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  1. Ok as promised (and late for some of these) -- the latest additions to my ever-growing collection The Mini Box and Skirmish Box I was surprised at the size difference between the two. Mini Box is cool -although I'm not sure how to use some of the smaller insets. But I absolutely LOVE the Rosewood skirmish box. The color is amazing And it even has a couple of lines of sapwood in the base. I can comfortably fit four of my monster minis from KD:M inside, and the survivors in the mini box. Not sure what I'll use the 'slots' for yet. And of course the newest add - the cutting board. Looks like it might have still been wet when it was wrapped up (looks like bubble wrap marks still on it. But I figure those will work out over time. Really really happy with this purchase too!
  2. Now I have Peter Pan going through my head. "I'll never grow up. Not me. Not I. I won't grow up!"
  3. All depends on who's cooking it. I prefer true medium rare (by temperature). Which usually means if I'm going to a steakhouse - I have to order medium And you should know the background of "Pittsburghing" a steak (since I live in Pittsburgh) -- it goes back to the steel mill days. Workers would take a steak and hold it up to the smelters to cook the outside of the steak - leaving the inside effectively raw.
  4. @tgpumpkin I know. Adulting is hard isn't it (and really not much fun).
  5. If you're referring to @Zoe's post of the Wenge chest - no that's an old piece that she just reposted the image of. I've not seen anything new go up since they put up the cutting boards (+ a few other things).
  6. I get that. More than once I've had to make decisions of "do I want X less expensive items or 1 top line item" from DMG. So far - I've done a bit of a mix, sometimes going variety, sometimes going for the Mythic tier.
  7. Ok - did we fall into a mirror universe when @Zoe is suggesting redheart, and @Konas is suggesting bubinga??
  8. I am a HUGE fan of Jacqueline Carey's writing. Pretty much all of my customization of DMG stuff comes from her work. So getting a sculpt of the same briar rose image I have on my dice chest. And the Cutting board and all of the hero sleeves I'll be getting have quotes from her books.
  9. I did similarly - got Redheart to match my personal Coco, then got a Bubinga just because I wanted/needed another Bubinga piece (and @Konas recommended it in terms of showing off the custom sculpt I'm getting)
  10. Agreed - the game is very well organized. Interesting - yeah.. I tried going a heavy store strategy. Because I misunderstood how the public buildings worked. By the time I learned I was wrong about it - the game was like 50% over, and I had invested too much for too little return to be in the game. I did ok shipping as well.. but completely ignored the clergy which I think was a mistake. I do like the game and want to play it again.. it's just always a question of which/how many "big box" games I can carry.
  11. Yes - it's definitely not the game for you if anyone in your group is prone to AP. I know that I did a lousy job of balancing things my first play through (partially because I misunderstood the rules - so what I thought would score lots of points, scored like two ). I definitely want to give it another go - it's just such a huge game to carry around to my group.