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  1. This is true I was pretty devastated to miss it this week.
  2. This might be the nerdiest thread I've ever started but I'm going for it! At Dog Might we love our pets waaaaay too much and take every opportunity to spoil, nerdify, and humanize them. So I was curious what characters our pets would play in adventures. List your animal and what character they would play in a fantasy RPG game. I know I'm not the only one who has thought about this
  3. We are kicking off a new program this week that we are calling The Sawdust Selection! The Sawdust Selection will feature the most mind blowing and unique items coming out of our shop every day. Rare woods, experimental stains, and jaw dropping wood grains will be blessed with this honorable title. This doesn't mean that the price of the item will go up, it only means that we want you to know that this thing is amazing! Look for the new Sawdust Selections page on our website and keep an eye out for the golden paw print of pure awesomeness! And check your inbox every Saturday for our Sawdust Selections of the Week Newsletter! If you haven't signed up for our newsletter yet you're missing out on being first to hear Dog Might News and special items! You can sign up here to make sure you're always the first to know about cool stuff.
  4. Next Arena Rex figure done! My matt spray seems like it comes out a bit shinier near the end of the bottle though.
  5. I love lizard people! Also congrats! I've never finished all the minis in any game I've ever gotten haha
  6. Me too! I didn't really sit up and pay attention until I realized I could have an endless cookie cutter collection!
  7. Thanks for grabbing it and posting it here! I didn't even know this was out haha
  8. We've got a new item coming from the Dog Might Labs and it's all about showcasing your miniatures! Exotic Plinth packages are now available to give your minis that lumberjack feel! 5 random exotic woods come with every bundle so you never know what crazy cool lumber you're going to get. Check it out here
  9. We dressed Sawdust as "one hot dog" for Halloween and he was NOT PLEASED! Because he must suffer he has decided that all pets must suffer with him and is throwing his own Dog Might giveaway. THE DAY OF DOG DOOM Giveaway (also known as OMG WHO'S AT THE DOOR AGAIN IT'S SMALL MONSTERS WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! contest) What did Sawdust steal from the shop for you? Three lucky winners will get a Halloween Theme Box! How to enter: Post a picture of your pet dressed up in their Halloween costume on this thread. Don't have a pet? No problem! Sign up on our website here Win extra entries by tagging your friends in this Facebook post! There will be three winners chosen and each will receive one of the Halloween Theme Boxes (it's random because Sawdust can't use a computer... we don't even know how he's typing this). The giveaway will end the week before Halloween so start humiliating your animals with adorable clothing!
  10. These pups would make an amazing Justice league team!
  11. Haha it looks like the alligator is so excited to have eaten this dog! So freaking cute!
  12. It's like a taco hotdog combo order with an extra side of cute!
  13. Yesss get a puppy so we can fawn over it on the forums!
  14. I'll get it started with some more pics of this Hot Dog!
  15. Here's my favorite place to burn way too much money https://ferminiatures.com/
  16. We'll make sure we dig around from some extra cool wood options for you @Zoxe !
  17. I love how no one moved away from the clearly not planned fire haha
  18. I really want the T-Rex animal companion!
  19. I love painting artsy miniatures but sometimes it's hard to find places that sell nice busts and single figures. If anyone knows some cool places to get awesome miniatures please let me know!
  20. The Long Night is a great Stand alone expansion that features the original game along with a few expansions. You'll miss out on the original characters and some crossroad cards but I think it's well worth it. If you love the game as much as me you can always go back and get the original version.