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  1. I think the bigger difference is in the d6's honestly
  2. Size comparison for someone from KS and anyone else that was curious
  3. As promised, my new heavily figured boco sheath. And maybe some boco polys in a cameo appearance
  4. sounds like you need to stop playing solitaire at work...
  5. Knock on wood, but I've always been very careful with my phones and have never had a broken screen or anything despite using just regular cases. I will certainly report back on this one, I'm interested myself.
  6. Got a sneak peak at my new phone case, shipping notification today, so I should get it next week. It looks pretty awesome!
  7. I just saw that, I'm waiting for something else though too, that way I can order them together. Hopefully they will last until then...
  8. Haha, I find that is the common refrain. I suffer from dry weather allergies and so I found great relief when I lived in the south. I do understand that those with certain types of hair (and hair styles) would find the humidity frustrating based on what it does to that hair.
  9. I miss living in Florida! I even am one of the lucky ones that actually likes the humidity
  10. Meanwhile, I think I might golf today after work...
  11. Got out to play nine holes this morning, a little chilly (mid-upper 40's) but didn't need to turn on the heater in my golf cart.