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  1. I actually played ACG this weekend. Blood on the Altar chapter. I think we either have 2 or 3 episodes left.
  2. I think they’re going to have an awesome time with your adventure...awesome minis....and overall night. I know it’s sappy but it’s touching to see you go all out like this. Sorry I can’t be a part of it have fun.
  3. Yes this. I was just thinking if you could do some playful things with the roll player game itself that doesn’t change the gameplay really but adds to the nuance of your adventure.
  4. Yes. So from what I THINK I understand is they are playing Roll Player the standard way...and then they go out on their adventure yes? If that is the case, I'm just wondering do you maybe either create your own alignment cards with fun Christmas themed titles instead of "Protector" ... "Maniac" etc. Looking at little things like the titles or alignments and coming up with Christmas themed goofy ones.
  5. So is Roll Player just making the characters then and then they adventure with them? Is everything in the game being played the traditional way otherwise?
  6. I'm asking because I'm wondering if you've considered to be thematic to the night you're planning if you want to change the the alignment cards to something a bit more thematic. If you're doing that already then great. Just seeing if there are neat little ways you can tweak Roll Player so you're still playing the game but it has themed elements.
  7. Here's another question. How much "Roll Player" are you doing in this?
  8. If you want it to be a number puzzle you could always find a sudoku. They have them in all difficulty levels.
  9. Have you settled on a puzzle that you mentioned earlier?
  10. Ok, well since the bulk of the work is done I'll start with light details that could be manageable to change IF you want to do it. To start, I think everything looks fantastic @Barb Bliss. Your minis are wonderful and reading the script and your comments it feels like it will be a lot of fun. One idea I'd like to throw out that I think you do a little but might be more fun is giving some more of your enemies some unique methods of defeating them. I wonder if you can some more fun with that. I always liked in RPGs I played (that were video game admittedly) the enemies that had unique and creative ways of winning. Have you also considered giving your players some unique Christmas themed weaknesses as well? If you mentioned doing that I apologize. I am trying to catch up. So far I think everything looks great.
  11. Is it too late @Barb Bliss to comment because I finally have a window of time where I can throw some things your way. With all the ideas you've had though I don't want to slow your progress. If you want me to zero in on a specific thing let me know. If I'm too late, I'll just eat my humble pie and make it up to you. Again, I'm sorry this week kicked my ass. I've barely had a chance to be on here.
  12. @Barb Bliss it's finals week so a little behind but I'll catch up and throw you my .02 cents sis
  13. I can't speak for @EdInSeattle...but the answer to @Serge Darveau is his blood is as black as his soul...
  14. In the depths of the 7th layer of hell of reading countless college Freshman Finals....I see I've been summoned to a far greater purpose....opening the eyes of @Anne and lifting the veil of lies @Konas has attempted to shroud us underdogs about Dusty Doom....the journey of a 1000 miles pages...and various projects @Konas claims he'll never do but does them anyway.... tis a heavy burden...but one I shall dutifully take on. *hands @Anne tinfoil hat* you'll need this....it's standard issue around these parts
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