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  1. @MrPlucky it’s a super vibrant collection! Not something I get to see a lot of and I like it. Was the duck a custom sculpt? I am so curious about what your group plays!
  2. Overhearing his drinking companion from last night, Padauk beelines for the barn and saddles the amiable Buttercup. “Hello there. Ground rules you don’t bite or dump me on purpose and I will try to make sure you always have an apple or some sweet grass handy.” That settled he mounted up and headed for the gathered adventurers.
  3. Hey so this is the order that came before a mail hold was placed! Will have to update with the next one. The hero sleeves are the perfect gift for stocking stuffers, small present of nice! And also for people I don’t quite know well enough to order something more custom. Pretty sure these will become the thing I give out most often. Has definitely solidified the fact that a bone box is now an inevitability for me. These were two of the misfits and they don’t seem to have any sort of defect as far as I can tell! Love how light and secure they are. It did take a bit of finangling to make sure a whole set fit but once I got that down it was easy. Don’t think a wood set would fit though. (some of my photos didn’t load will add more with the next arrival)
  4. That’s some damn pretty wood. I ordered Redheart for mine (late pledge) too, but I defaced it with skulls so I’m interested to see how it turns out.
  5. Hey guys I was in New Mexico and then San Diego, but I’m back in forumland till Thursday! Super jealous of Gencon attendees, but I can hold it back to be excited for reports of how awesome it is.
  6. Evil! Well I mean I guess it’s fair. I’m beach bound tomorrow.
  7. There’s a package for me at home and I’m sooooo far away!!!! Gah excited to get back on the 4th.
  8. Padauk took a glance around and upon further thought realized he’d promised to go on some walk with a bunch of strangers last night. With a big sigh he wanders out into the outside looking for his missing companions.
  9. I don’t know how I missed that you’re a fan of the Kushiel series!!!! Man I was a big fan of that author for a while. I should go back and reread it. LOVE the sculpt and your quote choices.
  10. Thank you for taking such a constitutional approach to addressing this matter Khanas! Now for some delicious roasted pumpkin seeds.
  11. @Rosie This thread needs some new bloood! Tell us more about Fenrir and Claire, whenever you have time that is. 😆