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  1. It's one of my favorite woods, especially for things that I get with sculpts. BoRo, Redheart and Bubinga are definitely my 'go to' woods.
  2. My addictions are RPG systems/books (have more than I will ever be able to play in this lifetime), Board Games (ditto - although I try harder to play them all with these), Dog Might and KD:M
  3. Nice. That definitely caught my eye, but I really don't need another dragon sheath at the moment.
  4. Only 3? @Serge Darveau wouldn't even notice just 3!! Besides - you even built one already for yourselves, why leave us out of it?? There's always that KD:M chest I showed you that you could do your own version of <sigh> Fine... how about ramping up the miniature display shelves you did at one point (a larger version of it)? Maybe a card tray? (draw and discard piles) Something large enough to hold say the Terraforming Mars deck, or Arkham Asylum mythos decks? Or something smaller but could hold multiple 'decks' to draw from - i.e. something you could use to layout a Dominion game for instance.
  5. re: Waffling - I have just three words for you @tgpumpkin -- "Wenge Castle Tray"
  6. That's just because they were waiting for you to feed them (i.e. serve them)
  7. Which is fine. But everyone knows that cats think we exist to serve them, not the other way around.
  8. Guess I'm just too much of an introvert. By the time I've been interested in someone- they've generally 'been caught'.
  9. But then I wouldn't have the time to use all the cool stuff I was buying
  10. Yeah - those are both pretty. But definitely need to take a break after the game table. Need to rebuild my cash flow a little
  11. Wasn't suggesting that THAT one was. Just saying you're very quick on the trigger when something comes up that you want.
  12. Yeah.. you can't hesitate with some of the sharks around here. (Yes I'm looking at you @Barb Bliss) Nah.. that's just too cruel. @LaBelleFleur is still a newbie -- you have to be around a while and STILL be waffling to become a @tgpumpkin
  13. Definitely an unusual pattern for BoRo then, not to mention the lighter caramel color - which I love in the BoRo. I was torn between guessing those two.
  14. Damn it.. and I was feeling proud of myself for getting it right
  15. I am getting scared at how often I can recognize these woods now
  16. I'm trying to tell for certain - what wood was that. My first thought was Chechen.. but seems a little light for that. The grain doesn't look like BoRo though.
  17. And it was great to meet you as well @Konas! And I'm glad to see you made it home safely. You and the team have every reason to be proud of that table.. it's gorgeous.. I could not be happier.