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  1. I'd vote for Ziricote. I would love to have more Ziricote tbh
  2. I swear every time I see a sentinel I want it’s always got the function I don’t need. Sigh.... beautiful pieces as always but unfortunately not meant for this orange fellow.
  3. because you're so innocent and never think of doing such things @Thomas Browne
  4. You could always sell your Boros, boulders, wooden dice, etc. that you cheated us out of to us DMGers. I'm sure you'll raise the $2600 no sweat
  5. @Konas just curious...would it be possible to make this but with wenge replacing Chechen and Padauk replacing the lighter color wood? no I’m not placing an order 😛 . @Barb Bliss Already spent my money. I’m still holding out for a unique piece of wood to drop but may go custom someday. I will get a second sentinel in the future to pair with my world class redheart.
  6. Ps I recommend the colors orange and green as wedding colors. Always popular! .....just a humble suggestion 😛
  7. I see someone bought the burnt orange screen too. That was a fantastic piece. No way could I have swung it but it was really remarkable.
  8. Oh my gourd I missed this!!!! Congratulations @Zoe. That’s awesome. Sorry I was distracted by the castle tray to offer my sincerest well wishes. Also quite an active day in the comments today peeps. Felt good to chat with all of you for a while there and see some outstanding puns. Haven’t ran out of “likes” in quite some time.
  9. Please...like this is the FIRST time you've done that. I'm pretty sure you're in the lead at this point I wish I could swing both the adventure box and the tray. Still, I'm happy to finally have a castle
  10. Gourdeous castle tray on my way. Cross that off the list.
  11. Yeah I can't get both though. I would want to get lights on it too (yes @Zoe I know you'd be willing to add that on )
  12. That sentinel is amazing. Grats on the pickup. I'm looking for 1 more with the right config to compliment the redheart. I'd like to have 2 overall I'm sure the right one will drop eventually.
  13. Holy crap too many things just dropped that I want. I think @Barb Bliss got one of them. Lucky!!!! lol You all keep talking about that burnt orange castle tray (which is amazing too) but there's that burnt orange adventure case that's bad ass too.
  14. It's unbeleafable right? Now you're not just liking it...but LOVING IT!!!!!!!!
  15. The dynamic and attitude of a game group can make or break a game sometimes. I’m not too keen on bears vs babies (I love exploding kittens though) even as a lighthearted game but playing it with my kids is a blast.
  16. I think I was more intrigued with the idea of 2 games being fused together than the game itself. I commend both companies for thinking outside the box and being innovative.
  17. I’m really enjoying this gameshow “Woodn’t you like to Know” @Konas has got going here. Now we just need to spruce it up with some showcase showdowns and daily doubles and I think we have a new DMG hot item. We’ll have to change the bonus rounds into acorny wood puns to really add theme to the show. @Konas also needs to get some gameshow host attire.
  18. @ElysianPeace has gourd intentions with this statement but was incorrect on an important detail. There is no such thing as a bad pun. no worries...I fixed the statement above for you Elysian
  19. Yeah I’m pretty gah gah over Stonemaier games tbh. It’s my Achilles heel. I haven’t played Viticulture yet though. My collection has an abundance of worker placement so I can’t justify that purchase. What drew me into Wingspan is it’s weight, unique theme, and perceived ability to play it with other non gamers. I have so many adventure/dungeon/monster games but not all peeps want to play that kind of theme. I’m thinking the presentation may draw in a different crowd. honestly for me right now there aren’t any known 2019 games I’m excited about so I’m optimistic I’ll keep my future purchases in check gamewise.
  20. Thats hilarious! What movie is that from? I've not seen it.
  21. Nice! I think I can do one game a month. I’d like to keep it to no more than 5 in a year. Already burned one in Wingspan. Don’t know of any must have games that I’m wanting as of yet, dont worry @Konas DMG gear doesn’t count.
  22. Surprisingly they didn’t like castle panic! That kind of surprised me honestly. I’ve not heard of magic maze so I’ll have to check that out
  23. I’m sorry I guess that wasn’t made clear. I should have said rarely played games. As an example I got the second year collectors edition of ascension a while back. I played it. Couple of times and it is a good game....but I don’t play it seeing as dominion fills that niche for me. part of it too though is I am developing an unhealthy backlog currently. I have gotten caught up in the hype with some past kickstarters or sales. I say all of this when just 24-48 hours ago I preordered Wingspan so clearly I have a problem here. My Shelfies don’t look close to what I’ve seen on other board game sites, but still I need to be more fiscally responsible with the hobby
  24. Great thread idea (sorry late to the party). My resolutions are far less kickstarters cut down on games...right there with you @RomyCat I’ve been irresponsible on this for sure. sell some of my unplayed games...I need to declutter and redeem some poor purchase decisions.
  25. Still haven’t played that game sadly.