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  1. If I had a use for them, I would be all over this. (Would be harder to resist if they were cats).
  2. Eyla watched the sudden eruption in the normal flow of tavern life cautiously. For her part, what you were didn't make who you were as a person. Watching the tiefling approach the man who called her out, along with the farmer. Then the traveling companion of the tiefling approached as well. Perhaps all would be handled without any sort of physical confrontation. She waited to see, not moving from her seat.
  3. That is a gorgeous chechen. The bocote and wenge are beautiful as well!
  4. "I can aid as well," Eyla spoke up. Luckily she had most of her supplies for traveling already since she had not planned to stay more than a day or so. Not that she had a destination before now.
  5. Eyla glanced to Padauk when the announcement of a party was made. "Seems staying away is not what folks had in mind. Perhaps it is worth joining to make sure nothing untoward happens."
  6. "Hard to say who will take it seriously and who will brush it off as folk lore," Eyla said as she gave a glance across the room. Seemed that there was a bit of chatter over by the Storyteller, but she couldn't quite make out the conversation. Though it did appear the farmer was intent on getting something or another by his stance. OOC: I'm patient too : ).
  7. Have you been seeing the Lip Sync battles between the various Police/Fire departments around? Been some really good ones out there.
  8. Nice choice, Zoe! Looks like it will serve you and your dice well. Will look forward to showing mine off when they arrive.
  9. Her blue eyes continued to show her bemusement. The human woman seemed to be in her early to mid 20's and had medium brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her clothing indicated that she was more apt to be traveling distances in the woods than tilling the land or tending to sheep in town. "And good to meet you as well. As to the tale, sounds quite interesting if there is any truth to it. Could be a dangerous piece of land to travel through, which is always worth noting when leading folks safely from point A to point B. What do you make of it?"
  10. Eyla looked a bit bemused by the appearance of the dropped objects but yet no sign of the dwarf from the other side of the table. Considering the older farmer passed him by meant that he was at least alright - just your usual drunk on the floor incident. "Eyla Swiftfoot. And that is quite all right, Padauk."
  11. With higher humidity, you guys have lower temperature thresholds for heat advisories than we do. In my neck of the woods, we have to have at least 3 days at or above 100 degrees to issue a Heat Advisory. I'll take my dry heat ; ). I do not envy you high humidity people.
  12. We are forecasted to hit 104 F by Friday. Summer is here in the inland Northwest!
  13. Eyla was paying more attention to the crowd around the storyteller than to the dwarf who stumbled into her table. While she was not quick enough to stop the incident, she was quick enough to catch the edge of the table before it joined the dwarf on the floor. Her at-least-empty mug amd bowl however did join the dwarf to the floor. "Are you alright...?" She was about to add 'sir' but hesitated. Dwarves were always difficult to tell apart for her.
  14. lol, I don't think I can beat her. I'm running a few hours behind most of you, so if drops hit in the morning, I'll be sleeping :).
  15. I've been eyeing them (deck jacket), deck boxes and now the Sentinel for carrying my pathfinder cards (crit/fumble decks and the buff/condition cards).
  16. Sounds like a great idea to me! I've got two boulders (both actually for my husband - he does not know about the second one yet). I wouldn't doubt we will have more down the road. Good to know the deck jacket works for storage/transport of the boulders.
  17. Do two boulders fit in that box? Or can it just fit the one?
  18. OOC - Yup, totally missed that one, lol
  19. OOC - I actually have no idea where the pun is - I tend to pun innocently ;).
  20. Eyla listened to the tale as she ate of the soup and drank from the ale that was brought to her soon after she entered. It was an intriguing one, as many local tales were. Hearing one of the patrons ponder out loud if the place existed, Eyla too wondered the same. Though not for the same reason. Mere curiosity. That and something to avoid when taking patrons out hunting. Unless of course they were not suspicious of such a place that could be considered haunted. Superstition and small towns often went hand in hand. Herself, she was not apt to believe in such superstition, but all stories came with a small kernel of truth.
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