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  1. Is it a surprise though? I mean we're all RPGers. Whether its a video game or done with a d20, nothing is more exciting than stumbling upon the rare Bacon Sword of enchantment in our travels and being able to brag about it later.
  2. I'd react to this, but I'm out of reactions. so now I AM mad about that
  3. I accept this idea of posting a drop at 1am EST. I'll likely still be up being an hour behind
  4. @Konas...I look for your specialty pieces...one offs and other unique finds. For example, I had prime chance to get that amazing screen with the dragon in the cave the other week. IF I had a function for it, there would have been no hesitation. Done. No chance I would have messaged you saying, "Hey Konas...here's my idea...a dragon in a cave with multiple colors on the stalagtites that looks bad ass". Instead I would have been like "uhhhh....I want a cool design". I'm sure that gives a ton for an artist to work with I'm going to get a 2nd sentinel with a padauk/wenge combo. Before I do though I'm seeing if something really creative/awe inspiring drops in sentinel land that knocks my orange off. That's my cool backup plan. If you drop a spalty sentinel or something really creative and unique...that's easily replaced. I've seen your custom work with the gorgeous redheart sentinel I have so I know the power that lurks inside.
  5. ZOMG @Barb Bliss ....of course it's your fault . You've got a killer trigger finger. But guess what, what's fair is fair. You're fast on it and get dibs. I hope in all my sassiness you know I'm nowhere close to mad. If I was, I would write a big long elaborate response trying to be respectful while articulating my points and then be quiet for a while. Instead I'm being a goofball dropping zingers.
  6. I REALLY want something in that color. Hopefully one day the right item will drop.
  7. oh please. Just pet your Bolivian Rosewood and your 5 other awesome and highly rare DMG wood pieces and your heart will begin the healing process from your sassy pumpkin brother
  8. I think what you should do @Konas is just post a product on the store but replace the buy button with “barb already bought this” button. That way she doesn’t have to go through the trouble of reposting pictures of what we missed in those .005 seconds you launched it and she bought it
  9. @Barb Bliss buys things before they hit the store. She’s talking to me about being slow as a Buffalo in 105 heat.....she’s faster than a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck. There’s really no comparison here.....
  10. Aww shucks foiled again @Thomas Browne on a different note can’t wait to check out that walnut so I can at least see the wood @Barb Bliss will beat me to
  11. I’d get the butterscotch, razz, and Neapolitan if I had any need for dice. Box is awesome imo.
  12. I’m not sure how but a couple days ago I came across something that clued me into the ice cream dice. (Again I don’t shop for dice). As I was just nosing around I saw the creator tease that he had a cool collaboration with DMG and I was like ohhhh crap. Second you backed it I figured he’d posted the surprise. i would back if I had a need or used polys . I think they’re neat looking.
  13. Damn it @Konas @Zoe and @Lindsey why do you have to make things I don’t need! I have so many dice from you guys alone. I don’t need dice. Yet these dice look tasty which makes me want to need dice. Then to put the cherry on the sundae you make a pretty creative dice box. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/icecreamdice/ice-cream-dice/posts/2415745 in all seriousness I love you keep exploring cool collaborations.
  14. *looks around* ....I'm not understanding the problem here.