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  1. I'll post another picture of it just so you can drool some more
  2. Dang, I totally want to paint my Zombicide minis, but my wife already thinks I'm a nerd, she might totally disown me if I start painting minis. Though maybe I can trick her into doing a couple of them and get her hooked first..... Hmm... She loves dragons and we got the Zombie Dragons with Green Horde... could make a good entry into the dark side for her...
  3. For a (very) brief moment, I considered starting some fake outrage...
  4. Better hope nobody from the CoCo KS is on here, they might freak out that finishing them is so low on your bucket list.
  5. It's a beautiful 45 degrees here, I may have to golf today
  6. Perfectly understandable. She can wait, I'll find some way to keep her busy. The gutters need cleaning after all...
  7. My flight got delayed so I got in fairly late and didn't have time unfortunately
  8. sacrilege! How dare someone defile the sanctity of pickle-kind like that!
  9. Peter Pickle

    #5: Wenge

    Beards are a natural form of protection, they filter out all of that poisonous saw dust in the air, and look stunning as a side perk. I've heard rumors that Lindsey has been trying to grow one just to fit in.
  10. Peter Pickle

    #4: Leopardwood

    You know I still <3 you Barb!
  11. Peter Pickle

    #4: Leopardwood

    I think you should make Barb wait until last for the Bolivan Rosewood blog personally
  12. Peter Pickle

    #3: Redheart

    Redheart makes for a pretty canvas. If I had more red tones in my game room, I would have leaned this way. Unfortunately for the Redheart fans, my game room is all browns and blacks.
  13. Peter Pickle

    #2: Chechen

    Bocote next! I will say that these articles are doing a good job of making me appreciate some of the other woods. I considered Chechan for my CoCo, but ended up going with Canarywood and Bocote based on the pictures on the website and on the campaign.
  14. Peter Pickle

    #1: Black Walnut

    I expect the zombie outbreak map to look precisely the same as this map. Coincidence?
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