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  1. Our collection. My husband's brother-in-law made the base. He used the deer as a sample and gave it to us because he thought it was funny.
  2. This is what happened to me. My husband got me addicted to minis (and dice). I hope to do more painting this year. I did none last year.
  3. Well, I'd want a honeycomb interior : ). So one of us will be happy.
  4. Yeah that stain turned out gorgeous. If I were to get another sentinel it would have a different interior.
  5. I agree. Galaxy is such a pretty color that I think both of us are still looking for a piece to use that stain on? ; ).
  6. I don't remember you saying it, but I see a lot go up and a lot go out : ).
  7. I agree, @Konas that is a gorgeous table. I like the simplicity and yet its really pretty (shows off the wood).
  8. That sounds cool. We finally got a game where a tray would be handy. Course it would mean 2 trays since there are 6 different meeples. Etching on the plexi is always a cool option.
  9. He is probably the cutest of the pups for me on that one.
  10. Oh my, that wand sounds lovely! I'm a ziricote fan, but am loving Redheart the more I see it.
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