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  1. Unfortunately I forgot that particular line of inquiry.
  2. Since everyone is melting in the insane heat wave this week I've got some exciting Dog Might News to plunge into. A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES! On Monday a new Team Member will start here at Dog Might, bringing her expertise in shipping, industry know how, and sweet melee skills to our office. Who is this mysterious new Viking? You'll have to check in Monday to find out and say hi! Sentinel Boxes Are Live! Our newest design, the Sentinel, is now available for purchase! Originally designed as an alternative to the traditional deck box, the Sentinel has proven to be one of our most useful and popular products ever! It's been play tested and developed for LCGS, CCGs, RPGs, and Board Games. Check it out for yourself here http://dogmight.com/sentinel Dog Might Is Sponsoring A Game of Thrones North American National Championship! Dog Might is honored to be chosen as one of the sponsors this year for the AGOT North American National Championship. This amazing LCG is a beloved game often played after work in the offices. It's also one of the things that brought the original company founders together and drove them to create a tabletop company. We are excited to give back to the community that has given us so much by providing the championship prizes this year. Follow along at https://tabletop.events/conventions/agot-north-american-nationals-2018/updates
  3. We entered Sawdust in the World's Cutest Rescue dog contest today because he's so darn cute and we can raise money for the shelter that rescued him! Oh and he gets a year's worth of dog food which he is pretty pumped about (it won't last a year). https://people.com/worlds-cutest-rescue-dog-contest/#/layout2/contestgallery/worlds-cutest-rescue-dog-contest/title-1531246461611?_k=ywffp4
  4. Thanks! Maybe I can convince the Mikes it's for research.
  5. That's such a great combo of sculpt and engraving!
  7. That looks fantastic and that's a game I am way to intimidated to try out. I've seen the battlefields and they look as amazing as they are crazy full.
  8. This was the first place my head when to as well haha
  9. Hopefully this is natural and not some sort of beautiful man made destruction.
  10. You can probably have our copy after we play it a couple of times. I don't think we'll keep it as part of our collection.
  11. Just so everyone can see the amazing covers that @Thomas Brownelinked to
  12. Holy crap that's way more then I thought I missed!
  13. Let me know if I'm missing any! I think there's some sort of conspiracy here....