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  1. Not sure if this is funny - or just real.
  2. Ok yeah - I have that handle too. Didn't do the wash pot.. but haven't had an issue with what I use as it is (yet)
  3. Maybe a look at how the mini painters are done. That's a very pretty mixed wood screen there! Fixed it for you @Barb Bliss
  4. Oh so you didn't get the 'handle' for the hobby holder? I did on the next campaign, and that makes it a lot easier to use I think. It ends up being very like the DMG version at that point I think - which is one reason I haven't picked up any of the DMG ones (that and as I've stated - watching money until medical bills are known/cleared)
  5. Which is why the first figures I've been painting have been from Myth rather than my KD:M minis.
  6. What did I ever do to you? Umm.. never mind my last objection.
  7. That's only two though. You own how many screens and how many sentinels? There's always room for one more!
  8. So we need the Padauk/Wenge combo, is that what you're saying?
  9. Oh I get that - no problem. But as I said, I'm well aware that sometimes the photos/lighting don't show off the wood in the best light/same light. Looking at two photos is NOT the same as looking at the pieces side by side. So while to me, the first one seems more prominent in the photo, I certainly can believe that if I saw them side by side that might not be the case.
  10. Maybe it's just the photos then - because I thought the figuring was bolder in the other one. You get to see them in person, so I'll trust your judgement on that over the photos.
  11. If you mean this one @Konas then I think I actually like the other one more. Although I probably like these holders better. Either way though - not going to pull the trigger today on any of these.
  12. I wasn't referring to that - but I know you posted about getting some live edge walnut you were eying.. so wasn't sure if this was that or not. And as I've said - no hurry on that.. I still don't know what I'll have you make when you find it now - with the wolf box, I don't know if I need another deck jacket now. So maybe a player pad, maybe a sentinel still.. or depending on what my money looks like at the time, maybe I'll succumb to an AC.
  13. Is the one coming out later the one you were thinking of keeping?
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