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  1. Same experience here. Once you get the trick down it helps. I don't explode dice anymore :).
  2. Nice picks! I love the beveled edges too. That fox logo is so neat!
  3. Many local towns broke Feb snowfall records. We didn't but was close. Snowing again today but we are forecasted to get freezing rain too. At least my orchestra got in a practice last night (canceled 3 plus 1 make up was canceled).
  4. One of the breweries in Central Oregon came up with a clever way to measure their snowfall. They do admit that this was one of the drifts and not the main snowfall, but funny none-the-less.
  5. I like seeing the different staining ideas! I also see that the Bolivian Rosewood AC is gone.
  6. I can't even imagine living somewhere that gets that much snow....
  7. We picked up another 4 inches last night and today. Luckily most of the previous had melted. Not too often we have snow this late in the year. Still headed north 2 hours to try out a brewery. It was ok, not as good as others in the region. Cool that it was an inn, bowling alley, casino and brewery though.
  8. I have this same problem. I am terrible at coming up with stuff on the fly. Luckily my players are also GMs and good friends, so they are understanding when I have to take a moment and think of something before continuing on. It was really good practice. I'm still not great at it, but I am getting better.
  9. If I hadn't already bought an AC (which was my 2nd piece of DMG gear) I would be all over either that Chechen or the Bolivian Rosewood box. But... don't need 2 ACs. I haven't traveled as a GM in a bit.
  10. The price is definitely a factor for me. We don't have a ton of games (at least compared to some out there). I think we are going to go the Kallax route.
  11. We got a round of freezing rain last night. That will be fun in the places where the snow was melting yesterday.
  12. Good thing I missed the Chechen box, I would have been very tempted to get it! I see the steampunk owl made it onto another item - such a cool image.
  13. Thanks for the insight. The nearest Ikea is about 4 hours away so it would be an online order - I was curious about those too (or really anyone's solutions for game storage). Our current solution is not very good.
  14. BoxThrone buyers, what are your thoughts? I noticed they went retail and am curious if its worth it.
  15. That is really awesome! Minus the returning to the cold part.
  16. It is really cool. I like the incline into the well.
  17. With just under 2 feet of snow on the ground, we reached 49 degrees today. Melting quite well but we expect rain this evening and back to below freezing overnight. I do not look forward to the roads tomorrow...