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  1. Ok - I don't think this is an 'awesome' game.. but I will say that the I wasn't sure if I should be laughing or sobbing at the idea/short description of the game. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/muzakgames/world-dumbination?ref=discovery_category_newest
  2. I may have too. Oh well - serves them right if they get a bad grade then
  3. Hmm - don't think I have nearly as much stuff as some people 2019 Terraforming Mars: Turmoil Folded Space Inserts 3 2018 Tainted Grail Paladin Card Protectors: Season 3 QE Pitchcar Expansion 7: The Loop Tang Garden Trickerion Gentes Deluxified 2017 Sentinels of Earth-Prime Kingdom Death: Monster (received Waves 1 & 2 - waiting on remaining waves (2 or 3 more)) 2015 Myth: Journeyman (which I pretty much have given up on at this point)
  4. Only probably @Konas - is that the code for the survey could change the answer to the first question!
  5. How dare they?! But I can't do anything more until the deck jacket and token shield are done. Need to slow down a bit.
  6. Yeah the axe is awesome, and so are a lot of the mixed wood pieces. I apparently missed the sentinels though
  7. For those interested - latest Terraforming Mars expansion has launched on Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/strongholdgames/terraforming-mars-turmoil
  8. Yeah - it's got to be one or the other pretty much. Basically you have to be able to just run like EVERY trick.. and preferably be sure that people can't hold on to a heart (have enough so you can pull them all after you start your run).
  9. It was. I didn't want to mention the company outright. I just wanted to be sure that it was an intentional arrangement.
  10. I forget the full hand I had.. but the one time I pulled it off was like I had all 8 aces, a couple of kings, and like over half the hearts including 7 of the top 8. Literally I think I failed to take one trick but I had long since run hearts out of the game at that point.
  11. Yeah - I've had an attempt foiled by the kitty more than once I think I've only pulled it off once.. but saw it maybe a half dozen times in the group.
  12. The real fun is to attempt to shoot the moon in cancellation hearts.
  13. That's what you get for all those quick impulse buys! Not that I know anything about that.. nope.. never done that myself. Not once. (probably more like four times)
  14. I LOVE double deck cancellation hearts!! Possibly the most evil/vicious game ever created!
  15. Late response - but I was at con this weekend. Growing up - my family was all about pinochle (regular and double), and bridge. In college, we had a group of friends who would play pretty much any card game in existence -- bridge was still a favorite, but we also played hearts(regular and cancellation), spades, sergeant major, even occasionally canasta and euchre.. and I had one person who I could play cribbage with as well. @Konas - on a side note, I didn't say anything to the booth - but there was a booth at the con who was reselling a couple of your Valhalla screens. I didn't ask the prices on them. I just found it interesting that apparently people are buying them to resell them. Apparently this company does that a bunch as they also had stuff from Level Up Dice, Kraken Dice and Elderwood all for sale as well (some of the things like the dice trays even had the other company's name on them). I don't know if this bothers you or not (having people resell your stuff - when there was no obvious sign that DMG created them).
  16. Get two of them, and you can build yourself a little fort around yourself. Then you just need a die catapult to start launching d20s at your players (or at your gm as the case may be)
  17. @Konas it's also just the mix of my tastes. For instance I do most of my sculpts in the less figured woods - but still things with enough difference to show (redheart, chechen, bubinga). But the really heavily contrast woods, I like plain (bocote, kingwood, etc). I think too much 'activity' in the wood distracts from a sculpt, while a sculpt should highlight the subtleties of woods.
  18. Hmm.. that's tough because I don't think my 'dream sculpt' would look good on the 'dream wood'. Dream sculpt: TARDIS console Dream wood: That's a lot harder for me. Something with a lot of contrast and figuring. B&W Ebony maybe or Kingwood. Or something like a gorgeous walnut burl or waterfall bubinga.
  19. I'm right there with you. But as my family says - it beats the alternative.
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