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  1. Padauk squints a little at the commotion to be sure it’s real and upon acknowledging that he wasn’t hallucinating stands up and wanders toward the tiefling. “Well first an elf and now a tiefling. This tale keeps getting taller by the minute.” he glances at the inns regular patrons “I’ll just be headed out with this lot. It’d be nice to know there won’t be any fuss tonight.”
  2. Padauk gives a bit of a chuckle though it doesn’t seem particularly full of mirth. “Well I suppose so.” He mutters under his breath. In a louder tone he calls “ Suppose I could do with a bit of a jaunt.”
  3. (Ooc it’s too fun to play to worry about how long it takes. whenever you have time is fine!)
  4. I love this thread! Also I hadn’t realized how epic the metal symbols turn out with a creative mind. Really cool.
  5. I’ve been spending a lot of time in DMC on Facebook. Dice are kind of a thing for me right now. But my nerdy stuff tends to be less informative. I have listened to dice tower but podcast wise it’s usually more entertainment like queens of adventure.
  6. @88eastDaaaang that is a really attractive group you’ve got there. Lots of liveliness in the Chechen. The leopard looks really cool and the boco has some very nice character. Boro is always gorgeous. And your wenge is nice and sinister.
  7. For the first time since he’d tumbled onto the scene Padauk’s face takes on a slight grimace. “The tale did include something a bit odd. He said he’s told to have perhaps descended of dwarven blood. I wonder if there’s a sliver of truth to that..” his face relaxes a bit and he shakes his head “Perhaps and perhaps but it doesn’t matter as long as no one runs off to test the tale.”
  8. Chaos star pairs so well with tzeentch! Double wow on this one.
  9. The poly die is a new glitter and the d6 is old. I think what you’ve got is actually a crystal caste blue opal/aqua opal not as familiar with that line. Also rare.
  10. Photos are evil. So I can’t tell you definitely from that, but give me a set and I can give you a reference shot. I think you have an old glitter sky blue
  11. As long as the heats dry it’s easy enough to bear up to 115 or so I think past that it’s harder for sure but damn if wet heat isn’t worse. I remember being in New Orleans and wondering how the hell everyone survived living in so much damp heat. After tomorrow it’s back to 100 or over for the next week. Actually today was 100 too? Hmmm didn’t feel much hotter then the rest of the month. Guess it’s just been a warm summer.
  12. Padauk studies her feet trying to determine if the last bit was a clan name or a descriptive, but not being overly familiar with the intricacies of other species anatomy just goes a little cross eyed before giving up the thought process. Taking the time to gingerly sit up peering across the tabletop at the poor woman who’s privacy he’d disturbed Padauk shifted a bit to determine if he’d managed to damage himself on his weapons. Wouldn’t want to give the Storyseller too much fodder. His muddy blond hair comes down to his shoulders which are barely apparent over the tables top and despite his rather epic drinking endeavor his ornamented beard is astonishingly fastidious and well kempt. “Glad to meet you Eyla Swiftfoot.” With a nod and some confidence gained from his success sitting up Padauk gains his feet once more only to plop rather ungracefully onto a chair he’d rather conveniently missed on the way down. “What are your thoughts on tonight’s tale?”
  13. From the floor comes a deep rumble of a chuckle. “I might have got a bit carried away celebrating the news of my brothers wedding. Sorry for dropping in on your meal! A bit of knock probably did me some good.” There’s a slight shuffle as a bowl and mug appear at the end of the table, but he makes no effort to get up. “Padauk of the Praeten Mountain Hold miss.”
  14. “A storyteller is always welcome in a dwarven stronghold... indeed many a night of drinking is improved by that lot.” A quick glance to the side gives a moments mischief to Padauk’s craggy face. “Certainly with the audience tonight an elven villain wouldn’t have been as wise as it is likely accurate. Feeling the itch to test the tales path?” With a malodorous belch he tosses some coins down for the ale and ambles a bit unsteadily toward the storyseller. In an unfortunate turn of events a bit of a lurch unbalances him and whirling to the side he topples the table of some other patrons(ooc up to you as to who guys) as he rights himself.
  15. Hey are you west coast time too?! Man I always feel like I either have to wake up somewhere closer to awful or I’m running late.
  16. It doesn’t link directly to him on mobile for some reason! But I found him. 💕
  17. Be wary of this one! If you beat her she’ll try to convince @Lindsey to let sawdust use your merch as a chew toy. 😂 Thankfully the DMG valkyries are too principled for that!
  18. Nice! I’ll keep an eye out for em! They’re Hd dice right?
  19. @TheAuthorOfOZ I am also out of reactions, but damn is that a gorgeous set up! One of the first woods I got was benge and you are convincing me it needs to remain a dear favorite.
  20. Now that’s a good set up! You have excellent tast in gaming gear. May I ask what kind of die the light blue d20 in the back left of the final photo is?
  21. Raucous laughter bursts from the dwarf! “That’d be a truly miraculous event. Been drinking my weight on ale since I was a wee thing. Has anyone ever told you the one about the two tinker gnomes and the guardian of Khartoum?” Rambling ensues into the obscure, completely unbelievable tale that surely has been changed with every retelling.
  22. Ooc @tgpumpkin Rpg happening here! Hosted by luckyike.
  23. Clatter and crash from the taverns upper floor a door bursts open. Listing back and forth a short figure wanders down the stairs. His beard bristles as he shouts, “My ale ran out! Barkeep top me up!” Looking for a decent seat he falls into a barstool slumping against the counter his great axe provides a bit of a clank against his armor as he settles in.
  24. Don’t be sorry! Tg can always order one custom! It’s the limited stuff we swipe from him we apologize for. 😂 Enjoy your tray man! Send us photos.