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  1. I had wondered if the Yellow theme was on purpose or a happy coincidence : ).
  2. Several area rivers are flooding. Impressive how much this park is under water.
  3. It's crazy like that every year. When I talk to our pest control for my work place I do plan to ask them if they have something for pill bugs. Not sure if there is anything, but worth the ask.
  4. Thankfully we don't have any slugs. The pill bugs do plenty of work on their own. The other day the entire side of our white house was black and crawling. Never seen so many of the darned things.
  5. I have heard of it, and thought to give it a shot (before being told about the egg shells). Didn't realize it was crushed sea shells.
  6. Egg shells are easier to get ahold of but will keep that in mind. I think I have a bag of seashells from the last coast trip that are sitting around doing nothing.
  7. My garden is still covered in black plastic in hopes to curb the bermuda grass invasion. I am also working on the rolly polly (pill bug) invasion. I was informed about crushing egg shells and putting them below my strawberries in hopes that the darned things stop eating the berries. We shall see if it works this year.
  8. We have been getting rain the last several days. And per usual, it will be windy as soon as it stops.
  9. Awww, I am out of reactions. That is hilarious. I did wonder the same thing considering the number of times the feature piece is missing off the email : ).
  10. Loving the naval ones as always :). Also the new Pathfinder one is cool too.
  11. I really like the top one, the Maple with the chechen and wenge bands.
  12. Its actually not as scary as it looks. It will be a garage project not a house project ;).
  13. Glass etching looks so cool. Would also love to learn glass blowing. My husband and I both learned how to do lampwork beading. I was terrible at it (burned mine - though still looked cool), but my husband was good at it. We have all the components to make them at our house but he hasn't had time to do anything with them.
  14. Weird that Oregon is rooting for Virginia. Not that any local I know has a stake in this one.
  15. Birdhouse gourds in particular so at least not pumpkins. : )
  16. I agree that the little white dot makes a world of difference. I put them on the painted gourds I did (chickens and a turtle). I haven't been able to do that on a miniature as most of them are so tiny as it is...
  17. I was sad to see Gonzaga not advance. One day they will.
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