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  1. Those two and the bocote are my favorites as well. As has been echoed on these boards before -- adulting sucks
  2. I was going to mention that but figured you already knew
  3. We know better than to believe that any more @Konas That's because it is
  4. I think @tgpumpkin needs these to go in his pumpkin theme box. https://www.krakendice.com/harvest-moon-12pc-silver-ink-dice-set-with-kraken-logo/
  5. Not the best of pictures - but... let's try some of this. Top (far) panel - Ziricote(?), Stained Flame birch, redheart, purpleheart, leopardwood Middle panel - Ash, Walnut, redheart, purpleheart, benge Bottom (near) panel - Boro, Black Limba, Redheart, purpleheart, wenge
  6. I beg to differ! We're ALL crazy! And just remember - Sanity is just a state of mind.
  7. That's how I feel about KDM. I really need to stop buying models that I don't have time to build and paint
  8. Maybe I need a 'spend MY money thread..." Damn it @Konas
  9. Lol. Or I could use it to try and get you to buy item X - so that I can buy item Y
  10. Funny you should say that - I was thinking I should start a 'for those who want to spend Barb's money' thread
  11. Gee - why am I not surprised that's your favorite. If anything - I'm surprised that it's still there
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