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  1. One of the only paths through the forest known to most travelers! Puzz avoids it though as it’s not surrounded by most of the more exotic woods and he’s not a big fan of running into tourists. The sense of reality is a wee bit distorted here, some argue because of a old sorcerers curse. Puzz of course knows it’s because of the mild psychotropic effects of the woods themselves, which he counters with the help of his ever refreshing lumberjack juice.
  2. Squirell Voltron was amusing as could be! May there be many many more unsafe beverage moments.
  3. Poly pau/d6pau sets and then a lone chakte viga. The chakte did not want to photograph true so it took some effort.
  4. Intrigue! Also sawdust looked so adorably anxious when you squeaked the toy.
  5. Thanks! Yup you’ve got it! Oooh I’ll keep an eye out for their pictures then! Benge is a nice wood and the squid sculpt looks so cool on their website.
  6. Hmmmm? It’s interesting because on further examination it’s on all sides including the topmost parts of the sculpt, but it isn’t on the deeper aspect of it!
  7. This one is going to be a present! So technically it’s not at its home yet. Feels really nice and smells lemony. Added this bit upon staring more. Also I was exploring the sheath and happened to notice something on the back in the light these almost invisible curl patterns! So intrigued!!! I had never seen these before because they are quite stealthy. I’m going to check other pieces to see if I can find them
  8. Realistically it could just be me and another friend or two going though and getting ourselves messed up, but I don’t think so. Which is why I’m giving it a more chances personally, but definitely warning off new buyers.
  9. On my table are Legendary creatures and Scott Pilgrims precious little card game. The KS fulfilled quite recently for Legendary and it’s a cute interesting game that I’ve ran through the rules and basic actions of, but was to tired for a whole game. Scott Pilgrims is a really irritating game that is a wonderful example of how even a grammatically correct rulebook can be terrible and trying to do more in one game then you should. The artwork is very true to the IP, but I ended up kind of just yelling at the game and calling it Scott a lot. I’m going to run through a solo play or two acting as more then one person to see if I can’t figure out how to make it better.
  10. Glad to help! My only different ones are I and M with sporadic H access(the sparty/box sheath made it to my friend and he said it was too nice for him). I’ve been eyeing C and G so those’ll be something I get to eventually.
  11. Sawdust looks so comfy! It looks like you guys had lots of fun. That’s a lot of shiny dice. Oh man. Im guessing that’s about enough sawdust generation between coco and hero’s that you could bury sawdust and half your crew. Awwww, mysterious benefactor is awesome!
  12. In terms of sculpts they’ve got a pretty good variety. But looking from product to product there are some places that might be nice to have more options. Sheaths definitely have the most variety and I like that the main focus is to add those designs onto other products. It would just be nice to see more of those designs transferred over. For new additions: Unicorn A big cat of some sort I like the moon phases but another planetary/universe sculpt might be nice outside the cocos More theme box shapes particularly one that’s a bit more elegant. I love them running seasonal shapes, but they need at least one that’s a bit more giftable year round. I like the idea of seasonal new coco tile sales as well... or new coco tile releases seasonally and just keep em up year round.
  13. That’s a pretty nice mix of fun in one very shiny wooden gaming case! Also Roll for it is very popular in my family. My niece and nephew are biiiiiiig fans and it doesn’t get boring having to play it a billion times for the adults.
  14. Ooooooh aaaaaaaah! Dark walnut looks so nice and as far as Larping goes seems like a pretty smart pic for fitting the feel! You fit 10 micro games in there? Cool. Also looks so nicely organized! Sheath is also shiny, but mostly I’m just kicking myself because putting your tiny d6 in there was brilliant and I’m definitely going to copy you. Benge looks sharp! Such a nice wood and doesn’t get enough love. Thanks for sharing. 🧙🏻‍♀️🏰
  15. It’s one of the whole empty ones. It looks like the flat bottom part usually looks! They come right out, no glue or anything. So here’s one of my slimlines that I took the foam out of.
  16. It’s very fluffy! I have the slimlines and took out one of the inserts and left the other in to put 3 sets of dice in. I’d imagine with the regular width they’d be roomy enough you could leave em in and still fit tons o dice.
  17. I tested everyone! The d12 is a little tight (not tight like I had to wedge it in there or anything it went in and came out fine, but it’s definitly as large as it can be), but everything fits and the lid closed no problem. No worries on this end.
  18. @tgpumpkin there’s a bocote sheath of gorgeousness! It’s the nicest one I’ve seen.
  19. I haven’t played five tribes! My brain was a little dead that night, but it was definitely a nice game. I like being able to do back to back turns if you choose your turns correctly and there’s also something to be said for the various powers you can purchase! Setup is pretty simple and play made sense quickly. It’s very easy to get in your own way with stupid mistakes, but you also have a lot of possible strategies for victory. Overall would play again, holding back on buying while I think about how often I could get it to the table. Also in case it matter visually very pretty.
  20. I liked regular or metal boulders and dice, but the feel of wood is way better to me! And unlike my amythest dice wood doesn’t make me nervous. It’s actually been the same opinion of everyone I’ve let play with them. Though some people seem a bit bashful when you hand them nice things.
  21. That’s awesome! A gorgeous sheath with which to destroy her enemies. She must be a pretty cool cat. I hope she had a wonderful birthday!