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  1. Thanks! They are from the Bones line of Reaper Miniatures. I'm using them in the D&D 5th Ed. "Out of the Abyss" campaign I'm running.
  2. Thanks! Well, once the Vrocks were done, here's how I finished the bases... I painted the bases black. Once dry, I used regular old white glue (which I watered down to a bit of a thinner consistency) to glue on the modeling sand. Then on the Red Vrock I added the headless skeleton model with it's legs in the "lava". Once the sand was dry & excess brushed off, I painted in the "lava" (layered paint job, in order, was a very dark red... a "regular" shade of red... orange... then yellow). Then, finally, I brushed a Black Wash on the sand.
  3. Here I am...”VROCK” you like a Hurricane!
  4. Ha! First Unbroken & now this... I’m Backing Court of the Dead as well.
  5. For Table Top Game day, I entered this mini painting contest at a local gaming store. Had several weeks to work on it. Not bad for an amateur... & out of a group of 25 entries... Thanks to the blessings of Odin... he placed 4th!
  6. I think magic wood would almost look like it had a heart beat. This wood made me think of heart muscle.