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  1. My transformer arrives Friday!!! If you don’t hear from me by Monday, it was too dangerous 😜
  2. Yup yup! And if you use a neon light transformer you get fine details, but a microwave transformer will give you details like an old Japanese water color
  3. @Konas Have you ever considered fractal lichtenberg patterning for your products? I’ve been running into it a fair amount lately, seems quite popular. Looks like fun making them too...But then again I’ve always loved electricity and chaos 😜
  4. 😻 I can’t wait to see how they come out! ...a whole table? Not just a topper?!? 🧐🤩🧐
  5. What mini did you paint? Mine was fun! Went to the renaissance fair Saturday, which was a blast. Re wired a knob and tube connection the previous owners missed. Then mostly ran a new line for some more kitchen plugs! Lost my phone down a wall. Took part of a wall apart. Found a mouse nest from 1994 in the inter floor space. Installed an outside fireplace. Good weekend!
  6. Sweet! I can’t wait to see it! It’s a Christmas present for my hubby 😊
  7. This is what happens when D&D goes too long...
  8. Can it be played with 2 people?