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  1. Since I don't know if I got twitter to work properly (I don't use twitter that often), I figured I'd post here too. My husband decked out and preparing to serve the sheep.
  2. Nope, lol. Now that you point it out however... My husband and I are plotting our own photo for the twitter.
  3. Bolivian Rosewood Wallet. My husband has gotten many good comments on it and he loves it.
  4. Yeah, I think I've settled on getting a box with Ziricote some day instead of the dice. Its the sort of wood that looks like it needs lots of space to show off.
  5. Those zircote boxes are gorgeous. Nice grab Barb :). Seeing those cases didn't make it any easier to pick woods for dice.
  6. Hostas are such a neat plant. My current yard/pasture looks like we are trying to grow a jungle. I've got my work cut out for me this year to try and tame down the weeds (bermuda grass is evil incarnate). Pictures will have to wait until things are a bit more presentable : ). However I did discover some baby birds that are in a roll of fencing we have outside. No idea what they are and I can't see into it very well, but will be very curious to see what they are.
  7. Yup, I backed #4 also, but we just picked up a few minis that we really wanted like the ship and large dragon.
  8. Seeing all these pictures is making me want to get back into painting again. Which is good as I have 3 kickstarters worth of Bones miniatures to paint still : ).
  9. It is fantastic. I like its size and shape and the carving.
  10. Yeah, we have 4 acres to work with :). But my husband and I have some barnwood furniture and would love to see darker woods for a coffee table. (That Ash with the darker finish is definitely up our alley).
  11. I know there is interest here, though probably not right at the moment. We've been contemplating a new coffee table, but the yard demands the money first :).
  12. That redheart box is pretty cool. The more I see the different woods, the harder it gets to choose! I also like that prototype card case - that looks really handy.
  13. These are all very cool. I definitely like the first and third ones.
  14. Here is my Christmas present from this year. A Bubinga Adventure chest. I think my phone camera washes color out as this guy is a bit redder in person.