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  1. I hadn't backed it either - but had marked it to follow up. Then when 48 hours hit and I saw what was going on - boy was I glad I didn't. This was even worse than the fiasco that was TOMBED. At least that didn't seem like a scam so much as incompetence/confusion between the two groups. This was pretty clearly an intent to scam people.
  2. Actually I figured you to start a "Why you should choose BoRo" thread now, @Barb Bliss
  3. I don't know about 'awesome' but I swear these people know my gaming group. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chiptheorygames/game-to-pick-a-game?ref=category_newest&ref=discovery
  4. And this is just the SMALL expansion. Isaac is also working on a BIG expansion which supposedly would be as large as the original campaign.
  5. Nod - I knew it was a custom piece. But it's still a brilliant example of the kind of "awesome" work that they do which is why I think it deserves to be here.
  6. If I can make a suggestion for something to put up here - I forget who ended up buying it - but the BoRo Dragon profile Dragon Tray. I'm pretty sure you know which one I mean.
  7. Well if you saw my first post about that - it would have been convincing him to use his discount and refund me. I certainly wasn't going to pay for him to keep something he could have claimed for free
  8. I don't know - at this point I'd probably either do like I did with the monterillo and ask them to 'keep an eye out' for me. That or I'll save the money towards actually being able to order the table from them.
  9. As I said - I might not even have kept it - I was going to try to convince @Konas to keep it (maybe use it as a demo piece at conventions). But I would have gladly taken it if he refused. I think that would have surpassed the two skirmish boxes as my favorite pieces.
  10. Same thing I was doing. But yeah - I think that one is the biggest loss/disappointment I've had.
  11. Yeah - given it's already over $1 Million - I don't think they're really going to see this KS 'fail' over the way they did this. But I won't be surprised to see a considerable number of drops of pledges later once the fervor settles down / once more info is made available (or not made available).