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  1. Hey - I wasn't naming any names. (only because the list of offenders is probably too long )
  2. Not making any accusations - just saying...
  3. In a similar vein - although I'm not sure @tgpumpkin's jar is that empty.
  4. In response to @Konas twitter question about what a GM expects from his players:
  5. Shelving unit to display Dusty Dooms on
  6. Is this the piece you are referring too? I definitely remember this one.
  7. While I AM very envious of the deck jacket - I had no chance at that. I was on vacation without internet - so if you didn't get it someone else surely would have. It's too beautiful a piece to have lasted the 5-7 days it would have taken for me to get home after the drop. So don't feel guilty about it - really. I'd rather it went to a home I knew honestly appreciated the beauty of the piece. But I'll still be envious - and I will keep my order in with @Konas to look for another piece. And now I'm 95% sure I don't have the piece you're talking about, because I'm pretty sure I only hav
  8. <watches as arterial blood spurts out all over from the knife twisting deeper>
  9. Hmm.. I don't think so - or at least I'm not aware of anything I'd call a burled rosewood. I definitely have some nice caramel ones though.
  10. It's better than the alternative
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