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  1. I had that problem too until I realized that the doorbell wasn't working anymore ; ).
  2. It took me 2 years to convince UPS to put my packages under the porch on the north side of our house. Still can't get Fedex to do the same.... They take the short route to the "back door" which has no porch.
  3. This looks interesting. Nick Logue is one of the mad geniuses on this project. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1746240223/order-of-the-black-arrow?ref=project_build#
  4. Same here. I just went in on the Best Game Ever book only. I don't really need another role playing game system lol.
  5. It's been pretty decent here weather wise. Mid 80s and a lot less smoke thankfully.
  6. My husband suggested: Lumberjack juice and wood - Life is complete.
  7. I really like the Sawdust is Lumberjack tears one.
  8. I haven't actually done anything with them. Partly because I don't know how to do it without it doing what you mention, and partly because I just plain forget about them. I don't seem to have that forgetful nature with the pewter minis for some reason. I did however have one obnoxious mold line at the base of one of the rocks that I just cut with scissors and repainted. But you can still see the actual mold line.
  9. Thanks! I really worried about the base not quite looking right. I did, however, learn that I need to address mold lines on the Bones. For some reason I keep forgetting about them until after I painted. :).
  10. All done painting. Next step will be the spray coat protector.
  11. Neat. Did you go in for the Bones Kickstarter or get the sphinx afterward?
  12. Thanks! Eyes are my bane. But she is a large-sized miniature so that helps. I got a little crazy with the eye-white so I thought, hey, eye liner is Egyptian. So that helped to clean up her eyes. The outside of her wings I used a bronze paint in the wash and on the insides I used a gold so her wings will sparkle in the right light.
  13. I am just about done with the sphinx herself. A few touchups and then going on to the base. It only has one coat of ivory on it. @Zoe here she is!
  14. I can't answer for Magic specifically or really much in the way of cards. But I can attest that the magnets are quite strong and hold up well. I haven't done a lot of traveling with my sentinel yet but have with other products with similarly strong magnets (like the XL dragon sheath. That one has such a grip it sometimes takes me a moment to open it - but I'm also kind of a weakling ).
  15. Got home from our trip to a half mile visibility in smoke. Not going to be a fun few days.
  16. We got both. Lightning start a couple hours away but we also got rain. I can actually see the sky this morning for the first time in a few weeks.
  17. Hope everyone gets rain. We definitely need it. We've got thunderstorms in the forecast for portion of the area. With monsoon moisture its either going to be really good or really bad depending on how fast they move. (High based storms take awhile to moisten up a dry atmosphere and thus get the rain from the clouds to the ground). Last thing we need is dry lightning.
  18. Its been in the upper 80s to lower 90s so its felt so much cooler than when we were in the 100s last week. However, we pretty much look like winter with all the smoke making it look like we are overcast and foggy.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9_WG7eXelo Not sure if this was posted before (did look but didn't find it), but it amused me the first time I saw it. Also pretty cool to look up the original version of this Piano Map.
  20. I saw it before it sold, it was quite nice :).
  21. I keep forgetting about poly hero dice. They are cool looking.
  22. With the arrival of our sentinels, I put out all my dice on the game mat to see how many I had. My husband decided to do the same. Turns out he has one more set of dice than I do, as well as more miscellaneous dice. (Mine is on the right).