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  1. This is pretty much my GM life, lol. I have learned to expect that players will NEVER do anything expected.
  2. lol. At least this mace is, while still heavy, not as heavy had it been made of metal :). I'll have to ponder that - it would be cool to get some sort of display thingy for the flail. My husband also has a real flail somewhere in the garage.
  3. That is quite pretty. I do love the plain wood screens, but there are also so many cool sculpts!
  4. I think he was psychic. It was uncanny how good he was at guessing. I think he was wrong maybe 1 time.
  5. My first DMG item was my Sapphire stain viking dragon/water Dragon Sheath. My husband got a sunburst stain with a phoenix/fireball. We still use them for our traveling games : ).
  6. We need to figure out how to get my mace and my husbands flail on the wall : ). I'm thinking a glass shelf for the mace since its huge. The flail I would like to be able to see better than on a glass shelf.
  7. I was also playing my dad a lot and he was super good at that game. He was also really good at Clue. He could usually get it right in 2 rounds.
  8. Favorite game of 2019.... that's hard. We haven't played much this year. Mostly RPG games. We are enjoying Arkham Horror LCG which we plan to dive in fully into the scenario soon now that we know what we are doing. I'm super excited to get the rest of my Dark Souls game from the Kickstarter and get playing on that with all the extra components.
  9. I love Risk, but I am also terrible at it. I'm apparently a dumb-luck strategist : ).
  10. It is super pretty. I really like that Psychedelic Butterfly one as well.
  11. Pathfinder Hunters are like a mix of the druid and ranger plus they have a cool ability to swap out some bonuses called "Animal Focus".
  12. Is your Animal Companion a dog? ;). Mine was a raven from a part of Golarion where they get bigger than normal (so mine became medium sized).
  13. Hunter is so much fun. I did a one shot with a hunter character before.
  14. Looks great! And I will have to give that method a go. I do the dry brushing in that order but start with a medium gray base and "antique" it with a dark gray. Then I do the dry brushing. Not sure what the miniature term for "antiquing" is but that's what we do in ceramics to get dark recesses.
  15. lol, I followed you though! I also meant Artisan dice with my response : ). One of the unfortunate side effects of being super popular it seems. The pictures I saw comparing the two didn't really look too similar to me.
  16. As far as I know they are still around making dice. They do have some lovely stone dice too.
  17. I've been eyeing Crystal Maggie's etsy shop for stone dice for quite awhile. I keep thinking I want a set of stone dice but have never made the plunge. Probably because unlike you, I have bought more dice than I should lately :). Between Q-workshop's kickstarter for the glow-in-the-dark dice, the unicorn dice kickstarter on the original post, and Chessex Lab dice... I need more DMG boxes : ).
  18. Indeed. I tried to see if they had a shop up but it looks like they currently do not. I love seeing all the different homemade dice ideas out there. Going to be super hard to be good and not back Dispel Dice. I see a lot of good things, but ultimately will wait until she fulfills the kickstarter and goes retail. My kickstarter budget was hit hard the last few months with a lot of goodies too, so adult time ; ).
  19. I love the name Captain Sparkles.
  20. I just had a beer that they tapped in a pumpkin. Really good.
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