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  1. I highly recommend it. I don't tend to get the winter blues but the timing of this trip was perfect. I made the hotel reservation ages ago, nothing fancy but paid a few bucks more for a bay view. Got a AAA discount and offset the cost. Checked in today and found that we were upgraded. We are in a multi room condo, full kitchen, bigger than our starter home. Flooding warnings contunued back home, which is interesting because it only got to about 18 today.
  2. Hello from Miami. I am not smiling at all as I type this. Honest! (Started our day at 2:45 am, 30mph wind at the airport and wind chills well below zero. Direct flught. We had 2nd breakfasts in 80 Dec and sunny).
  3. Drove to work, 50 degrees and fog. Came home in wind advisories, just above freezing and flooding in our driveway. I was out with a rake clearing the drain pipe that lets the water from the neighbor's field go under our drive way instead over over it - in the rain, in 30 mph wind. I was SOAKED! I may never feel warm again. It's supposed to be about 15 deg F overnight, quite a temperature shift.
  4. I'm not here on one company's forum to bash another company, but there's a KS campaign out there that really makes me sad. Mrs. Zoxe is a huuuuge fan of the minis in Super Dungeon Explore. When Super Dungeon Legends hit KS, she waffled (she already owned the most of original content) and then ultimately late backed after the campaign ended. Here's a concerning article: https://www.thegamer.com/super-dungeon-explore-legends-750k-in-debt/ You can get the gist just by reading the link. The campaign is 3 years in, they've spent all the money PLUS another $750k. Meanwhile, the company has gone silent. Separately, Mrs. Zoxe backed their Way of the Fighter campaign, at a pledge level that provided only minis (no game content). While the game itself fulfilled over a year go, no sign of the minis. So far, Mrs. Zoxe is 1 for 3 in their campaigns (Rail Raiders fulfilled successfully). I'm not here to rant or troll them. We've talked to and gamed with the Soda Pop / Ninja Division crew at various conventions. They're good people, positive vibe, and love their games. But something bad wrong happened.
  5. Yah, it's a reprint with a little more content. No stretch goals, looks like they are shooting for a fast fulfillment.
  6. I am keeping my new year's resolution of no new large campaigns, but I just backed this. Lightweight, art looks fantastic, reviews are pretty good, and at a price point that was too good to pass up....
  7. My Shadows of Brimstone, Forbidden Fortress pledge arrived Today! Allllllll 40 pounds of it!!! Inside the box is the Core Box (the 3rd of the series), two Deluxe Expansions (a pair of 12x12 full gloss retail boxes). So they sent full retail packaging of the Core and both Expansions. For sanity/shipping they gave me 2 more boxes of sprues, and separated all of the game content (cards, stat sheets, tokens, etc.) into their own 12x12 pizza box (which is made of a more dispoable material, printed in B&W). Worst part is, this is just the main pledge!! Core campaign stuff and (I think) all the stretch goals. Addons will ship in Wave 2. This is a huge milestone. SoB is the first KS boardgame that I backed and led me down the dark path of more and more pledges.
  8. Yes, all 4 are the same. 😁 The glare in the pics makes it look more difficult to read than in person. I'll admit that I briefly thought about doing additional/sequential lines from the prologue on each tile, but I didn't want to drive Konas too crazy with multiple setups for multiple texts. 😁 nobody wants to scrap that much BoRo. The other cool thing is that they stack without smashing the cards. Everything is ready to go in the next session.
  9. Heads up, Gloomhaven is on sale at Miniature Market. For 2019, they changed their daily deal to become the Daily Drop. It sort of works like a reverse auction. Each day the price drops by a set percent until they sell out. Gloomhaven is up at an 8% per day drop. https://www.miniaturemarket.com/the-drop
  10. I don't know if I ever posted the KDM Gear Grids publicly. Here's a link with pictures and some words: >> https://zoxes.blogspot.com/2019/02/dog-might-games-custom-kingdom-death.html << And because of Barb's firewall, here's a copy of the pics. These were originally taken late last summer (the Ash prototype arrived just before Gencon, production arrived in September).
  11. Game table: Kingdom Death: Monster, awaiting the resumption of our campaign. For bonus points: Dropfleet Commander is on my hobby table; I really should crack open the Battlefleet Box expansion pack I bought and poke around. But I'm scared at how many sprues it'll contain.
  12. Pictures here! https://zoxes.blogspot.com/2019/02/this-just-in-dog-might-component_2.html
  13. YESSSSSSSS!! (My copy arrived this week too!)
  14. The magic box of CoCo goodness arrived today! (We haven't had mail delivery in 2 days due to the cold!) Everything looks great, and I got some BoRo with some good character. I'll grab some Shadows of Brimstone tokens and stage a few pics tomorrow.
  15. My dad apprenticed carpentry with the next door neighbor before I was born, then worked part time at a furniture restoration company when I was very little. After 40+ years, he still takes a commission here and there for the shop when they need a specific spindle recreated for a hundred year old kitchen chair. After the part time gig more or less dried up, Dad built toy trucks and shaving mirrors and sold them at farmer's markets in the surrounding towns. The set that he made for his boys (I'm the oldest) are now being played with by the grandkids, and one of his last shaving mirrors is hanging over my nightstand. When I was 4 or 5, he made me a solid cherry toy box, which is at the foot of my bed storing blankets. It's one of the few items in my will that's called out by name with a specific recipient. Anyway, we didn't have cable TV growing up, and I spent a lot of time in the basement (and later garage) shop. Mrs. Zoxe and I are on our 10 acre property and I have a small shop that I'm slowly reorganizing. I've not done anything like dad used to do, but I've built some Adirondack chairs, bird feeder parts, and other odds and ends. Lately, that means making custom trays for my sets of minis. PS: My router scares the crap out of me. I use a push stick.
  16. We got to about -15 with a -35 wind chill. Our work building was technically open but everyone just worked from home. The window behind my home office is more drafty than I remember; I spent about half the day wearing my Carhartt thinsulate cap and the thickest pair of socks that I own. Outside, the squirrels were playing and fighting over nuts. Amazing that they were out in it. Miss Margaret is spending night #2 inside with us tonight.
  17. This is our outdoor cat, Matgaret. She adopted us some years ago, and we let her sleep in our garage at night. She's spending the night inside tonight and thinks it's really cool. 😁😁
  18. Came home to a dead furnace. I was able to diagnose and fix it myself. It's 5 above here as I type, which is about 25 degrees warmer than tomorrow's high. Projecting -40 with wind chill. We're in favor of having heat! I realized with both pride and indignation that it meant that I was old enough to be as smart as my dad. 😉
  19. Hooray! I got this email on Friday!! (We were headed into the woods, no cell service until just now!) ----- Your Order is Shipping! Item Shipping: Component Collector SKU-CC-STANDARD-ROSEWOODBolivian Rosewood Component Collector Standard 8 tiles of your choiceDragonCounterCounterSquareSquareSquareLL
  20. So, the locals hyped the recent snowstorm as a near-end-of-world scenario. Originally we were going to get slammed during the workday on Friday, then it began slipping back - and back - and back. Finally around 4AM Saturday was the projected start, with coworkers telling me Friday that we were due for 8-10 inches. I jumped out of bed yesterday to 35 degrees and rain and a very brown and muddy yard (all our snow from the previous weekend melted overnight). So, not only did I not get the promised snowy saturday at home, I also couldn't go outside and do some chores (I can split wood in the snow, but am not going to do it in the rain). Last night the snow finally hit. We ventured out for dinner with friends at a local brew pub and watched through the window as the snow flew sideways in 30 mph winds. The drive home was near whiteout, and I almost ended up in someone's front yard when a gust hit me sideways while floating through a snowdrift, but we made it. I listened to the wind howl through our woods last night; am pretty bonked today. I'll be suiting up in about an hour to go bust up the drifts in our (900 foot) driveway. In hindsight, if we'd actually gotten the 6-10 predicted, we'd be really hurting this morning with all that wind to drift things shut.
  21. Freeblades (Scenario Skirmish game) is adding another faction. Now in its final hours. I'm not super-keen on the new faction but there are ways of getting into the game and getting other factions pretty cheaply and there is quite a variety to choose from in their existing catalog. As skirmish games go, building a Freeblades squad is rather cheap ($40 through this KS). We bought into the game at Reapercon. The minis are metal and the sculpts are kind of "old skool" compared to some of the newer plastic molds (CMON, KDM, etc). I got them mostly to paint but do hope to play someday. They're doing referrals; if you decide to pledge, mention Zoxe in the comments (or any other DMG member who pledges!) and we all get free stuff. They also announced that the Julie Guthrie 120mm-base Dragon that they kickstarted a few months ago will is available as an addon.
  22. I always say "if I have many more days in the office like today.... I'm going to relocate."
  23. I kicked out these corpse pile tokens this weekend on a whim. They replace a cardboard piece in Shadows of Brimstone. About 45 minutes total time invested, including the time to mount them on paperclips so I could hold them with a wine bottle cork. Not intended to be fancy. I may go back and put some glow in a few of the eyesockets. Mix of airbrush, drybrush, and airbrushed inks.
  24. Thought I would break this response out into its own forum thread so it's not buried on page 7 of the miniatures painting feed. I can tell you how I set up my airbrushing, but the big horrible disclaimer is that this is just how I did it and there are many many opinions out there from folks with far more experience than me. However, just googling "beginner airbrushing" yields overwhelming results. Background: My goals setting out were simply to get away from rattle can priming. I had some disastrous results with AP White rattle can on some fairly expensive and hard to get Shadows of Brimstone resins that actually put me off of mini painting for 6+ months. But, I had Kingdom Death inbound from KS and had to figure out how I was going to get the game painted up. So, reluctantly, I turned to airbrushing. I wanted to do this fairly cheaply (I wasn't convinced I'd stay with it) and due to the overwhelming/conflicting information out there wanted something fairly turnkey. I also knew that I was going to be doing low-volume work (compared to a pro painter doing several dozen or hundreds of commissions a year) and did NOT need a lot of fine detail. Equipment: Master Airbrush Kit (Amazon, $80) - Comes with most everything needed - compressor, airhose, brush. The compressor isn't horribly loud, but the regulator on it really has no discernible PSI adjustment. The airbrush that comes in the kit is fairly clunky; I haven't used it yet but may dedicate it to varnish or other things that are hard to clean Iwata-Medea Airbrush Cleaner (16 Oz.) 4 SET Airbrush Spray Gun Wash Cleaning Tools Needle Nozzle Brush Glass Cleaning Pot Holder (Amazon) These 3 items are the "Frequently bought together" on Amazon and are the bare-bones basics to get you started. Badger 105 airbrush - Impulse buy that I don't regret. I had several brushes in my Amazon cart for weeks - H&S, Iwata, etc. My opinion is that with a good name brand you really can't go wrong, but the thought of shelling out $250+ for an airbrush seemed a bit harsh. I bought the Badger 105 simply because it was far cheaper, and it was the one featured in Miniature Monthly's videos (I could watch my exact airbrush be disassembled and cleaned). See also below. Spare braided hose - Badger, via Amazon Separate water separator/filter in between the two hoses (also required an $8 adapter set sourced from Amazon). Quick Disconnect Squeeze bottle to put cleaner in Misc stuff: Paper towels, disposable brushes (to mix thinned paint), 1 oz disposable jello shot cups to mix paint in, and some latex gloves that I said I'd wear but never do Airbrush Booth: If you're going to airbrush indoors, a good well lit and filtered booth is going to be nice. The airbrush will leave "dust" behind even if you spray into a cardboard box. I tried this cheap one from Amazon (sensing a trend?) and like it. There are youtube videos for homemade versions, though. Warning: This same model of booth is currently on Amazon under various "brands" - they are identical but the price varies. This one seems to be the cheapest version of the same item. Again, this is how I did it. It's working for me. I have a fair amount of $$ wrapped up in this, but far less than going "super premium" straight out of the gate. Lastly, there are a LOT of youtube videos out there for free, but I very much recommend backing Miniature Monthly on Patreon. Aaron is the factory painter for Shadows of Brimstone, and Elizabeth Beckley does commissions for Ninja Division and (since GenCon2017) Kingdom Death. Much of their painting techniques are FAR (far, far, FAR) beyond anything I intend to tackle, but their beginners guides for Airbrushing and Cleaning Airbrushes as well as the recent videos on how to prep models have really really helped me. At $10/mo, it's a good investment for me. I'll close out with a few pictures. The KDM ones are repeats, but the Shadows of Brimstone Autocannons are new.