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  1. Finally got a shipping notice on my HB55 airbrush. Guess I'll have to fork out the rest of the money for everything else now
  2. A dice chest from the original dice chest KS campaign. One which the Mike's graciously rebuilt for me maybe a year ago, when I asked if they could fix the fact that the pedestals didn't quite sit right, and that the metal emblem was discolored. Here's the re-built one - I don't think I have a pic of the original posted.
  3. And I agree with you both about the wood - and it doesn't even need to be 'chaotic' really. But I like the exceptional pieces - things like the more 'caramel' BoRo, or some really interesting lines in Bocote, etc. Bubinga was actually my first intro to DMG, so will always be a special wood too. For the stains - I definitely like the more 'multi-colored' stains. I think it's kind of the same reason for my reaction with the woods -- I like the greater variation/differences. If it's too homogeneous, it just feels less interesting.
  4. @Josh I'm kind of like you that I like a lot of the woods, especially when you get some exceptional examples of them. But my "go to" woods are definitely redheart and Bolivian Rosewood. And yeah - I could see how cocos could be tedious.. esp with the volume of them that you have to do. Just remember the end is in sight! (until you start taking live orders for them )
  5. Great images @Josh. So some questions for you as an apprentice, since we've gotten ideas/answers from some of the others on the forum? What's your favorite wood from an aesthetic point of view? What's your favorite wood to work with (if it's different from above)? What's your favorite (and least favorite) DMG product to work on?
  6. Well come on @Konas -- I'm pretty sure at most companies, that might have qualified as an HR violation
  7. How's that for a response?
  8. And Sawdust deserves all the gifts for all his hard work. Picking the best pieces in stock is a difficult job, but someone has to do it
  9. I knew you had gotten one of their burnt orange pieces - couldn't remember which one it was. Normally I like the natural wood look - but I've always liked the demon's blood fiery finish - and I really liked the burnt orange when they debuted it. So I was very pleased that they were willing to 'bring it back' as a special order.
  10. so @tgpumpkin - do you like the 'pumpkin' deck jacket?
  11. Yes it is - thank you to you and your team for all the hard work on it.
  12. It's been a while.. so here are some of the latest pieces of my DMG collection. The Macassar XL Some of my artifact dice order -- a cocobolo d10 And a redheart boulder d20 My demon's blood token shield And lastly - the burnt orange with brown dragonhide deck jacket - Really happy with how this finish came out
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