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  1. And just as I say that this game trickerion pops on radar.......
  2. I jumped in this one as well. I’ve been going back and forth on it but I decided to just do it. Overall a pretty tame summer for backing games this year imo. Last year I was backing them left and right. I just haven’t been wooed as much.
  3. It’s a fine dice box indeed in my likeness...though @Konas has neglected to cut me my commission check as of yet. It’s slowly becoming awkward around here.... ...... *coughs*
  4. It probably is for the best for me as well. Im behind as it is.....still it taunts me to see how highly reviewed it is
  5. I can’t wait to get this game. Sadly I was a wave 2 only backer.
  6. “8th”???? That’s a damn tragic mistake in game design right there. Orange is the FIRST player color you add......not the 8th. have you learned nothing from me???
  7. After seeing your pumpkin chainsaw gifs I hope that armor is inspired of pumpkin and not made of pumpkin
  8. Well clearly that's the reason why I bought it It's quite possible that the rules were confusing and we didn't get the engine which always has an impact on enjoyability of course. I haven't given up on it but do need a new opportunity to get it to the table. After all, any game with pumpkins clearly is destined to be a top 100 BGG game
  9. Hmmm well honestly if you need 6-10 player games I’ll tell you that the reprint of hero’s of land air and sea now on Kickstarter supports up to 7 i am jealous that you have a gaming group on the weekends . I wish I could get a group that large, like I said before .... DMG puts a lot of heart into their stuff and shows a great deal of passion in what you all do. I’ll throw money at that anyday of the week
  10. I already named buying too many Dominion expansions as a regret. Realistically I think a dominion fan needs only 2 maybe 3. i might add Caverna to that list. It’s highly ranked (which is why I got it) but doesn’t hit the table. I even bought the organizer so certain it would be a hit. Maybe I should bring it out a few more times to see if it catches on.
  11. We had a Mille Borne deck and I loved the style of it but never had anyone around who wanted to play it. I remember I would shuffle the deck and try to create a solo variant when I was a kid. Always failed . Don’t know the real rules because I never played them
  12. My first real love of board games came as a child from Monopoly. I think the style and theme completely grabbed me and I fell in love. There were summers I would play monopoly with a neighborhood kid in a shed all day. I played other board games as a kid too but Monopoly was king. when I hit hs and college I strayed for a bit and even during the early parts of my career. I didn’t know board gaming had begun to expand until I started hearing about Catan. I remember buying catan and still have it sealed but have never gotten around to playing it. years ago I remember seeing on Amazon a deal for this board game called Dominion. I hadn’t played a game in forever so I decided to pick it up and try it out. The rest is history. It’s funny because I know the board gamer scoffs whenever they hear Monopoly. I don’t play it anymore (though my relatives still buy me versions of it all the time for Christmas and birthdays...sigh....) but it is the game that planted the seed.
  13. Dominion is amazing and I will say if you play through it a ton they are worth it. I have played a lot but feel like I only scratched the surface. I really like prosperity and seaside. Wasn’t a huge fan of intrigue. Dominion was what got me back into gaming years ago after a hiatus. I never jumped into the whole catan movement.
  14. Here’s a fun topic....biggest regret of a board game you purchased? right now for me it’s dominion expansions surprisingly. I LOVE Dominion and played it many times, but honestly I would have been fine buying 2 expansions but the collector in me got it to 7. *hangs head in shame*
  15. Lol I think I’ve followed that model quite a bit when making decisions on if I buy recreational items or not. To me all recreational items are stuff. When I buy a recreational item, I then try to maximize value and function. I believe I’m pretty reasonable for the most part. I don’t buy a lot of expensive things and rarely go above 200 unless it’s a very functional investment (ie a PS4 that feeds my gaming addiction and doubles as a blue ray player). Problem with me is I’ve developed a backlog in gaming (both board games and video games) that have good intentions but I don’t get it to the table or screen. That’s where it is a loss of money. I’ve been pretty good though for the most part but have my moments of weakness