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  1. Zoxe

    Ikea Hellquest

    I was vague on this in my story because I wasn't sure how to explain it. Although I thought the hinge hardware was secured when I fastened it into the pockets in the doors, they weren't actually seated fully into the round pocket in the door. It looked weird when I installed it, because there was a gap all the way around the mounting plate and the door. I fussed with it a bit, and the screws were very tight, so I shrugged and moved on. Later on, I actually had to remove one of the top doors to get the glass shelves to slide in, and when I loosened the hinge hardware I actually saw the hardware pop into place (where I thought it should have been to begin with). So, all the doors came back off and then reinstalled properly.
  2. Zoxe

    Ikea Hellquest

    It was a close thing, but I am here to report that negotiations with Ikea High Command were fruitful, allowing evil to be vanquished. I was a little nervous, because I didn't actually get any shipping info for the missing hardware until Friday. But it arrived at my doorstep by 9am Saturday. We were outbound to a family commitment but it was nice to have the missing pieces in hand. Today after other chores, I steadied my nerves and went to install the doors. This was mostly straightfoward, and I was able to assembly-line a lot of it, but it all went well. I did have one hiccup that caused me to de-install all the doors and put them back on but otherwise things went well with actually very few adjustments. I'll let things settle overnight and then see if I need to square-up anything. The upper areas will become the home for my KDM and SoB collections, and Mrs. Zoxe's Super Dungeon Explore. The lower areas will likely be crammed with all sorts of games, although presently it's hiding my KDM Wave 2 boxes and Gloomhaven. I've not secured to the wall yet, but will - not sure if we want it along that wall or in the opposite corner. The pictures make it look smaller than it actually is. Total width is just under 6 feet - the KDM Phoenix standing guard is one of my largest figures with a 12" wingspan. The gaming surface was a $99 clearance find at our local Mendards. It's 53 x 40 and enough room to play most anything. Now, back to town to find solace at the local public house and await our next adventure.
  3. Zoxe

    Ikea Hellquest

    That's interesting. As much as we order from Amazon, I could carpet my lawn in cardboard and mulch the whole thing. Just hung up the phone from Ikea High Command. Total duration: 2 hrs, 5 minutes. I think I can recite the hold messages verbatim now. Replacement hardware will be at my door by this time next week, which will give me a few days to finish assembly before the gang arrives.
  4. Just got a message from Isaac that the final opportunity to adjust addressing for Founders of Gloomhaven is here - fulfillment is just around the corner!
  5. Zoxe

    Ikea Hellquest

    Initial backbone is done. I started to attach the legs, but needed an assist from Mrs. Zoxe who was pursuing her own task/loot this afternoon. Then I got sidetracked by opening the rest of the boxes looking for the hinge hardware packs. Once the legs are installed, there will be just enough room for some storage on top before you encounter the angled ceiling in the area. Current wait on Ikea High Command phone support is 64 minutes (!!). I discontinued seeking an audience at present and will regroup and press again later.
  6. Zoxe

    Ikea Hellquest

    Alas, there is a storyline complication. One of the SKUs is missing from my packup - apparently the GM involved noticed my smugness masked as praise when I bragged about the $29 delivery solution and decided I needed a wrinkle to keep things too straightforward. I've been through the mountain of cardboard from top to bottom, and the promised 6 boxes of hinge hardware are missing. Without a replacement, I cannot complete the Hellquest and therefore must complete this side quest to allow further progress. My only alternative is to call upon the Ikea High Command and demand compensation for this outrage. Or if that doesn't work, begging will ensue.
  7. I'm currently on a quest to overhaul our gaming alcove. We have a family gathering in a couple of weeks, and I need to free up space and make things tidy before our 3- and 4-year old nieces descend upon our abode. So, I'm spending my Sunday afternoon assembling our new Besta chest/organizer. This is not as exciting as it sounds! Background: Besta is a modular line at Ikea that lets you customize the result. It's primarily intended for TV/entertainment centers but we found a pre-config'd setup that will fit our gaming alcove perfectly and allow us to centralize all the various boxes and unassembled models that we have stashed around the house. Hellquest, Chapter 1: I really detest box stores, but a few weeks ago we took a deep breath and braved the local Ikea to get actual eyeballs on the items. In and out of the store as quickly as possible, before I failed a sanity roll when dealing with the SUV Soccer Mom Mafia (SSMM) that inhabits the suburban tundra around the Ikea mecca (*shakes angry fist at SSMM*). Anyway, with the valuable intel we needed, we retreated to our laptops to min/max the strategy (actual build configuration of the modular items) from the safety of our own country stronghold. Then, for $29, had it all delivered to the house last week. It was $29 well spent to have someone else collect all the bits and then hump them to my front door. Hellquest, Chapter 2: But ... the problem with the modular stuff is that there is currently a HUGE pile of boxes in our entryway. Each bit has its own SKU, and came in its own packaging, with its own instructions. Now instead of facing mortal combat with the SSMM, I am staring down a huge puzzle quest with many possible false steps bearing mortal danger and shredded faux-plywood. I've hauled the biggest boxes upstairs and have been picking through them. So far, so good. Pics to follow, but at present I have 3 of the 4 "backbone" pieces assembled, minus doors, and will probably take a break for a stamina potion (rye whisky) after the 4th is done.
  8. Here's an early JUNE update for all things Conventiony. GenCon event signup day came, and once again we got shafted by a high queue number (similar things happened last year). All of the gaming I wanted were sold out (KDM, Shadows of Brimstone, painting with Elizabeth Beckley). We regrouped but our 2nd choices were sold out as well. Another scramble and we're now signed up for some of the Author panels with James S.A. Corey (authors of the Expanse, my 2nd favorite book series ever!!). I also got into a casual Dropfleet battle on Sunday, but that means I have to actually finish assembling my fleet by August!! Pressure! Maybe next year for Adepticon. MM Boot Camp was not a "convention," but was very awesome. So much compressed learning that I'm still unpacking it from my brain. PAX Unplugged tickets went live and we have a room at the Marriott, per my posts above. We're signed up for a road trip to Texas and Reapercon. Attendee tickets are bought, and we're waiting for the event tickets to go live. Can't attend Origins. Family stuff that weekend.
  9. Gloomhaven. Turn 1, game 1, starter scenario. Two player game so there are 3 guards in the first room, plus our two heroes. Our plucky Mind Thief decided to start aggressively and ends up first on our initiative list. Moves up, melee attack on the guards. Draws a -1 combat modifier and proceeds to only deal a couple of points of damage. All bad guys are still up. The Brute decided to start slow, meaning all 3 bad guys are next in initiative. They surround the Mind Thief. Splat. We are about 3 minutes into our Gloomhaven career. "Huh, let's reset and try that again...."
  10. I've looked at Imperial Assault as well. I'm a SW kid from the 80s, and I love all the figures, but our experiences with Descent, mixed with the hyper-competitive X-Wing scene kind of tainted it. And to be clear, I think Descent is a wonderful game, it was just a bad fit and bad timing for us. I should have added this background: as I mentioned in the other thread, we started with some lighter games. Once it became clear that spending hours a night on the PC wasn't working for me, I went to a particular gencon wanting to demo some of the dungeony games. On the first day, we had a demo of Descent 2E at the FF booth. The 2E core boxes were in short supply and I couldn't find one at the show, so I bought one on Amazon that night after we got done on the convention floor. We continued through the rest of the weekend and I tried other games, including Shadows of Brimstone. It was far more expensive and I had already spent a lot so I resisted. But on the final Sunday, Mrs. Zoxe decided to get a Super Dungeon Explore bundle from the Soda Pop booth, and my willpower snapped and I grabbed a SoB core and 1st expansion from the Flying Frog booth. SoB fit us a lot better, and even though we would go on to give Descent a fair try, it was kind of doomed from the start. I have read somewhere that there's a companion app for Descent that gives the monsters AI to allow 2 players to run characters against "the computer." I've meant to dig it out, but honestly our experiences so far with Gloomhaven kind of scratch that fantasy itch.
  11. As the newer editions become available I've been tempted to grab it but never have. The friends that played it are 3 hrs away and have since moved on to other things, and don't think it would get much (any) table time here with our current backlog (Gloomhaven, KDM, Shadows of Brimstone, Arcadia Quest, etc. etc.). But yes, it's one of those games that I hold in high regard even though I've only over-the-shoulder-played it.
  12. As a kid, we played a home-made version of Aggravation. Great-grandpa made 2 boards out of old countertop and a hand drill. My mom played on the boards when she was little, and I played with my uncle and cousins in my early teen years. When grandpa passed away, mom got 1 of the 2 boards and we continue to play on them during holiday events. A few years back, I cloned them out of plywood and passed them out to my immediate family to keep the tradition going. We also played Sequence with the family in my late high school and early college years. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/2375/sequence I took a 15 year break from board games and played MMOs (Warcraft, EVE Online, Guild Wars 2) but have developed a bad shoulder that keeps me from PC gaming. But I can paint, and I can play board games. Then attended a game night at a friends' house and played 7 Wonders and watched a game of Space Hulk and was hooked.
  13. I'll repost and expand: This might be heresy, but I'm going to say Descent 2E. The game is fine and has earned its status for good reason. But for us - I got the 2E box, played through a couple of times, went big on some of the expansions and addon figs. I bought Shadows of Brimstone shortly after, and all the Descent stuff beyond the core box is still in shrink wrap. "Regret" is a strong word; I like and respect the title but found that other games worked better for us. I probably won't invest in a 1vMany format game again.
  14. This might be heresy, but I'm going to say Descent 2E. Got the 2E box, played through a couple of times, went big on some of the expansions and addon figs. I bought Shadows of Brimstone shortly after, and all the Descent stuff beyond the core box is still in shrink wrap.
  15. The absolute worst mosquitoes I've seen was in Texas. In August of 2009, arrived there for work a day or three after a tropical storm came ashore at Corpus Christi, with lots of standing water visible from the airplane as we came in to land. We arrived at the facility the next morning at 5 and noticed the air was shimmering between the rental car and the building... and we were working outside all week. It was 95+ and high humidity, brutal conditions even in the shade, and I had a cloud of mosquitoes looking for a way to get through the multiple layers of OFF that I was wearing. At one point I went to the men's room, washed my hands (of course), and had welts on the back of my hands within a few minutes because that one little patch of skin was unexposed. At another point, I needed to call back to the home office, got on the cell phone and started walking to look for a good signal. It was high noon, blistering heat, in the middle of an empty parking lot (pavement for a hundred yards in all directions). And I was getting divebombed.