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  1. My awesome custom box that houses the spot lights for my jewelry and craft business. At the Art Festival. The window washes out how pretty the stain is.
  2. New dice to add to the collection. Die Hard dice! Love the little notes.
  3. I just picked up the Dunwich Legacy expansion for the Arkham Horror card game at the local FLGS last night. We also picked up a second core set. They didn't have any of the Mythos packs so I went online and did some ordering. We also picked up one of the standalone scenarios (forget the name but it had a sphinx on it). I did oversee that they have Legend of the Five Rings Living Card Game as well, anyone have experience with it? I really liked the RPG when I got to try it at a local con.
  4. Yeah pretty much backing this. My husband wants sci-fi glow in the dark metal dice so that went right up his alley. Hoping that Viking set gets unlocked : ).
  5. Barge turned out to not be too scary to put together. Though painting is an intimidating task. I think I will focus on the dragons first :).
  6. WxCougar

    Borealis Dice

    @Zoe. While looking for that d10, my husband pulled out one of his older dice sets. Turns out not only does he have the purple but the royal purple set as well. (The right set is the dark purple).
  7. This is what I have so far.
  8. I got ambitious (that and we only bought 4 things. Cobra, Rock, Argent and the Barge). I only found one picture of how the anchor attaches but haven't attempted it. It is really cool, and really intimidating to put together.
  9. Not really painting but anyone get the Stygian Barge from Reaper Bones 4? If so, know what pieces go where? I have the big stuff figured out but not so much the little stuff....
  10. Soaking minis in pinesol strips them of their paint if you mess up. I've only done this with pewter minis so not sure how it works for the other materials. I had one mini I had to soak twice because I kept messing up (pieces of armor I thought were something else until after I was done painting etc).
  11. I'm excited to see how it turns out. It is such a cool effect.
  12. Playing the Royal Game of Ur at Les Schwab. We got a flat and had to get the tire replaced. Good thing we have something to do with us :).
  13. Oh no! I have tried to do that so many times. More often I try to drink my brushwater.
  14. Absolutely! It was a blast. Survived the flight back :).
  15. Note, the cow people were hard, but we survived! Epic boss fight with "not cleric" and "dancing guy". A ton of fun was had by all. Thank Konas! And thanks Zoe and Cameron for the party antics
  16. Nope! We are rocking. Which probably means we will die tomorrow ;). One of our players was captured though. But we got him back.
  17. We start the fun today :). Zoe picked us up at the airport and brought us to the hotel yesterday. Really nice sunset drive.
  18. I will likely end up with some :). Gluckshaus would be awesome. And Hnefatafl of course.
  19. Airport security loved our sentinels. We got searched because dice look odd on the xray, lol.
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