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  1. Easiest Dogmight pledgemanager ever! All I had to do was confirm everything and there was no torment of uncertainty in my order. Also love the colors!
  2. That looks like it’s for turning! Are we finally getting feather dusters?
  3. @Konas You guys are wonderful fantastic lumberjacks. I appreciate the heck out of this. @Zoe Thank you so much Zoe! I see the email! I’m not home, but I’ll get on it as soon as I’m back with Limba. I got in a little after midnight after a 16 hour drive and saw my package. Limba’s gorgeous and will appreciate the TLC. @Barb Bliss we need to discuss plans on how to disrupt the evil plans of those in The USPS
  4. Soooooo I finally got home to my newest acquisition! (I’ve been out of town and away from my laptop.) Limba is gorgeous in person!!! Friction fit is perfect. All the magnets work I just had to find the right side for the panels to want to hang on properly. Secure as heck now that it’s on. Slimline sheaths fit perfectly. I shoved the Wenge in there. Initiative markers make me happy. However my hatred for USPS(the institution not my personal mail lady) grows. As soon as I opened up my lovingly bubble wrapped package TWO feet fell off and the other two are wobbly as heck. The box seemed like it was in fine condition but I have an odd feeling the poor thing got tossed around a lot. How do I fix my poor new friend?
  5. Barb your BoRo is gorgeous!!!! Loook at your dragon!!! What a pretty tile. oooh that benge looks goooooooood and yes canary is lovely(is that a bit of pink on the back of that one canary tile????) Your pink elephant is hilarious! I hope some house rules will somehow be incorporated for it.
  6. Definitely get the castle/dragon tray in Wenge! It’s a purchase you’ve had a lot longer to contemplate and one you will fully utilize. Plus how awesome is the concept of rolling dice in your own castle. Also if dragon was actually an option for you dragon. I love mine and it’s amazing. DMG has made it clear the GM screens are going to be on site and since you were contemplating a fiery in that anyway you won’t be losing out in terms of a limited to campaign wood choice. Waiting on potentially getting this item gives you time to think about what you’d really want and also to save to afford whatever that would be. Also waiting gives you the chance to start an RPG(there are so many good ones) and see if maybe you would like to fully utilize it.
  7. That’s fair! I’m pretty sure most of my technically savvy associates wouldn’t mix well with any type of saw.
  8. Thanks for the heads up! I saw my email and was very confused. Let us know when you are ready to relaunch please!
  9. I hope so! I just hope she gets/got them today as opposed to having to wait it out one more night.
  10. https://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/ElysianPeace Yeah so Ive been trying to be better about actually keeping this thing up to date, but the app and I have a hate hate relationship.
  11. @Thomas Browne As it should be the powers of BoRo swayed you! (And @Barb Bliss) I am happy! To be fair I’m not sure how useful they will be in a communal storage situation. @Barb BlissI’m actually pretty interested in the L I think it’ll do very well in game.
  12. They were perfect and the person who didn’t have one was rather jealous. So technically you’ve got three other people who agree!
  13. @tgpumpkin There will always be another wooden item of gorgeousness! Besides I think Wenge might have something more to it now that I’ve met it in person. Very much like dark chocolate. And thanks! I’m very happy with them.
  14. We had game night last night and I forgot to take pictures. But we were using 4 card stands parts of 3 cocos(quads and cards were amazingly useful) and my dragon tray! I think we just wanted be excuse to use as much as we could.