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  1. Aha, good point. There were of course many booths and lots of great things to see - Wyrd, CMON, Keyforge, and at least two for Warhammer / Games Workshop IPs. I think my surprise with Root's size and placement was in comparison to the TINY TINY booth they had at PAX-U last year. If I haven't mentioned, staying at the Marriott this year was totally the right call. We spent less time coming and going from the 'con and could pop up to the room to dump off items, veg a bit, and didn't have to worry about a coat since it's all connected. Last year we stayed at the Hampton Inn, which was a fine property but was on the "wrong" side of the convention center; logistically this just added a lot of fuss.
  2. We are now home safely. Originally, I had planned to leave Philly after lunch Sunday and then make it part-way, and scheduled today as a vacation day. We actually departed a little early yesterday and didn't actually attend any of the Sunday 'con. Instead, we made one last pass at Reading Terminal Market and then did a Cannonball Run across several states to arrive home late last night. We slept in today, got some errands ran, put the Christmas tree up, and I spent a couple hours in the garage/shop cleaning stuff and preparing for some major lumberjacking this winter. Games: We did a learn2play of Arcadia Quest Riders with CMON and got some cool schwag. We also played Tiny Epic Zombies in the hotel room and some weird dice-rolling sheep collecting game that Mrs. Zoxe brought along. Loot: Arcadia Quest Inferno (Christmas present for the Mrs.). Organizers for KDM at Broken Token Generic card stack organizers from Broken Token Some new colors of paint at the Reaper booth Malifaux bases and landscape pieces from Wyrd Figure holder for painting I checked out the new Warhammer Quest but stayed strong and didn't procure. We demo'd Cat Lady and enjoyed it; I bought a copy this morning from Amazon for Mrs. Zoxe's Christmas. @Konas The Root booth was very much front and center, and I would say was a major focal point of the show floor. We found Root last PAX-U and I backed their KS on the spot; makes me proud to see them getting such good attention. On the downside, tho - I tried to get in and demo Vast but kept getting elbow'd out. I didn't see the giant version of Root.
  3. Standing in line for the start of paint and take. Here are some initial thoughts on year #2. 1. The footprint got a little bigger. That's a good indicator of growth. The vendor hall is 50 to 100% bigger, with wider aisles and bigger booths. Even then, Friday felt busier than last year and I'm a little scared to see the vendor hall today. 2. The vendor hall swapped ends with the free play area. The main stage moved downstairs. While an improvement, that hall is really really noisy. 3. Enforcer staff seem better informed. I'm good at playing dumb and asking repeat questions to check for consistent answers. This is an improvement over last year where some of the volunteers weren't as informed as they could have been. (I don't blame the volunteers, but can blame the con mgmt for inducing confusion last year). 4. Event signups still stink. All of the events and classes are either signup the morning of, or via 3rd party. Its impossible to get to all the signups at the same time and expect to get into much of anything. We're approaching this casually, but if I were inclined to min/max our weekend, it would induce much nerd stress. 5. The map is improved but us still nonsensical in a few areas. Thankfully the informed staff got us straightened out. 6. LOOT! I should buy stock in Broken Token. Found some good stuff for KDM. Mrs. Zoxe found some terrain and bases at the Wyrd booth. We'll peruse more today. I'm hoping to demo the new Warhammet Quest board game. More later!
  4. Just arrived on the PAX U show floor. Wiped out by traffic and general dumbassery around the Marriott. If @Thomas Browne is around and wants to shake hands, ping me here!
  5. We cut and hauled wood on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I'm thankful for the wet weather that rolled in last night so I can get healed up. My dad is going to take quite a bit of the wood for his backyard shop. I'm also getting a new wagon for the garden tractor to haul logs. Almost destroyed my old companion. 😉 We also finalized a deal with the guy doing the work to finish off the area North of the drive once he's done with contract work. So it will be clear and ready for replanting at our convenience.
  6. PAX Unplugged is a week from today!! Good gravy where has the year gone?? We have nothing specific planned. No events, no 3rd party RPG signups, no master plans. Totally winging it. Our priorities consist of Christmas shopping, eating like mad at the Reading Terminal Market, and of course copious amounts of lurking at the DMG booth. Edit: Our plans are a little nuts next week. I'll be on a whirlwind trip to Washington DC for work, flying back home on Wednesday (if I could stay in place, I totally would). Working nearly a full day on Thursday, then we'll start driving back to the east coast after work. Should get to the show floor sometime around lunch on Friday. We're staying in the Marriott this time, which will make logistics a LOT easier. We'll start driving home Sunday afternoon, or perhaps Monday morning if we choose to cannonball run it.
  7. Another day, another swath if destruction. This time they pushed the weedline back out at the road (and the overhead lines there). This is one of 3 piles. Maybe chest high to me, and I'm 6'3" in my work boots. Most of them are probably 8 or 10 inches or less. I'm not sure this is worth slabbing out into boards.
  8. I'll take some pics tonight. May be you can tell me if it's worth fussing with. I had assumed it was all destined for the fireplace but there's a metric buttload more than I expected.
  9. Actually, yah, they are leaving me everything that's about 4" in diameter and larger. I have two giant piles of logs. Blessing and a curse, now I get to cut them up and move them. I'm not sure what we'll put in after it. We've talked about This for years but now it's happening very fast. I'm truly not inclined to mow that much with my current garden tractor and currently lack the storage space to upgrade to a larger mowing rig, so something needs to go back in there. I need a wind break for the driveway, too. In the back, I have about a nice plot of black walnut that's doing well. I like the idea of another heritage plot of hardwood for future timber, even tho i don't have kids and probably wouldn't live to see it get harvested. I just don't know if that's the spot to do it in. This will be a good template, though. South of the driveway is another 4 or 5 acres of brush, brambles, dying ash, and silver maple. Given infinite time and funds, I'd clear all that and do something useful with it too.
  10. We own 10 acres. The front 7 or so acres is reclaimed cornfield that populated with Ash. We have the ash bore and started losing trees an masse about 2 years ago. We have overhead power lines to the house. Back in June, the power company sent a forestry guy out to chat about the number of dead ash threatening the lines. We walked the property and he marked a large swath for tree removal at their cost. I'm actually all for this, as the ash are a maintenance nightmare and eyesore. I was actually thinking about soliciting quotes to clear this entire area, then replant it with blue spruce or some beneficial hardwoods or something. So I held off to see how much they would do for me for free. We expected the crews to come out in late summer, but nothing. In early September, a crew took a couple of ash out by the road but ignored the rest of his flags and marks. We came home Tuesday to this!! Everything that is mulch used to be woods.
  11. Today we'll be driving. Day with her Dad, about 2 hrs away. We work tomorrow. We normally work it, though I saved some vacation time for it this year then traded it away so we could go to PAX-U next weekend. So, tomorrow morning I'll hit some BF sales when I get up at 4 or 5. Quiet day at work, come home and drink some glorious distilled amber from Kentucky. Then this weekend we'll be cutting wood and continuing our Shadows of Brimstone campaign. I was joking last night that in my entire life, I've never seen the entirety of the Macy's parade. For as far back as I can remember, I'd turn it on at 9, and then load up the car at 9:30 to go to Grandma's (and now her Dad's). "One year... just one year... I'm going to sit on my own couch, drink coffee, and watch the whole thing." "Is it really that cool?" "Oh heck no, it's terrible. Awkwardly overdone with a long list of celebrities we probably don't know and lip synch'd production numbers. I'd probably get bored. But that's not the point! For 40+ years, I've only watched the first 15 minutes of it and then had to go find my shoes. And Al Roker is supercool." She rolled her eyes at me and changed the topic. PS: The parade is on as I type. Time to go find my shoes.
  12. It looks like it will be through their web page.
  13. By the way, Reaper is discontinuing their HD Paint line. Black Friday (11/23-26), all remaining HD paint will be 99 cents a bottle while supplies last. I'm pretty sad about this. I just found their HD line about a year ago. The colors that I have tried work really really well and I feel like I got to the party just in time for the keg to go flat. But, if you want to grab some additional colors, it should be a great deal.
  14. Some WIP shots of my next project -- Shadows of Brimstone Depth Tracker. This is a resin piece that replaces the cardboard template included in the game. I've had it for quite awhile, and we've used it unpainted, but it's time to get on with finishing it. Bare primer. The reading glasses behind it should help give scale. It's pretty darn big! I hit the wooden frame in AP Dark Stone first and pretty much coated the entire piece. I came back with some medium brown (I think AP calls this 'fur brown') to lighten the areas that will be parchment. For speed, I decided to airbrush this too, meaning I had to mask off the wood. Inefficient, but still faster overall. Here, the parchment areas have been airbrushed with Skeleton Bone and the masking tape has been removed. I went back over the oversprayed wood areas with Dark Stone and made the Depth Track "sign" a consistent lighter brown. I'm dreading doing all of the lettering.