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  1. Hey, I know that skirmish box! Wow - I knew about the hardness of the wood, didn't know about the oil nature of it though. Very interesting @Konas. I'm glad you found a solution for it because I love the look and feel of BoRo. BoRo is definitely among my favorite woods you use (along with redheart, bubinga and bocote).
  2. Yeah just doing my usual groups Saturday and Sunday (two different Gloomhaven campaigns this week). Might try and see if either group is up for another session on Monday. If not - I'll probably work on finishing building my KD:M expansion pieces (all monsters are done, just have a few 'bonus pieces' to finish up). I want to get back to trying to paint some minis - but honestly am trying to wait for my Kickstarter wet palette to show up first.
  3. That's my point. It's just that most people think "food safe" is equivalent to "sealed" (which it isn't) or even to "dishwasher safe" (which they almost certainly are not). And so the makes of lacquers and such market to those ideas, even if they are inaccurate. Because otherwise someone will come along, and sue them saying "they said it was food-safe, but it ruined the finish". It's much easier to market to people's false perceptions then it is to correct those perceptions.
  4. Excellent point @Konas. I think the difference is that most people equate "food safe" and "sealed". They get nervous about wood finishes that still leave the wood porous (and therefore susceptible to staining or absorption of liquid into the wood. Sort of like with the cutting boards - the mineral oil is food save, but you will get changes as you use them. I think esp. for mugs, people would be concerned about 'flavors' getting 'stored' in the wood for a non-sealing finish.
  5. I actually don't make fajitas out of it. Just make a rub out of fajita seasoning, salt and garlic powder that I put on the tenderloin. Although I do make sandwiches out of the leftovers
  6. Haven't done it with tri-tip. But I will make a roast tenderloin with a fajita inspired dry rub. And I'll do the same thing of just snacking on cold left-overs.
  7. So am I the only one expecting an "And Then @Zoe Was Fired" post??
  8. Glad you all had a good time. You all deserve a break now and then with how hard you work for all the KS projects and everything else. I'll just say though that if you didn't want the Mike's to know about it -- posting it in the forums, esp with that title, was probably not the best idea @Zoe.
  9. That tray is amazing. Congratulations on picking it up
  10. Glad I booked the room I did. While tix for Pax are still available.. rooms are quickly disappearing. The most surprising thing to me is that the day that is sold out in most places is Sunday! (effectively after the con). I would have expected Friday night or Saturday night to be the days that sold out quickest.
  11. It's not extortion. It's his just due.
  12. I will say I am mildly surprised that no one has picked up any of the tables yet. Also surprised that the boco XL is still there. Did notice that the sunburst dragon Skirmish box is gone though.
  13. Just got my ticket for PAX Unplugged! Looked at the official hotel options, and decided to keep with my booked room. All of the onPeak stuff is just 'standard' rooms, while I've booked one of the executive rooms in the Marriott. I'll pay a little extra for the extra space, thank you.
  14. Lol - I haven't bought a Cocobolo.. so I can't speak to that. And I do have Olivewood.. and it is very pretty.. but I still think it shows off better in larger pieces.
  15. I've come to the conclusion that a bunch of the woods really show off better with more surface area. I think the dice work best with either those with VERY little variation (the blackwood and the macassar or gaboon ebony). Or those with VERY high contrast (bocote, tamarind, b&w ebony). A lot of the woods with heavy grain, but only slight color variations do seem to end up very similar (and difficult to tell apart) on the smaller surface of the dice.