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  1. Yeah.. I admit I was like "Yes, I want to pay $60 for the game, and then $1740 for the box!" Uggh.. I admit it's a very pretty box.. but still. I could buy a custom game table for that! Actually not backing that game.. but just the price on those pieces.. shudder.
  2. So @Barb Bliss you in for the Consummate level?
  3. @Zoxe, Thank you so much for the response. Give me a lot to think about. Sounds like I probably should get myself a little more comfortable with regular brush painting first though before I step into this. I really like the way your KD:M stuff came out though, and I've seen others with similar grey-scale/stone-like color schemes, and that's what I think I want to do with mine. Long way to go though.. I really need to finish up the first couple of minis I had started from Myth - which are the first minis I've worked on in like 35 years before I move on to KD:M
  4. Can't tell from the picture - what brown boxes did you get?
  5. Pretty much a certainty now
  6. No hurry - I'm not going and buying stuff today Just researching still (deciding if I want to put that much money into it). Another question: 6. Do you prime with the airbrush as well?
  7. @Zoxe I'm looking into trying to start airbrushing (before I actually start painting KD:M). I have a couple of questions about what you started with/set up. 1. Why the spare hose and filter? From what I'm seeing there is already a filter on the air compressor - so why do you need a second one "between hoses"? I'm imagining from your description it goes compressor->filter->hose 1->filter->hose 2->airbrush. If I'm just not understanding your set up - could you explain it in more detail? 2. Have you tried the airbrush that came with the kit since you posted this? If so - thoughts on it? 3. It sounds like you're using the Patriot for your base coating as well. A lot of what I'm reading seems to suggest a siphon feed for basecoating rather than a gravity feed. Why did you make the choice you did? 4. Follow up on that is that one reason I see quoted for the siphon feed is because of the small cup capacity of most gravity feeds. Basically for doing a larger model like the Phoenix or the Dragon King - how much did the airbrush cover when basecoating / how often did you need to refill it? 5. Are you satisfied with that kit air compressor, or are you thinking of upgrading it? If the latter - why?
  8. @Zoxe Definitely interested in seeing what you got at KD:M. Did you get to try either of the new demos? @tgpumpkin Come to the darkside of KD:M! We have cooki...hmm.. no.. we have pumpki....no, not right either. We have death and destruction! Yes that's what we have at KD:M!
  9. @Serge Darveau - I don't believe you're allowed to award your own points like that.
  10. OMG - I found pictures of @tgpumpkin's house on line! Or maybe it's @Serge Darveau's. I'm not sure.
  11. Sure has been quiet these past few days. So the question is if that is because the DMG crew is gone at GenCon -- or because a bunch of Barkers are at GenCon?
  12. I know people who would pay good money for a d20 like that!
  13. I guess I should clarify that I've been going with @tgpumpkin's original question of pulled out or almost backed. There have been games that I didn't learn about until the KS was over that I wish I had known about (Mutant Meeples, Gloomhaven, etc) but I wasn't counting those since I never had the opportunity to back them.
  14. Thanks @tgpumpkin. And I don't blame you @Barb Bliss - I wouldn't feel bad if I had won it either. That one definitely hit the new 'envy' high mark though.
  15. Only one I can think of is 7th Continent - but I did get in on the late pledge for that. Most of the time, I am usually fine with picking a game up afterwards if I was 'on the border' about whether to back it or not. So very little in the way of regretting not getting KS prices.
  16. Wait.. you mean there is someone here who hasn't lost their soul already? Heretic! They must be converted!
  17. Out of reactions - so Thank you. And I know I've mentioned it a few times.. and at least referred to the Briar Rose a couple of times (i.e. my dice chest somewhere in this thread has a metal Rose on it). That symbol is pretty much what I use for all of the custom work I have DMG do for me - and what I will get engraved into the gaming table if I ever get around to being able to afford that. As for the books - yeah, I absolutely love both Phedre and Moirin. And Joscelin reminds me so much of one of my old RPG characters.
  18. Lastly to complete the collection - my two dice towers - Bubinga on the left, Redheart on the right. And again showing my love of Carey's work with my now almost trademark 'briar rose' custom work By the way - great work on the sculpt @Konas and crew. I'm afraid my tablet camera doesn't really do it justice. One minor issue @Zoe and @Konas -- still seem to be issues with the magnet process. The Bubinga dice tower has the wrong polarity to match up with the Component Collector. The redheart is fine.
  19. And now to start showing off my fandom - as I've stated, I'm a huge fan of Jacqueline Carey's work. So we get my engraved hero sleeves and bone box. Sleeves from top to bottom: Benge, Wenge, Chechen, Bocote, Bolivian Rosewood, Ziricote, Leopardwood. And the bottoms And with the metal dice sets And finally with the bone box
  20. Next we have card stands - I honestly am not 100% certain any more, but I believe it was wenge and canarywood.
  21. Lots of updates here. Let's start with the custom Monterillo Rosewood XL Sheath
  22. Yep - there were reasons I was considering dropping this even before my computer died.
  23. They posted prices for it already. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/cthulhu-death-may-die/posts/2235242 In continental US - it ranges from like $12 to $25. Canada averages about $51. Most of Europe is $50-70. Africa is $125. Most of Pacific is about $140. Highest Quote is $167 for Cambodia I believe. So yes - large areas are paying more like $200-250 for the mini. Another reason I was going to say "not worth it".