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  1. We didn't have strings either. But I would have also gone for the Cello.
  2. I'm not a huge fan of the oboe, but I do love the sound of the English Horn. Not sure I could play them though. Small aperture instruments and I don't get along (the reason I don't play the trumpet anymore and likely never the French Horn).
  3. It went very well. Always good when the composer is happy with the performance :). I play piccolo for the orchestra (also play bassoon and trombone on occassion).
  4. Love frisbee golf. We need to pull our discs out and play. Bought some organization things for Arkham Horror, then realized they won't fit afterward. Luckily Dominion will so will try again today. Also have a dress rehearsal today for our concert tomorrow. The composer of the piece we are premiering is here so that is pretty cool. He gave a talk yesterday about his work in the movie business (Laurence Nash Groupe).
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/579878362/return-of-the-unicorns-rpg-polyhedral-dice-sets?ref=user_menu This was a dangerous thing to go look at. The static pictures were alright but those videos...
  6. I really like Red Dragon Inn, and Quarriors. Also enjoy the older games of Pay Day and Mille Bourne. Currently working on Assassin's Creed Origins in the video Game realm (also enjoy the Darksiders games as well).
  7. That is more or less by what I mean chaotic. Straight lines also are less interesting to me than swirls. But straight lines with color variations and that is just as cool as swirly.
  8. Favorite wood. This I am with you on, I have favorites but then fall in love with others. I will go with Chechen and Ziricote (the chaotic the better).
  9. It is gorgeous in the countryside. This area is south (a few miles) of where the Oregon Trail runs.
  10. If I was actually taking the second one on purpose I would have lowered the camera angle to get more land. :). I assumed when I hit the button (I was not looking through the camera at all) that I would have shot the dirt in front of me. The weather was good for all but the main house I was after. The sun was too far west and was washing out some of the pictures. I need to play with photoshop, which is not something I do normally.
  11. So this weekend we drove out into the foothills looking for cool pictures I can sell. I saw this really cool shot of the riverbend (picture #1), so we stopped the car and walked back to the spot. I was getting the camera ready as I walked and accidentally hit the button, taking a picture of who knew what. I figured I would delete it later. I got home and uploaded the pictures, forgetting about the oopsie. Turns out that "oopsie" was a cool shot of the hills with a few fair weather cumulus in a blue sky. Also turned out to be straight by some sheer luck. Picture #2 is my accidental picture.
  12. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing @Josh. Looking forward to more pictures. Love the artistic shots. Was also amused by the bandaged thumb. Makes sense that this would be part of the experience :).
  13. The Arkham Horror storage. Kingwood token shield and Canarywood card holder.
  14. Cutting a pizza with a laser sounds fun, lol. 3 tone sunburst is looking good!
  15. So our volunteer pumpkin plant produced another pumpkin plant this year. Survived the burn pile somehow. Now that we know its there we will stop piling the weeds/limbs in that spot.
  16. Barb took my answer, though spunkiness was the other idea.
  17. No, it was WxCougar also. I recall you guys asking on one of the live videos during the KS which is when I mentioned how it was pronounced.
  18. I'm fine with either. Weather Cougar would be the actual pronunciation.
  19. You are welcome Sawdust! @Lindsey sorry for my poor writing skills :).
  20. I am fairly sure my husband will want a Khopesh if one happens.
  21. For those looking for a Sci-fi Horror RPG, Grimmerspace looks amazing. Got to chat a little with some of the creators at PaizoCon. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/agrestasaurus/grimmerspace/description
  22. They are absolutely amazing. Glad to hear your daughter's surgery went well. That box is so cool.
  23. Gave him your email. He was all kinds of excited about the dice tower. We also attracted the paizo employee who took the pic for twitter.
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