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  1. I can't stop looking at this. If something like this ever appeared on the site with a fierce looking pumpkin in the middle I'd lose my seeds.
  2. Love HEARING the French Horn...hated playing it. to be fair I just stunk at it. I remember when I had to learn how to thread that sucker. NOPE! I do think if I was in grade school all over again and had a crack at band I would have tried for the Trombone. I would have been too small for it given my size at the time, but that was the instrument I had the most fun with. My grade school didn't have strings, but if it did it'd be a toss up between Cello and Viola with maybe a slight edge to the Cello
  3. Very nice @WxCougar. I don't know if peeps know this but I was actually studying to be a music teacher in undergrad so they made us learn all the instruments. Trombone was my fave but I really enjoyed bassoon too. Oboe notsomuch. Oboe was the bane of my existence. *shudders*
  4. Sooooo gooooouuuuurrrrrrrddddddd
  5. I totally get it. I do. I might jump on it in the PM still who knows.
  6. Such a great game. The only thing I was on the fence about was their trove box. Shelling out 75 bones for a storage solution just feels overpriced. I backed it...then I backed out of it. Maybe I'll back it again in the PM I don't know.
  7. I've been pretty good not buying NEW games. I've been buying expansions...but only games I backed this year that were new were Suburbia and On Mars (which I bundled with Gallerist). Getting 3 total new games from Kickstarter after almost half a year has passed I think has me matching pace with my goal of no more than 1 new game kickstarter a month. If I count expansions I'm failing though.
  8. I'm flattered really. I view it that you needed a physical manifestation that brought both me and DMG together into a single piece of art. I understand. Who doesn't adore pumpkins They do make a very nice burnt orange. I don't know if you remember but I have a burnt orange castle rolling tray they made a few months back. Jumped on that sucker pretty quick.
  9. I think this is the start of a beautiful partnership @Thomas Browne
  10. It's both doom to dust and doom to henchmen looking to thwart a housekeeper's duty. DUSTY DOOM....THE NAME.....IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW
  11. Come on...I'm not abandoning Dusty Doom™ , DD is the next revolution of the household cleaning industry and is the zenith of usefulness. The proposed lute, is not. Besides, we all know the years they are spending in R&D will pay off when they finally unleash Dusty Doom to the world. As excited as we all are for that moment, I trust the braintrust of DMG to release it when it's truly ready. .... ..... Then again...wouldn't it be cool if the Dusty Doom™ was ALSO a weapon?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Maybe the wooden handle would be discreet cover for a nunchuk configuration that could be triggered should a housekeeping agent find them selves in a perilous situation with rival housekeepers or zombies. Truly this is something that the mastermind weaponsmiths at DMG are considering as they seek to turn the household cleaning industry on its head. They would have no equal!!!!!!! OH THE POSSIBILITIES!!!!!!11111
  12. The Lute is life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to put together a marketing strategy @Thomas Browne to make people more aware of our cause to make the lute dream a reality. ITS SONG MUST BE HEARD!!!!!!!!!!
  13. oooohhhh a poll from dmg on the next weapon for them to make. Time to cast my vote.... LUTE OF USELESSNESS FOR THE WIN!!!!!
  14. Careful....you know how upset @Thomas Browne gets when you say such things sis 😛
  15. These are amazing. I envy all of you who have such skills in painting.
  16. thanks. Me too. The storms were crazy last night. Several moments of hydroplaning. crazy.
  17. Glad you’re safe @Zoxe. I spent Memorial Day driving back to Chicago from Ohio. Nothing is more fun than having your gps reroute you through scary parts of Chicago during terrible weather because the highways are in gridlock all while listening to the soundtrack of tornado sirens. i read this am western Ohio got hit pretty bad with tornadoes. Scary stuff.
  18. @Barb Bliss same with me. I've gotten 3-4 telling me they're backing. Maybe I should give it a second look but it didn't stand out to me originally.
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