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  1. The new "Rusted Gold" finish is killer. Definitely one of my favorites that you've done.
  2. Better than some options I had considered, worse than others.
  3. I'm not sure what 'personally hexed by Sawdust' entails.. but I'm not sure I want it
  4. Why am I looking? I'm not supposed to be buying anything else!
  5. Congratulations to @Konas, Cameron.. and the entire DMG crew. It's amazing to think it was 4 years ago that I ordered my first DMG piece (the dice chest KS). I know it's been quite a ride.. may it go on for many more anniversaries.
  6. They've been using "Dog Fright" as their twitter 'handle' all month.
  7. That one occurred to me too. But I thought that was rather disturbed, so I didn't want to say it myself
  8. I'm waiting for this to be like a pool table or something completely unexpected
  9. I admit that I was surprised you didn't find this topic days ago.
  10. Latest loot. Bocote Sentinel Vampire Dragon Sheaths (Blood Toreador and Night Gangrel) And as much as I love redheart, I have to give @Konas credit. This is one of the prettiest pieces of Wenge I've seen. I love it.
  11. OMG, I know someone who would want that Imperial Ruby Spellbook!
  12. Yeah.. I see that. I actually think the Walnut one looks better of the two. And I am still disappointed in that name. As I said - who vomits up unicorns? They're so tasty.
  13. "You have learned my secret identity. Now you must DIE!"
  14. "You won't know WHEN. You won't know HOW. But vengeance shall be MINE!"
  15. I was wondering if I was the only one who thought this looked like "You are going to pay for this!" expression
  16. We (humans) do terrible things to our pets. I remember when I was a kid putting capes from halloween costumes of superman or batman on our dog. She looked so miserable. The worst thing though was we had a set of red 'santa booties' that we would put on her.. and she'd walk around shaking her paws trying to kick them off. And ALL of us (kids and adults alike) would just stand there laughing hysterically. It's amazing that that dog loved us so.
  17. But were any pumpkins harmed in the making of said cake?