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  1. I can see purpleheart and red heart : ). I don't know what that middle part 2nd from the top is but its gorgeous!
  2. I took it as if the letter was to all the characters, thus the plural. : )
  3. Woo! Excited to see it go to Kickstarter!
  4. I agree, this one is awesome and can have so many color options!
  5. Fun night at the rodeo. A little rain, a little double rainbow and some pretty sunset scenes.
  6. My Kickstarter waiting list: Dark Souls Wave 3 Knot Dice Squared Assassins Creed Brotherhood of Venice (2020) Immersive Battle Maps Animal Adventures: Tales of Cats and Catacombs (2020) Dice Charger by Q Workshop (2020) Return of the Unicorns RPG Poly Dice Sets (Nov 2019) The Isle of Cats (2020)
  7. Awww it's adorable! My favorite books while growing up were the Catwings series.
  8. I have a love for the video game series Darksiders and I just found out that they are coming out with another game this year (a prequel game). One of the collector packs comes with a board game with a lot of miniatures. https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/08/01/limited-edition-of-darksiders-genesis-includes-exclusive-board-game-darksiders-the Sooooo tempting.
  9. Lab dice are pretty fun. Didn't expect to get more dice but they are so cool (3 are mine, 2 are my husband's).
  10. Our game room is no where near that organized. Some day I will take pictures but it might be scary lol.
  11. I don't know if I have a favorite set of dice... I love all my dice. Though the Nebula Nocturnal from the recent Wave 1 Chessex Lab dice is pretty darn cool. No pictures at the moment though.
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