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  1. Jealous! I have another week before break starts for my school.
  2. Thanks! I post infrequently and lurk a bit more often. Oh, and bug @Zoe via email a lot! I’ve got multiple addictions: minis, RPG books, terrain tiles, maps, dice, Dog Might. I mean my umbrella addiction it probably RPGs (currently in 4 games), all the rest just feed into it!
  3. I don’t either. I mean I have 4 slimlines and another XL. I also have two dice towers, and have ordered a sentinel. I’m not lacking in places to put dice. I just have a small addiction.
  4. That awkward moment when you find out someone’s talking about you. 😉
  5. Thanks! First meeting of the year in a couple of hours. Brought my bone box for good luck (and to show off to my co-presidents). I think I need to get them Dog Might gear for graduation!
  6. Thanks! I had a bunch of kids figure out I was into Star Wars and comics my first year, they kept trying to talk to me during class time. So my second year, I started a club so we could talk without missing time.
  7. So I sponsor a Sci-Fi club at the high school where I work and today was our annual club fair. We had a small attraction going where if you rolled a nat 20 you didn’t have to pay your dues. And I got to show off some Dog Might goodness.
  8. Thanks @RomyCat and @ElysianPeace I was a bit nervous picking them out originally because I was afraid they would only go together well in my mind but they turned out amazing. I may have set my bonebox on my bedside table last night because I didn’t want them to run away. Shhh. Don’t tell!
  9. @Barb Bliss The bone boxes are black walnut with a wenge band if I am not mistaken. I chose Chechen, Leopardwood, Wenge, Bocote and Bolivian Rosewood. I think that is in the correct order but I could have mixed the Chechen and Bolivian Rosewood. The glare was not my friend but at least I avoided getting a reflection of the light fixture circa 1982.
  10. Bone Box arrived this morning just as I was running out the door headed out of town today. Only had time to glance at it until I got home this evening. I believe that’s Chechen, Leopardwood, Wenge, Bocote and Bolivian Rosewood. May have the first and last swapped. So pretty. And of course the dice. Smoke, Slime, Unicorn, Pride and Rainbow! I like lots of color!
  11. So not only did my replacement dividers for my rolling tray come in but one of my players/best friend surprised me with an early D&Diversary present at Game this weekend. It’s a black walnut d20. She said she had to give it to me early so I didn’t buy it for myself. Which, to be honest, is pretty fair.
  12. Thanks! The quote is so perfect for our group. I'm planning on doing some like meats and cheeses and using the tray as a server this weekend for the guys. As for the divider. I tried it the other way, it doesn't seem to want to fit no matter what. I don't know.
  13. So got a package in the mail. The picture I got of it gave me a tiny heart attack. But the inside was all good from what I can tell. My black walnut/flame birch cutting board complete with a very special quote from our D&D group. Bolivian Rosewood rolling tray with Vines sculpt. (And lots of new dice!) There does seem to be an issue with the divider. It seems to be a touch too big.
  14. I thought the first cut was the deepest?