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  1. That's how I feel about KDM. I really need to stop buying models that I don't have time to build and paint
  2. Maybe I need a 'spend MY money thread..." Damn it @Konas
  3. Lol. Or I could use it to try and get you to buy item X - so that I can buy item Y
  4. Funny you should say that - I was thinking I should start a 'for those who want to spend Barb's money' thread
  5. Gee - why am I not surprised that's your favorite. If anything - I'm surprised that it's still there
  6. Don't be - you got it fair and square. But forgive me if I'm not quite so gracious as usual on this one for a little bit.
  7. I know - I'm just really disappointed this went up when I was out of town without internet access. I think this is the first piece I'm really TRULY jealous over -- There's been things like Adam's Pau Rosa die, or that BoRo dragon that I've thought were beautiful. But I think this is the first piece that I would have snap-bought if I'd been around - but that I didn't even get a chance at. I think I may be starting to understand how @tgpumpkin feels.
  8. Hey - I'm just trying to help out a fellow underdog is all!
  9. If it's so cluttered - you should just send that walnut deck jacket along so it's out of the way
  10. Correct - I have a Game Topper with custom engraved redheart rails by DMG. I agree - Burky is a great guy, as are all the people at DMG - it's why I had to do it when they presented the opportunity to me. I love the game topper (Watson size). It's really sturdy and a great solution for those who don't have the money/space for a full blown dedicated game table.
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