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  1. So yesterday we were playing a game that required us to use a candle but there was a slight draft from our ac so we found a brand new use for our coco so the ac unit didn’t blow the candle out
  2. The other appeal to me isn’t I’ve never own a Cthulhu game before and would like to learn more about the lore.
  3. Yes I backed it. Yes I backed it. Yes I backed it. Im probably giving up island of el dorado as a result unless Cthulhu doesn’t cut it for me. The whole insanity thing I find is intruiging and with it being an Eric Lang game I want to give it a shot. No way am I getting the monster mini but that doesn’t bug me. thanks @RomyCat @Barb Bliss And @LuckyIke @Adam I don’t think less of you! I’m staying still because they now are going to have st least an extra episode and extra monster in the box. If I complete this backing I’ll be done with cmon for awhile. I have 2 zombicide (still waiting in green horde), massive darkness, and rise of Moloch now.
  4. Snowdonia is slowly calling to me more and more . Watched rahdo and it’s so intriguing. Trying to resist................
  5. as beautiful these pieces are I'm also hurting inside. I NEED one of those multi layered Ziricote sheaths. So sad I missed on those and of course the one with the SAPWOOD!!!! I have this beauty coming to me someday though
  6. A sad misstep. At least you always have the background check process to conduct such inquiries as she onboards.
  7. Did you make sure to ask her in your interview questions her opinion on pumpkins and Halloween? I hope she doesn’t participate in such savage practices as carving innocent pumpkins or feasting on their innards baked into culinary confections.....
  8. So I have to make some tough calls on which of the 4 games of interest I’m going to back. I’m locked in on base Cthulhu and deciding between island of el dorado or snowdonia. Any of you play either of these games (they were released previously) im out on eclipse . Like I said great game but I had hoped for a little more from Kickstarter. I also have the sentinel to get and the other special request DMG thing I’m asking @Konas assistance for. My wallet can only do so much speaking of Cthulhu....I keep thinking about how comical it would be if DMG made a skirmish box (correction CHeST) to accommodate that massive miniature. It would have to start at the low low price of $1000. There’s your new R and D development idea
  9. Played first edition. Really enjoyed it. A little complex but a great game. Kickstarter is a little underwhelming . I had a chance to buy 1st edition at half off (50 bucks) but held out for the ks. Kind of wish I didn’t now. It’s a guarantee great game. Already proven and highly successful. I want to own it someday.
  10. I’m quite content with my 100 pledge and don’t need that huge plastic beast in my life. now if it was a pumpkin I’d be screwed
  11. @Adam here’s to hoping Cthulhu looks good tomorrow
  12. This is slowly growing on my interest list. I have to watch a plythrough to see if it’s for me or not. i can’t get all these games though. Cthulhu big reveal is tomorrow....I’m watching el dorado ....eclipse is supposed to launch and I’m curious about that. Then I have a legacy box and special request for @Konas on an item. I have tough choices ahead. Time to sell my rarely played xbox one s and games
  13. Nice. I regret not backing that game and getting the deluxe version.
  14. He has good tastes. Massive darkness eh? Only played once but got to work on getting it to table more often. How are you liking it?
  15. A masochistic game of chance where victors get to indulge on my kind minced and rolled into baked confections? I think not. Filthy savages.....
  16. Ok so since @Thomas Browne @Barb Bliss @LuckyIke @Serge Darveau @RomyCat and others have been enthusiastic wanting to spend my money and ripping me for stalling on the castle tray I figured I’d give you all a chance to provide deep, insightful feedback of what I should do that’s just short of giving any of you my credit card information. heres the deal....tg is going to buy some form of rolling tray from these canine strong peeps. It’s definitive....just a matter of timing. The question is this.... ....do I buy a fancy wood dragon/castle tray that I’ve been wanting (fancy being wenge) or ....do I buy a fiery game master system. the answer of both is not permitted . I really can’t swing the mythic wood game system at this time. Upside is more functionality to gm and it definitely serves as a rolling tray :). The downside to the gm is I don’t rpg so I may not use its full use. Upside to rolling tray is getting a nicer wood and fancy shmancy art as I roll my dice. The downside to a rolling tray is that’s all it does (but looks damn sexy doing it) unless I’m mathing wrong both are similar in price. Gm might be a tad more if I get a wood sculpt. so.....go ahead and spend my money. Sending gin to @Barb Bliss is also prohibited as an answer
  17. I couldn’t watch the stream how did it look? Seems like coop yes?
  18. I’ve been eyeing that. Eclipse 2nd edition is coming out this week and as @Adam knows I’ve got my eyes on that Cthulhu game as well. I can’t afford all of them so I have to choose very wisely
  19. I’m in Cleveland with my brother and fam this weekend. You guys would like him. He has an incredible beard and plays in a band and is an artist. I’m trying to coach him to find a job that matches his strengths . You hiring @Konas
  20. I love wenge. I tend to be drawn more to contrast and activity in grain like boco and spalty tamarind, but the chocolateness of wenge sure looks delicious. I should try to lick my wenge hero sleeve to see if it tastes like chocolate .... .... .... it doesnt.
  21. That was a humerus meme Ever since that padauk/wenge combo I've locked in on it. I'm not sure what DMG items could be made to do the 2 tone combo (outside sheaths of course). And I will never fault you for talking about the awesomeness that is Halloween at any time of year. That fat bastard clothed in crimson keeps creeping in on other people's holidays. He needs to back the hell off and leave Thanksgiving and Halloween alone. I think all those cookies he keeps getting are inflating his ego (as well as his waistline).