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  1. I took another picture of my dice. Forgot the 3 Chakte Viga dice in the picture. They were over by my loom (I use them as counters for my weaving).
  2. Windy here still. Though I suppose that means we don't have to deal with the gnats or mosquitos.
  3. I would never have guessed what that was lol.
  4. Pretty much the only Irish song I know off hand is Whiskey in the Jar lol
  5. I was so confused by that Bible in the bush lol
  6. How Green Was My Valley (Not sure I should count that as I had to read some movie descriptions to figure that one out). Looking at other movies he looks like Tom Jones but the Welsh flag doesn't make sense based on the overview. Probably need to see the movie to get it lol.
  7. Ben Hur? Though if so, that should be 4 horses lol.
  8. Return of the King (Lord of the Rings)? This is a stretch but could see it.
  9. The rose and that pile of rocks/coal/gray things are both driving me crazy. I keep trying to find something for Casablanca or Gone With the Wind but not seeing either.
  10. Did you see my 18 guesses just after my Oz guess? I thought of more after hitting enter lol.
  11. I realized it was Around the World in 80 days after I posted Oz lol.
  12. Can't think of any more though. I did not expect to do well with this one lol.
  13. Birdman? Silence of the Lambs Around the World in 80 Days? Million Dollar Baby Laurence of Arabia Sound of Music The Artist A Beautiful Mind Midnight Cowboy Shape of Water Mutiny on the Bounty Forest Gump Driving Ms Daisy The Sting The Hurt Locker The Green Book Kramer vs Kramer Ghandi
  14. Poker Face Cry Me A River And that looks like Daft Punk on the river but no idea on song.
  15. American in Paris? I know it is a song but not sure if there is a movie :). Dances with Wolves Chariot of Fire
  16. Loved that song growing up :). I, however, couldn't see that particular image as anything but "Beat My Liver" also known as "Be My Lover". I misheard that song when it first came out and can not unhear it.
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