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  1. @Barb Bliss it's finals week so a little behind but I'll catch up and throw you my .02 cents sis
  2. I can't speak for @EdInSeattle...but the answer to @Serge Darveau is his blood is as black as his soul...
  3. In the depths of the 7th layer of hell of reading countless college Freshman Finals....I see I've been summoned to a far greater purpose....opening the eyes of @Anne and lifting the veil of lies @Konas has attempted to shroud us underdogs about Dusty Doom....the journey of a 1000 miles pages...and various projects @Konas claims he'll never do but does them anyway.... tis a heavy burden...but one I shall dutifully take on. *hands @Anne tinfoil hat* you'll need this....it's standard issue around these parts
  4. @Barb Bliss first off your figures look fantastic. You’re awesome at mini painting. with regard to your scenario are you needing help to put together a role play scenario or is this something like players will play several games and so you have a narrative connecting them from game to game? Just trying to understand before I start popping suggestions
  5. 29 degrees. We had only half a dusting of snow....we got noNe of the snow others got.
  6. holy crap! Love it. This is a nice find @Thomas Browne
  7. you don't know that @Barb Bliss... .... YOU DONT KNOW THAT!!!!!!!!11111
  8. I forgot which chat we were in so I cannot speak of top secret matters in such a public arena
  9. I think I read that too. He could be like that 80s/90's movie Uncle Buck that starred John Candy and make oversized pancakes for them and such. Yeah that dates me but I don't care.
  10. What I just heard is that @Konas wants to watch my kids some night. They can call you Uncle Konas.....
  11. *pulls out notepad and furiously begins writing a narrative*
  12. I know it's not GMing, but one of the things the kids love that I do in Arkham Horror (card game) is when I read the flavor text I usually do it in a narrated acting voice. It annoys the hell out of my wife. My kids love it for the narration and because it annoys the hell out of their mom. It's great
  13. you forgot the add on "so he will finally buy one of those screens he keeps whining he wants"
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