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  1. Infinite Black has another dice Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/infiniteblack/elder-dice-shards-of-illumination?ref=user_menu#
  2. I think they are cool, but not for me, so didn't go in on it either.
  3. If it helps, bloodstone has jasper in it : )
  4. Just thought that it could be Bloodstone.
  5. My husband got the metal dice - blue edges with the yellow numbers. I've learned I'm not a fan of rolling metal dice, so I opted for just the acrylic.
  6. lol. I only did that with one cup since we still had the other cup in case I broke it ; ).
  7. Yeah. I tried a few different sets of batteries and smacked it several times on the table but it won't wake up. It usually works pretty well for about 5 minutes when we first got them, but I can't wake it up after it goes to sleep. I even beat it quite hard against the table just to see if I was being too gentle. It'll flicker but not stay on for more than a second.
  8. Yup. Our charger cup doesn't work though. Neither did the replacement. But we now have two white cups : ). The first zoomed in picture, the 2nd and 3rd sets are my glow in the darks from the kickstarter (the pink and black dwarven dice and the clear and blue elvish dice).
  9. I say the same thing when I see other people's collections far bigger than mine. That is ziricote. I think the banding was Benge.
  10. I took another picture of my dice. Forgot the 3 Chakte Viga dice in the picture. They were over by my loom (I use them as counters for my weaving).
  11. Windy here still. Though I suppose that means we don't have to deal with the gnats or mosquitos.
  12. I would never have guessed what that was lol.
  13. Pretty much the only Irish song I know off hand is Whiskey in the Jar lol
  14. I was so confused by that Bible in the bush lol
  15. How Green Was My Valley (Not sure I should count that as I had to read some movie descriptions to figure that one out). Looking at other movies he looks like Tom Jones but the Welsh flag doesn't make sense based on the overview. Probably need to see the movie to get it lol.
  16. Ben Hur? Though if so, that should be 4 horses lol.
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