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  1. I'm sorry that you were an idiot. The good news is that you've been healed! Tuscany is a MUST OWN in my opinion. I'm not certain about how the essential editions of the game are separated, but in the original, the Mamas and the Papas, the mortgaging farmland and the extended seasons board were all packaged with Tuscany. I enjoy playing with the buildings cards as well. I've also got the Moor visitors expansion and its pretty great. Definitely a wonderful worker placement game for people that are not into fantasy (and hence would give Lords of Waterdeep the stink eye).
  2. Viticulture is probably my number 1 game. Top 3 at least. Do you play with the Tuscany board, or do you, like a young padawan, need to learn?
  3. I love the game. Its fantastic, but the first few times you play, it'll take awhile. If you can track down the expansion that adds specific civilizations into it, it elevates the game even higher!
  4. Sounds like a personal problem. Have you been to your physician?
  5. I don't know that this has been asked of you guys before, but have you ever made cribbage boards? That is a game that I can always get my father-in-law to play with me while I'm visit my wife's parents. Even though I'm more of a hobby gamer, I think many of your designs would make amazing cribbage boards.
  6. My hope is that you are somehow incorporating Viking culture with pirate culture. I'd love it if you were making a plank. I don't have a boat. I don't live in a coastal city. But damn, I'd love a fancy plank. And when my 8th grade students were irritating me, I could tell them where to walk. At the same time, I might just need a dogmight big ass hammer. Even better, the Maul they have at conventions. That would give me more range to thump knuckleheads in the third row.
  7. I'm sure that since the GM system kickstarter page isn't live yet, you may have already corrected this, but many of the images of the forms that can be put on either the lids or the sides don't have match up with their labels. It seems as though there is a bunch of "skulls" and "serpents"- misspelled by the way. You may want to get your crack editing team in gear just to avoid any accusations of Viking illiteracy!
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