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  1. Game table: Kingdom Death: Monster, awaiting the resumption of our campaign. For bonus points: Dropfleet Commander is on my hobby table; I really should crack open the Battlefleet Box expansion pack I bought and poke around. But I'm scared at how many sprues it'll contain.
  2. Either UPS or Fedex left a 4ft long patch of "burnout" in my yard when they cut the corner upon departing my driveway, came within inches of my mailbox, and apparently spun tires the entire time. I can't tell who did it since we got packages from both that way. So for the first time I can legitimately shake my fist at the sky, and summon my old man voice to yell, "Get off my lawn!!"
  3. Plastic or metal? At reapercon, I bought into Freeblades. The minis looked really oldskool, classic metal sculpts and I've been doing only wild and crazy plastic minis forever. The simplicity really called to me. Sat down 2 nights ago and assembled a wild and crazy plastic mini from Brimstone and thought "wow, I really love Tamiya cement. Wait, I need to use superglue on Freeblades. I [frikkin] HATE mother [trucking] superglue..... Awww [shucks]." I'll get thru it, but it's lost some of its luster. 😉
  4. It is (was?) on their web store. I can't find the link on my phone, so Maybe be sold out? Generally the contents include a starter box, two heavy warjacks, plastic token set, and a Titan. The titan alone is worth the cost of entry. If you order multiple, you're guaranteed to not get repeat factions. I got Cygnar and Cryx. Was hoping to get menoth or kador but random is random (a coworker plays cryx, ordered 3 boxes and might trade when he gets his).
  5. My Paladin box also arrived. I poked around to make sure it looks like my entire order. Then I shuddered, shook my head, and closed the box! (I got enough to sleeve all of KDM, all old expansions and new, plus Gloomhaven, plus some generic spares).
  6. Omg, so true. Bones will be a huuuiige avalanche. I also have Paladin sleeves showing up today. And a pair of mystery boxes from Privateer Press ($240 worth of figures for $60, mystery grab bag, I got 2). And an Amazon order of random stuff. And our new ezpass for the toll roads. And a pair of dress shoes I bought online. And 2 pairs of pants I got for work from another source. I bought all this stuff over weeks and months soliciting various sales and deals. And it's all confirmed delivered... today.
  7. So, not (strictly speaking) a new "game" but here's a potentially awesome addon to an existing skirmish game. We met DGS Games at Reapercon and walked away so impressed that we bought 2 starter boxes (and I have sworn off skirmish games!). Julie Guthrie is sculpting this dragon - she's done most of the ones for Reaper and is a living legend within the sculpting community. The dragon will plug into their existing game (Freeblades) in a future update.
  8. Wow! Those look super nice, even before you spread them out. Super cool!
  9. So, what are everyone's convention plans this year? We start every year with putting a pin in Gencon weekend. Historically it's been the only show we attend until we branched out last year. Beyond gaming, Gencon also serves as a reunion of new and old friends (in particular, a group from college that have attended far longer than I have). We are NOT doing Adepticon this year. I've heard good things about it, it's pretty close and we could stay with my brother for free, but alas it conflicts with another major family trip We ARE attending Miniature Monthly Boot Camp the weekend before Adepticon, which is also in Chicago. This is a paid 2 day how2paint tutoring session, very excited. PAX Unplugged seems like a definite attend for us. We enjoyed Philly far more than we expected, though I feel like I should get more in tune with the PAX way of doing things. It looks like it moved weekends this year into December, which really helps us. Reapercon is on our radar. I actually have a hotel reserved but we'll decide later if we can justify the expense/distance. EDIT: I forgot Origins! If we head over, it will be for the weekend only. The way our vacation time accrues, we can have days later in the year but are tight early/mid - meaning no time for a fully attended Origins.
  10. I've started typing a few times to consolidate some of my Reapercon thoughts. Nothing I've written yet really conveys exactly what happened to us. "We had a great/wonderful/excellent/terrific time" is kind of cliche. We signed up not really knowing what to expect. What we found is that Reapercon is first and foremost about the painting aspect of the hobby. Secondarily, it's about D&D and a smattering of other tabletop systems. I saw just a handful of board games in play, but there were acres of tabletop RPGs. But painting, lots of painting. The people at attend Reapercon are a tight knit crew and quite fantastic. It's not a "small" con, but it's far smaller than PAX-U, and it goes on for 4+ full days (with most people arriving Wednesday evening for the pre-party and many staying through to Monday morning before setting off for home, so it's almost 6 days for many). Here's the part that I have trouble describing: we got adopted by two groups and then met friends-of-friends and friends-of-friends-of-friends. After 5 Gencons, 3 Blizzcons, a PAX-U, and random visits to the game stores near us, I feel like I can find common ground and have a pleasant conversation with most nerds. But in the small confines of a mult-day event, those incidental encounters were compounded with repeat conversations. We started Wednesday night awkward and anonymous, but went up to our room on Sunday with handshakes and hugs. It all happened in a blur, but looking back at how the weekend evolved, it couldn't have happened any other way - and could have never been planned or premeditated. So, we had a great time; already talking about next year.
  11. Tiny Epic Zombies showed up today. Or sometime this weekend. We had our mail on hold while we were at Reapercon and it was in the pile of schtuff waiting when we got home from work today.
  12. Hello from Texas! Got in last night after a long day on the road, but was able to attend the meet and greet last night and put a few names with faces from the Reaper forums. This is a much (much) smaller event than I'm used to. This one hotel is very new, and huge, but our entire convention takes up only a part of it. It's interesting watching the business traveler muggles take in the sea of black shirts and long hair in the lobby. 😉 Small also means much more personal and less crazy than Gencon. We've already met some great folks. Our first painting class is in about 45 mins, and then we'll do some shopping in the vendor hall and maybe a Reaper factory tour.
  13. Currently driving across Missouri. First four hours were like driving in a washing machine! Omg the rain. We'll stop in Joplin for lunch and are currently on track to make it to TX in time for the pizza party welcome dinner. We left work early last night and after a quick run home, got on the road. Actually set the Miniature Market physical store as our destination to make full use of our geeky road trip. Told the shop staff what we were doing and they appeared pleased and honored to be part of our tour.
  14. We start driving for Reapercon tomorrow! There's a welcome dinner on Wednesday that we're going to try to make. Otherwise the actual convention runs Thu through Sun. We have a few painting classes scheduled, and one play thru of the new Pathfinder. It sounds like a lot of the other games are just walk up and look for an empty chair. DMG kickstarter dice and dice sheathes will be in use!
  15. For bones, do you scrape the mold lines or cut them? I've heard Bones can kind of tear vs. shave off cleanly.
  16. That looks great! I love your color selection, especially on the base. All of it looks really authentic.
  17. I agree with @Konas .... that's a great color blend. Well done! 😉 You can certainly stop there and be proud, but of you wanted to make the face pop more another wash would maybe help. A trick I've been playing with lately is to apply the wash selectively and use a second, damp/clean brush to move the pigment around and fade away the line where the wash starts. But like I said, up to you!
  18. Friend's son is one of the co-creators (Josh). We sought him out at GenCon and got a hands-on demo. Looks like fun, some interesting mechanics, and the art is cute. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gammagrunts/gamma-grunts-a-deck-smash-game/description
  19. Here's a public service announcement!* GENCON STARTS THURSDAY. In case you forgot, hah. Dog Might Games will be in booth 1941. That's a few rows from where they were last year - more towards the center of the hall and a lot further "back." If you can't find them, look up - all the rows are numbered from 100 to 3000. (Now, I just need to get through 3 days of work. I was going to cut out early on Wednesday, but the twerps scheduled me to deliver a briefing that starts at 3:15 and runs until 4pm! Gah! The humanity! The travesty! Don't they know it's Gencon week??) *Zoxe is not employed by DMG, he just really enjoys GenCon.
  20. Zoxe

    GENCON 2018!!

    I finally finished my blogger write up for the event. There are a few more pictures (and a lot more words). http://zoxes.blogspot.com/2018/08/gencon-2018.html
  21. Zoxe

    GENCON 2018!!

    From Left to Right. Those with the asterik (*) are first run collector's edition w/ signed card. TOP ROW: Dark Elf - Variant, Dark Elf*, Sci-Fi Savior* BOTTOM ROW: White Knight, Ringtail Fox Survivor*, Death High Whitespeaker* I had actually assembled my White Knight the evening before we departed for Gencon and loved him so much I bought another. Will be a really great model to paint.
  22. Thought I would break this response out into its own forum thread so it's not buried on page 7 of the miniatures painting feed. I can tell you how I set up my airbrushing, but the big horrible disclaimer is that this is just how I did it and there are many many opinions out there from folks with far more experience than me. However, just googling "beginner airbrushing" yields overwhelming results. Background: My goals setting out were simply to get away from rattle can priming. I had some disastrous results with AP White rattle can on some fairly expensive and hard to get Shadows of Brimstone resins that actually put me off of mini painting for 6+ months. But, I had Kingdom Death inbound from KS and had to figure out how I was going to get the game painted up. So, reluctantly, I turned to airbrushing. I wanted to do this fairly cheaply (I wasn't convinced I'd stay with it) and due to the overwhelming/conflicting information out there wanted something fairly turnkey. I also knew that I was going to be doing low-volume work (compared to a pro painter doing several dozen or hundreds of commissions a year) and did NOT need a lot of fine detail. Equipment: Master Airbrush Kit (Amazon, $80) - Comes with most everything needed - compressor, airhose, brush. The compressor isn't horribly loud, but the regulator on it really has no discernible PSI adjustment. The airbrush that comes in the kit is fairly clunky; I haven't used it yet but may dedicate it to varnish or other things that are hard to clean Iwata-Medea Airbrush Cleaner (16 Oz.) 4 SET Airbrush Spray Gun Wash Cleaning Tools Needle Nozzle Brush Glass Cleaning Pot Holder (Amazon) These 3 items are the "Frequently bought together" on Amazon and are the bare-bones basics to get you started. Badger 105 airbrush - Impulse buy that I don't regret. I had several brushes in my Amazon cart for weeks - H&S, Iwata, etc. My opinion is that with a good name brand you really can't go wrong, but the thought of shelling out $250+ for an airbrush seemed a bit harsh. I bought the Badger 105 simply because it was far cheaper, and it was the one featured in Miniature Monthly's videos (I could watch my exact airbrush be disassembled and cleaned). See also below. Spare braided hose - Badger, via Amazon Separate water separator/filter in between the two hoses (also required an $8 adapter set sourced from Amazon). Quick Disconnect Squeeze bottle to put cleaner in Misc stuff: Paper towels, disposable brushes (to mix thinned paint), 1 oz disposable jello shot cups to mix paint in, and some latex gloves that I said I'd wear but never do Airbrush Booth: If you're going to airbrush indoors, a good well lit and filtered booth is going to be nice. The airbrush will leave "dust" behind even if you spray into a cardboard box. I tried this cheap one from Amazon (sensing a trend?) and like it. There are youtube videos for homemade versions, though. Warning: This same model of booth is currently on Amazon under various "brands" - they are identical but the price varies. This one seems to be the cheapest version of the same item. Again, this is how I did it. It's working for me. I have a fair amount of $$ wrapped up in this, but far less than going "super premium" straight out of the gate. Lastly, there are a LOT of youtube videos out there for free, but I very much recommend backing Miniature Monthly on Patreon. Aaron is the factory painter for Shadows of Brimstone, and Elizabeth Beckley does commissions for Ninja Division and (since GenCon2017) Kingdom Death. Much of their painting techniques are FAR (far, far, FAR) beyond anything I intend to tackle, but their beginners guides for Airbrushing and Cleaning Airbrushes as well as the recent videos on how to prep models have really really helped me. At $10/mo, it's a good investment for me. I'll close out with a few pictures. The KDM ones are repeats, but the Shadows of Brimstone Autocannons are new.
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    GENCON 2018!!

    @tgpumpkin Here are some pics! You asked if we were headed to Grandcon, but alas the answer is no. We're going to Reapercon later this month and then PAX Unplugged again. Looking at my haul, I realized I didn't really buy any new games (technically a couple of expansions for SoB). However, I just got my copy of ROOT, Founders of Gloomhaven, and VAST delivered to the house within the 2 weeks prior. PICTURE 1 Dropfleet Commander. I didn't intend to buy much at this booth.... on my list was a Battlecruiser, the new Destroyers, and 1 Battleship to fill out my collection. But, they were selling some of the webstore-only and residual Kickstarter Exclusive stock. Everything that's in a plastic bag is exclusive in some way. The scourge ships are for Mrs. Zoxe's army. PICTURE 2 Shadows of Brimstone and Broken Token. I really like the BT paint stands that we got at PAX-U and wanted more. The Brimstone goodies were offset by winning my painting category (the Depth Track and Trederran Raiders were covered by the prize pool). PICTURE 3 Kingdom Death - Spent more than I intended. This is a mix of gencon exclusives, models I think are cool and wanted duplicates of, and resins that are hard to get. The brown box Ringtail Fox Survivor (lower row, 2nd from right) has been scalped on eBay from $65 to $100. I paid $20 and is part of the initial collector's run of 500 (mine is #498).
  24. Ok, get a cup of coffee and get comfortable, here's the reply! A couple of notes up front: Wherever I say 'MM' that means Miniature Monthly. I should also point you at my KDM Summary Page so you can see my individual builds. I try to give an overall process map for each figure. 1. Why the spare hose and filter? From what I'm seeing there is already a filter on the air compressor - so why do you need a second one "between hoses"? This is a bit of insurance, and is probably overkill unless you live in a very humid environment. The trouble is that if you don't have a tank on your compressor, the air hitting the first filter is still fairly hot and the water may not condense out immediately. That means it may condense out up your hose - bad news! During a long session, you can get water in the hose and then SPLAT onto your mini. Aaron at MM recommends the secondary inline filter to be placed away from the compressor. A 'long' hose was about the same price as a shorty, so I just got the spare Badger hose. With my setup, I did see some (minimal) condensation in the added filter but can't say that it would have averted a disaster. I've since upgraded to a tanked compressor and don't notice condensation at the 2nd filter at all (see #5). 2. Have you tried the airbrush that came with the kit since you posted this? If so - thoughts on it? I have not actually shot anything through it. The trigger pull feels very clunky compared to the Badger brushes I've used. I kept it as a spare, and intended to shoot varnish out of it, but honestly once I got the Patriot I never thought about it again. To be honest, I'd be afraid to use it for detail work - some of the work I'm doing now really needs a smooth trigger pull or I'm going to BLAT out gobs of paint where I don't want them. 3. It sounds like you're using the Patriot for your base coating as well. A lot of what I'm reading seems to suggest a siphon feed for basecoating rather than a gravity feed. Why did you make the choice you did? I won't be able to find the source/citation now, but I remember reading at the time that siphon feed airbrushes tend to clog up with our high-pigment, fairly thick mini-paint. Why the Patriot 105? As I was shopping for an airbrush, I signed up for MM (see link above) and watched Aaron's starter video on airbrushing. In it, he walks through a teardown, reassembly, and minor adjustment of a 105. I figured that having the very same airbrush would come in handy - and I was right. When I got in a bind, I went back to that video and re-watched the parts I needed. Today, I could take the 105 apart without looking, and by extension probably any Badger airbrush, but when I was getting started having that safety net was worth it. I could also point out that Aaron paints for a living; he could own any brush he wants and his well-worn 105 is what he uses. Lastly - for all Badger stuff, try to catch them at a convention. The prices Badger was selling at Gencon were pretty nuts. I could have gotten a Sotar2020 and Patriot bundle for the same price that I got the Sotar for. I had to walk away from the booth before I got sick. 4. Follow up on that is that one reason I see quoted for the siphon feed is because of the small cup capacity of most gravity feeds. Basically for doing a larger model like the Phoenix or the Dragon King - how much did the airbrush cover when basecoating / how often did you need to refill it? You can cover a surprising amount of surface area with the little gravity bowl. I don't recall how many times exactly for the Phoenix, but maybe 1 or 2 refills. Really not bad. When I'm doing detail work, I'm using just 3-4 drops of paint and can get a lot done with that. When priming or basecoating multiple figures at once, I'll of course fill the brush to capacity. I've also found that for me, 1 full bowl of paint is about the amount that I shoot before I want to pop a little cleaner through the airbrush anyway. So, if I have a lot of figures to do (like my recent Dropfleet Commander work), I mix a the amount of paint I think I need in a disposable shot glass. I fill the airbrush and snap the lid onto the shot glass (it will begin to dry and skin over very quickly). Spray airbrush until empty. At this point, I fill and dump the airbrush to get any dried chunks out of the bowl, and then refill and spray 1 or 2 bowls full of cleaner into my cleanout trap. Then I grab the remaining paint, refill, and continue. Sounds more complicated than it really is; with the squeeze bottles I linked above it's pretty quick to do a cleanout. This is overkill, but I don't have much trouble with clogging or dry tip this way - except maybe with white primers or very light gray basecoat. 5. Are you satisfied with that kit air compressor, or are you thinking of upgrading it? If the latter - why? Yes, considering what I paid for it, it worked great! I do have to add that I couldn't get the regulator to actually change the PSI. But, it defaulted to about the PSI that I wanted to shoot at, so I shrugged and moved on. I don't paint high volume so can't speak to its longevity. It's not very loud and pumps up fast. I did upgrade to a Badger Aspire Pro earlier this year, but this was driven by the fact that both me and Mrs. Zoxe would be taking airbrush classes together and I needed to outfit her with a self-contained kit. At the house, we now share the Aspire Pro and the generic kit compressor only comes out on class days. The Asprire is actually about the same loudness, but has a tank so the PSI is more consistent (but I do have to pause and wait for it to pump back up if I'm really going to town). 6. Do you prime with the airbrush as well? Yes! This was actually the reason I got the airbrush - I was totally done with any form of rattle can priming. After even the first session with airbrush priming, I knew I would never go back. That was almost a year ago. Each project I've taken on since then has added a little more airbrush work. At the time that I'm writing this, here's what I'm doing (this is in the order that I started doing it): Priming - I use Vallejo Surface Primer and thin it a bit, usually black. Basecoat - I thin down ArmyPainter or Reaper paint Directional Spray / Zenithal Highlighting Highlighting and Shadows (i.e. going back over a hand-painted mini that's otherwise 'done' and adjusting highs and lows) Masked details / stripes Weathering with Inks