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  1. I kinda wondered how long it would be before @tgpumpkin found this little pumpkin slaughterhouse!! There was sweet potato pie today in the office. I was greatly disappointed that it wasn't pumpkin. I was going to come here and gloat. (I ate it anyway!)
  2. We don't play VtM and barely ever tabletop RPG, but those VtM designs make me want to start playing just so I have a valid excuse to buy some accessories. Great purchases.
  3. There are a few Kickstarters for mini-hoarders out there (you know who you are! hah!). Frozen Ninja will be opening soon. We met them at ReaperCon - super nice and their stuff looks great in person. I hope this link to the preview page works correctly.... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1665755336/1520272196?ref=591486&token=0024b67f Not familiar with this company, but the sculpt looks great and he uses Oreos for scale! How cool is that? (sooooo hungry now). Scale75 makes some awesome stuff. We raided their booth at ReaperCon. I actually used their metallic paints for the first time yesterday and am in love.
  4. It's a double edged strategy to staying fit. The past 2 days I cleared maybe 30 yards of trail and got access to 4 old locust trees that had died or were mostly dead. Quite the workout getting the trail opened, and yet another when it's done and ready for bikes.
  5. Reaper Bones are a much softer material, so scraping can tend to tear the material. You're better off clipping/cutting or maybe the file. But in the end, "whatever works."
  6. Let's see: Between 2008 and 2013, I lost 90 lbs and we started doing sprint triathlons. Our last one was last season and I'm starting to sneak weight back on. (We had a near miss with one of the neighbor's kids - txting while driving - and I hung the bike on the wall; should be easy to shrug off but it's been 18 months and I still get queasy thinking about that day). We own 10 acres and I have a TON of projects I should be making more progress on outside. I have a grove of black walnut that I'm trying to keep nice for future veneer wood. I have about 6 acres of ash - and we have the ash bore - that I'd like to clear cut and replant in oak or walnut. I inherited my Grandad and Great Grandad's Farmall tractors (an 'M' and an 'H' from 1944/45) that I need to get running again. I'm cutting a trail thru the woods for mountain biking. Now that the brush is starting to die off, I can get back to it. I used to drink scotch but can't afford it anymore (damn hipsters!) so I've switched to good ol' american Rye.
  7. We're a little further south and it's been quite hot here until this week. We had a decently normal September, then a heat wave in October. Normally we're getting frosts and maybe some freezing rain by now, but it was 87 deg F on Monday and 85 on Tuesday. I've been off work all week doing odds and ends, and managed to get some more painting (both on the house and on minis, hah) done than I expected. Was 37 when I got up this morning, kicked the house from AC to HEAT and turned on the gas log fireplace while I had coffee. I have 2 more window frames to paint, I'm hoping it warms up more than expected so I can call it all done. Tomorrow I get out the chainsaw and start my fall lumberjacking.
  8. Actually, I probably use the back of an X-acto blade most for scraping mold lines. The clippers I mentioned are usually used to pop things off the sprue; can get pretty close and not leave a nub. When I was doing the assembly for my Dropfleet Army and had dozens of sprues, they were a lifesaver. I also have the Citadel moldline scraper, but I'd put it in the category of "luxury item" as the #11 x-acto blade is what I usually reach for. The Citadel tool does have a nicer grip and a curved section for scraping rounded surfaces (pipes, arms, etc.). When have we ever stayed on topic here? Now I want to know!
  9. When it comes to the Hobby aspect assembling and painting minis, what are the things you reach for almost every project? (I don't necessarily mean brushes or wet palettes, though we could have a thread just about either... looking for the more obscure products or specific colors that made you say "oh wow, holy cow" when you first used it.) Here's a few from me: ArmyPainter Necromancer Cloak. I end up using this color on every mini that I paint. It's a very deep charcoal gray. It's neutral, neither warm nor cold, and works well with almost every other color. It doubles as black in a lot of cases, but *isn't* black so you can actually use a wash to shade it a bit. It's quite thick from the bottle but thins well and retains coverage. Xuron 170 Clippers. For $8 on amazon, these clippers have been some of the best investment in my hobby. Liquitex Inks. Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, and Carbon Black. I have less time with these, but have been using them on every model for the past 6 months. They airbrush like a champ, clean up well, and add quick and easy depth. The Carbon Black is too opaque to use as a wash, but is super effective as translucent shadows. The Burnt colors easily add dirt and grime to capes and interesting shadows when applied under arms and around a figure's waist. Burnt Sienna looks like rust when applied over metallics. These are more expensive than hobby-grade washes and inks, but the jars are bigger and each model only takes 1-2 drops.
  10. Probe Droids are done! As I mentioned above, I started these guys many moons ago, and my painting methods have changed quite a bit in the past year. I decided to let little flaws go - mold lines, injection gates, gaps, and other model prep issues that I'd fix today were left "as is" and I decided to see what I could do quickly. I'm happiest with the grimy, dirty, oily robot arms, least happiest with the details on the central globe. There's a lot more that I could have done - gem-style lenses, better battle damage, picking out rivets and vents, etc. and a lot of overall cleanup. But ... it's time for brushes down and onto the next.
  11. 30 degree temperature drop and rainy. I just finished my 2nd bowl of chili, and now thanks to this thread I really (really) want some pumpkin pie. Sugar Creme Pie is actually my favorite, but I'd take pumpkin at the moment. 🎃
  12. Any user here needing some GG for this badge, let me know. 🤠