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  1. Ikea is an excellent place to descend into madness! The hardest thing on bestas might be getting the doors nicely aligned. And keep in mind that you’ve saved yourself some hassle by using legs instead of wall mounting. Are you securing yours to the wall since you’ll be having small people visiting?
  2. That is the best! I love weird ploys strategy that confound logic.
  3. Gaming started young for traditional board games like stratego, monopoly, life etc but that did give way to video games. D&d and vampire the masquerade were an on and off thing. But when getting back into board games happened and I learned how much variety there was the first game I can remember really grabbing me was gloom. My friends are big into storytelling (every Friday the 13th we get on discord voice chat and tell stories) So with gloom it would kind of become this long running narrative that we’d all alter as we went along! Fantastic time and some of the best gaming experiences I can remember. Hmmmm makes me want to play it again. Been a long time.
  4. Anytime! How was the original game?
  5. They say some of copies will be available directly from them after it ships to backers. But the pledgemanager hasn’t started yet so if I can add one for you I’d be happy to!
  6. Unless stated otherwise projects are late From 2014 Hex Heroes- unlikely to happen From 2015 Edge of Eternity- might happen From 2017 Diceborn Heroes-slooooooooooow Not a game Arsenal- maybe soon Human Interface:Be a Better Human -overdue will be interesting to see by how much Rise of tribes- boat on the way Cucumber sand which- starting printing maybe Love formula- not late yet, but it probably will be Space odyssey the video game- plenty of time, but given video game history will probably be late action news- should be shipping soon pepper & carrot- printed maybe Firelight- maybe soon Vindication- not technically late, but it definitely will be Re:Legend- not late, but it will be Spirits of the forest- not late could be on time! Tokyo Series- not late could be on time Noises at night- not late looks on time Not late (as far as I know) future arrivals Countdown action edition nemesis board game Tiny epic zombies Robin Hood and the merry men bad medicine expansion Girl genius
  7. Yaaaaay you came over! Welcome to the dark side we have tri tip! (Arianna from KS comments here.) Lolol casting votes is very much reasonable and you’ll have a pumpkin/pickle in agreement most likely. 😂
  8. Seattle’s fun! I hadn’t heard of Paizocon till now so thanks for the heads up.
  9. The left photo of your ziri looks like an ent face!!!!!! Great grabs!
  10. I vaguely remember this coming up and someone was mentioned as having eaten off their ouroborous tray? Still it’s a good reminder! That would sort of limit the fun of the mug. You’d have to stick to water or one kind of beverage only for it! Definitely a concern!
  11. If I’m lucky I’ll get in time with my weekend gaming group which means pandemic legacy season 1 can begin! (And I have to make tri tip) Otherwise I’m thinking about wandering over to Fanime for a day this weekend to do an escape room/visit friends at con, priming/painting my army, and spending some quality time attached to my PS4 playing yakuza 0 or Monster Hunter.
  12. 😁😁Awww I’m glad you guys took a Party photo! Sooo many people!!
  13. He looks so CUTE! Please by all means continue to share silly sawdust photos.
  14. Okay here’s my Ziri in direct sunlight for A brief moment!