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  1. I love the beauty in the simplicity of the mug. Fantastically crafted but the Artisans at Dog Might, No matter what “character” I’m playing, the mug will fit perfectly. Also, Great for containing all the Lumberjack Juice that is consumed in session.
  2. It’s from a set of polys I got through Kraken Dice... they are the “Blue Sky” set.
  3. Thanks @Barb Bliss! I really liked the finish on the Dice Chest too. @Phogg is correct, the bottle of booze is Crown Royal Maple. The new stein did very well in helping me polish of Half of it that night. Yup, can't deny that the Dice collection I have built up is LARGE... but how many is too many (LOL)?
  4. My Dice chest & Stein JUST arrived about 2 hrs ago & I Love ‘em!!! I’ll be breaking them in when the others arrive very SOON! They are all gonna be So jealous!!
  5. Nice... A Classic white unicorn & a rainbow mane. I think the next time I do another, I’d like to try something “darker.” Like maybe purples, blacks, & greens.
  6. I love seeing another persons interpretations of minis too! Helps me to develop my own ideas. This little girl, She loves the color pink... thus the inspiration for the way I went with my paint job. I have some other color scheme ideas if another unicorn ever comes my way to paint.
  7. Thanks @Zoxe! It was incredibly rewarding to "merge" my miniature painting with my nursing practice for a moment & brighten up a kids day. I'm glad to say I work at an Amazing hospital, with a Fantastic group of people, with some INCREDIBLE Kids & see WAY more "successes" in these kids journeys... more "Triumph" than "Tragedy" is how I like to put it. But, that being said... fingers crossed & here"s hoping "Pinky" can bring some Real Unicorn Magic to her situation.
  8. So... I work as a Nurse at The a Children’s Hospital. Just recently finished this Unicorn for a 6yr old I’ve had the privilege of looking after while she waits for a new heart. Just delivered it on my shift the other night & she promptly named it “Pinky.” Her Mom took the picture of us & has given me the ?? To share it.
  9. Thanks! They are from the Bones line of Reaper Miniatures. I'm using them in the D&D 5th Ed. "Out of the Abyss" campaign I'm running.
  10. Thanks! Well, once the Vrocks were done, here's how I finished the bases... I painted the bases black. Once dry, I used regular old white glue (which I watered down to a bit of a thinner consistency) to glue on the modeling sand. Then on the Red Vrock I added the headless skeleton model with it's legs in the "lava". Once the sand was dry & excess brushed off, I painted in the "lava" (layered paint job, in order, was a very dark red... a "regular" shade of red... orange... then yellow). Then, finally, I brushed a Black Wash on the sand.
  11. Here I am...”VROCK” you like a Hurricane!
  12. Ha! First Unbroken & now this... I’m Backing Court of the Dead as well.
  13. For Table Top Game day, I entered this mini painting contest at a local gaming store. Had several weeks to work on it. Not bad for an amateur... & out of a group of 25 entries... Thanks to the blessings of Odin... he placed 4th!
  14. I think magic wood would almost look like it had a heart beat. This wood made me think of heart muscle.
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