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  1. @yatescory plus I’m not sure how the kiddos will take to playing it. Rise of tribes I think is probably more approachable.
  2. *hangs gourd in shame* though I have it in the forefront to play soon. It was actually on my list this weekend but then people weren’t up for playing games on Sunday
  3. @RomyCat and others....played some Rise of Tribes this weekend and it’s avery good game. Nice midweight game that has some good meat to it and plays at a good clip. Glad I got a second chance on it at gencon
  4. TRAITOR!!!!! Fire her @Konas no but seriously though game does look interesting and fun. Plus Homestar Runner!!!! Keep telling myself though it’s time to adult. I said no to a slew of gencon games that were probably more robust than trogdor. Dont you dare throw down “come and get me” @Barb Bliss either
  5. You didn’t need to add the kdm pics ya know nice pickups, glad you got some good stuff out of it. I realized after the con I forgot to get s terraforming mars organizer. Sorry we missed each other again. I’m new to this con stuff so I’m still figuring things out. I feel like I flubbed gencon and missed some real cool stuff but st least I still had a good time. Maybe next year youll have to tell me how founders is. I thought about it last year but it seemed like it was not scratching the right itch for me. I can’t wait to try root and get the base game preorder in the mail (I got the expansion at least lol). Another game I wish I would have tried out there was coimbra. Looked interesting and the board is dynamic .
  6. I know! You would think a game like that would call to me but it didn’t. Art didn’t match my tastes. I’m sure those that got it will enjoy it.
  7. @Konas I will say those sabertooth rolling trays were amazing looking from RoT KS. You guys hit it out of the park with those.
  8. I got the Deluxe edition fortunately. I was so giddy when I saw it being sold. I LOVE the fact it fits into the box. So I had to pay a little more than KS but I'm very fortunate I could pick it up a year later with everything Same goes with Root
  9. I KNOW!!!!!! It's blown my mind because I've been involved in some of their KS affairs as well and so when I see the two worlds merging in pictures with Leder, Kyle, and Jeremiah in front of Dogmight storefront I was like AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Kyle was the one who first told me via Twitter. WORLDS COLLIDING!!!!!!! Sadly, I forgot to get a pin from them and am waiting on Root base game from preorder even though I still have the expansion now. Can't wait
  10. Jeremiah has a glorious beard whose might likely repels the nastiest germs. People with beards in general exude an aura of such power and majesty that no infection stands a chance against the vitality of a bearded warrior.
  11. And yes...that box in box action right there for extra protection
  12. Just got Brass yesterday! Oh my gourd I can’t wait....
  13. It was awesome seeing you @Konas @Lindsey again and meeting @Shamgar and @Zoe. I got to meet ANNIE too!!!!!!!!! Loved seeing you guys and even happier your booth was hopping. ”. Big things happening that I cannot discuss yet but hopefully soon.” ..... *whispers* dusty doooooommmm............
  14. I REALLY want KD:M. I couldn't justify getting it though. That's okay though....I have a bench and a sunset to reflect on what could have been
  15. I thought of you when I walked by the kdm booth. I dare not walked in and be tempted by the $400 monstrosity. I meant to go to broken token but didn’t. Hopefully they’ll be at grandcon again. Sunday I got hit from an amazon deal of the day sale for gencant peeps. Huge list of games on sale. I pulled the trigger on castles of mad king Ludwig and imperial settlers. Almost got wasteland express. Fortunately no more kickstarters that I know of. Have to try out my miniature paint kit still but if it catches on I have plenty to paint with zombicide....massive darkness...rise of moloch.