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  1. Pictures of DMG products at home.

    I've had now 3 or 4 packages from DMG thus far. The first one was mangled (contents unharmed), the last one was in perfect condition. I don't recall the condition of the others, but luckily I haven't had any product arrive damaged
  2. Pictures of DMG products at home.

    I dunno, pickles taste better on a sandwich
  3. Pictures of DMG products at home.

    true, that's probably why he chose my moniker for the name of the promo code instead of yours Also, fixed your statement
  4. Pictures of DMG products at home.

    Haha, I didn't think about that when I did my last order before figuring out the whole promo code thing, I just paid full price and chalked it up as a learning experience.
  5. Pictures of DMG products at home.

    Why thank you my fellow Vegetable
  6. Pictures of DMG products at home.

    I learned this a couple of orders ago... You put the promo code in on the main dogmight site, all the way down at the bottom there is a field for the promo code. Once you do that, it changes the prices on the website before you add to cart. Also keep in mind that you can't stack discounts, so if there is an In-stock item that is marked down for whatever reason, you'll get the greater of the two mark-downs, not a combination.
  7. Pictures of DMG products at home.

    I'm at a loss for words....
  8. Pictures of DMG products at home.

    awww, used my new moniker as the promocode.... Now I HAVE to use it.
  9. Pictures of DMG products at home.

    I would agree except that I think the fact that Boco smells like dill was what drove me to adopt the moniker. I am a fan of the GM system, however as a fan of boco I understand the conservationist stance that DMG has taken to NOT use it in applications where it would be irresponsible.
  10. Favorite Dogmight Product

    I justify it in that it allows me to split the cost and then it's easier to visualize. Seeing a $500 balance in my cart (or pledge) is much harder to swallow than seeing $250 in the cart, (already charged the other $250 when the campaign closed). Plus it's easier to disguise a few relatively small charges vs one LARGE one.
  11. Favorite Dogmight Product

    They usually just harass me in messages about my low-balling on the initial pledge. I almost always end up at least doubling my pledge in the pledge manager though.
  12. My cocos are coming!!!!!

    Probably get attacked by all the bunnies in Barb's yard... Perhaps they need the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch next time...
  13. Woodworking

    And he is ok, didn’t lose the tip of the finger or anything. He’s got a nice splint on for now though
  14. Woodworking

    So he says the ends are cherry and and turned wood was cedar or something (memory failing me)
  15. Woodworking

    He actually had a close call yesterday and nearly cut the tip of his finger off. As it is, he sawed a short way into the bone and broke it in the process but they were able to save the finger (and tip I think).