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  1. Thanks again @Lindsey!! Last question for you (hopefully), will the bowls in the Five Bowl Interior Top fit D6s and D20s from the Wooden Dice collection when closed? Thinking about getting a Maple Sentinel and Wooden Dice
  2. Thanks @Lindsey!! What configuration would you recommend? I’ve been going back and fourth between: 1. Card Double top + Card Double bottom (sideboard in the top, maindeck in the bottom, and dice in the sides) or 2. Triple Top + Card Triple bottom (sideboard in one of the triples, maindeck in the other two, dice in the top).
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm a Magic player who's looking for a new deck box that can not only transport the deck (i.e., 80-90 double sleeved Magic cards consisting of a 60 card main deck + 15 card sideboard + 5-10 card tokens), but also the other gaming paraphernalia that go along with playing a game of Magic (i.e., dice, tokens, etc.). I stumbled upon the Sentinel and it looks like it COULD be that solution, but I have a few questions: Will my deck fit into the Sentinel? I double sleeve my deck for additional protection, however, this slightly increases the thickness of the cards. The 'Card Triple' Interior Bottom states that each well will hold 50+ sleeved cards. With a total capacity fo 150+ sleeved cards across the three wells I assume 80-90 double sleeved cards will be fine. Can anyone speak to the size fo the Sentinel as it pertains to double sleeved Magic cards? Will the Sentinel protect my deck? Looking at the image of the 'Card Triple' Interior Bottom on the website, the corners of each well appear to be slightly curved / angled. Do these corners have the potential to impact the shape or condition of my sleeved cards? I plan on carrying the deck box to and from my local game store in a shoulder bag. Are the magnets strong enough to hold the two sides of the Sentinel together in transit? Finally, if anyone could share any pictures of their Sentinel being used to store Magic cards it would be hugely appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!
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