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  1. We got TEZombies but didn't get TEMechs. I liked the quality of the components, but because they crammed a huge number of game variations into the box, I had trouble following the manual. Am curious how well TEMechs plays.
  2. Random Stuff: If you are starting to play with fillers and sculpting, the best advice I can give is to grab a set of cheap ($9) sculpting tools like these: https://smile.amazon.com/Ejiubas-Sculpting-Modeling-Supplies-Ceramics/dp/B0758BP4YT/ Even that kit is overkill; I use 1 or 2 of them and the rest stay in the bag. The silicone tips work really well for moving material and packing it into holes/seams, while still being flexible enough to work around corners. When you're ready to smooth an area, dunk the end into some water, dab it on a paper towel, and then smooth out the edges (both Milliput and Aves are water soluble). The metal end (round ball) can be useful for making texture or getting into tighter areas. The other tool you might want is a set of dental tools (or wax carving tools they call them on Amazon), but I use them less. (Because Plastic Putty is a little more sticky, these tools won't work as well but honestly I've never tried.... hmmmm.) Technique: Mix up a ball of filler (Aves or Milliput). Both Aves and Milliput are 2-part "expoxies" that only harden once mixed. I start with two dots a little smaller than the size of a pea; squish/mix well and then put the combined dot on the back of my thumbnail of my off hand. Then use the silicone tools to slice off small bits and cram into the model. It goes faster than it sounds. If it's not going well, scrape it off, and use a wet brush to clean the area and start over.
  3. I really like Plastic Putty. It shrinks a little when it cures, so can sometimes still leave a seam. But it's pretty easy to work with. I've tried green stuff (which I hated) and really like milliput (but the dust is toxic), but lately have been playing with aves epoxie sculpt and really like it for big areas or places where you truly need to sculpt details.
  4. Awesome! What putty did you use to fill the gaps?
  5. I was a trombone player from Jr high through HS. 😁
  6. We're just back from Sunday errands and "father's day" lunch even tho we don't have kids. We've had a very wet spring, but the amount of water standing and surging of the creek behind our house is astounding. We can see where it went across the roads in places we've never seen flooded in the 10 years we've been here. I recall that there was a tropical storm that hit Mexico and swept up through Texas to our part of the country but lost track of when it was going to hit ... that musta been it.
  7. We received over 4" of rain in less than 24 hours here. I had a few things to do outside but enjoyed a quiet rain day. Mrs. Zoxe was online this weekend for tech support and oversight of an upgrade at work. There were a few breaks where we could get out, but also a steady downpour for what felt like hours last night. Zero wind, just raining straight down.
  8. Shipwreck Arcana fulfilled this week. Got it out of the box and read through the instructions. Looks like a really good, lightweight game that I could play with nearly anyone. At $24, I'm still keeping my new years resolution. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/meromorphgames/the-shipwreck-arcana-stars-below
  9. Dunno if I can get an Uber to haul us that far, but I did sign up. 😁😁
  10. Shipping notice from the UK! My stuff is scheduled for a Monday delivery. I'm actually a little skeptical that it will get here that fast, but we'll see!
  11. Ha, I read this and thought I'd missed the announcement for the next Reaper Bones KS.
  12. Week at work has not been good but is ending on a high note. Home has been busy but good, with efforts to revamp our painting benches and convert a spare bedroom from PC gaming to hobby area finally coming together. We also went to see The Goonies at flashback theatre... classic 80s/90s movies on the big screen. It was epic. Games: most played recently is Shadows of Brimstone. I've done Dropfleet Commander as a travel event (adepticon and a localish tourney). Historically, we probably have the most play time on SoB, tho zombicide black plague would run a close 2nd. I enjoy rpgs but dont have a consistent group and the local game stores host things too late for us (I'm up by 4:30 or 5 in a workday and maybe 7:00 on a weekend.). I've had thoughts of starting a single player campaign for Kingdom Death or Gloomhaven but haven't made the time.
  13. Yes, lowest I've seen too. And the way that the drop works, it'll be 7% cheaper tomorrow. And again the day after. Assuming there are any copies left. Don't know how many copies they have to move, but once their allocation is done their price will move back to normal. Normally on larger priced items (this is almost $100), I've seen a more modest drop of 3% or so. The 7% is pretty aggressive given the price. I bet it doesn't go too many days.
  14. Yes! The blue box of doom is sitting on our kitchen table as I eat breakfast. 😉
  15. Today's "THE DROP" on miniature market is Gloomhaven. Will drop 7% per day. https://www.miniaturemarket.com/cph0204.html
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