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  1. This is what happened to me. My husband got me addicted to minis (and dice). I hope to do more painting this year. I did none last year.
  2. Well, I'd want a honeycomb interior : ). So one of us will be happy.
  3. Yeah that stain turned out gorgeous. If I were to get another sentinel it would have a different interior.
  4. I agree. Galaxy is such a pretty color that I think both of us are still looking for a piece to use that stain on? ; ).
  5. I don't remember you saying it, but I see a lot go up and a lot go out : ).
  6. I agree, @Konas that is a gorgeous table. I like the simplicity and yet its really pretty (shows off the wood).
  7. That sounds cool. We finally got a game where a tray would be handy. Course it would mean 2 trays since there are 6 different meeples. Etching on the plexi is always a cool option.
  8. He is probably the cutest of the pups for me on that one.
  9. Oh my, that wand sounds lovely! I'm a ziricote fan, but am loving Redheart the more I see it.
  10. Thank you! And wow that is a gorgeous canarywood. Also not sure I've seen the pinkheart before. That is pretty too : )
  11. I agree, that Redheart as a banding is incredible! Never would have thought to do that. And it matches that canarywood perfectly! I also agree that we need to see the back of that Player pad : ).
  12. Forgot to take a picture but we played a game of Isle of Cats and it was quite fun. My husband trounced me, but still fun :). Its very much a strategy game which I am not usually good at, so no surprise. It has a solo mode and a family mode (a simplified version of the game). Pretty neat.
  13. First real snow of the season happening now. We got a skiff earlier back in December. But winter seems to be waiting til the new year the last few years. Currently snowing big flakes and sideways because the wind is blowing. Speaking of wind, its been pretty windy here and the annual tumbleweed migration has begun. Picture of a nearby town.
  14. Excited to have Isle of Cats - got the email that it will be here next Thursday.
  15. Or you can tell us if its worth getting once you have it : ).
  16. Wasn't sure where to put this but figured this was a good spot: My husband saw a Kickstarter Survival Horror card game where you play scientists and are exploring other planets. It is a cooperative game but he has no idea what it is called. Anyone happen to know what it is? Nevermind, found it: Unsettled. And all the more appropriate to go in this forum since its apparently already over : ).
  17. Oh my I bet. I would love to have walnuts growing. But all we have are Russian Olives, and they grow like weeds here.
  18. I have 4 and a half and feel its a lot ; ). But then its all irrigated pasture land so that does add to the maintenance...
  19. Those are cute. I just did some mini organization and can at least for awhile avoid buying more minis : ).
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