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  1. Of course I missed the drop yesterday, last day before school goes on break =chaos.
  2. Agreed. All that's missing is an UNCARVED, UNHARMED pumpkin as a centerpiece. Still waiting for you to take down your dismal and morbid videos harming pumpkins @Zoe and @Konas ....... ....... still waiting.....
  3. @Konas @Zoe I have an idea for a new board meeting gaming table for you guys (as seen on board game revolution Facebook page). Then again perhaps you already have it.....
  4. This comment belongs in the “spend tgpumpkins money” thread
  5. The sentinel has almost everything I want except it has the same dragon I have on my awesome redheart. I'd like something different I think. We're getting closer though! So no waffles...just not there yet My time will come. PS-I failed to mention that I got my Boxthrone too. I think you got the bigger set as mine is more 1 column's worth or 2 smaller columns side by side. I can't wait to set mine up
  6. It is a cool design to be sure. I'm not as sold on the wood wallets. They're nice, but I don't think they would meet my needs.
  7. I think either way I’m taking a break from board games on Kickstarter. I need to be good.
  8. As I’m sure you can imagine steampunk got me. I got my hands on an eBay copy with embassy but hope to get my hands on the wheel someday.
  9. I’m 2 wave shipping so I won’t get it til spring. Still this ks delivered a lot later than expected. I know that’s a norm but I’ve not been super keen on how they have handled things. nemesis did look good and I’m sure there are some great ideas in this game too.
  10. I believe I spy Rise of moloch with expansions yes? Envious if you have the expansions
  11. Hmmm...outside of my pristine dirt and leaf collection that blows upon the patch from time to time, I currently like collecting: Board games (duh) Video Games Pop Vinyls Watches Retro gaming memorabilia. Love 8 bit and 16 bit art/imagery. Like 70's and 80 retro art as well Jackets (me too @Zoe .... me too) T shirts (I buy more than I should get rid of)
  12. I won't touch anything of theirs until they deliver on Lords of Hellas. I'm still waiting on that KS.
  13. Of course not @Konas. We understand how that is a hot button topic for you. I am heartened to see that my point system has inspired you to create a demerit system of your own i actually do have an idea though...just off the top of my inspired mind....consider this... a piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, providing a level surface on which objects may be placed, and that can be used for such purposes as eating, writing, working, or playing games. 😁