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  1. I love painting artsy miniatures but sometimes it's hard to find places that sell nice busts and single figures. If anyone knows some cool places to get awesome miniatures please let me know!
  2. We have officially launched our new cutting board product line and the response has been amazing! I'm so excited to see that all the awesome Barkers and Coconuts here are as excited about wooden nerdy kitchen gear as I am. We've been getting some questions about the durability of the cutting boards and their care. @Zoe is putting together loving instructions on how to clean and care for your cutting board that use words and are actually legible. So stay tuned for those coming soon! In the meantime I thought I would show off my Dog Might Cutting boards that are about 2 years old now. Like every product that we sell, the cutting board idea was tested for a long time in house to try and see how difficult the product is to use and care for. We found the cutting boards to be incredibly durable and continued to look amazing after years of heavy use. There's two things you should know about these old cutting boards; Like all my treasured Dog Might gear I abused the heck out of these. I used them almost every single day (usually multiple times) with extremely sharp knives and have probably washed them in hot water hundreds if not thousands of times. Although I never put them in a dishwasher and never let them sit in water, I wasn't exactly gentle with them. I cut every food known to man on their surface. Also I pulverized meat, shucked oysters, and took a cleaver to frozen whole chickens. I followed almost none of @Zoe rules and only gave them a rub down with mineral oil once a year. There's knife scratches all over these things! Unless you decide to use your cutting board as an amazing cheese platter (which is totally legit and you should invite me to your game nights), the wood is going to get scratched and visually change with the wear and tear of use. When I say change I mean it will transform into an incredibly personal tool that tells a story about you, much like a favorite axe in battle. I know it's hard seeing something beautiful get its first couple of scratches but I encourage everyone to use the heck out of these and take pride in the wood's appearance. The first cutting board is Chechen, Rosewood, and Wenge. The second cutting board is Wenge and Purple Heart.
  3. Oh man those are awesome! I wish I could sculpt stuff like that.
  4. Post any rule questions here!
  5. Thank you for testing it over and over again so all those people would get an awesome game!
  6. The Guardian is so cool! And it's a lot different then anything I have already. The kid can fit inside the tank too!
  7. I think the Pledge Manager people had the same reaction. They were almost crying with happiness at how simple the project was.
  8. I recently found this website http://www.figone.fr/en/ which is a company in France and has the motherload of cool stuff. Now I just need to decide which miniature to get as a reward myself for an awesome month. Trying to decide between The guardian, Khal-Agul The Night Walker, or Ydrasil
  9. lol it took me a good 60 seconds to see it
  10. Oh man that makes my morning! I hope she can come to a con someday so I can meet her.
  11. You could try doing a touch of blue at the base of the fire (near the neck) and a few black tips near the end of the mane to show the fire is pouring out from the body. I would totally do a flaming blue tongue!
  12. Oh man she sounds like one kick ass girl! Whoever her character is I don't fancy being on her bad side
  13. unnamed_dog.jpg

    Sawdust our woof worker
  14. cake.jpg

    New Cake Color
  15. OK there is now a gif option in the toolbar
  16. That's a really good point @Ian Coyle! The Wenge is so dense and hard that a knife barely can scratch it, making it pretty good in that regard. However, you are correct that it has a really open grain and is prone to small fissures as the wood expands and changes. This takes a long time but it will happen eventually no matter how many sealers are applied. This is why we don't make any cutting boards with a large amount of Wenge anymore, although we find the small strips banded in don't really expand. From a safety perspective I would strongly suggest never cutting raw meat on a pure Wenge board because of the risk of bacteria getting into the grain. I think you'd be fine with veggies and the such as long as you clean the board thoroughly. I always clean my cutting boards immediately after each use and lather on lots of antibacterial dish soap with very hot water, not great for the wood but good at killing bacteria. I've used the Wenge cutting board for everything and never had an issue (again not suggested from a safety point) but I also accidently eat dirt often and regularly cleanse my stomach in alcohol. Not to mention I have the luck of an idiot and a young healthy immune system.
  17. I was forced to do it outside where the collateral damage was easier to hide. The picnic table didn't survive but the cutting board did!
  18. This might be the nerdiest thread I've ever started but I'm going for it! At Dog Might we love our pets waaaaay too much and take every opportunity to spoil, nerdify, and humanize them. So I was curious what characters our pets would play in adventures. List your animal and what character they would play in a fantasy RPG game. I know I'm not the only one who has thought about this
  19. Yes. It's not the most efficient way to blow off the sawdust but it is an ancient family technique.
  20. I'm always bugging Mike to help me make plinths for my miniatures
  21. Accurate depiction of the level of sawdust cleaned off products while shipping today...also I used the same technique