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  1. We went from mid 30s to to around 60 degrees last weekend and then dropped back to the 30s. I had a splitting sinus headache all day Saturday - I can't think of a time where I had a more debilitating weather change. I don't get migraines but that headache laid me out flat. Today it was in the 20s all day with wind chill below zero. Yes, winter is back. As I type, I'm hearing ice pelt the skylights in our greatroom. Winter weather advisory and just over an inch of ice expected. Hopefully we keep our power lines up.
  2. For the cost difference between VIG and normal badge, you could Uber from a non-downtown hotel, get dropped at the main entrance AND have $$ left over to spend a ton on the show floor. Actually, the same is true if you compared costs between staying in a connected hotel and staying 15 minutes out. The Hotel Lottery is pretty expensive now. (I would love to do it for 1 or 2 nights but they insist on a 4 night minimum stay).
  3. I expect a rush at the bigger cons. I mean, the Gencon Hotel Lottery is ... a Lottery. Reaper is (was?) a 1300 person grassroots convention using the standard Hilton infrastructure for reservations (the same 'group code' that you'd use to get into your cousin's wedding). Last year it sold out in weeks/months. To compress that to an hour is a big shift. I guess this means they've graduated to the big time - and I'm curious to see how much growth they experience at the actual show.
  4. Reapercon hotel reservations went up yesterday. They have a very advantageous room rate for the Embassy Suites where the convention is held. I thought the hotel bookings opened TODAY (Saturday) instead of yesterday, so I logged in last night after work to find that the block of rooms sold out in an hour (!!!). Last year it took several months to sell the block (and then they negotiated another). An hour is a little crazy to say the least. There's an overflow hotel but it's so much nicer to be on property. There are still rooms available at the hotel (just not at the 'con rate) - I managed to get a room at the AAA rate and then used Hilton Honors points to offset the cost. I almost got down to the 'con rate that way.
  5. Oh, that's cool. I've done a few MMO meetups over the years. It's always weird until you start talking about ingame stuff.
  6. When we first moved in, it was about 8 acres of woods, 1 acre of mowing, and 1 acre of buildings, driveway, gravel turnaround, etc. I could mow in under an hour most of the time. Since then, we've 'improved' the property by cleaning out old brushpiles, clearing back from the road, and opening up under some volunteer Walnut (I have a walnut grove! yay!) Over the past several years the power company cut out dying Ash that was threatening our power lines, and I paid to have the last batch done - total of about 3-4 acres now mowable lawn. I don't mow it all every time, but it's a real beast depending what kind of weather we get.
  7. That's a lot of land! We have 10 and that feels like too much quite often.
  8. We have a travel bucket list; most of these are future cruise ship destinations. 1. I want to see Normandy, France, and the beaches there. My grandfather came ashore at Normandy (not on D-Day, but if you've seen Band of Brothers, he was a "replacement.") 2. I want to sail the Panama Canal. DONE - 2018 3. I don't have a strong desire to see the Med, but I do want to tour the Scandinavia countries. 4. I want to see all 50 states. I have 11 or 12 to go. (Alaska, the Pacific NW/Rockies, and Vermont, New Hampshire, and Connecticut). 5. I want a Gold ranking at Reapercon.
  9. Gaming or otherwise! Here's mine, gaming first: 1. No sprawling kickstarter games. Same as last year. 2. Finish KDM Wave 2 monsters and armor sets (assembly and paint). 3. Finish the Dropfleet 2-Up Beijing in time for Reapercon. Bonus, personal: 4. Reduce my work stress. Complicated topic, but I'll just leave it there.
  10. I have nowhere near the depth that you do. I came in to recommend FATE and GURPS. As I continued to read, the other SciFi engine that I'm aware of is the Expanse RPG. I bought a copy for the fluff but don't know where the engine lands on the spectrum of crunch. You can download the quickstart PDF for free from the KS campaign.
  11. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have been able to do it if I hadn't been wearing my reading glasses. The Green Armor is now together. Gorm is glued to his base (needs to cure overnight; I used epoxy for strength). I also have the Flower Knight assembled. There's brandy in my glass, and I think I may drink it and take a nap.
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