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  1. PPCs (Player Pet Characters)

    Lol I love any dog that may go into a barbaric horse rage. WHAT DID THE HORSES TAKE FROM YOU FRISKO?!
  2. Funny things on the web.

    In honor of Marvel's Blank Panther coming out today I want everyone to remember that this once happened...
  3. Your Most Anticipated Games

    Don't worry. We'll hire a specialist to take us to the top of the brewing scene
  4. Your Most Anticipated Games

    Oh man what a fantastic idea! I'm so excited to play this game. That team is really killing it with their marketing!
  5. Miniature Painting

    I agree! Animal minis are usually my favorite but for whatever reason I'm just really digging that golem today haha
  6. Miniature Painting

    I think the Iron Golem might be my favorite mini that you've done so far!
  7. Thanks that makes me stress less about which one to buy.
  8. The cover for Season 2 looks so killer! Is there any difference in the two boxes or is it just cosmetic?
  9. I'm so freaking pumped! After season one is done hopefully we will play Sea Fall
  10. I super appreciate you editing those out. I'm about to start season 1 soon!
  11. We are the most illiterate Vikings I know haha @Zoe is the only one that can clean up our hand words mess.
  12. Land of the Dragons

    Serge you have more patience assembling a single game then I will probably have my entire life. I can't believe you put all that together! Even that cat is like "woah brah are you sure you want to do this?"
  13. Exotic Woods

    My dream is to someday find a supplier for Flame Box Elder Wood!
  14. Products with no lining?

    Some of the smaller spaces are really hard to sand, leaving rough patches that drive our apprentices crazy trying to get them out. People who have CoCos probably can notice a slight texture change in the pockets from the edges and back. Felting can help with this problem but the number one reason we do it is because of metal dice. Metal dice can tear up any wood and are super noisy. The felt protects the wood and the metal dice from each other. If people want to use metal dice in my games they have to use a tray or dice tower, there's no way I'll let them roll on my table. I won't let the guys bring the big D20 boulder that we sell anymore. There's been too many injuries.... Although @yatescory I do love the idea of designing some more products that intentionally doesn't use felt so more wood can be shown.