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  1. Agree on the XL LG or XL DS. A plain GM screen would be cool too.
  2. Those are really cool. Can't wait to see what they look like finished. Like seeing the before and after.
  3. I love my griffon. And yours is quite a fine specimen also. Love the bottle too!
  4. Oh I loved this one : ). The Sawdust illustrations that have been coming through are so adorable : ).
  5. Ah, gaming in the car. So much fun lol. We were traveling over the mountain pass from Seattle and got stuck in traffic for a few hours. We happened to have Munchkin in the car. Cup holders make good impromptu dice rolling trays.
  6. I wanted a wood dice carrying thingy and did a Google search for companies that did so. Dogmight was one that came up and I loved the sculpts on the dragon sheath.
  7. I am absolutely on board for this idea.
  8. This is pretty much my GM life, lol. I have learned to expect that players will NEVER do anything expected.
  9. lol. At least this mace is, while still heavy, not as heavy had it been made of metal :). I'll have to ponder that - it would be cool to get some sort of display thingy for the flail. My husband also has a real flail somewhere in the garage.
  10. That is quite pretty. I do love the plain wood screens, but there are also so many cool sculpts!
  11. I think he was psychic. It was uncanny how good he was at guessing. I think he was wrong maybe 1 time.
  12. My first DMG item was my Sapphire stain viking dragon/water Dragon Sheath. My husband got a sunburst stain with a phoenix/fireball. We still use them for our traveling games : ).
  13. We need to figure out how to get my mace and my husbands flail on the wall : ). I'm thinking a glass shelf for the mace since its huge. The flail I would like to be able to see better than on a glass shelf.
  14. I was also playing my dad a lot and he was super good at that game. He was also really good at Clue. He could usually get it right in 2 rounds.
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