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  1. Back in Miami. Just spent 8d on the Carnival Horizon cruise ship. Online fiends got married onboard. Mrs. Zoxe was the maid if honor. Was truly a nerdfest where most of the wedding party were online gamer friends. One afternoon, we took over a corner of Lido Deck and played D&D5E. Huge party with 10 players and 1.5 GMs and a stack of lvl5 pregens to choose from. My BoRo DMG bone box got universal approval, and the DMG dice rolled hot for me all day. At the end, my ranger (Steve the Ranger) dropped the big bad with a nat20 and some high damage rolls. Most other cruisers had no idea what we were up to. But, we had some knowing glances, smiles, and headnods from those around us. I got a kick out of some college age guys that were stuck playing yahtzee with their grandparents that watched us set up with great interest. It's 27 deg back home as I sit here in shorts and sip coffee. Good thing I have jeans and a parka in my main bag.
  2. I highly recommend it. I don't tend to get the winter blues but the timing of this trip was perfect. I made the hotel reservation ages ago, nothing fancy but paid a few bucks more for a bay view. Got a AAA discount and offset the cost. Checked in today and found that we were upgraded. We are in a multi room condo, full kitchen, bigger than our starter home. Flooding warnings contunued back home, which is interesting because it only got to about 18 today.
  3. Hello from Miami. I am not smiling at all as I type this. Honest! (Started our day at 2:45 am, 30mph wind at the airport and wind chills well below zero. Direct flught. We had 2nd breakfasts in 80 Dec and sunny).
  4. Drove to work, 50 degrees and fog. Came home in wind advisories, just above freezing and flooding in our driveway. I was out with a rake clearing the drain pipe that lets the water from the neighbor's field go under our drive way instead over over it - in the rain, in 30 mph wind. I was SOAKED! I may never feel warm again. It's supposed to be about 15 deg F overnight, quite a temperature shift.
  5. I'm not here on one company's forum to bash another company, but there's a KS campaign out there that really makes me sad. Mrs. Zoxe is a huuuuge fan of the minis in Super Dungeon Explore. When Super Dungeon Legends hit KS, she waffled (she already owned the most of original content) and then ultimately late backed after the campaign ended. Here's a concerning article: https://www.thegamer.com/super-dungeon-explore-legends-750k-in-debt/ You can get the gist just by reading the link. The campaign is 3 years in, they've spent all the money PLUS another $750k. Meanwhile, the company has gone silent. Separately, Mrs. Zoxe backed their Way of the Fighter campaign, at a pledge level that provided only minis (no game content). While the game itself fulfilled over a year go, no sign of the minis. So far, Mrs. Zoxe is 1 for 3 in their campaigns (Rail Raiders fulfilled successfully). I'm not here to rant or troll them. We've talked to and gamed with the Soda Pop / Ninja Division crew at various conventions. They're good people, positive vibe, and love their games. But something bad wrong happened.
  6. Yah, it's a reprint with a little more content. No stretch goals, looks like they are shooting for a fast fulfillment.
  7. I am keeping my new year's resolution of no new large campaigns, but I just backed this. Lightweight, art looks fantastic, reviews are pretty good, and at a price point that was too good to pass up....
  8. My Shadows of Brimstone, Forbidden Fortress pledge arrived Today! Allllllll 40 pounds of it!!! Inside the box is the Core Box (the 3rd of the series), two Deluxe Expansions (a pair of 12x12 full gloss retail boxes). So they sent full retail packaging of the Core and both Expansions. For sanity/shipping they gave me 2 more boxes of sprues, and separated all of the game content (cards, stat sheets, tokens, etc.) into their own 12x12 pizza box (which is made of a more dispoable material, printed in B&W). Worst part is, this is just the main pledge!! Core campaign stuff and (I think) all the stretch goals. Addons will ship in Wave 2. This is a huge milestone. SoB is the first KS boardgame that I backed and led me down the dark path of more and more pledges.
  9. Yes, all 4 are the same. 😁 The glare in the pics makes it look more difficult to read than in person. I'll admit that I briefly thought about doing additional/sequential lines from the prologue on each tile, but I didn't want to drive Konas too crazy with multiple setups for multiple texts. 😁 nobody wants to scrap that much BoRo. The other cool thing is that they stack without smashing the cards. Everything is ready to go in the next session.
  10. Heads up, Gloomhaven is on sale at Miniature Market. For 2019, they changed their daily deal to become the Daily Drop. It sort of works like a reverse auction. Each day the price drops by a set percent until they sell out. Gloomhaven is up at an 8% per day drop. https://www.miniaturemarket.com/the-drop
  11. I don't know if I ever posted the KDM Gear Grids publicly. Here's a link with pictures and some words: >> https://zoxes.blogspot.com/2019/02/dog-might-games-custom-kingdom-death.html << And because of Barb's firewall, here's a copy of the pics. These were originally taken late last summer (the Ash prototype arrived just before Gencon, production arrived in September).
  12. Pictures here! https://zoxes.blogspot.com/2019/02/this-just-in-dog-might-component_2.html
  13. YESSSSSSSS!! (My copy arrived this week too!)
  14. The magic box of CoCo goodness arrived today! (We haven't had mail delivery in 2 days due to the cold!) Everything looks great, and I got some BoRo with some good character. I'll grab some Shadows of Brimstone tokens and stage a few pics tomorrow.
  15. My dad apprenticed carpentry with the next door neighbor before I was born, then worked part time at a furniture restoration company when I was very little. After 40+ years, he still takes a commission here and there for the shop when they need a specific spindle recreated for a hundred year old kitchen chair. After the part time gig more or less dried up, Dad built toy trucks and shaving mirrors and sold them at farmer's markets in the surrounding towns. The set that he made for his boys (I'm the oldest) are now being played with by the grandkids, and one of his last shaving mirrors is hanging over my nightstand. When I was 4 or 5, he made me a solid cherry toy box, which is at the foot of my bed storing blankets. It's one of the few items in my will that's called out by name with a specific recipient. Anyway, we didn't have cable TV growing up, and I spent a lot of time in the basement (and later garage) shop. Mrs. Zoxe and I are on our 10 acre property and I have a small shop that I'm slowly reorganizing. I've not done anything like dad used to do, but I've built some Adirondack chairs, bird feeder parts, and other odds and ends. Lately, that means making custom trays for my sets of minis. PS: My router scares the crap out of me. I use a push stick.