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  1. I was wondering who the hell plucked that out. never saw it on the stock page lol. @Zoe knows I’m plotting to get something in that color. The sculpt is excellent. Excellent pickup @Barb Bliss @Zoe did you ever say what the new fire name was?
  2. I started exactly on 4/18 at 4:20pm and as you can see have swiftly changed my picture 1 month later. Not sure when you changed @Konas This pumpkin paid his debt. I saw that @Barb Bliss changed back too thankfully
  3. I never heard of those 2 until you just mentioned them. Sleepy Hollow was suggested to me because of my pumpkin disposition but for some reason the game never called to me. Maybe it was the art style...I don't know.
  4. Of that list, I did Gloomhaven and Kittens. I almost...ALMOST did Lucidity. I think it's the one I wish I would have backed if I could go back in time. Oh well.
  5. Same. Love Scythe. Charterstone has been wonderful. Eyeing viticulture.
  6. I have too in many ways. If I back city of kings for the long haul that will be the first in a while. Still researching it. yes I am backing crypt but at 9 bucks I barely call that an investment.
  7. This is why @Barb Bliss is in charge of spending my money . Her only faux pas was she didn’t post this recommendation in my ways to spend my money posting i might as well just mail her my credit card . Who knows what I would end up with. Only thing I could predict is at least a few orders would likely involve gin
  8. Ehh but you’re getting 2 games and 1 is signed. Maybe there’s a slight inflated cost but 17 dollars per game is hardly what I call outlandish. Exploding kittens is more expensive than that.
  9. I believe you. It’s surprising that it would be that much more. Considering they’re selling their game for only 9 bucks I wasn’t thinking it was a cash grab but more of a quantity of order cost.
  10. Ok I’ll back it. Other than exploding kittens and bears vs. babies I don’t have a ton of quick games. Kingdom builder is on the lighter end but is closer to 30-40. Kinda want the gold edged cards but not sure why I should pay 2.5 times more for them
  11. Any of you peeps back the first City of Kings? I see it’s back on kickstarter again.....I’m eyeing it. I pledged initially so I can watch but I’m going to be reading up on it some more first.
  12. It’s been interesting seeing a run on baking/kitchen themed games as of late
  13. Well it’s probably because @Barb Bliss stopped trying to post ways to spend my money on that post I made a while back
  14. I wonder if there will be any must have projects or games coming out this summer. Nothing has called to me. So far the only game of promise that hasn’t released but sounds intruiging is steampunk dungeons.