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  1. My ziricote xl sheath. I went elemental dice theme (plus a couple as I had room).
  2. You have as many sentinels, xl sheaths and dragon sheaths as my husband and I do :).
  3. I figured you were just making sure we all thought it to be lovely : ).
  4. I will also admit that I mis-ID'd that dice chest. Didn't realize that was Chechen (guessed canarywood until I saw that it was not as yellow). Shouldn't be surprised since I really like that wood :). I also like the bank trays.
  5. It is pretty too. I just tend to gravitate to a darker color scheme : ).
  6. W Wow! I love this! Especially like the second one's colors.
  7. I hate the iphone with a passion too. I refuse to get into the Apple empire (I have no i devices or apple computers). But my mom's iphone is quite impressive with its battery, even after a few years. I have never had a motorola and my husband''s last motorola was a while ago, but he liked it. Samsung's "dumber smart phone" (I forget what they are called) have a better battery than the mainline ones but that likely has to do with what your phone is doing. I probably have several apps (like facebook, 2 different emails) that are sucking my battery down. Light use I could probably go two days but I use my phone quite a bit for communications (ie texts, message boards like here and so forth).
  8. I know that iphones tend to have the best battery life. I can make do with my Samsung but I have to charge it every night. Iphones don't have earphone jacks anymore and they tend to have specialty everything. Android (and other types) tend to be more universal and I do know the Samsung still has a earphone jack. This matters to me since I use a square (credit card payment device for bazaars).
  9. Depends. You can buy more "cloud space", but you used to get a little bit for free. I actually think Verizon went fully to charging for the cloud for picture storage. I used the cloud storage for pictures because 99% of my pictures are of the cats anyway and very rarely ever people so I didn't care. I don't like paying for that sort of thing so I opted out and now download my pictures to my computer for storage. I think the only thing stored by cloud for me is my contacts and that isn't too hard to opt out of too. Or at least it used to be. I'm a few years behind on phones : ).
  10. Woke up to freezing fog. Hoping its temporary but the forecast does not look promising (the fog part, should go above freezing in the afternoon).