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  1. Now that is an amazing view! I am quite envious.
  2. We are also in for Isle of Cats. Too cute.
  3. We have the video game and its just amazing. Plague Knight is just too cute
  4. Love the shells! Is that a tiny metal rose in the chainmaile earrings?
  5. It moved to the other side of the garage? ; ).
  6. We had some thunderstorms yesterday but they all bypassed us. I think one dying storm went over us and dumped some rain with one boom. Hopefully all were wet - not ready for fire season.
  7. We are really tempted. Will be weighing pros and cons but would love to upgrade our 2 folding tables.
  8. We didn't have strings either. But I would have also gone for the Cello.
  9. I'm not a huge fan of the oboe, but I do love the sound of the English Horn. Not sure I could play them though. Small aperture instruments and I don't get along (the reason I don't play the trumpet anymore and likely never the French Horn).
  10. It went very well. Always good when the composer is happy with the performance :). I play piccolo for the orchestra (also play bassoon and trombone on occassion).
  11. Love frisbee golf. We need to pull our discs out and play. Bought some organization things for Arkham Horror, then realized they won't fit afterward. Luckily Dominion will so will try again today. Also have a dress rehearsal today for our concert tomorrow. The composer of the piece we are premiering is here so that is pretty cool. He gave a talk yesterday about his work in the movie business (Laurence Nash Groupe).
  12. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/579878362/return-of-the-unicorns-rpg-polyhedral-dice-sets?ref=user_menu This was a dangerous thing to go look at. The static pictures were alright but those videos...
  13. I really like Red Dragon Inn, and Quarriors. Also enjoy the older games of Pay Day and Mille Bourne. Currently working on Assassin's Creed Origins in the video Game realm (also enjoy the Darksiders games as well).
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