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  1. At least it also includes a skeleton so they’re being equally sadistic to humans and gourds alike.
  2. What's wrong with me sharing my affinity for Judge Judy? Can a person not be a fan of her show? I figured that was the proper time to share my fandom of the long running series. Clearly people love sharing all SORTS of images so I figured I could join in on the FUN!
  3. .... .... because I'm responsible for @PUZZLONGBEARD's career change and departure from DMG due to me abandoning my avatar I'm going to let that one slide.....
  4. Oh I am FULLY aware @Zenithsplendor is at the heart of this treachery and I assure you, the scars that have been carved into my flesh from Zenith will take a LONG time to heal. In the end though, make no mistake @Serge Darveau is still at the heart of all of this. His .gif sorcery has charmed all of you like the sirens who call out to sailors and lured you into a lifestyle of debauchery and savagery. While his scheming seduction of your minds won't go unpunished, you all still carry a heavy burden of guilt for not having the willpower to forsake his temptations
  5. I feel like I just found the dark secret hideout in the woods where all my friends have been staying. No wonder the leaves were rustling in the other chat....YOU WERE TOO BUSY EATING MY KINDS FLESH AND LAUGHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!! Clearly @Serge Darveau is president of your little masochistic club here.
  6. You can blame @Zoe for tagging me . Apparently her sadistic soul thought it kind to make sure I’m tormented from all the debauchery you’ve done . I had no clue this existed until this morning . Needless to say my day is now crap....
  7. Clearly you preferred the Dark knife as you have carved into my backside as you consumed my liquified kind with glee
  8. YOU ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED . Such distasteful and barbaric imagery. I can’t unlearn or unsee the things I’ve seen here. This thread is beyond chilling to my hollow core. -100000000000000000000000000000
  9. You also “want” to lose -10000 points it seems too savages......
  10. SAVAGE!!!!! This is barbaric and harassing at the highest order. I’m filing a complaint with @Konas. You’ve created a hostile and threatening environment for my kind and I want you FIRED for this treachery.