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  1. I can't wait for you to see it!
  2. It's such an awesome game! And there's tons of expansions and stuff!
  3. Lol no I did like 3 mice and 1 centipede out of over 50 minis
  4. We should all buy Monsterpocalypse and then never play it! The real gamer's dream!
  5. Nice! I don't think I ever finished painting a whole board game with minis.
  6. Oh and I believe I've also finished more Aristeia minis too
  7. None of this is relevant. The only thing that matters is I still finished all mine before you did
  8. @Konas and I are obsessed with this new game by Corvus Belli so I'm making a thread where we an show off our teams! First teammate I've finished is MAX the defender!
  9. I'm starting a new thread to show off my Monsterpocalypse minis but mostly to pressure @Konas to finish his team so we can play.
  10. Today someone got a special gift from @WxCougar and we recorded the reaction! IMG_1077.MOV
  11. I really like these color choices on the ships!
  12. Set Up Clarification! On page 5, step 5, the rules say "The last player to choose a Character card looks at all the discarded face-down Character cards and may choose to switch the Character they chose with one of the discarded ones"Although this works it's a bit confusing and requires an unnecessary step. The rule should state "The last player to choose a Character card (this is the player sitting to the right of the Action Hero) may pick up all the discarded face-down Character cards and chooses a Character from them or from the cards they were handed. They then discard all remaining Character cards face-down on the table."
  13. Get answers to all your rule questions here!
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