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  1. Wanted to show off my Galaxy coco! It's a little bit darker than I thought it would be, but i'm still pretty happy!!
  2. The replacment tile doesn't quite match the deep purple of the rest of my coco, but that's ok. It shows you just how unique each stain can be. I love that very much! They really did protect my goodies. My tile was bubble wrapped, my tower was bubble wrapped twice, and then a giant wad if paper was tucked around them. Love how much care that they not only put into the product, but also how the make sure it is 100% secure on its travel to you.
  3. Just received my replacment tile (on the right) and my dice tower! I'm so very happy!!
  4. I will check to see if that works when I get back home from traveling, of course I forgot it on my trip to come game with friends. Then I will let you know!!
  5. Finally got to use my coco a little. The single card slot with the dual just wasnt long enough to fit my D&D spell cards, but that's perfectly fine. Can't wait to get to use this some more with my dice tower and other coco!!
  6. @Zoe I'm so incredibly happy with them!! I can't wait to bust them out and show them off on game night!!
  7. Such a gorgeous coco!!! She is perfect! Can't wait for my abyssal black dice tower to cozy up to her.
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