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  1. Here are my plans:* Yard work Grilling steaks and meat-in-tube-form (aka SAUSAGE) Sleep Drinking bourbon and hoping I don't wake up on the back deck with a sunburn and bug bites Painting minis for GenCon contest *Not necessarily in this order.
  2. Sorry for the slow response, past 2 days have been hell day travel days for work. The game plays really well. It's easy to grasp, so it makes for a good party game with friends. The game is a competitive campaign; each player takes a squad and builds them up. Payout and loot at the end of each mission buys upgrades for the squad for the next. It's somewhat competitive; you can pvp and attack other players as well as the monsters. Characters that get killed can come back, but it does slow you down quite a bit. There are various objectives around the map so that there's some decisions to be made about how you move, deploy, defend, and attack. Combat is simplistic (dice rolls) but that keeps the game moving. We were playing 1v1 and mostly coop (handshake agreement not to attack each other, although it was still a race to kill the monsters) and it is fun but pretty static with only 2 players. I can see it being really fun in a 4v4 or a 2v2 team effort spread over several sessions. In our house, a fully coop game works better, even something harsh like Kingdom Death or Shadows of Brimstone, where we aren't competing with each other. Arcadia Quest is probably the rare exception where we'd play 1v1.
  3. Cmon is doing a flash campaign for Acadia quest riders. AQ is super fun and the new minis are awesome of you love chibi style. Https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/arcadia-quest-riders
  4. Game table: Kingdom Death: Monster, awaiting the resumption of our campaign. For bonus points: Dropfleet Commander is on my hobby table; I really should crack open the Battlefleet Box expansion pack I bought and poke around. But I'm scared at how many sprues it'll contain.
  5. So, what are everyone's convention plans this year? We start every year with putting a pin in Gencon weekend. Historically it's been the only show we attend until we branched out last year. Beyond gaming, Gencon also serves as a reunion of new and old friends (in particular, a group from college that have attended far longer than I have). We are NOT doing Adepticon this year. I've heard good things about it, it's pretty close and we could stay with my brother for free, but alas it conflicts with another major family trip We ARE attending Miniature Monthly Boot Camp the weekend before Adepticon, which is also in Chicago. This is a paid 2 day how2paint tutoring session, very excited. PAX Unplugged seems like a definite attend for us. We enjoyed Philly far more than we expected, though I feel like I should get more in tune with the PAX way of doing things. It looks like it moved weekends this year into December, which really helps us. Reapercon is on our radar. I actually have a hotel reserved but we'll decide later if we can justify the expense/distance. EDIT: I forgot Origins! If we head over, it will be for the weekend only. The way our vacation time accrues, we can have days later in the year but are tight early/mid - meaning no time for a fully attended Origins.
  6. We expected similar, but found last year that Friday was pretty quiet. Saturday was PACKED. Vendor hall was gridlocked in areas where we could walk freely on Friday. We got in the car Sunday morning for a cannonball run back across multiple states to get home, so wasn't able to compare Sunday attendance with the other 2 days - maybe DMG can comment since I know they were there.
  7. There, I fixed that for you.
  8. I just bought our tix as well. Just looked at the hotel list and kind of came to the same conclusion. There are some nice hotels on there for cheaper than the rates I was seeing, but the "larger king room" we have at the Marriott is still the best value for us. Like you, we prefer to upgrade when we're able. The Hilton Garden Inn was tempting, though.
  9. This is a thread about getting started. From the very beginning. Where would one begin their mini-painting journey?
  10. Got a link to share? I've seen it on ebay but was unwilling to pay their extortion prices.
  11. That's one that I actually don't have. It looks really cool, but 1vMany format doesn't get much play time here, and couldn't justify backing it for one figure. The $$ I would have put against it went towards addons in the KDM campaign (which ended a few days before Smog), specifically the KDM plastic game board.
  12. Close! Kingdom Death wave 2. Consisted of all the add-on expansions that were available before the 1.5 KS. There is another wave pending with all the new expansions that were developed with the 1.5 KS funds. Here are more pics. https://zoxes.blogspot.com/2018/03/unboxing-kdm-wave-2.html?m=1
  13. We have a supervisor cat that must approve all purchases as well.
  14. /highfives Welcome to the dark side. We have cookies.
  15. There are 371 individual figures in my KDM pledge, to be delivered between now and 2020. So far I have received about 95 of them and assembled and painted about 20 or 25, and that might be optimistic. KDM is different because most of the models are unique, and the bosses are physically larger (the Phoenix has a 8-10 inch wingspan). It's very hard to set up an assembly line and bang them out. I also got pulled into fixing mold lines and filling gaps, which is not something I set out to do originally. That takes a lot of time for me, because I'm more inclined to work on a single model for 5-10 minutes and then walk away for long stretches while a single seam settles and dries.
  16. Yes, totally. Including all the logos and words that hover around your mini. Those aren't photoshopped, first timers actually paint them in the air.
  17. Yes, the Marriott Downtown is connected to the conv ctr via a hamster tube / skywalk (I did some google kung foo to confirm). That's also where we're reserved for 2018. I'm a Hilton points guy, so I felt a little dirty about it ... but it'll be worth it for convenience. Omg the food there. Pretzels. Cheesesteaks. Yes, yes yes. On Saturday last year, we were trying to have a fast lunch and lines were long at the "philly" style foods. We found 2 stools at the Greek place near "the donut entrance" (as we started calling it) on the NW corner and I could have stayed all day there. We're taking a cooler with us this time to take some sausage and other goodies home.
  18. Yah, I figured we'd rebook if there were decent deals. We booked late last year and got into the Hampton Inn on Race Street to the the north side of the convention center. It's a fine hotel, but was on the wrong side of the center and not a lot of dinner food in easy walking distance. I checked my receipt from last year vs the AAA rate I was being quoted tonight and it was in the same ballpark. Currently we're in the Marriot, which is connected to the convention center and easy access to Reading Terminal Market. For Reapercon, we got into the Embassy Suites where the convention is held.
  19. I now have hotels booked for ReaperCon and PAX Unplugged. Haven't bought tickets for either one... but ... I think that means we intend to go. EDIT: Reapercon tix are now procured.
  20. Bones material is fine, just be aware it apparently prefers superglue. 😉 I think that reaper kit is a great value and am jealous I didn't find it when we started.
  21. I meant to reply but forgot. The top vid is one I remember watching. Sam Lenz is awesome, so is the Tabletop Minions feed in general.
  22. Plastic = plastic cement. I like Tamiya. Other brands work too. Resin = superglue. Metal = superglue. Reaper bones material is a little different. I haven't worked with it yet, but Google says superglue.
  23. It's an adventure, not a sprint. 😉 Seriously, the reaper kit, glue, and some disposable household items (paper towels, solo cups) are a great place to start.
  24. Reaper has an equivalent to Nuln Oil that's more transparent than their Black Wash, but I won't be able to cite the name from memory. The ArmyPainter washes are pretty good too.