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  1. Stinks about the yard work but excited for you about lucidity. I would have probably backed that game but I had backed so many by that point I had to chill myself out
  2. I hope all of you will be celebrating the extended weekend feasting on the finest meats, meads, and beers available. With the extra day for many of us, what are you going to be doing/playing this weekend? For me, I plan on grilling and smoking meat all weekend long. Doing the classic burgers/brats/hots for a couple of the days and finishing the weekend off smoking some pulled pork and smoked macaroni and cheese. Good times. Hoping to play a few games this weekend as well. I'm in game 6 of Charterstone and I want to try to finish the campaign. I might throw down some Zombicide. I also want to try this new game I got called Feudum. Seems a bit complex but the art is pretty cool. What about the rest of you? pumpkinpig.jfif
  3. COUGAR! Jealous you get to visit Seattle. I've always always wanted to go. Dream destination for me to at least visit. Being on the complete opposite side of the US has kept me from doing so. Maybe someday
  4. Yay I have gourd ideas!!!! I will work on taking some pics as well of all the smoked meats, deliciousness, and board games. Who knows, maybe I'll try painting my first miniature. I'll be sure to take pictures of that so I can provide some comical relief to you miniature painting veterans out there
  5. Pandemic Legacy Season 1! I'm halfway through that one and stalled a bit. Need to pick it up. Great game...just stalled. Sounds like a lot of fun. Monster Hunter! I beat the core game and have been slowly chipping away at the additional monsters. Stalled a little on this too due to God of War
  6. It warms my insides seeing pumpkins warmly appreciated in this picture. Good show gourd sir.
  7. I hear ya. I've shied away from conventions due to cost myself. I'm trying Origins out this year since it's RELATIVELY close and driveable. Still going to pinch the wallet. I went to a regional convention in Grandcon and that was more manageable on the wallet. I probably can't do more than 1 convention a year tbh unless its close by.
  8. Roundabouts are the worst thing imaginable and were one of the most annoying things driving in Minnesota if not the most annoying thing. Hate roundabouts. Jersey jughandles aren't a picnic either....
  9. I pax unplugged in philly? Hmmm.....I miss Philly sometimes. Amazing food out there. A lot to do. Don’t miss the traffic. East coast drivers terrible (Chicago...though bad...is better).
  10. You’re not going??? Nnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooo
  11. hmmm.....interesting. It's been a quieter kickstarter but moving a relaxed and successful pace.
  12. Oh sorry my bad. eBay I think is the only way to get it at this point. I was just trying to tell you that you don’t have to be extorted for buying the whole game as well. i I’ll keep an eye out though. I got a coupon from eBay a couple weeks ago that took 20 percent off my purchase which brought down a Moloch listing to what I would pay as a backer. Should such a situation rise again I’ll let you know
  13. Can't wait to try it @Barb Bliss. Never had a 4v1 game before. I think the kids will dig it.
  14. Actually FWIW they sell the figure separately so you don't have to buy the whole game.
  15. Daughter saw paint kit last night and the following exchange happened: Her: "Whose is this"? Me: "It's mine...I am going to try to start painting miniatures" Her: "WHHHHHOOOOAAAAAAAA you're in my world now. YOURE painting?!?!?!?!?! Me: "Uhhhhh.......yeah I'm going to try to" Her: "That's awesome, can I do it with you? This can be our thing together then" Me: *heart silently melts*
  16. I got my rise of moloch pledge in the mail today. When I get to at least a reasonable painting level I will absolutely be jacked about painting them. Such fun looking minis. this is assuming of course that I’m meant to paint. @Zoxe fun fact there is even a kdm crossover mini. Not sure how much of a completist you are
  17. Nice. I had no clue how big Kdm box was.
  18. @Zoxe....do I want to know what’s in that box?
  19. Ordered Sunday and it arrived today. The victims and the loot....cat was not included
  20. Damn straight. Only downer is it will take me years to paint it like this. Assuming I even get close to this level.
  21. ALL OF THE TTTIIIIMMMMEEEESsSSSSS Zombicide.......Scythe......I’ll pull this sucker out in freakin UNO!!!!!!