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  1. Fun Holiday Memories

    Yeah, there are several performances out there, some just audio with a slide show, some with audio and video.
  2. Fun Holiday Memories

    Thanks for the kind words Barb. I feel like I'm doing ok for the most part. My dad was a life-long musician, and luckily he had a ton of recorded material that I now have, both tape/cd and also some video. So when I feel like I'm missing him more than usual, I can pull up a video and listen to him sing and play some of his favorite tunes. I'll share a couple here, you're of the generation that would appreciate his flavor of music, though it's mostly timeless in my opinion. Forgive the first as it's a transfer from a VHS recording, so there are some brief audio glitches.
  3. Fun Holiday Memories

    Thanks Barb and Lindsey. He definitely is gone too soon, he was only 57. His illness was unexpected, but after being in essentially a coma in the ICU for 7 weeks, we had time to prepare for his death (I was the "lucky" one who got to make his medical decisions). I know we made the decision he would have wanted at that time, but it still sucks to lose him so soon.
  4. Fun Holiday Memories

    This holiday season will be a rough one for me as my Dad passed away this past weekend. In his passing, I'm reminded of my grandma (his mother, who passed away about 5 years ago) sending me gifts for my birthday or Christmas. Every package had a bag of Werther's Originals. For years I thought she sent them because she knows I have a sweet tooth, but one year she sent a note with them that said something to the effect of "Here we go again!". I was totally confused so I asked my dad about the note and he told me that apparently when I was like 7 or 8, I told her that they were my favorite candy and I only got to eat them when I came to visit their house, so that's why she sent them every time. She never told me about it, she just thought I knew. Now, I get them for myself around this time of year to keep her in my memories.
  5. Dog Might Action Photos

    My wife tells me that all the time 😏
  6. Dog Might Action Photos

    Ok, so here are mine. From left to right my guesses are bubinga, rosewood, redheart, walnut, padouk. How’d i do Zoe?
  7. Dog Might Action Photos

    Maybe, I’ll have to take a closer look at them when i get home
  8. Dog Might Action Photos

    Now I’m going to have to post my card stands when i get home to test my lumber knowledge. Pretty sure i got one in bubinga as well like Ike, and i think i got a rosewood too. I’ll post a picture tonight for the other three
  9. Favorite Dogmight Product

    I recently got my card stands, they are much bigger than they appear on the website and will be quite a bit more useful than even I thought. On the website pictures, it looks like they would only hold maybe 3 full size cards, but they would easily hold 6 or 7. Fantastic.
  10. On the lookout for awesome new games

    @barb I would love to take you up on the offer for DinoGenics. Let me know what the cost is and how you would like me to get you the $$ and I'll make it happen
  11. On the lookout for awesome new games

    The only active KS games I'm in on right now are Mortals: Descent of the Gods and Folklore: The Affliction My gaming group enjoys more co-op titles, and both fit our usual fantasy theme that we enjoy.
  12. Viking Lumberjack Life Advice

    This might come in handy in lieu of the bottomless mead goblet discussed on KS
  13. Favorite Dogmight Product

    I figured you needed an appropriate welcome here to the DMG forums
  14. Favorite Dogmight Product

    You forgot tasty
  15. Kick-ass movie quotes

    "What am I supposed to say, Dale? "Oh hidy ho officer! We've had a doozy of a day. There we were minding our own business, just doing chores around the house when kids started killing themselves all over my property." - Tucker and Dale vs Evil Incidentally a highly underrated flick