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  1. Blatant praise and envy for your talent
  2. I bought the black walnut saber tooth . Didn’t get the Cthulhu tray. the sentinel was an instabuy. I was refreshing not even looking at comments. The second that sucker popped I feared for my life one of you would have beaten me out. Alas....Charlie Brown finally kicked that football 🏈
  3. Meanwhile DMG still finishing up my sentinel...my sentinel pickup today and a rolling tray. I’ll have a few things in mine when the time comes.
  4. Merry Christmas on all the presents you got today. I’m already out of reactions but I liked all the pieces.
  5. Such a beautiful picture of ebony ruined by a piece of rubber trash 😛 you and @Thomas Browne really lucked out on those sheaths.
  6. I just bought some ikea Kallax shelves to shelve more games
  7. Really is a nice piece and the bevels are a nice touch. KDM is my white whale of games. I know I’ll never be able to buy it but I hear so much about it. Fortunately I have a backlog that distracts me from thinking about it too much 😛 . I’m glad you’re enjoying yours
  8. Those are some gourdeous pieces. Congratulations on both your DMG gear and being an owner of KDM. Envious of that.
  9. Bad thing about Kickstarter is you lose track of just how much you’ve backed. I’m a little embarrassed to be honest how much has yet to ship to me. I think what happens is because you don’t get it right away you somehow feel unfulfilled. I definitely feel like I have 40lbs of stuff coming too...just not all of it is minis
  10. I am sorry @Serge Darveau. Losing a pet is brutal.
  11. February has been relative mild snow wise here in Chicagoland. We had some snow but nothing too crazy.
  12. Lol it's not out yet @Zoe. Leder was game testing I think a month or so ago at one of the conventions if I recall correctly. You haven't missed anything yet
  13. I already committed myself to a second sentinel for my new Arkham Horror journey but I still cheat a look at the Chechen with the green felt once in a while and wonder what could have been. Considering I’m getting 2 rolling trays and a sentinel in the last month ... I think my money has been effectively spent for the time being.
  14. I'm sorry my gourd friend. My recent discovery of Arkham Horror the Card Game has all but sealed the fact my next purchase must be a 2nd sentinel for a 4 player game
  15. All we had was A LOT of wind this weekend and rain. Wind was bad though.
  16. I’d like this but apparently my reactions haven’t refreshed. @Konas
  17. I feel slightly ashamed for backing it to be honest. My assessment was that it was too expensive. Problem is though I loved Simcity when I was younger and this oozes with that. Combine that with the components and a highly rated game I had a moment of weakness and bit the bullet.
  18. So far I’ve been okay but can do a better job. I backed suburbia and now backing tiny. Kind of cheating as I backed vindication expansion but my mind is saying expansions don’t count 😛
  19. Ill check out the swap meet @Barb Bliss @Thomas Browne I was checking out to see if I can make the Chechen work but unfortunately the price is too high for me to get an AC at that price (no offense @Konas , honest) . The shipping also is very high to send to me for some reason (not sure why that is...but shipping is shipping). I love the mythic woods but for the AC I may have to go more of a fire stain which is still very nice. Plus I want lights
  20. Spend TG money question time: Do I get my 2nd sentinel or first AC (with lights!)?
  21. Someone bought the steampunk cogs *sighs* its for the best....it’s for the best... ...... Shit. *puts dollar in swear jar*
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