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  1. All of the Deck Jackets I have seen so far have just been plain finished. Is it possible to make them with inlays? On a related note, when do we get to see more of the inlays Dog Might is experementing with? I hoped when you announced the purchace of a nice planer we would see inlays? I want more.
  2. San Juan Second Edition has 143 cards, but it also has seven card sized tiles, and I don't know how much thickness those tiles equate too. Its a good game though, and I bought it to add to our small box games to play at laundromats and coffee shops. The box it comes in is annoyingly too big for it though.
  3. Can anyone with San Juan second edition confirm that the game will fit unsleeved? I want to get rid of the score pads.
  4. You're still family even when you don't speak for fourty years, or attend the funeral.
  5. The cards are one and three quarters inches by two and five eighths inches. If you stack all of them they are two and five eighths inches tall. Too tiny for anyof my deck boxes.
  6. I was thinking of getting a Dragon Sheath to carry The Castles Of Burgundy: The Card Game in because the cards are too small for any of my nice deckboxes and because more wood bling. So ( question for anyone with a B layout Dragon Sheath who also has the game) will all of the cards fit into two stacks on the large side of the B interior layout?
  7. Sail To India at the Geek. It came out in 2013.
  8. Try playing Sail To India. Yes, it only plays with exactly three or four, But it has surprising depth for such a tiny game. It was the inspiration for Gamelyn Games' "Tiny Epic" Series. For heavier fare I recommend Archipelago. It is an interesting (if mean) 4X game set in the age of discovery. That one has me wanting to save up and get your adventure boxes for my regular players.
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