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  1. Also agreed.. although I do love the phoenix engraving on the walnut as well.
  2. They are the same trays they offered through the game-topper KS. But yes - sort of a mini Coco.
  3. That's the black one right? I think I like the purple better.. but they are both lovely.
  4. I've just got the thicker plain red mat for it (for both the one panel and two panel configurations). Excellent news - I can't wait to see them! <that's a hint for pics if you didn't realize >
  5. Ok - so it wasn't on the web.. and unfortunately I didn't have my phone to grab a pic of it -- but a bar near where I work had a sign out that I thought was amusing. "I just rescued some beer. It was trapped in a bottle."
  6. LOL - well I have some good friends who might not be able to resist a Ruby Spellbook if you had one at PAX Although they'd probably kill me for getting you to tempt them like that
  7. True - which is very nice as opposed to just the 'plain screen'. I like the new experimental stains on the dragon though.. not normally a yellow person, but I think I like that one over the red & black.
  8. Adulting is overrated. <and now I have Peter Pan running through my head -- I won't grow up. I don't want to go to school....>
  9. Well as is obvious, I still have a lot to learn. Not sure I'm up to the point your suggesting yet. But I'll keep it in mind.
  10. Well for the kits, I'm using the reaper paints.. since they tell you the colors/mixes to use. Most of my stock is Vallejo though.