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  1. I'm excited to see how it turns out. It is such a cool effect.
  2. Playing the Royal Game of Ur at Les Schwab. We got a flat and had to get the tire replaced. Good thing we have something to do with us :).
  3. Oh no! I have tried to do that so many times. More often I try to drink my brushwater.
  4. Absolutely! It was a blast. Survived the flight back :).
  5. Note, the cow people were hard, but we survived! Epic boss fight with "not cleric" and "dancing guy". A ton of fun was had by all. Thank Konas! And thanks Zoe and Cameron for the party antics
  6. Nope! We are rocking. Which probably means we will die tomorrow ;). One of our players was captured though. But we got him back.
  7. We start the fun today :). Zoe picked us up at the airport and brought us to the hotel yesterday. Really nice sunset drive.
  8. I will likely end up with some :). Gluckshaus would be awesome. And Hnefatafl of course.
  9. Airport security loved our sentinels. We got searched because dice look odd on the xray, lol.
  10. Sounds right. One fox to a bunch of geese. Getting ready to board the plane! That GM screen is gorgeous!
  11. So cool! Is El Coyote like Fox and Geese? It looks like it. 9 Men's Morris is required knowledge for a Medieval Game Master. I am terrible at it. Love Fox and Geese.
  12. May want to fix the pricing. Even going to the cart it stayed $0.00 ;).
  13. Hope they have better luck than poor Steamforged Games is having with Dark Souls. I for one am okay with waiting, but there are definitely those who are not.
  14. I don't know much about Robins. Don't think they are violent. I do know that Starlings are. We had a few nests at the weather office and they would attack people going by the building.
  15. My bones minis will be here Thursday after we have left. Our cat sitter will be grabbing them for me.
  16. What's funny is I think it was the Rustoleum I had issues with. It was that or Krylon (I can't remember since its been awhile and I used up the Rustoleum on the painted gourds).
  17. I can't tell you how unhappy I was when I did a bunch of dungeon dressings that turned out really good only to have the paint pop off because the spray coats were so tacky. Moral of the story is to make sure your coffin lid won't stick to the base before you put it on the base ;). I did a few touch ups but after hitting it with a Testor's Dullcote, they stopped being tacky.
  18. Material of mini also seems to matter. I had no trouble with my two spray finishes on pewter, but boy did they make the Bones miniatures sticky. (I am completely spacing out the name of the sprays in general.). I know I do a last coat of Testor's dullcote for my Bones miniatures based on a suggestion and it stopped the sticky issue. Currently using an Americana shiny coat for my first layers since the other brand ran out. Some day I may graduate to "real" miniature paints and inks. But I'm pretty happy with my Apple Barrel for now : ).
  19. I probably need something like that. I'm terrible about descriptions for rooms with nothing in them. Though I do occasionally mess with my players when they think there is something there, but there really isn't - I just let them think they didn't see it via not high enough rolls. "You don't think you see anything."
  20. Oh dear, that probably meant I missed that question lol.
  21. I will have to wait to do it on a computer. My phone is apparently being buggy as I kept freezing while checking boxes ;).
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