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  1. I did something similar for my group of friends, bought them each a d20 matched to their personality or tastes. Coffeewood for the starbucks fiend, Osage Orange for the dude that loves the color Orange, Bloodwood for my friend that tried to cut off his finger while woodworking, and Bubinga for the girl that loves Big Bang Theory (since it sounds like Bazinga)
  2. I would bet that it's actually from the bubble wrap on the still 'slightly tacky' finish.
  3. Copyright infringement! I already play that game with my wife!
  4. Now that I'm back at work, I looked up the receipts, so they are (L-R) Bubinga, Bloodwood, Marblewood
  5. I forgot which woods i bought lol, @Zoe a little help?? Pretty sure the middlemone is bloodwood, but can’t recall the others
  6. We get those at my bank too, our IT Security team sends them out randomly to catch people that just click on emails without reading them
  7. I think the bigger difference is in the d6's honestly
  8. Size comparison for someone from KS and anyone else that was curious
  9. As promised, my new heavily figured boco sheath. And maybe some boco polys in a cameo appearance
  10. sounds like you need to stop playing solitaire at work...
  11. Knock on wood, but I've always been very careful with my phones and have never had a broken screen or anything despite using just regular cases. I will certainly report back on this one, I'm interested myself.