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  1. Kickstarter fulfillement arrived yesterday! More BoRo in the house! Nice, compact dice sleeves. Won't fit my KDM sets (too many dice) or the wooden dice (they're just a bit too big) but the Polys fit great. Very happy with the grain; we got some sapwood and some figured grain.
  2. There needs to be LED lighting in the eyes, or else they're doing it wrong.
  3. I now have shipping information on my Mighty Dice and 2 sleeves! Pictures as soon as they arrive!!
  4. Zoxe

    Wooden Dice!

    Finally back in front of a laptop and not just my phone. Has been a crazy week followed by a long weekend out of town. Here are my Yucatan Rosewood Polys. Was one of the initial offerings before the public release. The green inlays aren't for everyone but I love them. First picture is on our bay windowsill in natural light on a sunny day. Second picture is in my photo booth and a little diffused lighting (nothing fancy). As advertised, they are light in the hand, but have a much more pleasing texture compared to boring plastic. We have another D20 that arrived Friday, but I scrammed out the door to make our weekend commitment and only just opened it. It's intended for Mrs. Zoxe, so she needs to see it before I post pics.
  5. Zoxe

    Wooden Dice!

    Always does. I joke that I have 4 Mondays a week, followed by a Friday, then the weekend. Good news is, today is Monday #4!
  6. We've had the fortune of seeing VGL in person twice. Enjoyed them both times. Thanks for linking this!
  7. I got the same email. I love the top image - yellow wood, low contrast numbers. Yumm.
  8. We went last year without many specific plans, and had Reading Terminal Market recommended to us by another convention attendee while waiting for the paint and take. So glad we found it. Is on our list for our next trip!
  9. It's so unfair! https://cmon.com/news/zombicide-invader-design-and-development
  10. I said that I was done with Kickstarter games for awhile. My backlog is huge. I said that I was done with CMON games for awhile. Their games are sooooo sprawling and storage space is starting to be an issue. I said that I had enough Zombicide for awhile. I have more Black Plague than I can reasonably consume. And then.... And then.... And then there was this: https://cmon.com/news/zombicide-invader-kickstarter-announced Launches 4/10 on Kickstarter.
  11. So, what are everyone's convention plans this year? We start every year with putting a pin in Gencon weekend. Historically it's been the only show we attend until we branched out last year. Beyond gaming, Gencon also serves as a reunion of new and old friends (in particular, a group from college that have attended far longer than I have). We are NOT doing Adepticon this year. I've heard good things about it, it's pretty close and we could stay with my brother for free, but alas it conflicts with another major family trip We ARE attending Miniature Monthly Boot Camp the weekend before Adepticon, which is also in Chicago. This is a paid 2 day how2paint tutoring session, very excited. PAX Unplugged seems like a definite attend for us. We enjoyed Philly far more than we expected, though I feel like I should get more in tune with the PAX way of doing things. It looks like it moved weekends this year into December, which really helps us. Reapercon is on our radar. I actually have a hotel reserved but we'll decide later if we can justify the expense/distance. EDIT: I forgot Origins! If we head over, it will be for the weekend only. The way our vacation time accrues, we can have days later in the year but are tight early/mid - meaning no time for a fully attended Origins.
  12. Game table: Kingdom Death: Monster, awaiting the resumption of our campaign. For bonus points: Dropfleet Commander is on my hobby table; I really should crack open the Battlefleet Box expansion pack I bought and poke around. But I'm scared at how many sprues it'll contain.
  13. Yesterday, I drove like a Montreal Drunk Driver. Hit a moon crater at speed just before the turn-in to our parking lot. It's the only time I can remember thinking, "Wow, my kidneys hurt" after hitting a pot hole. Came out after work and the tire was of course flat. Rim looks intact but the tire shop is going to check more closely once the tire is off. Tire is very ruined; pinched sidewall. This is why I pack an aftermarket hydraulic jack, blanket, and 4-way wrench in all our vehicles. Although I was in my fancy work clothes, I had the tire changed in the office parking lot in maybe 10 minutes, and still looked presentable after. Crappy way to start a Friday evening though.
  14. Here's a few places that I have bookmarked.... HEXXY has some really interesting minis. These Griffon Riders keep calling to me, in particular: https://hexy-shop.com/shop/fantasy-miniatures/lechistan-gryphus-winged-hussars-set-31/ Tabletop Art has some of the most interesting bases around. https://tabletop-art.de/Base-sets_1 And I pasted this to the Countdown: Action Edition comments feed, but as a complete nerd about Monty Python and the Holy Grail, these miniatures will be mine someday. http://www.studiominiatures.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&layout=category&task=category&id=49&Itemid=505 They have a TON of pop culture minis from a lot of 80s and 90s movies. Very fun.