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  1. That sounds like a great deal! Mostly I've been only painting and playing Warmachine and Hordes with the occasional Guild Ball thrown in. @Konas has been rocking some new samurai game lately that has the world's smallest minis.
  2. How'd you get the mystery box from Privateer Press?
  3. Oooh good question. Let me get @Konas in here because he knows the measurements of all those things really well.
  4. I just got a notice that the most recent Bones KS will be shipping soon and I'm not ready to receive another few hundred minis into my house
  5. Maybe the card deck but I probably wouldn't go in for those things. Plus they're almost always add ons you can get later from the next project if you decide you need them.
  6. I was using the Card Double top and the card triple bottom. This was mainly because I use little gems as my counters and needed to fit an entire EDH deck in. The Triple top and Triple bottom is probably better if you use multiple dice for your counters and having a pen handy for tournaments is also nice. Also keep in mind that if you get the Sentinel and are for any reason at all unhappy with it we'll give you a full refund or help you send it back to get different interiors. When you order feel free to send @Zoe an email letting her know you double sleeve and want to avoid damage to your sleeves. She'll make a note in the order to make sure we sand everything as much as possible to keep any extra friction from happening.
  7. Hey @prepare4robots ! I'm the MTG player at DMG headquarters and I've been using the sentinel with no issues for my EDH deck. I don't believe you could do double sleeve with EDH but if you are looking to transport a double sleeved standard deck, some tokens, and your side cards you should be fine. I testing the sentinels out with my sleeve of choice (dragon shield) and had no issues or damage to the sleeves. The magnets will also never come apart on you, they are crazy strong! During the design of the sentinel I actually tested it for MTG extensively at my Magic and Whiskey club. If it holds up to me throwing the box around after tasting 5 whiskeys it will hold up to anything.
  8. This is pretty much what it looks like at lunch when all of DMG heads to the corner store. Or Friday afternoons at the beer store 😜
  9. Lindsey

    Wooden Dice!

    Every time I hear about Rowan wood I think of Harry Potter haha
  11. A new playtest is live today and we would love some more gamers to join the team! It's a game of mazes and sabotage for 2-4 players. You can earn discounts off Dog Might gear and get your name in the Rulebook! If you're interested please email me at lindsey@dogmight.com to sign up today! I'll leave this pic here as a teaser...
  12. Hahaha I just wanted to torture you and make you tell everyone you decided to sell it.
  13. @Zoe you should put up some pics of your finished sentinel! 😉
  14. Yes! Truly Chechen is the greatest of all Dog Might Woods
  15. @Serge Darveauyour shirts are always way better then the lame ones Dog Might gives us haha