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  1. And this is why I don't have a job involving "customer service"
  2. First - there is no such thing as idiot proof unfortunately. I think it would be easier to come up with "idiot handling instructions" (preferably one that involves using a Big Ass Hammer )
  3. You should take all the broken pieces and give it a proper Viking Lumberjack funeral pyre
  4. WTF was this guy thinking? "Can I hold it" is not the same as "Can I smash it into the convention floor?" Even if no one thought it would break - the sound itself would have been rude to the rest of the convention go-ers and exhibitors. You are nicer than I would have been - I'd have fleeced him for everything he had.
  5. I'm in on Trickerion and Tang Garden for now (again because of the early bird). Missed early bird on Neta Tanka so for now - holding off on that as I decide what to do. I'll almost certainly keep Trickerion - so it's just a matter of the other two for me.
  6. I may have to try to pick this up. I admit I passed on the KS because I had a bunch of others going, and I hadn't played GH at that point. (I admit I am addicted to that game now ). Hopefully this will be a little easier to find in stores than GH itself when KS fulfillment is done.
  7. Not to mention the expansion coming at the end of the year
  8. I was just about to post that one. I had heard good things about it. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/438141406/trickerion-dahlgaards-academy-and-collectors-editi/description
  9. Time to form a raid party to assault High Command?
  10. I need to post multiple reactions to this! "Thanks" for being there. "Sad" for putting out pieces to drool over!
  11. Seeing that really makes me excited to get mine going. I know I need to get back to you on that @Konas.
  12. So "Giving it to Sawdust" is not going to show up as a suggestion in the "How to take care of my DMG gear" thread any time soon?
  13. That really sucks about the damage Barb. I hope you DMG can help you get it fixed up. It's still beautiful, but I know that I'd always end up staring at that 'damage' if it were left like that.
  14. You're not the lab rat... your table is And given some of your history with deliveries, it was either a very good or a very bad choice to use as a test subject
  15. Because some people, apparently, don't like 'figured' woods - but want the wood to be as consistent as possible. I don't quite get that myself - but to each their own.
  16. I just can't get into that game. Probably because the second time I played it left a really bad feeling for me when the betrayer basically did "Oh.. I move over here, pull off this special move, and you just die." I forget what scenario it was, but basically he just walked into a room, performed like a half dozen attacks that basically would one-turn-kill anyone. And of course because of how Betrayal works, no one knows this until he starts pulling it off. This game is very close to being on my 'never again' list.
  17. Well I agree with you on Carr*. That is one of only a handful of games on my "I will never play again" list. As I said, I don't regret trying it.. I typically will give any game at least two plays before I pass judgement on it - but Carr* has had that and more and is definitely "never again" for me. With you on the double pinochle, hearts and double deck hearts (did you play it as cancellation hearts?). I've done a little Euchre, couldn't get too many people into it. Bridge was big for me at college as well. Also got into Canasta and Cribbage at that time - though I haven't played Canasta in the 20 years since.
  18. @tgpumpkin I'd definitely try to get Caverna out again. It IS a very good game, although it is long for some people's tastes. I am one of those people who never regrets buying a game -- even if I end up not liking it or whatever, I have always considered it worth the cost to try the game. The nearest thing I have to a regret is backing the Myth: Journeyman kickstarter. I enjoy Myth.. and so went in heavily on the KS, only to have the KS drag on and on and on. Got the base expansions, but 3 years and still waiting on stretch goals and add-ons. Supposedly should get the printed material stretch goals this year. Whether I ever see the minis and add-ons I purchased, I put at about a 50-50.
  19. Village is an excellent worker unplacement game. (once you play it, you'll understand what I mean). Definitely worth having/playing.
  20. My family was always game players. Both board games (Monopoly, Acquire, Payday, Mille Bornes...etc. Probably had played almost anything from Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley or 3M at some point) and card games (Bridge, Pinochle, Oh Hell, etc.). First move into Euro games was definitely Catan. Bridge was probably my first game addiction, with Catan being the first Euro addiction.
  21. The original game was based on Phil and Kaja's adult comic book Xxxenophile. It was actually pretty lackluster.. I'm sure they've improved it as this is basically the third iteration, but honestly it wasn't that interesting of a game at that time. Bought it originally as a collector of Phil and Kaja's work.. probably still have it buried somewhere.
  22. Actually, given what I'm seeing - I'm familiar with this game -- as I have the original game it was based on. Given that, I'll think I'll pass - but I thank you for the offer.
  23. There was a Girl Genius game on KS and I missed it??!!
  24. Well Apocrypha was originally supposed to be 1 base game and 2 expansions.. with the idea of base game = 2016, expansion 1 = 2017, expansion 2 = 2018. I forget exactly when base game came out - I think it ended up in 2017 at some point. But then they realized that doing multiple shipments was going to kill them.. so they announced they'd ship both expansions at the same time. So in some sense, like KD:M, it's not really that far off the original statement. Myth is the one in my mind that I question if I'll see anything more out of. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed given how much I put into that one.. but I'm not holding my breath either.