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  1. There was another screen too, I think it was a spellbook that is also gone.
  2. I came here for the same reason of the email being the wrong listing ;). Love that Ambrosia maple sentinel. Not the right configuration for me at this time. (Maybe some day when I get more fancy dice). I really like the heartwood on the spalted tamarind, which is probably why I own one :). If I needed another sheath, the Black Limba or the Rosewood would be very tempting.
  3. It is a very fine looking castle. I keep thinking about getting a rolling tray (for the times we game at someone else's house and don't have a lot of space) but I keep drifting to the other shiny things.
  4. The name Lucretia has a different tone when you have played Rise of the Runelords.
  5. There would be a like to this but I ran out reactions as well now.
  6. My grandmother wanted to name me Holly Noelle since I was born just after Christmas. That was vetoed.
  7. I forgot to mention that the lights option on the back of the Keeper screen is really cool.
  8. Ouch... the puns snuck in. Not having a vowel middle name, I don't get the fun word initials. But I did trade a hard to spell/pronounce last name for an easy one (but then, you could always weed out the junk phone calls when they don't see your name right).
  9. I agree, that AC has a strong call for those of the orange persuasion.
  10. That would be fun even if we drove since we only have a short bed truck.
  11. Lol, That would be tempting but its being put to such good shenanigans (I have only been able to watch episode 1 - waiting for 2 because my brain doesn't like skipping ahead).
  12. That is sweet of you but you keep it :). There will be something awesome that comes down the line for me. That and I think I need a different configuration anyway.
  13. Zoe already knows about it. The second one did the same thing as the first one. I don't think I'm allowed Bocote since that was 2 warping. The Machiche and the newer Ziricote and Purpleheart are doing just great! I told Zoe we would just bring it with us when we come see you guys.
  14. Thanks for posting. And yeah, that would have been something I'd been all over too. My poor Bocote sentinel is going to have to return to the pastures of its birth so need to think of something to put in its place.
  15. Congrats @Zoe! And that Chechen is amazing! I didn't get to see the other one.
  16. I ordered a Redheart boulder for my husband since he clearly needs more dice ;). And then I'm still not entirely sure what the other set is going to be other than mine. I'm assuming poor @Zoe is going crazy with emails.
  17. Aww, and here I was liking this thread before the puns showed up ;).
  18. I could see that. I have a stripey and spalted Tamarind piece. Its about that color too.
  19. I had to go look up Black Limba, that is a pretty wood. I have no idea what that board is, you took all my guesses Barb.