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  1. @WxCougar Thank You :) The purple dragon was my sons choice, and I like it too ! @ElysianPeace We play 2st and 2nd D&D with adults, and 5e and Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse with the grand kids, plus various board games and cards with everybody :)
  2. @ElysianPeace Yep the duck was custom, and so was the circle engraving on the police box @Barb Bliss Nope, both of the custom works are based on my username :) @Rosie Thanks for the great packing :) I'm just down I-94 from you guys, so it only takes 2 days with surepost. No time for damage ! @Serge Darveau Yep got all three....still adding the DMG swag thought
  3. This is my lot of Dog Might Gear I’ve received over the last 10 months Not pictured 2 prototype Dice Towers I purchased for my players in January and March of 2018 Deck Box and Dragon Sheath, and Card Holders purchased on the website 2017-09-18 Bone Box and Hero Sleeves via Kickstarter - received 2018-07-12 Dice Towers via Kickstarter received - 2018-08-04 I am still waiting on my CoCo, but as I’m backer 2349 I have a while to wait. Imgur link if the uploads don't work https://imgur.com/a/Vc1EQWb Have the best day you can manage today ! MrPlucky
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