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  1. Here's a few places that I have bookmarked.... HEXXY has some really interesting minis. These Griffon Riders keep calling to me, in particular: https://hexy-shop.com/shop/fantasy-miniatures/lechistan-gryphus-winged-hussars-set-31/ Tabletop Art has some of the most interesting bases around. https://tabletop-art.de/Base-sets_1 And I pasted this to the Countdown: Action Edition comments feed, but as a complete nerd about Monty Python and the Holy Grail, these miniatures will be mine someday. http://www.studiominiatures.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&layout=category&task=category&id=49&Itemid=505 They have a TON of pop culture minis from a lot of 80s and 90s movies. Very fun.
  2. This kind of stuff is awesome! More shots of the CNC routers in action!
  3. Hey Barb, I googled up your Hellhound. I like the ones with a dark body and flame hair. A color I use a lot is ArmyPainter Necromancer Cloak. It's a very dark charcoal that still shows some details when hit with a black wash. I would probably use that for the body color. Since the Necromacer cloak is a neutral color, it will let you go pretty wild on the hair/flame without clashing. For the flames, I would think about a bright orangey orange basecoat, a dark wash, and then highlights with the orange, reds, and yellows. This is a picture of my Brimstone Swamp Slugs that I finished almost a year ago with this color set. For the hellhound I would use more yellow and maroons. Just some ideas!
  4. I know! I'd love to attend Isaac's shindig, but March and early April is already overflowing with commitments. We met Isaac at GenCon this year. Super nice guy. Quiet and reserved, but I'd love to game with him in a smaller venue. Maybe next year! And @Lindsey, name the time and the place for the DMG party. Just make it after April 10th.
  5. Chickens. Plural. That's a glorious mental image. How hard was it to clean the ceiling after?
  6. Banker's Holiday here in the US today. I couldn't sleep, so I was at the bench at 6:45 this morning with my favorite mug full of coffee and a brush in hand. At long last, the KDM Watcher is completed! He's been on the table quite awhile; had trouble mustering sufficient willpower to finish him out. I'll be taking a break from the KDM series until kickstarter wave 2 is in hand (sometime in March or April). I've been doing KDM since early November and am looking forward to something a little different. The Watcher is one of my favorite sculpts in the set, but turned into one of my least favorite to assemble and paint. The dangley lanterns underneath were a challenge (and bobbed around when airbrushed), and all the smooth surfaces really didn't lend itself to my dry brushing technique, but I kept going. I consider myself pretty new to the hobby - there's a lot of techniques thrown into this last model that I learned while tackling KDM: Airbrushing, of course. Filling (Milliput and Vallejo Matt Varnish). Pinning. This morning I tried 2-brush weathering on his cloak to give the dark recesses more definition.
  7. Some of you may be on Isaac's newsletter, but just in case here is a relink for the Gloomhaven fans. Gloomhaven Celebration #1 was just announced!!! (see full text below). We'd already have signed up but already have a binding commitment that weekend. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gloomhaven-1-celebration-tickets-43260820278
  8. Love the tray! Also love the surface of your gaming table. Beautiful!
  9. I like him too! Though I'm a sucker for metallic robots and machinery in general. I think the silver turned out well, the brassy yellow is a great color choice, and the shading makes for a great weathering effect.
  10. More Kingdom Death. I finally finished the initial set of 8 survivors/heroes for the game. It's been interesting to try to recreate the process that I did on the original 4 figures back in November. You'll see that I did get brighter as I went through the set; that's kind of intentional. The first four heroes start in a very dark world. More pictures here: https://zoxes.blogspot.com/2018/02/hot-off-desk-kdm-intimacy-survivors.html
  11. No expert here, but the way they've done it, it's really not that bad and pretty fun (if you're only doing a few figures....). We did a base similar to that for one of Mrs. Zoxe's dioramas. You put down a base color, then spread PVA glue with a brush and dunk the base in a bin of the colored flock. Give it another coat of thinned glue to adhere. I think they stopped there and let the flock stay its natural color, but you can paint it, ink it, and dry brush it to ensure a consistent look. The yellow flowers are likely pluck-and-place intended for HO scale railroads. I have a project in mind for one of the the GenCon painting competitions where more of this will be necessary. I'm waiting on one more figure to arrive, and am in analysis paralysis about which bases to use, but will be moving on it in late spring and early summer to be ready by August. I skimmed youtube for a quick video, here's what I found in a few minutes:
  12. >> The first issue I have is that the character tuck boxes don't really fit well if you sleeve the cards. That's disappointing to me. Good info. I haven't sleeved mine yet, but was curious how that would go. I'm worried about the red/monster tuck boxes and the additional thickness as well. How did that work out?? >> I don't mind having to store characters in the trays and folding the boxes down to make everything fit, though I see how that could bother people. Once we get playing and we pick our party, this won't be a big deal. Since it's waiting for a rainy day behind our Kingdom Death campaign, currently the box sits a bit tall. Not a big deal. >> The second is that the monster tuck boxes are a bit fiddly in terms of fitting all the standees inside them - especially the boss box seems hard to fit. Yes. I had to carefully stack some of them. Part of my problem was that I had the wrong monster profiles in the wrong boxes, but once corrected I still had to puzzle out how to get a couple of the boxes to work. I only had one cardboard boss that didn't fit in a tuckbox. No storage is perfect. I've turned away from a lot of options for other games (Zombicide: Black Plague I'm looking at you) because I'm never exactly sure how well things will work out. But I'm glad I got the BT option for Gloomhaven, at least so far.
  13. I'm with the others - keep posting. Has been crunch week at work, so I've not been active here in terms of posting/reacting. Mostly coming home and collapsing (though I did get a little painting in last night). But even though I'm not being verbose about your posts, I'm still able to check in on the phone while hustling from one meeting to another and daydream a bit before I go heads down into the next session.
  14. Too bad I've already put in my survey or I would add this as a suggestion.
  15. "Aleene's Original Wood Glue" - Found in the craft section of our local Meijer's. Dad is/was a part time carpenter; I was actually looking for Elmer's wood glue (the stuff I grew up with) but they didn't have it and gave this a shot instead. So far so good.