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  1. Again I thank you for your insight. As I said, for other reasons, Gen Con isn't really an option for me this year.. but it's good to know about the refund policy for the future.
  2. I know.. and that's my issue. The premium to have a really good shot at the connected hotel is extreme (between VIG and the hotel itself). And while I get what you're saying.. I'm afraid my health is such that I really can't deal with having to uber 10-15 minutes out. That just isn't possible for me. Interesting to know and thank for the input. But still, what do I do if I don't manage it? Then I'm left with a badge that I can't really use. I don't think it's happening this year at all, but I'll keep this in mind going forward.
  3. Yeah - it is pretty like 1980's isn't it? Definitely very bare bones.
  4. Nod. It's definitely a good deal when even with S&H it's like half the price they normally are. Yes - you wait a while for these.. I think it took like 5 months for me to get mine from last years sale.. but if you're not desperate for the brush, it's worth the wait.
  5. So for those who might still be interested Badger is running their Birthday sale again this year. Now $56 for an airbrush (plus S&H). So it ends up being $70 for US shipping. Couldn't resist and ordered a Sotar even though I haven't started using the Patriot I got from them last year yet http://www.badgerairbrush.com/H56B_guidelines_rules.asp
  6. And that's part of my issue with GenCon. I'd really like to go some year.. but because of needing a cane to walk, I really would need to be in one of the connected hotels. And unless I can get into VIG, I don't think that's too likely - and I'm not even sure it would be guaranteed as VIG.
  7. And that's what I mean. A lot of cons seem to be growing larger/getting more popular. Faster than they anticipate. I attended MagFest one year, and got a room like a month or so after the block opened. The next year they crashed the server and sold out in a couple of hours. It just happened from one year to the next, not gradual.. just seemed to skyrocket. It's a bit frustrating really.
  8. An hour is nothing. Try getting rooms at Dragon*Con where the room blocks that are available sell out in about 5 minutes (or less). I'm happy to have one of the 'legacy' rooms so I can just renew it each year without having to deal with the rush. This seems to unfortunately be the norm now and days - I remember being able to get 'con rate' rooms at host hotels like a month before the con. Now it seems like every convention sells out in an hour or less. It's frustrating and definitely has impacted the number of conventions I attend.
  9. "And then Peter Pickle was fired!" We might need a new code
  10. The only ones who'd freak out are already freaking out.
  11. Those are not theories! Those are documented facts! @tgpumpkin has proof of them all! Sort of like BoRo honeycomb sentinels
  12. Are you calling us underdogs demon's @Anne? "And then Anne was fired!" (although @Konas would probably agree with you sometimes)
  13. Even if you knew the people were skilled, as I said so many legal issues with it.
  14. Never really thought it would - as I said too many liability / workspace issues with it. I wish that weren't the case, but I not only understand, I expected that @Konas. Still would have been fun
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