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  1. Loved getting a chance for a quick swing through Gen Con. Great meeting @tgpumpkin and delightful (though surprisingly not orange!) family! Also good as always to witness the Dog Might team doing what they do and sharing their goodness with the world. Upon return my family, who were more than a little miffed not to be included in this particular work trip, decreed that a 4 day trip to Gen Con should be planned and executed. I did bring them an offering of shiny dice to soften the pain and that seemed to help a bit.
  2. The Pinkwood tree video is cute (just now saw it). It was minutes of my life well spent and now I have a much clearer picture of the lengths the Mikes will go through to get the right wood for the shop...
  3. Congrats to Villanova. They were clearly the better team. Tough night for Michigan giving up offensive rebounds and missing open shots and free throws, but I"m not sure it would have mattered. Great season and tournament for the Maize and Blue.
  4. Fingers crossed for a good game and a Michigan win. Villanova is a great team, but if we play a consistent, good game we can hang with them. If we have an off day, we'll get crushed. And awaaaaaay we go!
  5. Go BLUE!! Thanks for all the extra support: @Barb Bliss @Konas @tgpumpkin. I know you're glad to be a key part of this win. Monday night should be fun!
  6. Agreed. Great game. Glad it turned out the way it did, but surprised Grayson's shot didn't go in at the end of regulation. And yes, the fifth foul call was tough. Next weekend should be very interesting.
  7. I am, of course, rooting for Michigan. It's a fun time to be in Ann Arbor. If we lose to Loyola I hope they win it all as it would be a fantastic story. Much like your 'Nova, I'm in the 'anyone but Duke' category.
  8. Survive and Advance. Final Four Go BLUE!
  9. I suppose you would have to admit that @tgpumpkin. Not bad 2nd half either... GO BLUE!!!!
  10. So, @Konas @tgpumpkin @Barb Bliss from the beginning at least of the game it appears your avatar change was well-timed and helpful. Thanks for your support!
  11. Shamgar

    Wooden Dice!

    These are beautiful sets. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to seeing more pics like this in various groups around FB as new customers receive theirs.
  12. Shamgar

    Wooden Dice!

    Thanks. I can't say it was always the case, but I've mellowed out a bit even though I live in Ann Arbor. Plus I'm aware that it could very well go the opposite direction in the future. That said, every time I see you guys, especially 'coach', I smile. @Konas may need a maize and blue GM screen...or even a set of dice done in blue with maize inlay to adorn his newly redecorated U-M Shrine.
  13. Shamgar

    Wooden Dice!

    Glad to see everyone representing the Maize and Blue for tonight's game. Love that team spirit!
  14. @tgpumpkin I like it. Very creative. I'm assuming wearing that for the next month will allow the goodness of U-M to rub off and, in the end, you'll be excited to join me in a rousing rendition of 'Hail to the Victors' Pumpkin power!
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