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  1. I have no regrets asking you to spend my money and to suggest purchases to me @Barb Bliss. None
  2. That makes me feel better. I’m still shopping for that piece I’m getting for myself with that promo code
  3. #6: Flame Birch

    I can not deny that the first picture that caught my eye when I first found Dog Might was a coco in amazing Kickstarter green flame birch. I speak highly of boco I know but I love my fire cocos. They are stunning.
  4. @RomyCat it’s because I want to buy everything all at once and can’t. I’m trying to adult with my money but it’s so hard.
  5. Well I oftentimes find myself having to deal with a lot of bullshit so that makes sense
  6. Hey now...say what you will about monopoly but that was the game I played relentlessly as a child that kept the fire going for board games today I don’t play anymore, but it’s what planted the pumpkin seed.
  7. @yatescory I can always count on you to push me to spend spend spend
  8. This has been my struggle SO many times. 1 boco coco = 2 fires. Thats why I am wrestling with 1 wenge castle rolling trey OR a GM fire system with more functionality. The struggle is real.
  9. Absolutely. My one piece is very lonely . He’ll have a hero sleeve soon to keep him company. I wanted to get a boco dice tower. I don’t think boco will mesh well with the fire set of cocos I have so I went rainbow instead thinking they’ll match easier. Eventually i want a full out boco collection with some flashes of wenge. I probably someday will try to buy a ziricote piece someday just to have 1.
  10. Oooorrrrrr maybe they’re crafting wooden usb drives. SECRET EXPOSED!
  11. Let’s be clear....that machine IS the beginning of the game changing dusty doom. The wooden handle feather duster revolution BEGINS!!!
  12. So I saw this little gem in my twitter feed and lost my seeds. I love me some steampunk
  13. You think I live in Ohio? While I have a great love for that fine state as my homeland I don’t call it home anymore.... ......I LIVE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!
  14. Here I’ll translate this ancient elvish that speaks very clearly about bocote..... One wood to rule them all one wood to find them One wood to bring them all and in the darkness BIND them