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  1. You have as many sentinels, xl sheaths and dragon sheaths as my husband and I do :).
  2. I figured you were just making sure we all thought it to be lovely : ).
  3. I will also admit that I mis-ID'd that dice chest. Didn't realize that was Chechen (guessed canarywood until I saw that it was not as yellow). Shouldn't be surprised since I really like that wood :). I also like the bank trays.
  4. It is pretty too. I just tend to gravitate to a darker color scheme : ).
  5. W Wow! I love this! Especially like the second one's colors.
  6. I hate the iphone with a passion too. I refuse to get into the Apple empire (I have no i devices or apple computers). But my mom's iphone is quite impressive with its battery, even after a few years. I have never had a motorola and my husband''s last motorola was a while ago, but he liked it. Samsung's "dumber smart phone" (I forget what they are called) have a better battery than the mainline ones but that likely has to do with what your phone is doing. I probably have several apps (like facebook, 2 different emails) that are sucking my battery down. Light use I could probably go two days but I use my phone quite a bit for communications (ie texts, message boards like here and so forth).
  7. I know that iphones tend to have the best battery life. I can make do with my Samsung but I have to charge it every night. Iphones don't have earphone jacks anymore and they tend to have specialty everything. Android (and other types) tend to be more universal and I do know the Samsung still has a earphone jack. This matters to me since I use a square (credit card payment device for bazaars).
  8. Depends. You can buy more "cloud space", but you used to get a little bit for free. I actually think Verizon went fully to charging for the cloud for picture storage. I used the cloud storage for pictures because 99% of my pictures are of the cats anyway and very rarely ever people so I didn't care. I don't like paying for that sort of thing so I opted out and now download my pictures to my computer for storage. I think the only thing stored by cloud for me is my contacts and that isn't too hard to opt out of too. Or at least it used to be. I'm a few years behind on phones : ).
  9. Woke up to freezing fog. Hoping its temporary but the forecast does not look promising (the fog part, should go above freezing in the afternoon).
  10. I personally have a Samsung and really like it. I know people who really like the iphone, and others that really like the Google Pixel. I know that Samsung has "dumber smart phones" that are the bare minimums which is what I started with before jumping into a full smartphone. I'm not entirely sure if I would recommend that route due primarily to not knowing how well they work with "now a days requirements". But I can't judge either way as I am certainly no expert. But they tend to be the cheapest of the phones. I actually still have my Samsung S6 (I think they are on 9 now) and its still going strong. I highly recommend going to the physical store and trying out each of the different kinds of cell phones to see which fit your hands better. I tend to ignore the sales person trying to tell me one thing or another as they may or may not have your best interest in mind (some are really good, but others more are looking for commission). I've seen some really good Black Friday Deals go by so that is definitely worth a look. We got my husband's Samsung S7 for $10 a month (full pay off in 2 years) much better than the $30 a month for 2 years that I see (with Verizon - which is not the cheapest of plans but has the best coverage in our area). Granted I have yet to see that deal come up again...
  11. If you don't read and just look at pictures it really isn't too bad :).
  12. Wow that is a gorgeous piece of redheart! Love the grain!
  13. I like the wood panels on the wall with the lights. That's pretty cool. (All the better when light bulbs work ; )). Table top is pretty cool also.
  14. Looks really cool. Looking forward to more pictures as it progresses.
  15. Add me to the group who wants a 3-d printer just for Cookie cutters! Those are awesome!
  16. These are a lot cooler than the white square thingies I have for our metal miniatures. (Overflow from two different enclosed "golf ball/thimble display" units). Small miniatures of the plastic variety live in various boxes and the bigger ones live in 3 different bookshelves.
  17. Glad snow is elsewhere. It rained a bit yesterday and overnight. That kept us with a low in the 40s and highs have been in the 60s.
  18. With 9 older brothers, there are lots of crazy shenanigans that could have happened in the backstory growing up. Particularly if the brothers are named after animals they are similar too. (Which probably means Mongoose and Snake don't get along very well...) Maybe there were cases of Mongoose and Snake fighting or laying some sort of prank on each other that Otter got stuck in the middle of.