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  1. What in the heck is bison grass? Do you mix with it or drink it straight?
  2. Amen! Summer is full of bugs and humidity. Summer sucks!
  3. I've been interested in the GW stuff but haven't picked any up yet. Locally, Kill Team seems to be getting a lot of traction; was curious how Warcry would play out. But, I also really (really!!!) don't need another game engine! Oh, the wallet pain!
  4. With the heat finally gone, I got the chainsaw out yesterday and continued to carve up the pile of Ash logs destined for the fireplace. Lit a bonfire on an old stump and tried to burn it out. It's a big one, will take a few fires to consume it. Ready for some fire pit and hot dog weather. And chili. No leaves to speak of have dropped and only the barest hints of color. I'll likely be mulching leaves into December at this rate unless there's a big turnaround (normally I'm done the weekend before Thanksgiving). Bumper crop of walnuts but they are all half normal size and thin skinned. My grandpa used to say that when the walnut skins were extra thick, a hard winter was to follow. When we get "easy" winters it results in a lot of ice storms (sleet instead of snow) and generally gray and muddy weather so I'm not enthused. We'll see if Grandpa was right!
  5. Awesome! MiGT was pretty fun, but was a long haul for us for what ended up being 5 or 6 hours of gaming. I won "best painted" for Dropfleet Commander but didn't play as well. I was middle of the pack after the first round, but ended up totally biffing the 2nd game. Surprise for me was that it was 2 rounds instead of 3, so we were packing it in around 5 and had awards at 6 on Sunday. I was expecting to still be going at 9 or 10 that night.
  6. Hmmm, hadn't heard if that one. We will be in Lansing for the Michigan Grand Tournament (aka MiGT). Playing dropfleet commander. ... assuming I can shake this sinus infection. I'm half considering calling off the trip so I can sleeeeep.
  7. Boo. Doesn't help you today, but I've gotten a lot of mileage out of some no-name airbrush adapter sets from Amazon. Individual "branded" adapters can be $7 to $10, while this whole kit is about that much. There are several out there, this is the one I grabbed: https://smile.amazon.com/KKmoon-Professional-Airbrush-Connector-Compressor/dp/B01MF5XD8K
  8. This summer we converted the spare bedroom office (pc gaming) room to be the hobby room. First time since the early 90s that I don't have a desktop computer setup. Our painting setups were on the dining room table. It's a miracle we didn't destroy the table with spilled paint or a stray hobby knife. For almost 3 years we'd tear down our setups when we hosted friends or family. Now it's all contained in a couple of benches in the new room and we can shut the door when company calls. Am thinking of hanging a cheap LCD tv on the wall to stream YouTube on. Ps: I'll never buy another house without a basement.
  9. Hullooo! Slow in responding, just got off the cruise ship. Had normal intwerwebs through Maine but dropped offline for the Canadian ports. Sounds like you have the basics covered in terms of equipment. Ventilation: I use one of the Amazon airbrush booths. I've linked mine here somewhere. Works surprisingly well to trap fumes and "dust." Mine isn't vented outside, we just run the fan and I have a couple of paper towels hose clamped over the exhaust port. I ran it for 6 months this way and checked the towels and was surprised how little crud accumulated there. There's a ton on YouTube, but I always recommend the beginner airbrush video from miniature monthly for how to mix paint and cleaning and general troubleshooting.
  10. I started with just the one, but a few years ago I got a few cheap on eBay.
  11. Updating my list. VAST: TMM arrived today, meaning I'm done with another campaign. (Other things crossed off were reported last month). Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress - Awaiting final addons Kingdom Death: Need waves 3, 4, and (if applicable) 5 Zombicide Invader Vast: The Mysterious Manner Freeblades: Thrakansor, Dragon of Fire (Figure and addon for scenarios) - Ahead of schedule, will pickup at Gencon Freeblades: Snakes and Skulls: New starter armies for new factions - Ahead of schedule, will pickup at Gencon Shadows of Brimstone Adventures Root: the Underworld Expansion I also received my DMG Dice Tower today! Will take pictures tomorrow when the light is better.
  12. Your skin color choice makes it. *chefkiss* c'est magnefique!
  13. Reapercon is done! There were 996 entries this year, largest to date. Scoring is a little different - you are judged against set criteria and rated across 4 possible scores (none, certificate of merit, bronze, silver, gold). In theory, if all entries earned a gold rating there would be 996 golds given. The criteria are harsh, and the event draws the best of the best with a high concentration of pro painters, streamers, and no kidding masters. From there, you can acrually place in specific categories (i.e. best of show), and some mini mfrs give their own first, second, third rankings. The Freeblades Polar Bear earned a bronze rating overall. I was shooting for bronze, hoping for silver, so I'm solidly happy with this. As my first reapercon entry, part of this was about getting stuff entered since I didn't start the piece until after gencon. More exciting: I also earned a 3rd place for the DGS Games manufacturer award, which got me a podium walk in front of 1000 people in the ballroom, and a large cast "challenge coin" medal. There weren't very many DGS entries, but looking at my competition I'm proud to place. Mrs. Zoxe also earned a bronze for her entries, which is impressive to me because she basically cranked it out over 3 days before we left. 😉 We started our drive home tonight (Sunday) and will spend most of Labor Day in the car.
  14. Typically the magnets are a disc or a cylinder; you drill a small hole and superglue the magnet flush. For the Freelbades bases (like the Polar Bear) there are actually recesses molded into the underside of the base ... sorta like a honeycomb if it were round instead of hex.
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