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  1. Is your phone on the right brightness setting?!?
  2. I’m a stress ball. I was part of a D&D group couple years back. I was still learning the ropes when the guy who set up the group said it was mandatory for everyone in the group to DM and that I was up...so I left the group and didn’t pick it back up until my partner started a group. I stress out enough just playing a character, I couldn’t imagine running a world. I got mad respect for people who do.
  3. I LOVE solving mysteries! It’s a great crossover between digital and physical games. The way they set up the cards is quite intelligent for low cost expansions in the future. Hope you enjoy it when you get it!
  4. In that case, I highly suggest Chronicles of Crime! It can be played solo or with people. It is strange tic and immersive. https://luckyduckgames.com/games/chroniclesofcrime.html
  5. I was quite the Kickstarter addict, always roamed the games section. Saw the CoCos and liked the concept. I’ve made it a mission to try and meet any of the company’s I’ve supported on KS at GenCon, love meeting the people behind awesome product/ideas. After meeting y’all, I went to your site and got an Adventure Case custom made for my hubby.
  6. Table games? Like ANY game that goes on a table?!? KINGDOM DEATH!!! 💖 Chronicles of Crime! 😊 Tsuro Cash & Guns Gloomhaven Monopoly Empire ...the list goes on @Anne The questions you have to ask yourself... Do you like competitive or cooperative? Do you like short or long? Do you like to play solo, small, or large group?
  7. Yeah, the minis look awesome. Mebe they’ll have a few spares at the next GenCon 🧐
  8. I’m done with mass CMON minis, I have way too many of them lying around. I do wish I could pick up a select few of their new ones, it’s a shame she’s KS exclusive.
  9. That pig is dope! I want that mini...but just that one 😭
  10. Can’t wait to see it on KS! Congratulations on finishing it!
  11. Been wanting to make these dudes for a while, finally had the time 😊
  12. This is my first post of it...It needed a background worthy of it. 😜
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