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  1. #4: Leopardwood

    I was lucky enough to get a Dragon Scale box before the finish was retired. It's still the coolest looking thing I own. If we can crack the code to that finish, Leopardwood would probably become our top seller. It's truly mind blowing!
  2. PPCs (Player Pet Characters)

    I love that @Serge Darveau has a dog named Mustang.
  3. Yah I jumped on that right away. Not getting Near and Far was one of my biggest regrets of 2017.
  4. I had the amazing opportunity to speak with the Tuesday Knight Crew for their celebratory 100th Episode! Hear from some of the most amazing people in the industry today and learn how I got my start making games. Also I do the world's worst elevator pitch for our new upcoming game Countdown and you can see how terrible at accents I am! Plus learn how I feel about a man named Captain Chestbeard. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/its-super-effective/tuesday-knight-podcast
  5. Miniature Painting

    Haha wow that's pretty strict...
  6. Miniature Painting

    Overemphasize the highlights. When working with a smaller scale and less detailed mini making the highlights really pop helps a lot. Doing this will still make board game minis look amazing! Here are some Descent minis I did that were of lesser quality but still look great on the table. I did a blog with some tips and examples but unfortunately I haven't updated it in awhile due to moving into the industry full time. Hopefully I can jump back into it someday https://boardminipainter.com/
  7. Miniature Painting

    I really like the snow effect on the base! What did you use?
  8. Miniature Painting

    I started with the Reaper paint starter kit and Bone miniatures so I think it's a great idea! And @Blinkus Maximus is right, you should keep your first couple of minis so you can see your skill level grow. For primer I started with Army Painter because the price is good but I don't prefer to use it as often anymore (it can get chunky sometimes). As for sealer I started using Krylon crystal clear and Krylon Matte and I still use those today. For my gaming minis I still use those same paints but for painting competitions I now use SCALE 75 paints and Privateer Press primer.
  9. Miniature Painting

    Awww thanks! I probably put around 10-15 hours into that one so much of it was trial and error. Messing around until something looked good. Hopefully the next one will go a little bit quicker.
  10. Miniature Painting

    Here's my most recently finished mini. It's Hroke from Arena Rex, which we just started playing. The game is really fun and casual but the minis are made of a resin that is probably the closest to pro painting competition quality that I've seen for a miniature game.
  11. Miniature Painting

    Here's a bust I recently finished for an upcoming competition. It was my first time really focusing on skin tones and facial shading using cool and hot colors. Oh and I snagged a scrap of Bocote from work for the base.
  12. I love Roman! My dream is to one day take Dog Might to Adepticon just so I can meet him. He inspired me to start painting busts and to enter my first competition.
  13. I learned a lot of my techniques from this website http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.com/ They have tutorials from everything that a beginner needs to know to the most advanced techniques being used in competitions today.
  14. I got to see that game in person at one of the cons this summer. It looked really cool.