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  1. My post came across more negatively than maybe it should have. I have nothing in particular against cmon, we own several of their products and enjoy their games and minis. Cmon will have their fair share of delays, but they'll deliver. They do tend to run a type of campaign that I'm drifting away from - sprawling game with oodles of stretch goals. The hype during the campaign is fun, but these games, and especially the stretch content, generally sit on my shelf. This game itself looks pretty cool. I was glad it wasn't another rehash of zombicide mechanics.
  2. Another big CMON campaign. Almost $1M in the first day. I'm passing, as I am keeping to my promise for no new big sprawling KS games this year. Similar to the above video, @Serge Darveau - CMON has (at least) 7 campaigns open awaiting fulfillment and they started this one. 👎
  3. With great reluctance, I mowed today for the first time. I love living in the country but as time goes on, I detest mowing in the summer months. Had to bypass several large areas that were all but underwater this weekend but most of it wasn't too bad. I am actually still mulching leaves from last fall - we had a very late fall and then a heavy winter that arrived all at once. The last time I mulched I was in my heavy winter gear a few days before the snow flew. Leaves were still falling after I'd pulled the mower deck and installed the snow blade.
  4. Thank you @Barb Bliss. 😁 I started adding a few streaks to the chipped areas. Trying to sell it as impacts of large caliber ship to ship combat, not "rust." Also started coloring in the undercarriage to confirm that I like the color scheme. Here's current status. I did this side and had to stop for a bit. So many little details and edges. Doing a pair of these ships, so planning to split up the work over the next few days. Will then wash all the silver, highlight, a little dry brush, and do a pass with the airbrush to add some engine soot. Once the silver us basecoated it should go quickly.
  5. Okay dice hounds. I'm looking for some weirdly sided dice. Freeblades uses a progressive dice size combat system that needs these sizes: d4d6d8d10d12d14d16d18d22d20d24d30 Ideally, I would find a super sexy all-in-one-bag kit. The Freeblades manufacturer offers their kits, but they're a) pretty boring and b) kinda expensive. I have multiple standard Poly sets (including a few from DMG!) stashed around the house (standard dice sizes in bold) - so even a decent source to buy single dice in the odd sizes would be welcome. \ Ideas?
  6. This is very WIP, but here's today's efforts. Just did basecoating and striping today. I'm using a technique taught by Miniature Monthly where you apply some colors with a sponge, then put some silicone mould builder over the area (also with a sponge), then basecoat and peel the mould builder back off to reveal the layers beneath. Usually this is done to simulate rust and mechanical wear. I'm hoping to turn these chips into blast marks from enemy fire. Instead of rusty colors, I used some Reaper Burnt Metal (the copper), silver, and a little bit of deep blue. This is a resin model, and the primer came off in a few places but I can fix. I'll let this cure for a day or two, then come back and add some streaks, smudge (blast marks) and start on painting the undercarriage. Most of what you see will remain red, but the lower areas will be a dirty silver. I'm also going to do a blog post on striping.
  7. More dropfleet! After swearing that the Zoxe Shipyards would be closed for awhile, I fired them back up to kick out several ships for a DFC tourney in early May. I'm in a good place, stress is low (technically I could just field ships I already had built but wanted to change things up) and the first ships are starting to roll off the assembly line. Part of the challenge was to try to replicate an existing scheme, remember exactly what colors I used, and in what order. I took notes, but am finding holes in them. (It's one thing to run 8 ships through my booth at once, it's another to pick up a ship almost a year later and try to pick apart all the intermediate steps). I got pretty close. In this first pic, the center ship is an existing model. The two on the outside are the freshly minted sister ships. These two electronic warfare frigates were a new class for me, so I had some additional freedom. I had fun with the radomes (all airbrush work) and then hiccuped while drybrushing silver (noooo!!! 😣) and created a smudge. I could have repainted that radome, but instead turned it into "battle damage" (which is more convincing at arm's length). I can always go in and pick out more details, but they're done for now.
  8. Oh, I got that backwards, it should be the Skirmish Box for Zoxe. Whoa, this Saturday Morning Coffee has some kick. Anyway... I'm thinking about getting a Skirmish Box for my planned Freeblades army. I'm a little torn because I love the Sentinel, and ultimately I want a place to stash the accessories and not necessarily the minis. Thought I may need to consider the Sentinel instead given the size of some of the Freeblades AOE templates (and then shove the minis in a small foam pack or something). There have been some truly inspired Valhalla Screens up recently, and I'm looking for some inspiration. Here's what I'm sourcing for inspriation:
  9. Agree. I haven't researched yet, am hoping to find a smaller bottle. The bottle I saw was pretty big.
  10. Yah, not sure. It looked like an older bottle. I wasn't watching him to see if he shook it up. Lots of variables. I'm on my 2nd bottle of Vallejo matte varnish and mines been fine. That being said, they were passing the AK super matte around the class and it went down super smooth and the result looked crisp, yet matte ... not just dull. Hard to be excited about a varnish but I was impressed by it. I'll get a bottle when I finish my Vallejo
  11. Bones doesn't like aerosol (rattle can) paints or primers. The solvent in the aerosol makes it into a giant gummy bear. 😉
  12. Bones 4 fulfilled this week! We were too intimidated to open the box but needed to at least inventory! Painting backlog now officially lasts thru 2030. (There are 150 minis in the core set alone, another 40 in the expansion box. What have we done????)
  13. This past weekend we did a 2-day boot camp with Sergio Calvo (pro painter). I've been using more Liquitex Inks through the airbrush. They produce a satin finish if you need to put them on full coverage, so I've had to be careful not to mess up my surface finish. I was told this weekend to mix in a small dollup of matte varnish to knock the gloss back. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm curious to do so. I also saw firsthand some Vallejo Matte Varnish give a semi-gloss finish. Owner was really stumped (he kept applying it to knock down some satin and the finish got glossier!) Sergio recommended trashing the Vallejo (he has had similar issues) and trying some AK Ultra Matte - available on Amazon or at a place called Michigan Toy Soldier.
  14. http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/Games-on-Kickstarter-Surpass-1-Billion Kickstarter takes 5% ...
  15. I took several days away from the Scorpions this week. Worked on some other hobby stuff and also got outside a bit before the weather shifted. I'm now tentatively in a Dropfleet tournament (!!!!) in early May, and want to adjust my list a bit - so the Zoxe Shipyards are kicking out a few more frigates and 2 more cruisers. This is weird because it took me about a year to get the first batch of ships done, and I swore I would paint something else next, but Dropfleet was superfun and unassembled ships can't fight. Anyway, this weekend, we did a Boot Camp painting class (2 full days) with Sergio Calvo. This was through Miniature Monthly, which DMG sponsors. We're just home from day 2, but we learned a ton, met some really cool people, and had a great time overall. Sergio is a mini painter from Spain, award winner, living master, and kind of the cutting edge of mini painting right now. We've taken some great classes over the past year but Sergio was probably the best.
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