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  1. I still do recommend that compressor! We still have it and still use it for classes if we both need to be airbrushing at once. Our regulator was stuck for several years and couldn't adjust PSI but we managed to break it free last year. Otherwise it has always sprayed just fine. I'm told the main difference between those cheap compressors and the Badger ones that look identical is that Ken at Badger tears his down and replaces the bearings and other parts for a longer life. Ours is still running after 3? Years of intermittent use. Our main compressor now is a badger aspire with a tank. Main difference is a note consistent stream of paint with less pulsing. (I never noticed the pulsing until I went back ad used the old one, tbh).
  2. More unasked for advice! Primer: I'm currently using Stynlrez for all HIPS (high impact polystyrene aka "plastic") and metal minis. Shake well and pour it straight from the bottle into the airbrush cup, no thinning. For most resin, I'm using Vallejo Surface Primer. I do thin this a little bit before shooting with vallejo thinner. Stynlrez is supposed to be formulated for resin, but personally I've found that VSP sticks better to hard/slick resin. Said another way: I've never had VSP come off, and I have had Stynlrez peel and chip from certain brands of resin. (There are a lot of types of resin, your mileage may vary). When airbrushing primer, I normally start with all the underbits and hard to reach areas underneath, then work horizontal, and then from the top down. It seems like I miss fewer surfaces this way. If there are places that the airbrush just won't reach, let the primer cure and then come back with a hand brush dab some primer up in there. I let primer cure at least 24 hours before applying base coats. Primer really doesn't need to be fully opaque to do its job. You just need enough for the next layer to stick to. However, I prime in black and it's forming the base color of my color stack; i.e. I want a consistent surface. Surface prep: For the primers above, I'm currently not washing HIPS at all, unless I've got a good reason (like: I ate fried chicken before assembly, yes have done it). Primer seems to adhere just fine, and washing can cause more issues if water seeps between parts (i.e. if the model is hollow, yes have had a model pee on me almost a week after washing!). I dunk resin in isopropyl alchohol and scrub with an old toothbrush. Rinse with warm water and let dry at least 24 hours. The alcohol will strip off all mold release better than dish soap. Metal minis get a toothbrush and hot running tap water to knock off the talc they use in the mold. I scrape mold lines on all parts BEFORE assembly to get rid of lines that will be hard to get to after the model is together. Usually I use the back of an X-Acto knife to scrape, though I also have the citadel mold line scraper which is a) a little more comfortable, b) curved for cylindrical parts, c) not sharp at the nose so you don't scrape adjacent surfaces by accident Assembly: Superglue (I like loctite gel with the hard plastic bottle and squeezable "fins", available at walmart) for resin and metal. Tamiya Thin Cement is the shiznit for HIPS. There's a little brush in the lid that lets you put the cement where you want it.
  3. High of 56 for us today. Front pushed through and it's crashing 30+ degrees to 21 tonight for the low. I expect to have the death plague sinus infection by this time tomorrow.
  4. I like physical cards too. Dropfleet is moving towards a web-based format, but the community still prints hardcopies to play with! Best of both worlds and not a phone/tablet in sight at the table. I've got a special place for Warmachine. We went to Gencon 2014 as PC Gamers but not tabletop gamers, and the Priv Press booth was NUTS. I walked in and was like, "WHAT IS THAT? MUST HAVE!!" and dived into a bunch of nerd research. At the time, the thought of assembly and paint stopped me short, and I eventually went down the path of X-Wing instead. I always kinda felt like I missed out on that golden era of Warmahordes. Fast Forward a couple of years. At that point I'm getting into the hobby side and I think "ok, it's time to get in!" and I buy a Menoth starter set and a few solos. This is when the MkIII stuff hits, I felt blindsided by it, and within a few months the community locally died. I stalled out - the bottom layer of my pile of shame is built on a Menoth foundation. Meanwhile I've picked up a few more kits in their warehouse blowouts and Mrs. Zoxe started collecting the Grymkin models. But we still don't play, hah. I'll take a look!
  5. The blind crow barks at midnight. Wink. Wink. But they only walk in single file to hide their numbers. Nod nod. PS: That totally doesn't mean anything at all, I'm just doing it to screw with you.
  6. Another one for your radar. Not a game, but very game related. I am not a connoisseur of sleeves but have had really good luck with Paladin (I think I was in Season 2) and my KDM and Gloomhaven. They compare favorably to the Fantasy Flight sleeves that I've been using for Brimstone. I may jump into this one to get some more KDM sleeves at a good price.
  7. Thanks so much! I'm interested to see what you come up with! Yes, that's very much the vibe for KDM! It's a dark, dreamlike world. The grittyness and saturated colors used sparingly seems to help sell it. I can say that testing the color stack up front really helps. (I got cocky with my Freeblades army and I may end up stripping and starting over! πŸ™ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜£) I do monthly 1:1 lessons through miniature monthly. Last month I got feedback on this lion, and Aaron said, "ok, i gotta ask ... why does everyone paint KDM like that??" There's a fairly infamous set of models used in the official store/KS/etc that were painted to look like statues. Those models influenced a lot of painters and greatly influenced me. My specific recipe is something I came up with after some color tests, but that look and feel was initiated by someone with more smarts than me!
  8. I think it reads as grass just fine! πŸ˜‰
  9. PAX-U was this weekend. Is a little weird not to be there, though we made most of the same drive LAST weekend for our trip to see friends near DC. Adepticon registration went live today! They do badge registration and classes/events in one go. The system isn't bad, but when you register multiple people you have to build out their itinerary individually. And, with the server crying due to load, it wasn't a fast process. While we got everything we were after, it was stressful. I really wish more people would adopt the Gencon method where you build out your wishlist in advance and just submit it for processing on the appointed day. I'm actually punting the DFC event to be able to take a couple more classes and play Freeblades. The DFC event was 8 1/2 hours - I don't think I'm up to that!
  10. Looks like fun! I showed these to Mrs. Zoxe and she admitted she backed the KS and has a set in her pile of shame. πŸ˜‰
  11. Not skill! Airbrush magic! Seriously, the process goes like this (for the Lion): - Trim, assemble, fill, and prime (I used Stynlrez, from the Patriot 105) - 3 color triad base colors (Reaper Carbon Grey, AP Uniform Gray, AP Gorgun Hide) - Wash (in this case, Reaper Black Wash, thinned 1:1 with water) - Dry brush the highest color (in this case, AP Gorgun Hide) - Dry brush accent color (AP Crystal Blue) - Airbrush for contrast (Liquitex Titanium White) The secret to airbrushing in this case is to keep the airbrush angle constant and let it "light" the model.
  12. I am declaring the KDM Gigalion and the Giga-Survivors to be done! Again! (I've said this before, hah). I actually bought 2 of this kit - one to paint quickly and one to hold and maybe do for a contest piece. The survivors are super detailed and are all equipped with some iconic gear. I did them in the same monochromatic flavor of my set (warm buttercream colors for heroes, grays and blues for monsters). When I set out, I wasn't going to fill any of the mold lines and gaps, but relented and did a halfway job. One of my regrets is not spending an extra session or two here smoothing these out, since I kept getting pulled back to the "fast" version to tweak things. Edit: Work in progress pics HERE: https://zoxes.blogspot.com/2019/12/hot-of-desk-kingdom-death-gigalion.html
  13. What games would you love to play, but can't/won't, or don't? (Ground rules: None. Can be a game in your pile of shame, or can be a game that you've been interested in but never bought. Could be a game that you wanted to play, but maybe the popularity flashed and the community died). My short list of stuff I would love to play: - Arena Rex - Guild Ball - Warmahordes - Wild West Exodus - Gloomhaven Of these, I own Gloomhaven (but have very limited play). I actually own a fair bit of Warmahordes, but got into it just before the local fanbase went to Infinity and Warhammer. WWX has some really awesome models and I always linger at their convention booth, but just can't bite off another game engine. Honorable Mention: I didn't back Massive Darkness due to $$ at the time. I've often thought I should go procure a core box, but will also admit I have 2 other CMON games that don't see play at the moment.
  14. So many games, so little time! There are a ton of games that I'd love to get into for the minis, but sadly my closet of shame will only hold so much. Stuff I would love to play: - Arena Rex - Guild Ball - Warmahordes - Wild West Exodus - Gloomhaven There is indeed an awesome feeling involved with getting a freshly painted boss on the table. Even stuff that I painted years ago - of questionable quality - still make me smile when we set up the fight. I'll admit that there's a part of me that wishes I'd have never gone down the rabbit hole of painting and just played with gray plastic. It's such a slippery slope! I have to decide title-by-title what I'll paint. Example: None of my Zombicide will ever see a paintbrush.
  15. I have enjoyed the heck out of what little I've seen of Gloomhaven, and I really like Isaac as a game dev. My lack of play isn't a reflection on the game, just my lack of free time in large enough increments. I don't know that I'll buy 2.0 (See previous rants about no more sprawling KS games), but I'm excited by what 2.0 could offer.
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