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  1. Exactly - that's kind of how I work with it too usually. I definitely have far more 'drops' or KS stuff than 'custom orders' -- other than doing a lot of custom designs around the Briar Rose. But unfortunately, they don't do too many Deck Jackets in drops - so I'll probably need to do that as a custom this time.
  2. Getting old is better than the alternative. Although it's not easy, I agree.
  3. Ok - so now to figure out how to get DMG to drop this when BOTH @tgpumpkin and @Barb Bliss are away from computers
  4. No it's your fault when he gets something he didn't really want
  5. Pretty. I'm guessing DMG's piece is more like the middle or right pictures, given @Konas said it's not as dark as the black walnut.
  6. Ok - first off.. I like the new Wenge dice chest. Second - am I the only one who got the email/saw the new screens - and kept wanting an image of Bowzer and Daisy on the screen while hearing the theme music in the background?
  7. Don't worry about it @Konas. I wasn't sure how much you got.. for some reason I kind of assumed is a big 'slab' like when we were discussing doing the coffee table. No reason for that assumption other than those are the types of pieces of walnut I'm used to seeing But working out my Pathfinder ACG collection - I'm realizing that with the Bocote Sentinel... I think a Deck Jacket will be a better companion piece than a second Sentinel. So definitely interested in what we might be able to do for a Jacket. Either a special wood, or perhaps getting that burnt orange stain on one.
  8. Pics of the Bastogne!! And any chance of say, ordering a deck jacket made of it?
  9. The problem is finding someone to throw them enough money for them to get the BIG piece of Waterfall Bubinga so we can get scraps. Sounds like a job for @Zoe