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  1. That one was driving me crazy! I kept thinking edge or sword but not Blade :).
  2. Never Ending Story Princess Bride I have no idea if they are 80s but I figured I'd make the guess
  3. I am worse with movies than I am with songs lol.
  4. Around the World Buddy Holly (by Weezer)
  5. Baby Got Back Genie in a Bottle Bitter Sweet Symphony I'm sure more will come to me...
  6. Thanks, @Serge Darveau that was fun :).
  7. Crazy. I actually haven't heard this one, and I did listen to a handful of Dire Strait songs.
  8. I'm guessing there is something with the Romeo and Juliet thing on the right side, but I'm not aware of any songs off the top of my head (which isn't unusual. Song titles as well as song artists are hard for me since I only listened to the music and never heard them associated with a band or title : ) ).
  9. Yeah, I also have never heard of Gold.
  10. Crazy, I thought it was I lost my heart to a starship trooper but that's actually a 70s song! lol.
  11. I admit I had to look it up so I can't say anything for that one. I was super close though.
  12. I couldn't tell it was candy till I made the picture bigger.
  13. Heavens a Place on Earth Video Killed the Radio Star Sweet Dreams (It helps to look at this on a bigger screen than my phone :)).
  14. I love Tentacle Kitty, and they are doing a kickstarter with different kitties dressed up as First Responders and Essential workers. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/johnmerritt/tentacle-kitty-first-responders-and-essentials?ref=user_menu
  15. I am really liking the story in Darksiders. I've played 3 of the 4 games released (just received the most recent one but haven't had a chance to play yet). The first two games are a ton of fun to play. Darksiders 3 the play style is not quite as good, but I do like many aspects of the game and its story. Really excited to see where the story goes going forward!
  16. I am working on a light weight (Bones mini) that is large sized with my paint holder. I bought some Loctite Fun Tak and after a bit of working around with it, its sticky enough to keep the dracolisk mini in place (at first it did try to move a bit but now its not). I have only worked for about an hour so far - so no real feedback yet on length of time. But I have smallish hands and it feels really good to hang onto with my left hand. I have not had a chance to use the hand rest yet, but it moves around easy to get out of the way for big sweeping strokes (I am doing base paint so no details yet
  17. You have little rhinestone like "diamonds" that you attach to a sticky surface kind of like a paint with numbers.
  18. I still haven't progressed from base painting my dracolisk. I got side tracked with a diamond painting I am trying to get done for my sister's birthday. It's in June, but this thing is not small either. I am halfway done (started in December).
  19. I've cleaned and did some green stuff on the next mini I plan to paint (a dracolisk Bones mini). Still contemplating what color to make him.
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