people! Also congrats! I've never finished all the minis in any game I've ever gotten haha
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