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  1. I am going to tag @Anne and @Konas so they get a ping. 😁
  2. There's some bronze and blue metallic colors in the shadows (they don't photograph well), but wanted to contrast the gold armor. This one is intended for display. I have another of this guy partially painted for my actual Freeblades army, and HIS is brass and gold color shift.
  3. Up on the paperclip keeping things clean will be no big deal. I did my main airbrushing on another cork (I bought a big bag of wine corks on amazon) and then transferred to the holder. Unless I drop a brush or sneeze or something, I'm not going to slop paint on the holder by hand.
  4. Work in progress and testing the DMG figure holder! I have a lot of work left to do. At present I'm trying to get all the base colors in on the figure and base so that I can see if everything works as I hope. I like the Hammer Head where it is, but the gold armor is a little messy in the highlighting (and doesn't photograph well at all). Need to paint his face, beard, and hammer handle. So far so, good. Ideally I'd get him done this week and have 1 figure entry waiting on Labor Day.
  5. I got in late Friday for the drop, but I did grab the Cherry one that you put up.
  6. Good luck to all with aspirations towards Gencon housing. We have our badges and our parking but once again don't expect to be staying downtown -- especially now that we see our queue time.
  7. You should be fine. Acrylics come off of gloss surfaces pretty easily with water and a paper towel if you catch it before it's fully cured. I don't know what rubbing alcohol would do to DMG finishes, but it eats acrylic paint - even cured acrylic - pretty quickly. I start and finish almost every mini with the airbrush, so I've generally NOT used a fancy holder - 20oz plastic bottle lids are my favorite (Gatorade, Vitamin Water) - but I have some pieces in work that I'd gladly swap to a more stable base, even if I have to swap back for the final airbrush shading. I know I don't want to be airbrushing with a fancy holder!
  8. @Konas if a Cherry 3 pack were to appear, I'd probably be interested. Our hobby room is on the 1st floor, with 2 large windows. While I can store out of direct light, I'm always worried about light fade on some of the nicer woods.
  9. I have nothing against birds. They are tasty when paired with green beans and mashed potatoes. Seriously tho: I didn't notice the design, I was totally distracted by the wood grain.
  10. One of the Katalox. THIS ONE, if I saved the right picture.
  11. I was tempted to go for a triple stack but went with a single instead!
  12. Years ago I was on a big project: hardware, software, pneumatics, all to be deployed in a harsh environment. Millions in development, millions more for test, and had it not been canceled it would have been a billion dollar program spanning several decades. Getting ready for our first big design review, we had to do a formal audit to assess our overall readiness against the formal requirements docs. Thousands of lines in excel. We had to go through each line one by one until we had a plan for each one. It became obvious that we needed to group similar content, so we started adding extra columns and categories to filter. One of these became a catch all that we named "Things that Suck." When you've been staring at the same excel sheet for 3 weeks straight, stuff like that is hilarious. Except, we forgot to Find-Replace it out and sent it to the multi-corporate international team that was contracted for the work. Live on a telecon, their highly paid, high power Chief Engineer started the conversation with, "Ok, let's start with Things that Suck." And then he giggled.
  13. I replied above, but wanted to add that Reaper Mini has been doing a big blitz on social media, with a ton more twitch streams, discord, and other forms of outreach. Aaron Lovejoy is my main instructor/influence, and was a guest on a couple of Reaper's Twitch Streams this week. I always recommend Miniature Monthly's videos for Airbrush 101, but it requires a patreon subscr. In this video Aaron does most of his Airbrush 101 content live on a twitch stream, no credit card required. Everything I do is basically derived from Aaron's advice over the past few years. Because of the format, it's a little chatty (vs. an instructional video). He actually starts talking about his setup around minute 13:30. PS: The lady on the right is (I think) Anne; if I'm connecting the dots correctly, she designed the line of paints for Reaper. If you ever get a chance to tour the Reaper factory, DO IT (i.e. via Reapercon). The machine they have to fill mini paint bottles is pretty cool.
  14. Hah! You're maybe not wrong. I started painting by accident. It's a very slippery slope. I bought Shadows of Brimstone and started assembly. "Oh, I'll just paint a solid color." "Hmm, I'll just dip shade them." "Huh, I should just teach myself to dry brush." "Yah, I should paint the teeth and the eyes." "Yup, the heroes need more detail than the monsters because they're heroes."
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